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Looks Like There’s A Daisy Costume In Bayonetta

Platinum Games and Nintendo haven’t confirmed it, but it looks as though Bayonetta on Wii U will feature a Daisy costume. The costume was spotted in a YouTube video which is currently doing the rounds on the internet. You can see it at 2.59.

Thanks, Kev and Marlo

64 thoughts on “Looks Like There’s A Daisy Costume In Bayonetta”

        1. Soo umm.. I just came inside Selina Ruiz about 4 hours ago and it was absolutely amazing. She makes the cutest noises when your.. Haha yeah…

      1. Funny how if you use Google Image search and find something you can still trace it back to the original source. It’s not too incredibly hard and takes all of fifteen seconds.

  1. The costume looks similar to the Peach one. I hope they have more Nintendo costumes!! I would LOVE a Zero Suit Samus costume, a Krystal (from Star Fox Adventures) costume, and an Olimar costume :D

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      Oh yes! A Krystal costume would be interesting considering Bayonetta’s cup size. lol Hopefully with the staff from Adventures, though, & some moves from the game that Fox used.

  2. Shorty fresh off the stoop

    Mr. Goldie Loc be cocking back the four fifth, I’m a beast on these streets, Imma Cuhrip, but lately, I’ve been all about my paper, poster in the hood chillin’, man, what a wonderful feelin’

  3. So…Where’s the rosalina costume. Also this is a little disappointing it’s really just a recolour of peach’s costume

  4. what so special in having a daisy custom in bayonetta. i’ll wait until this game becomes 30 bucks just like the wounderful 101. i hope this game bombs for the price to reduce fast. bayonetta is not worth 60 bucks what soo ever anyway.

      1. Because Nintendo fans weren’t able to experience this game due to not having an Xbox 360 or PS3. So Kamiya wants the fans to get the best of both worlds with the first and second game together. Sad, but true.

          1. Right, it was the Big N’s decision since being able to play the sequel instead of both would be a copout for the Nintendo fanbase.

            By the way, reading that in Bayonetta’s voice had made your response even more hilarious. XD

    1. Dude u sound like a completel trash of gamer, they are giving u two fucking games for the price of 1 and adding new content to port of the original.

    1. LOL That will NEVER happen since she needs to have a major role in a non-spinoff Mario game like Rosalina. Sure there’s Super Mario Land, but she was just a damsel in distress with zero personality in that game.

      1. I really think Daisy deserves more, since she has been there even before the N64 days.
        Nintendo just decided that Rosalina should boom all of the sudden with her being playable in 3D World and then keeping her place in Mario Kart 8,
        and now she’s in Smash. :/

        1. Yeah. Nintendo sure has been milking Rosalina lately. I was fine with her in Galaxy, thought it was great she was in 3D World, started getting annoyed when I saw her in MK7, and I can understand Smash since every character’s completely different in that game. And now she’s in Mario Golf? LOL Nintendo, Rosalina in Mario Golf?

        2. Sakurai purposely added her just to give Super Mario Galaxy the representation that it deserves. Now I’d love to have Dasiy included IF she had elements from Super Mario Land instead of just the Mario spinoffs. It’s just that Nintendo doesn’t really know what to do with her, similarly to Waluigi other than just having them in spinoffs. :(

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            The best fans of Daisy can expect is Daisy going from being a simple recolor to an alternate costume that turns Peach’s moves into Daisy-esque moves. With that said, I hope to see Dr Mario return in the game as he’d be a nice alternate costume for Mario.

      2. The game was made in 1989, on a Gameboy of all things. Did you really expect Daisy to show personality and life? Her Bio for the game at least says she’s a tomboy from the get go.

        1. Damn, I’ve missed that part. But fact of the matter is, she is a very divisive/controversial character and that alone ruins her chances to be in Smash.

    1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

      I was going to say use the Other M design of Zero Suit Samus for Bayonetta but Bayonetta already has a mole in the same exact spot as the Other M design of Samus’ face. Looking back on that design with what we know now, I wonder if it was really just a coincidence? o.O

  5. I’m happy that it includes one and two. Not because I didn’t play the first one. But because it just makes the deal that much better

  6. I want to get a can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup and pour it all over Nintendo Commander Quadraxis mom’s feet with cute painted toes and watch the chunks roll toes and heel.. Oh my oh my now that’s called screwing the pooch..

  7. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

    Nothing different about the Daisy costume compared to the Peach costume, eh? xD And this is what you will most likely get from Daisy if she was made playable for Smash Bros. Just tiny changes to the moveset that will do nothing but show it’s better to not have the character at all & give the spot to a character that can have an original moveset.

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