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Super Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS Plus Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Will Be Playable At Hyper Japan 2014 London

With HYPER JAPAN 2014 just around the corner, Nintendo is busy putting the final preparations in place ahead of its big game showcase. Anyone visiting the show in Earls Court, London, from 25 – 27 July 2014 will have a chance to get their hands on a raft of games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS & 2DS, some of which will be playable by the UK public for the first time including Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

At HYPER JAPAN there will be four key areas on the Nintendo stand for gamers to enjoy: Wii U, Nintendo 3DS & 2DS, Tomodachi Life and merchandise from the Nintendo UK Online Store.

Visitors to the Nintendo stand will also have the chance to go hunting for beasts in Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on Nintendo 3DS as well as take an exclusive sneak peak at amiibo, Nintendo’s recently announced NFC-activated interactive figures. Not only will there be the opportunity to get hands on with some pre-release games, but guests will be able to burn rubber with their friends while turning their world upside-down with the gravity-defying Mario Kart 8 on Wii U.

Visitors will also be able to buy a range of merchandise normally only available on the Nintendo UK Online Store.

“We have a packed line up of games coming out this year and HYPER JAPAN gives us the perfect opportunity to share the fun with our fans ahead of launch. Early reactions to Super Smash Bros. on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS have been great and we’re pleased to be able to bring these titles to the UK public for the first time as part of HYPER JAPAN.”

– Shelly Pearce, Marketing and PR Director at Nintendo UK

59 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Wii U And 3DS Plus Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Will Be Playable At Hyper Japan 2014 London”

  1. Sasori (circumcised edition)

    Nintendo is fucking pathetic with all these wires and controllers from two generations ago. Welcome to 2003 Nintendrones. You fools will always be casuals in the hearts and minds of real gamers and the gaming community that “matters”.. What a disappointment that Wii U has been. I had so much hopes for it and it is nothing more then a retro throwback machine.

    1. From what these words you wrote seem to say about you, I am sorry it is you who is not a real gamer. Nintendo games are anything but casual..if you were a real gamer you would know this.

    2. Get some money and back to twitter to see if you can ask someone to show you some boobs, the only think you know in life is to be exposed.

    3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Yep, exactly what Sasori would say if he could spell correctly and use correct grammar to save his life.

      1. I’m sorry, but can someone give me an update? I keep seeing people mentioning boobs when they talk about Sasori and I’m confused. Did he get a girlfriend or..? XD

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          No, Sasori states he hates women(including me). Yet ironically, in a tweet he asked a women to show her boobs, then he got butthurt and was milked for the lulz once again.

  2. So is this GC controller with the adapter supposed to work just like a Classic Controller? If that’s the case, I’ll just use the Wii U Pro Controller. I only used mine in Brawl because of the rumble…

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Yes and is for those that have their old GCN controller still working…

      Mine still works I think…

      1. I think I want it because it’s a special Smash version. And if this really works like a CCP, I could go back and play some old Wii and VC’s with it. Oh, and the best part, it’s black! :)

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Well they haven’t said anything about it working as a controller for the Wii or VC yet to my knowledge…

          But like they say, once you go black, you never go back…

          White colour is just boring and looks outdated…

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              It got so white that you had to smack some guy named Carl Johnson so hard he flew into an abandoned nuclear power plant in the pacific ocean, where he then stupidly overloaded the system causing a leak of radiation to go into the sea, where the radiation traveled to the Galapagos Islands, from that point the radiation flowed into the rivers of the islands and a lizard drank the radiated water, and the lizard turned into Godzilla, then Godzilla attacked Japan and Yoshida pissed his pants while Iwata said “Please understand, Godzilla is attacking.” Causing them to make the recent Godzilla movie. (Warning: Not the real plot of the recent Godzilla movie)
              Then Sasori smacked himself so hard with a TF2 wrench for obvious reasons, soon after, he sweated skittles from his sweat pores, which he picked up and ate, which caused his nose to shit durian cactuses which taste like mangos.

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  And then he shoved the Cleveland Steamer so far up his as he was shitting jars of mayo for a year.

        1. iceazeama the bipolar nintendo fan


          1. iceazeama the bipolar nintendo fan


  3. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    I have a GameCube controller still. It’ll be my main controller, but I will use the Pro Controller as well.

    1. I like the button placement on the Gamepad/ Pro Controller. But I like the GC for the nostalgia. (First console btw) And that special Smash symbol in the middle. Epic.

  4. And Monster Hunter 4 looks cool too. I think I’m going to buy MH3U first and then get 4. Never really been a big fan of the series, but hopefully 3 gets me hooked.

    1. Don’t pay more than $20 for MH3U! And when you get it, let me know if you’d like me to take you out on a spin. You have to accomplish a few tasks to unlock access to online multi-player (there is a ship you use to access the online network / Marina) Once you get there, I’ll give you the 101 training I received and will save you hours of reading small print (one other draw-back, you need binoculars to read the on-screen text )

      But we can cover some critical basics in a short time to get you acclimated to some basic mechanics. – Just an offer!

      1. I think MH3U is $20-$30 over here new. Lol, so no need to worry about that. And sure! But I’m hoping it has some replayability in it. I don’t wanna get on and just beat the story. (If there is one) I want to slash and kill monsters all day and everyday! And I’m hoping 4 gets online as well.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          The game is practically, so open ended that it barely has a story. Although I played Tri for Wii, that one had story, its not an epic one that’s for sure, but its a damn good one. 3 Ultimate seems to be like a standalone expansion for the same story, since I see the same characters, so I think you probably in for the same story that I seen, just you will see more content than what I saw in the original.

          1. actually, 3 Ultimate is the tri story but with more added to it. a lot more monster added too. trust me hollow, you’re gonna have lots of fun and pain and misery as you gonna do a lot of the same monsters over and over again, they call this “farming”, but its well worth it.

      2. Wait, you own MH3U? Dam man, we could have been hunting…I’m good with a hammer and Great sword but I attend to have people in my way and they get smacked around like a rag doll. What is your NNID and we’ll hunt some time.

    1. I understand you may dislike Sasori, but don’t lump in other African Americans/ Black Americans with him because not all people are the same. Maybe you were only joking, but your comment is still offensive.

  5. The clergy of the Church of Sasori has declared and exposed the hypocritical ideologies of the Nintendo fanboys on this site. On one hand you criticize Sasori for having an opinion in which in not way he has so hatred towards any specific individual/personalities here just a one sided viewpoint toward Nintendo yet you guys take him individual with racist comments and hatred remarks.. It’s disgusting..

  6. Just to follow with the whole “newcomers once every other month pattern”, I don’t’ think we’ll get any newcomers until next month’s Nintendo Direct.

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