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Minecraft Second Best-Selling Game Ever, Surpassed Super Mario Bros NES And Tetris On Game Boy

Minecraft is now the second best-selling video game ever, beating the iconic Tetris on the Game Boy and Super Mario Bros on the NES. The only game it hasn’t yet beaten is Wii Sports which as you’ll remember came bundled with Wii consoles. Minecraft has sold a staggering 54 million and Wii Sports sold 82 million. Nintendo has already said that they’d like Minecraft on Wii U. The game is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.

132 thoughts on “Minecraft Second Best-Selling Game Ever, Surpassed Super Mario Bros NES And Tetris On Game Boy”

  1. It’s somewhat sad it overtook Super Mario Bros, an NES Classic and a revolutionary game, though I suppose those were original sales, it would have sold a lot more + virtual console titles, more people have still probably played it. EIther way, better game than anything else to have this position–I’d rather this than COD or some crap.

      1. That’s the truth. It’s ALL about the gameplay. Graphic advancements are going to continue to plateau, and more and more people are going to come to this realization. That’s why I love the Wii U….. Offering the best gameplay experiences in my humble opinion.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Only because it has been released on every damn platform since last generation…

    Otherwise it would never even sell half our sacred games did…

    1. This definitely plays a role. SMB was released on one system, also in a time where gaming wasn’t as mainstream as it is now.

        1. It still doesn’t change the fact that the original SMB has been released on just as many platforms as Minecraft (NES, GBA, Wii, 3DS, Wii U) AND was a pack-in game, meaning the majority of its sales were from consoles anyway. Trying to say Minecraft’s sales don’t “count” as much as Super Mario Bros’s doesn’t work.

            1. That is not true. Super Mario Bros, as a standalone game, has been released on NES, Arcade, GBC, GBA, Wii, Wii U, and 3DS, not to mention its ports with Super Mario All-Stars on SNES and Wii; Minecraft has been released on Computer, 360, PS3, Vita, PS4, Xbox One, and Phones.
              (I don’t actually know what the argument is about, I just got a notification with this comment, but Super Mario Bros. has been released a billion times.)

    2. Same thing can be said about tetris: if we add mobile sales, apparently it’s been bought up to 145MILLION FLIPPING TIMES.

      This is complete bull. No. The wikipedia article is all wrong. The article linked is just, god.

    1. How did my comment get posted unfinished..

      Cont: first though, I don’t like Mojang, they didn’t release the game on Sony systems simultaneously with the MS systems. Then, they release a gimped PC version of it to Sony systems. So I feel that this success was only made possible by casuals

          1. Only fanboys uses “Xbots”, “Nintenyearolds”, “Sonypony” or any dumb shit like that. Just ignore them.

      1. Actually, Mojang didn’t make any console versions of the game. 4J Studios is the company to blame for any console-version Minecraft.

        1. MS funded 4J for a port so blame Sony and Nintendo for not funding 4J for a console port. Sony finally did but not after MS had a huge headstart with it.

    1. Isn’t Minecraft an indie game? Wow. So it took down basically every game ever made including Mario Bros… And it just has to beat Wii Sports? Holy crap. I’m speechless…

      1. But look how long it took just to do it…casual or not, this game is the perfect example that graphics don’t mean shit, its the gameplay. As I kept telling everyone, Graphics just makes the game look pretty and that’s it.

        1. Yes it took this long and that itself is an amazing feat. It shows that games can sell for a long time as long as developers continue to support it.

    2. It’s fun for the casual gamers, it makes them think they’re very creative and skilled gamers, but that’s it

      1. A game should not rely on it’s community to make itself good.

        Also, wtf does this have to do with anything?

    1. I believe that number is the total copies of Tetris combined. It includes every iteration from the GB to the last one made.

    2. Mobile sales, which shouldn’t count, due to that all the mobile ports of tetris aren’t the original tetris, and always with something added in. Also, 100mil mobile sales is absolute bull. It should be at the top charts right now.

  3. the game has been released as an android and IOS game, then mutated into xbox360, then PC then PS3. The thing I like is where they start and where they are now. Mojang which was just 1 developer and was considered like an indie game has become successful and now is a small studio. The guys leave his jobs and create his own company. I do believe Nintendo try to reproduce the same with a lot of Indie companies and take away power from 3rd party studios. I hope Minecraft come to wii U and increase the hardware sell. :-)

  4. True gamers are open to a wide array of games. I’d play Minecraft just as soon as I’d play Super Mario Bros or Skyward Sword or Halo or Trine or Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart or World of Goo or Team Fortress 2.

    1. A true gamer doesn’t have to love everything. They just have to appreciate games, on any platform, and not be a fanboy

      1. wow, that was a surprise to hear, specially after all that you said before. But even though everyone has fanboyisum in them, you do have truth to your saying, that is one example of being a real gamer yes.

      2. Not just that, they have to not be a selfish asshole.

        So many of the young gaming population taint and spoil the internet, god damnit.

  5. Nintendo is my Blood

    sad that is is more popular that the innovation that was Super Mario on the NES, but that is quite the accomplishment

    I can see some appeal in Minecraft, It allows one to become like a somewhat “god” in the world, you can build anything on a massive scale

    But it is also a bit of a boring game, no main objective and how fun can building stuff be after awhile

    1. There is an objective though if your playing it liner like. you start in the over world until you can get your diamon stuff, then you go to the nether to get whats needed to enchant your items and such before and to get the stuff for the boss “The Wither” After which you go to the end to defeat the ender dragon. After that there is no real objective but if you play the game in a linear style there is indeed an objective.

    2. yeah but I believe this only includes the originals copies sales, by this I mean no vc sales counted, many people including myself bought the Wii version.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Maps maybe, or the bagged items perhaps?

      I can think of alot they could do with it and honestly Minecraft on Wii U is something I would buy

        1. Using the screen for creation would be sooooo much more easier than a controller. I honestly dont know why nintnedo didnt try to launch with this game after the success with 360/ps3. Having a launch exclusive minecraft U game wouldve been pretty huge for adoption rate of the system. Yet ANOTHER missed opportunity…..

        2. Using the screen ala Mario Kart 8 would be awesome. Swipe left for Inventory, swipe Right for the Map. That would be awesome.

  6. Good for Mojang and Notch, but honestly is this really a “game” in the traditional sense? It’s more like going to work and then building stuff with lego’s afterwards.

    1. Most triple a games these days barely count as games as well…I guess its a very broad meaning in terms on interactive entertainment these days. Same could be said of a lot of ”art” …. its sometimes hard to draw the line.

  7. I always try and build things like that on the cover photo when i play. pointless castles on big hills that I never use :P

  8. The Real Sasoriobiniamii

    … And this is Nintendo news… why?
    Also, I have had sex with my Wii U for the first time, he was rough on me but it was worth it.

      1. Yet it only mentions it beats Mario Brothers… ON NES…. seriously, you trolls will try anything to make a big deal and it’s funny as hell

        1. Uh, no. It mentions how the game has no Wii U or 3DS release. And NES Mario Bros did a hell of a lot better than Wii U. So Wii U is STILL IRRELEVANT.

          1. Mhm, yeah I’m sure. It also means it does better than most of the PlayStation and Xbox Games ;)

            Wow, I actually caught you out XD

          2. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            Yes. The Wii U is SO irrelevant that you even bothered to come here & post that it is irrelevant. xD People like you always end up contradicting yourselves to hell & back with this insult to the Wii U. It’s both funny & sad.

      2. That is until Minecraft lands on Wii U which is imminent and I would love to hear what damage controlling crap you’re gonna say afterwards.

        1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

          “Minecraft was shit all along anyway! I never cared for the damn game. It’s so irrelevant like the Wii U! Hurr durrrrr!” lmfao

    1. Oh yer the only thing I can think of is that there may be a chance its coming to wii u at some point…. still though :/

  9. Well, if one game gas to surpass Mario, Minecraft is better than most of the other ‘highly rated games’ out there. I love playing Minecraft, it has so many different modes, and open servers with even more! And I haven’t even tried mods yet..!

  10. Okay guys. I’ll admit that I’m a “Nintendo fanboy” but all this hating on Minecraft is ridiculous. It’s not supposed to be hardcore or anything. It’s all about creativity, shaping and using resources from an open world, and using wit to survive. It’s a fantastic game. It deserves it’s praise.

    1. Nintendo is my Blood

      Im a “Nintendo fanboy” and although I don’t love Minecraft, I don’t hate it, I guess I’m kinda neutral to it, or maybe above neutral, still it is much better that Call of Duty crap

    2. I’m not hating. I actually own Minecraft on iOS. Not feeling it. Gets kinda boring to me within minutes. But my siblings love it and that matters most.

      1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        #bansasori He can then add this site to his list of sites he’s been banned from. lol

      2. sosorrynobodylovesmii

        and the only reason i postted this is cuz i lack the smartz to spel corecttlie.

        hitt mii with a tf2 wrencch, pl0x.

  11. Hang on a second – they’re combining at least 2 completely different versions of Minecraft in that figure. The PC version, and the console version. These are not the same game, it would be like totting up the sales for the Sonic the Hedgehog on Mega Drive/Genesis and the Sonic the Hedgehog on 360/PS3 because they have the same name. No, that’s not how it works. (And I’m assuming here that they’re not counting the pocket edition, which is yet another different version of the game). The Xbone/PS4 version will be yet another different game and Vita version probably another separate one.

    Either way, Minecraft is still behind many Nintendo games for sales on a single console. Don’t sweat it. Also, Minecraft deserves the sales it has got. It is an excellent game, and one of the only innovative ones of the last gen. Long may it continue, and hopefully it will soon finally find itself on a Nintendo platform which I think, after the PC, is its most natural home.

  12. How does Minecraft beat Tetris? If you count all platforms, Tetris blows Minecraft out of the water. Mincraft sold 54 million on all platforms combined. Tetris only sold like 30 million on Gameboy, but sold like 140 million on all platforms.

    You know same with Super Mario Bros. it only sold like 40 million on NES, but if you count the GameBoy Color version, GameBoy Advance version and the Virtual Console, I’ll bet it’s sold a lot more.

  13. I don’t understand why people are labeling Minecraft as a casual-only game. There’s so many possibilities in Minecraft that it can be played casually (mini-games), or more in a hard-core style (SMP, SSP, et cetera). Survival mode requires you to invest your time in gathering resources to build anything from just a shelter (30 minutes of work) to an entire city (hours, and maybe days depending on how big).

    1. Of course Minecraft is a casual game, the majority of its players are casuals. The actual question is why is that a bad thing?

    1. Because with $60 you only get like 300 Lego blocks. Try building a huge castle with that, or replicating the Temple of Time.

    1. Please, do explain it being a terrible game is a fact and not an opinion. Most don’t give two shits about your opinion, so you better have some hard evidence to back your claim.

  14. minecraft moulds to how you play it. it can be casual, hardcore, anything. I hate how some people are saying it’s casual. just shows they haven’t played it and/or never played it for too long.

  15. The Iphone and Ipad versions of minecraft should not count in the 54 million. That version is so gimped it’s pratically a different game. That would be like putting the original mario bros on ios, and only including three worlds instead of eight.

  16. I can proudly say I have never played this game. I don’t even know what it’s about! Btw is it really that good or what?!

  17. Im hoping we get Minecraft on Wii U very, very soon. Nintendo shouldn’t be the only one missing out on Minecraft fun. :(

    1. But that’s the point, Nintendo has no control over the creators decisions of where they want their game, Nintendo can only say “Ok or no way”…and in this case and from what they just said, that’s a “ok” to me so its up to the creators.

      1. I know it’s up to the developer, but I doubt they would lose money by putting it on the Wii U. (Unlike some third parties and their games) At the same time I coud be wrong; they could have it in the works. But by now every Wii U owner knows that if they want third parties they’ll need to own another system.

      2. They have no control but both Nintendo and the creator have expressed interests of Minecraft on their platforms. The creator is just busy ATM to port it. But in due time, it will happen.

  18. Never understood the appeal of Minecraft. I played it a dew times and it’s nothing special
    Kids eat that sh!t up though.

  19. My nephews (both in their early 20’s) are addicted to Minecraft. And I’ve never even played it, so I have no clue what it even is really? I’ve seen a couple YouTube videos of it, and it left me scratching my head.

  20. And btw…..Wii Sports? Ugh! That wasn’t even a real game. It was just a demo that came with the Wii. I got sick of it after the first few times I played it.

    1. Dude, have you ever, even consider playing Wii Sports because I believe you did as claimed which ever Internet troll would say. Its no demo and the game was actually fun as hell when it first launched. Bowling and Tennis kicked ass.

        1. It was the best game ever when drunk, with friends, which really is all that counts. As long as a game is fun, especially if it’s fun when you’re drunk, it’s perfectly A-Ok in my book.

          1. If Wii Sports is only fun if you’re drunk, then that pretty much proves that Wii Sports SUCKS!

      1. Wii Sports bored me to tears. It was only fun for a few minutes, then it got so dull that I couldn’t stand looking at it anymore. Too casual to suit me.

  21. ahhh the drones are jealous a third party games are trashing nintendo games in sales how cute.

    1. *waves hand in front of you then slaps you in the face*

      These are not the drones you’re looking for.

  22. Since when do Games count that have a Sales Number most based on digital Buying? I’m sure there are more of this Kind with millions of Units/DLs climbing the Ladder of top sold Games if you go by this Logic. And it’s Bullshit all the Way to add all Versions together that have been released on several Platforms at different Times and with heavy Content Differences. Ports, Remakes and Stuff do not count as same or else SMB would have sold way more including all Versions (excluding AllStars) after NES and the VC Releases. What we are talking about are some Games that all got the same Name (almost… because of Stuff like “XBox Version” or how it is named in the Title) and share Basic Mechanics.

  23. I wonder exactly how they calculate this. Wii Sports was with every console, which is kind of cheating. Minecraft is online, virtual, physical, and everywhere so getting the data should be really difficult. Likewise with the Mario Bros game since it’s been re bundled so many times. Would those count?

  24. Wow, that’s awesome! Minecraft easily makes it into my top 10 video games of all time list, and it’s the only game I’ve bought more than once (one for PC and the other for 360) and I’ll probably get it again when the Xbox One version releases :P

  25. Not even a fair comparison. Minecraft is on how many platforms? Tons. Super mario bros. Was on one platform. Not to mention the gaming industry is WAY bigger now than it was in the 80’s.

    Waste of time to compare

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