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Here’s The First 67 Minutes Of Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark On Wii U

Tempted to purchase Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark but not entirely convinced? Well Tilmen has uploaded the first 67 minutes of the Wii U version and 40 minutes on the Nintendo 3DS for you to watch. Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark is available now for pretty much all the current systems out there. The game has an average review score on Metacritic of 47% on the PC.

24 thoughts on “Here’s The First 67 Minutes Of Transformers Rise Of The Dark Spark On Wii U”

  1. damn it would have been better if they just ported wfc and foc instead of us getting this game. does it even have online multiplayer like other games?

    1. It has the multiplayer Escalation, but no Team Deathmatch or anything like that. It’s still a solid game though with a very achievable Platinum. I should have it soon

      1. i did have fun playing escalation in the first cybertron game but no team death match is a let down. thats the mode i spent the most time in. if i find the game at $30 a few months from now i’ll pick it up

  2. I beat it ages ago…..well okay, I beat it recently. Campaign mode only takes around 7 hours. It’s a brief game, but it’s very fun and I highly recommend it!

    1. I didn’t like it it felt like it was trying to be fall of cybertron, but it left out many elements that made high moon’s version unique

    1. My friend has a copy, and its terrible, none of the characters are interesting outside the usually, this was based off high moon’s series, and it feels like a shell, the game lacks personality or any feel of being a good transformer’s game

    2. Hope the story is as good as kagura the mother of the 6th path being revive and fighting with naruto and sasuke..

    3. There you go guys, Sasori can’t tell the difference from a shit game and a good game.

      Sasori Logic:

      Mario Kart 8 = Shit

      Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark = Good

      Everyone else:

      Mario Kart 8 = Awesome

      Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark = Fucking terrible

  3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    No matter on what systems this game is played on, it’s the worst Transformers game in the series…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And I didn’t even bother completing the other ones because they already bored me after a while too…

  4. is that a Wii game?
    because it looks like real good wii game.
    but if its a wii u game… damm… it looks like crap.

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