Link’s Fire Rod Packs Some Heat In New Hyrule Warriors Item Trailer

Tecmo Koei has released another Hyrule Warriors trailer featuring Link, following his character trailer last week. This time our green-clad hero is showing off some heated skills with the Fire Rod against enemies.

The trailer shows off various special attacks you can unleash with the item, including fire spins and focused fireball strikes. Tecmo Koei is set to release many more character trailers, so we should hopefully see Princess Zelda, Impa and Midna making a few appearances in the lead up to the game’s release on August 14 in Japan. Hyrule Warriors is scheduled for release in September for North America and Europe.


  1. I wonder if this game will scratch 10,000 units worldwide… Looks like a Dynasty Warriors game with TLoZ skin on it

    1. If you bash this game, then you’re basically bashing Dynasty Warriors. So careful now.

    2. Dynasty Warriors’ the CoD of Japan. I’m confident that this game will pass 100k only there.

  2. They havent shown the Master Sword yet. @kantenstain

    They love the dynasty games in Japan, this will probably sell half a million units there. @shuhei yoshida

  3. Man, even the Fire Rod looks awesome. Why can’t Link do something like that in the main series games?

  4. Another reason why Wii U is failing,6th gen games released in the 8th gen.

    6th gen console released during the 8th gen


    signing off

    1. Ah the 6th gen, that peak era for gamers, when gaming was still niche enough that investors left greatness alone, but gaming was also big enough to satisfy most any taste. Keep fighting the good fight, Nintendo & indies, endure this deluge of junk & misguided “gamers”. Rebuild the industry back to its glory days.

  5. @.@ I sure do hope the Master Sword comes with some special powers that the other swords Link can use doesn’t have. If not, fuck it because I’ll still use the Master Sword more than most other weapons! xD

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