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New Miiverse Update Enables Multiple Line Breaks In Posts

Miiverse has had another minor update today and, as always, Marty has all the new details for us. For the first time, Miiverse users can now write posts and comments across multiple lines, meaning the “Enter” button on the keyboard can be used to create a new line – or paragraph – instead of an extra space. Rather than lumping all your text together, the update now allows structure to posts and comments, as can be seen in Marty’s post.

However, when viewing a list of posts, users will not be able to see line breaks. In order to see paragraphs, you’ll have to select the post. Plus, there’s a restriction on how many line breaks you can use in each post or comment – using too many will result in an error and you’ll have to reduce them.

The second minor update only affects the Wii U and 3DS versions, which now can show up to three of your favourite game genres on your profile page. Just head to your profile settings on your user page to select three.

29 thoughts on “New Miiverse Update Enables Multiple Line Breaks In Posts”

  1. Nintendo sucks Nintendo commander balls,they are still catering to manchilds and social rejects,living in a fantasy

    1. Yeah and if so, then why are you still using MySpace I bet? Its a dead BS social that never took off well.

      And besides, its a clean community for gamers to talk about games, not a WoW cyber group fucking with tons of vugular use and cheap threats. So Miiverse is for manchilds? Then I guess COD/Halo voice chats are for spoiled 11 year old queers pretending to be adults only waiting to see themselves ruining their own lives later. Thats cute.

      So in such terms you’re trying to say, Miiverse has more maturity than your dumbass can comprehend the word.

    2. No one claimed games wouldn’t be a fantasy. Your existence on this website doesn’t mean anything either.

  2. Only drones will use the twitter ripoff miiverse.nintendo doesnt even innovate,even the wii remote motion control was started by sega if you research,and thats also why Phillips can win that lawsuit

    1. Like how Microcock keeps ripping off Nintendo with Kinect and shit? XD

      Face it pal, Nintendo’s the only one that tries to do something different, the others just keep sucking its dick, making wannabe gimped PC hardware and boring rehashed shooters.

    2. Its not Twitter if it has organized game communities and groups instead of hashtags..fucking hashtags.

  3. Dammit Nintendo, you get rid of stuff that makes Miiverse worse than it already is, and add stuff that are useless.

    1. What did they get rid of exactly besides the friend request and direct message feature due to some pervert from Swapnote?

      1. They made it longer to reply to people, and still Miiverse is lacking in social features. It’s not Nintendo’s problem at what happened on Swapnote, it’s the parents responsibility to monitor what he/her child does. Nintendo acts like they’re the only company to have had that problem. People on PS4 Playroom was getting Naked on cam, Sony didn’t block the app. Nintendo needs to stop babysitting people. And add features that we actually want!

      2. Did anyone really use swap note for actually communication with friends?? Nope. Maybe someone could argue they did once or twice but that’s it, no one used swapnote.
        On another topic I would use flipnote.

    2. They did epically fuck it up, but they have been slowly repairing it. The wait is not as bad, and extending to 400 characters per post takes the edge off further.

      It’s not as good as it was at launch, but it’s much better than the gimped-as-shit version it was a month ago. Plus with the (slowly) growing install base, the moderators are not ~quite~ as bad as they used to be.

  4. Nostalgia_w
    JULY 9, 2014 AT 1:08 PM
    Nintendo sucks Nintendo commander balls,they are still catering to manchilds and social rejects,living in a fantasy

    “Nintendo sucks”- that’s your opinion. I happen to think they suck only some of the time(and a lot of my time), but they’re usually great. One of the few companies making entertaining products.

    “(Nintendo sucks) Nintendo commander balls”-i don’t know what your infatuation with Nintendo commander is, but hey that’s your prerogative, your fantasy. Maybe you should tell him how you really feel.

    “they are still catering to manchilds”- how old are you? I hope you’re just a little kid, because if you’re old enough to drive or have Sex and you’re still having insecurities about the games you play, than you’re the “manchild.” Think about it, if someone that doesn’t know about games sees you playing a video game do you think they’ll care if your playing Zelda or GTA? Probably not. They’ll just see you playing a video game. Whether it’s childish to them or not is their issue.

    “and social rejects”- you call us Nintendo fans social rejects, yet you’re the one taking time out of your day to come to a NINTENDO SITE and post in the comments where Nintendo fans socialize. How about you get with the program and join us “social rejects”(Nintendo fans) or get out and find somewhere else to socialize.

    “living in a fantasy”- life is what you make it. I hope you can do better than trolling Nintendo sites. That seems like a terrible fantasy. Have a good day.

    1. Yeah, nostalgia SHIT can go burn in hell, along with Pinwheel, Anubis, Shuei Yoshida, saSORRY, and iceazeama. They’re moms must be deformed judging from their personalities in real life XD

    1. Jeez, when you think of all the mindless crap that’s posted around here that’s just utterly ignored, you gotta figure whatever this was must have been something pretty hardcore.

      …Or maybe the moderators delete all but one comment a day and call it a day’s work with that.

  5. C’mon Nintendo, you gave us Wii U chat on the Wii U, but all you give us on 3DS is MIIVERSE. (which removed PRIVATE messages). I would love a simple text system without pictures or anything (safe for the kiddies) just so I can send a message to friends who are online, playing something else so I can let them know I’m online and that I wanna play THIS game with them, online.

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