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Here’s A Look At The Majora’s Mask Moon In Hyrule Warriors, Plus Agitha And Lana


Wondering what the Moon from Majora’s Mask looks like in the forthcoming Hyrule Warriors? Well it’s one crazy design that Tecmo Koei and Nintendo have come up with. The developer has also revealed the character models for Agitha, the bug collector girl from Zelda Twilight Princess, and the mysterious Lana.




112 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The Majora’s Mask Moon In Hyrule Warriors, Plus Agitha And Lana”

    1. Yay, we get the first screenshot of Majora’s Mask HD! Oh wait, too bad Nintendo doesn’t even care or listen to anyone…

        1. Yeah, and is there GameCube VC? No. Nintendo makes all this shit but never actually uses it to its full potential

      1. Only speaking about 3D Zelda games: Ocarina of Time > Majora’s Mask > Twilight Princess > The Wind Waker > Skyward Sword.
        We’ve only had 5 3D Zelda games? Huh, that’s weird.

          1. No, many games surpass it by far. GTA V, Uncharted 2, Arkham City, Bioshock 1, and The Last Of Us are some examples

                1. From a subjective standpoint, it’s all a matter of personal experiences & tastes.

                  But from an objective standpoint, the generation’s technological capabilities & overall climate should still be considered when scrutinizing & comparing games. As newer generations come, it’s natural for certain aspects to improve. But those improvements do not automatically outweigh the pros inherent in the previous game. & in some cases, any flaws inherent in the previous game can be excused entirely, or @ the very most be an asterisk. Genres & sub-genres also play a big factor.

                2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

                  “You’re an idiot! You’re just looking through your nostalgia goggles!” And? It’s a legitimate reason to list a game as your favorite game. All games are eventually susceptible to a nostalgia factor, even the games you mentioned will fall prey to this factor one day.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Not even close. That is subjective opinion and therefore debatable, meaning subject of topic has no right answer and goes down to personal experience and tastes.

          1. IMO
            MM > WW > OOT > TP > SS…
            I like them all, but some I like a little more than others! (Everyone has their own opinion on their favorite Zelda game!)

    1. It’s partly a masterpiece, other parts are very frustrating. If you can look beyond the frustration you’ve got the most wonderful game ahead! I hated the first 3 hours so don’t give up at first.

    2. depends on how you like the artstyle and overworld, to tell the truth. Skyward Sword is basically like an alternate version of windwaker, but with better fast travel, and a more engaging, emotional storyline. Twilight princess is incredibly dark and gritty, and the overworld isn’t quite as in depth, in my opinion, but it has its own realistic, dark charm to it.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        ^^This. Although, in my opinion, Skyward Sword is way ahead of Twilight Princess. My most favorite Zelda games tend to be the games that tell the origin of someone or something: Ocarina of Time had Ganondorf’s origin, Minish Cap has Vaati’s origin, & Skyward Sword has the origins of the Master Sword, among a few other origins.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      xD Even if this is true, the last line of the article is right, though. Some groups would definitely be screaming that they’d rather have violence & gore over a lot of sexual stuff like boobs. lol Sad, isn’t it?

    1. Oh you want creepy? I’ll show you creepy man…just say the word and I’ll look for videos regarding anything I seen as of yesterday to give you that creepy feeling, that moon got nothing on those videos I saw. Like Luigi.exe

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      I don’t believe so, but I can’t say for certain

      Chances are no, this game seems to include characters from the Child timeline and the Blue Maiden is from the Downfall timeline

    2. She looks more like a new version of nayru in her oracle form and her name seems to suggest that
      Lana = Lanayru = Nayru

  1. Hope that stage has a time limit & the moon gradually descends, then, when entering the atmosphere, it & the stage become more violent.

    1. The moon is Midna’s special attack, not a stage element. Sadly, because your idea sounded pretty cool. There’s a time limit on every stage anyway, I think.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        Yep. They will most likely have time limits on them. 50 minutes tends to be the highest amount of time for stages in the Warriors games.

            1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

              Sweet! She looks awesome! Awesome, cute, AND hot. And that cosplayer is beautiful with her Rosalina cosplay. >.<

    1. What would be amazing is a Legend of Zelda collection. Similar to the Halo collection for Xbox One. There could be Zelda OOT, Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Basically every 3D console Zelda. Wind Waker already got the treatment. :)

      1. That WOULD be awesome. I’d probably pass on twilight princess, mostly because FAR too many new fans to the Zelda series have posted things saying that it’s the best one because of realistic graphics, because it looks cool, etc., and that OOT is terrible in comparison because graphics are bad. Kinda makes me have a bad taste in my mouth whenever I think about TP.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          My thoughts exactly. Twilight Princess was good but not great. I’m tired of this want, from what appears to actually be a very vocal minority, for realistic graphics in the Legend of Zelda series. I’d rather see Link have text of him talking than to see realistic graphics pop up as a main artstyle for Legend of Zelda games for consoles. Now if they ever make a realistic graphics Zelda that curb stomps Twilight Princess with more color AND more enemies in the fields, then I’ll be more than happy to see it every few Zelda games.

      1. Halo 4 and The Last of Us aren’t 10 years old. ;) But they got HD treatment. And WWHD is superb compared to the Dolphin emulator. I’d rather have that! :O

        1. Well, it’s not like Halo is a role model for franchise preservation. At least Wind Waker is a bit older.

            1. I definitely do. I prefer it over ocarina any day. More story depth, creepy theories, and more condensed, interesting gameplay makes it more worthwhile to play in my opinion. Although I still like OOT, of course, MM really catches my fancy.

    2. I don’t know if Nintendo would do that YET, but if they do, I hope they make a Zelda Collectors Edition 2, but with updated graphics. (Maybe OOT, MM, TP, and SS could be the 4 games included!)

  2. You know it is not often a game has too many femal characters in their roster, usually it is the oposite problem, but in this case. There are too many female characters in the roster. Common and add some more male characters to balance this out! Where is skull kid!? Where is the past hero from Twilight!? Where is freaking Groose!!!?

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Would more women than men really be such a bad thing, though? Like men, even women love a good pair of… *cough* lol

  3. The lack of Ashei is seriously disturbing. I’m still hoping for Ralph (Oracles) to make his first 3D debut.

  4. Lovin all these female characters. Lana is just adorable, and Agitha is an adorable little lolita lolli as well. It would be awesome if they got their own Ammibo figures and/or made an appearance in the upcoming Zelda. (And yes I know Agitha was in TP) XP

  5. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    That moon! My god it looks so awesome! But at the same time, it feels like a blatant smack in the face from Aonuma once again teasing us with a Majora’s Mask remake.

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