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One Retailer In New Zealand Claims Wii U Mario Kart Bundle Outselling Xbox One


Mighty Ape, a retailer in New Zealand, has stated on Facebook that the recently released Mario Kart 8 Wii U bundle is currently outselling the Xbox One. We don’t get hardware sales figures from New Zealand so it’s impossible to tell how the console is selling over there against the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Still, it’s positive news from one retailer regarding the Wii U.

“Another massive Wii U console shipment just in. These babies are currently out-selling the Xbox One.”

Thanks to those who sent this in

206 thoughts on “One Retailer In New Zealand Claims Wii U Mario Kart Bundle Outselling Xbox One”

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Indeed, I’m an idiot for not buying their corrupted garbage full with Microtransactions, DRM and payment for services that should be free…

            1. No, you’re an idiot for posting about an article that talks about how PS4 games might need to be down-specced for Xbox One release because the latter can’t handle the games as well. It has nothing to do with Wii U, which is still vastly under-specced in comparison to PS4 and Xbox One. To say that “Wii U is current gen and Xbox One is last gen” is completely asinine. Stop posting stupid bullshit and I won’t need to call you out on said bullshit.
              Also, if you hate microtransactions, Nintendo is already trying out that model with Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball and may implement it even more with future games depending on how successful it is. And while Nintendo also finally started linking games to Nintendo ID accounts instead of devices, you can only be logged into your account on one device at a time, so you would first have to contact Nintendo to de-link the account from your device – which is like 2 steps forward 1 step back for Nintendo.
              Even with them finally doing this, it shouldn’t have taken them this long to do so, which just goes to show, yet again, how much they drag their feet when it comes to doing what the rest of the gaming industry has been doing for years.
              No company is perfect, so if you’re going to criticize one company for something you damn well better be sure you’re willing to take heat when the company you support may be doing similar things.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                It doesn’t mean they are fooling people if they cannot “match” what other shave done for years…

                1. Who said anything about fooling people? It doesn’t show that they’re being deceptive – it shows that they’re making stupid decisions.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    It still doesn’t compre to the lies and deceiving the Microsoft Realm and Electrons pull…

                    And rest assure, if our empire starts making the same crap, I’ll go rogue…

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        But since they will repair it for free I don’t mind it just yet…

                      1. “No you didn’t!”
                        “Yes I did!”
                        “No you didn’t!”

                        Hurrrrrr. Keep it up, dude. You have an accusation to make, you back it up with something other than generic crap comments that don’t mean a damn.

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          You started the generic crap first. Nor can you even prove that you follow what your saying because you, I have tons, which are call previous articles, and logic.
                          So exposed.

                        2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          Fuck this keyboard. It can’t even recognize that I’m typing some words that shouldn’t be missing.

                        3. The idiocy you are spouting is just….amazing.
                          1) When I have to refute or call out people for being idiots, I try to use actual facts or common sense and reason. I’m probably the most unbiased person here because despite being a supporter of Nintendo for my entire life, I don’t have any of the 3 new consoles and I’m willing to look at the flaws of all of them and assess things realistically instead of blindly supporting just one company and then shitting all over the others like it’s a fucking crime to support something other than Nintendo.
                          2)You have…previous articles. lol. Wow. Aside from that being a total asspull of a defense, it’s just plain lazy. Ok, show me the previous articles? The burden of proof is on you because you’re the one making the false accusations.
                          3)”Nor can you even prove that you follow what your saying”. What? Do you understand the English language? And I prove my point by, as already stated, facts and common sense, something that many people, including Commander and yourself, seem to lack.
                          4) Exposed. lol. Is that you, Commander? Sad if so. If not….still sad that you’re spouting such complete and utter tripe and thinking that you somehow have ground to stand on. Anyone can say that they have “logic”, but all you’ve done is the complete opposite.

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            I’m sorry, I’m too busy looking at all the evidence that makes your entire statement invalid. Please, direct yourself to the waiting room and we will measure your level of idiocy.

                          2. Haha. Ok, dude. You basically proved my point. When someone doesn’t have anything to stand on in an argument, they go full on ad-hominem and try to deviate away from the topic in order to avoid having to deal with it. It’s ignorant and pathetic behavior.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              Actually you proved my point. So you can go along and cry to your imaginary friends in your egotistic mind how you won, while in reality, you lose.

                      2. Its not worth arguing with this guy. Hes baiting you into joining in on his roleplay. But your absolutely right, durp. Nintendo is way behind they need to haul ass to actually become a decent company again. Ive spent more time in killer instinct (which used to be one of nintendo’s best franchises) than i have spent playing anything on my wiiu. Mario kart is fun but that game got stale faster than titanfall.

                    1. No difference between Xbox One and PS4 with those things. Same microtransactons, DRM, pay2play online structure, etc.

                    2. but u havent bought a wii u either ya moron, i would rather you werent on the nintendo side and just piss off and play barbie or something cuz you’re giving the rest of us a bad name

                2. Exposed? Nice try but that came out 9 months and 11 days ago. Battlefield 4 on ps4 is less than Nine months and is 1080p 60fps on pS4.

            2. Lmfao I this is bad news if anything “one” outlet saying mario kart bundle is outselling the xbox one. That is so obscure that why should it matter, almost like wow it is outselling in one place we should report it.

                1. You’re comparing the sold units of a system that has been out for 3.5 years to a system that was released 9 months ago. Of course it hasn’t reached that number, but currently, week to week, it is on par if not greater than the 3DS in terms of sales.

                  1. Now you want to play dumb when I compared PS4’s weekly sells not over all sells to the 3Ds. Drum drum. PS4 and 3Ds sells about 100k a week. Jeepers creepers how specific can one get?

                      1. Stone Age hardware? xD Sasori, is that you spouting off your “Wii U is last gen” bullshit again?

              1. I just can’t understand why people buy so much PS4’s when there is no real software. I use my PS4 to download 2 indie games per month that i play once or twice and then it just collects dust while waiting better times.

          2. Why are there so many fanboys on this site?! I don’t really enjoy Microsoft’s games, and I don’t really like their consoles either, but I don’t bitch about it. And I like and enjoy Sony, though I haven’t gotten my hands on a PS4 yet, as none of their new games interests me as of yet.

            Why can’t people on here just calm the fuck down, and unite together as true gamers, who respect each others opinions?!

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I don’t respect any company that wants to force DRM and other worse crap like the Microsoft Realm and Electron Army…

              I don’t care what they try to do to “redeem” themselves but I don’t need to know anything else…

              “Once a cheater, always a cheater”…

              1. That doesn’t exactly answer his question. You were referring to Xbox. He meant why can’t we just play our games and respect the opinions of other people’s choice of games. (Yes, even Xbox, Commander) Ya, I think that’s it. ;)

                1. Dont bother. He dodges criticism like its his fucking job. Also everytime he makes up a word to describe a differnt group of gamers it makes me loose more respect for modern entitled gamers.

              2. Oh, I don’t respect EA AT ALL! I respect people liking Microsoft, but as I said, I’m not exactly a fan of them myself!

                1. EA has some great games under their name but as company i don’t like them. Too much day one DLC for console games and real buttrape for classic games like Dunkeon Keeper. :(

                  1. Agreed. Nintendo is kind of like that, their games are awesome, but their strategies aren’t really great ( nowhere close to EA, of course!)

            2. We respect each other opinions, the issue here is that some people come here to insult the people who enjoy nintendo, for example i hate sasori not because he dislikes nintendo, i hate him because he likes to call people “social rejects”, “morons”, “faggots”, he even called us women “bitches”, that’s somethng that i can’t stand.

              1. Yeah, but sometimes, even the innocent gets caught in the crossfire. I remember one time this guy on here stated his opinion like “maybe I might get it for Xbox One” and he got flamed to hell… It was a very sad sight. I can’t stand to watch that happen. :(

                1. I didn’t know about it, i recognize that i can be cruel (most of the time), but as you see i can be nice with others, i enjoy when i can talk with others and they actually respect each others, that’s why i enjoy talking with glados, the anon guys who post the futurama burn videos, commander and others who post here.

                  1. *in my school the people who likes nintendo, ps or xbox understand the people who likes different systems and it’s amazing when you talk with them without beign treated like a scum.

                2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  It is a sad sight indeed. I may hate the Xbox One because it explodes, but I do respect the opinion of others, but if there is an idiot who talks way out of his ass or really stupid, they will be assaulted and eradicated. They can think that they are right all they want, but I only get on your ass if what your saying is blinded by hate/bias, ignorance, or complete idiocy.

                  1. Yes… And I’m going to be honest with you. I really do like Xbox. I’m a fan of all the consoles, but Nintendo games are usually my favorite. I avoid posting too much about Xbox and Playstation because I don’t want fanboys jumping all over my ass. But It kind of sickens me that I can’t express how I feel about the other consoles without being written off as a fanboy. Breaks my heart. Gamers insulting each other instead of joining and playing games together. Now that you know my true feelings about Xbox, I am prepared for the hate and bashing from someone on this site. Sigh… *picks up flame shield*

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      You like Xbox, I don’t really find nothing really wrong with that. Sure I insult the thing, which may make it sound like I don’t respect an opinion, but that’s because someone else is insulting another system, so its very justified. And there is no need for the flame shield, because I will destroy the flamers.

                    2. Hey, like I said before, a true gamer plays all, there is no hate among fellow gamers…regardless of who you are or what you are. Oh by the way, I just started it but I now have a PSN ID called Snowman0012, I don’t have anything else too it yet and nor do I have online play for it but I think I’ll play it safe and slowly built to it for future street fighter games…Trying to get the hang of Fantasy reborn, final fantasy online. But its depending on how long my friend attends to keep this one. So there is no hate, but those who do are no gamers at all, those that claim they are will be exposed to the hardcore punishment. Like a few that keeps coming back for. So your ok, I do what I gotta do because I defend my main home console. Why? Because I grew up with it, made friends at school with it, swapped games…etc.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Lol, what welfare PC?
                      My Alienware X51 obliterates your PC.
                      So you are the one with the welfare PC.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        I’m going to make myself a Commander PC once I have resources to spend again…

                    2. um…coming from a guy who proved himself to be a welfare gamer, with a pc that can barely run castlevania on the lowest res or second lowest res? And coming from a guy who calls everyone else who plays PC games “fake PC gamers” even though my last-gen, overclocked, razer game booster-using laptop can do better than your computer when it comes to games?

                      Sorry, but your statement has no validity. Please hit yourself with a TF2 wrench, for obvious reasons.

                  2. ^^My thoughts exactly. I’d leave sasori, Nostalgia_w, Donko, & Shuhei Yoshida alone & not talk anything negative towards them if they weren’t insulting people in their damn comments. This is why I don’t get in a heated debate with Quadraxis because I know he is only talking about people like the ones I mentioned when he insults fans of Xbox & Playstation. And I remember most of it is just an act. These people that jump him for “role playing” are the ones taking gaming way too seriously. As a great man once said… Why so serious!?

                        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                          But in reality, it’s not because inferior apes cannot even grasp the full idea of what a fact is.

                            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                              What’s even funnier is that they can’t even debate against a PC gamer like me, so they resort to directly insulting me or insult things that I like that are completely unrelated to gaming like “Brony fag”, such weak and pathetic bugs because those don’t work because I sensed weakness by the minute a direct insult was posted.

                3. And yet Nintendo fans gets burned for that same shit and nobody cared. See how sad the gaming generation has become? Its unbelievable to see how many stupid people actually exists.

              2. and hates people from other countries, said that MLK is overrated, do not forget his sexist comments and he wishes death to people he hates.
                sasori obinna “the bovine” onuorah / mii is a lolcow for his erratic behavior and for being an attention whore.

              3. Commander doesn’t respect anyone who supports something other than Nintendo, because he’s a biased ignorant fanboy who likes to make himself feel important by roleplaying about being a Commander for an Empire. Maybe he should go back to Gaia Online or something other than the comments section of an unofficial Nintendo news blog and he’ll be perceived as being less pathetic. Maybe.

                  1. Pot calling the kettle black? And it’s not just the “trolls” – you take such a condescending and pretentious attitude to anyone who doesn’t agree with you or likes Nintendo like you do.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      And exactly all of them hates Nintendo in one way or the other…

                      Do you see me insult HollowGrapeJ? No because he is not an idiot like the rest…

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Sure a retard like you definitely knows Commander is like that just because he doesn’t agree with your bias opinions of idiocy compared the other tons of evidence that he does respect others, unlike you who can never have a civilized conversation without sounding like an idiot talking way to much out of his ass. Maybe you should actually figure out what your talking about before you Shrek yourself.

                  1. More pot calling the kettle black. I’m sensing a theme here.
                    Basically you guys advocate “stop liking what I don’t like!”, while you make blatantly false accusations and back it up with…absolutely nothing. You’re either a troll or an uninformed fool. Either way, I suggest you follow your own advice first before you come across as such a hypocrite.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I find it funny how some of you always attack us Nintendo fans when we “attack” the haters but when the haters attacks us nonstop every day, not a word at all…

                      That’s what you call a hypocrite…

                      1. I’m perfectly willing to criticize trolls and haters on the other sides as well. On this kind of website, however, I see more often than not you and others taking such an arrogant view against anything that goes against Nintendo. I don’t visit every article posted on this site, however, so I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt seeing as how I don’t keep up on every comment for every article. It’s normal to defend what you believe in and what you support, but not when you have to lower your standards. Two wrongs don’t make a right. If you’re going to defend your viewpoint or defend against said haters, then go about it with more than just insults or pithy comments that don’t actually address the issue – or better yet, when you know it’s an actual troll who is just posting to get a rise out of the situation, don’t even bother responding. Pick and choose your battles.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but like I’ve said to some others, I exagurate things on this site, my real point of view is a bit less insulting etc etc…

                          In other words, don’t take everything I say too seriously or it will brain damage you like the “Commander haters”…

                    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      I suggest you follow you advice first before talking out of you ass and making up stories first before you tell me what to improve upon in my life.

                2. I never made that connection. I bet he is from gaia online. Thats why his general aura of arse seems so familiar

                3. And you’re any better?

                  The fact that you come on here just to attempt to point out how pathetic someone else is after acting exactly the same as your claims just proves that you’re just as, nay, MORE pathetic than Nintendo Commander supposedly is.

                  You strut around like you’re all that and a bag of chips when, really, you’re just a pathetic sad sack with nothing to his name but a superiority complex and an knack for causing other people pain.

                  I don’t care if you want to troll. Whatever. I’ll troll back, along with everybody else, and no harm, no foul.

                  But when you go around and act like a fucking prick towards every single person who expresses an opposing view, and then claim that, since the “almighty Donko” (yes, I know it’s you) has a differing opinion, that makes it automatically right, even to the extent of completely disregarding facts, it begins to get really old, really fast.

                  If I saw you through a webcam, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were fapping to your own reflection, you self-absorbed, sad little shit.

                  Go back to crying over how mediocre you are in everything and how much your life actually sucks, you ignorant, intolerant manchild.

                  1. Wait. durpdurpdurp is Donko!? xD This is explains why I can’t stand the site of this guy sometimes. Good to know. It’s funny seeing someone like Donko trying to take the high road. “I wish Iwata would die!” That right there makes you the devil in sheep’s clothing when you tell people to be good, but hidden beneath the surface, you’re far worse than them because you are doing something far, far worse. Well I won’t try to reason with the cretin anymore.

                4. Cuz apparently unlike you, he’s actually trying to have some fun on the Nintendo boards. Why so serious? Is video games that important to you that you need to take it so seriously?

              4. Oh, trust me, I hate trolls a lot more than regular fanboys! People who are so madly in love with their company that all they do in life is try to ruin others fun -,-

                Though, fanboys in general are bad. Defending a company no matter what is one thing, I don’t really care about those. But going on and on about how every other company suck, without actually seeing on the facts, that’s what I hate!

            3. Why not buy a PS4? Over 100,000 people buy it each week knowing it doesn’t have games. I want to know what are they using it for. That’s fucking impressive a console that doesn’t need software to sell. Also they raised the price in Canada and still it has not affected sells.

              1. Here’s my thought. Perhaps it may have something to do with last generation. Maybe the gamers who owned and wanted PS3 saw all of the games and exclusive content they saw only on Playstation. Then when the next gen came, all those gamers decided that Playstation will once again get exclusive content with all their favorite games. And in addition, the Xbox One turned away several Xbox fans due to their policies and how they treated the customers (forcing them to buy the Kinect) and so they jumped ship over to Playstation. And so NOW the gamers thought that even if there are no games, they know darn well those games are coming. And most of em will have exclusive content with Playstation. That’s what I think happened. :)

                  1. Playstation is different though. Almost every game that is coming out is usually considered to be put on a Playstation console. And they also get basically every third party game they want. It’s the other way around with the Wii U.

                    1. PS4 this year is exactly like Wii U last year but yet, Sony gets the sales for doing nothing while Nintendo gets shit for doing something of a few.

                      People are so damn twisted. Spending more money for nothing instead of spending less for something of the same caliber.

              2. Wow, really? Both the PS4 and Xbone is mostly selling on hype, though they have had a few releases newly (Titanfall on xbone, i think?). I though Knack was a game I wanted, but it turned out to be crap, so there are no games I desire to play on that console. The Last of Us seems a little interesting, but I’m not buying a console for that! Hopefully, Sony will come with some games other than first-person shooters…

                1. Lazara, have you played Uncharted or Infamous? These are two games that can probably get you interested. If I already had a PS4, I’d have Infamous for sure.

                  1. Haven’t played either of them, sadly. Never got around to get a PS3, or many games at all, last generation, so probably missed a lot of good games!

                    I’ve heard of them both, and probably seen a few trailers some time ago. I will check them out again, anything to make me want a PS4. Thanks!

          3. Talk talk talk but no charts to show nothing. I want to believe it but i want evidence. All I see is Japan every Wenesday.

          4. X1 is the doomed one, duh.

            (at least until Halo…which will be thier mk8 boost but wii u got smash!)

          5. Halo will be ruined as soon as they release the first pack of maps and half the people don’t buy them and then the community gets broken in half then match making will be fucked like always not to mention that halo is boring as shit but still imo better then bf and cod

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              I don’t think Halo will fall anytime soon though, it still has quality in some form…

              1. I would buy an Xbox One for Halo Collection alone. I played the first one when I was a little kid and it was so much fun. I played it all day long. And I would love to do it again. :O

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  To be honest, the only FPS game I want to play right now is Perfect Dark for the N64…

                  Still my favorite FPS game ever…

                  1. I have never played that before. I have had an N64, but I didn’t have it for long. I only had Killer Instinct Gold and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. It was amazing. I miss it. Never even got to play Zelda OOT (I played it for like 5 minutes when I was a little kid) or Super Mario 64. Those 5 minutes were the best I’ve ever spent playing a game. :›

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      I liked Killer Instinct Gold, I never had it but a friend of mine at that time did…

                      And I don’t think Conker was ever released in Sweden…

          6. to be honest I am not even surprise, in fact it something we already knew but everybody in the video game industry (i.e. IGN,Patcher, Ubisoft,EA and other 3rd part devs) shut the fuck up about it. XB1 doing “great” in US and Europe (more in UK thou). I did bitch about xb1 cause I did not like the hypocrisy and the lies when the game industry was supporting xb1 and shitting at the Wii U. I understand people which feel like a revenge but again we should focus on the wii U, enjoy what will come,debate on Wii U and nintendo matters and bring constructive criticises when things goes wrong.

          7. Patcher back in December said before July Xbone would outsell Wii U…..another lie. He also said MK8 would sell good for 2 weeks and after that get off top ten charts. Also in December he said that PS4 would have breached 10 million units before July.

          8. That literally makes no difference, and yet you idiots are celebrating like it’s some goddamn fiesta…smh

                  1. Xbox done….. Yet still getting 3rd party support and gettings games that can’t go on the wii u. Yeah. I like Nintendo but still we are on the low also regardless of Sales.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Of course we are, because High Command got arrogant enough to think that it would sell by itself…

                      I really hope they learned their lesson now…

            1. I don’t care if the Wii U doesn’t outsell or sell the Xbox One. I just want it to be successful regardless. It may have it’s flaws but it really is an underrated system.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I received a text message this morning, it will take a bit longer to repair it…

                I guess I’ll have to wait about the same period of time you did…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Well to be fair, it wasn’t exactly at a Nintendo main base until today…

                    But oh well…

                    They should expect a lot of wrath from me if it gets defective again once I get it back…

                1. Dude, my Wii U came back in 2 and a half months because of a mistake with the address. If yours takes that long, then that is a serious problem. And btw, I do believe Nintendo ships with UPS or whatever (same guys that made my Wii U take so friggin long) so you’d better give them your correct address word for word unless you want to end up Wii U-less for months like me. Haha.

              2. I agree, the Wii U is definitely something special. I like the whole idea of the gamepad, I like that Nintendo are trying something new. It’s just that they need to just find ways to make use of the gamepad without causeing any major innconvinence to the player.

                Truth be told, the only reason why I kinda care about sales is that it will cause the console to get more supports due to third party support.

                At the end of the day I just want to enjoy playing games regardless on which platforn it’s on.

          9. So Nintendo takes a Win (a small one, but still) and immediately people go ape shit crazy and starting flamming Xbox… -_-‘ This was your shot to prove you guys were above Sasori and the trolls you all LOVE to hate and to just be happy for Nintendo- not bitchy at other companies, yet you guys(not everyone, just a select few) stooped to their levels and proved you’re no better. Smh come on guys. Take the victories AND the losses with dignity.

            1. Are you that high to not even realize that after all of the BS that Brokeback idiot Sasori has done and said like calling Martin Luther King overrated and he’s black himself?

              That asshole deserve every last bashing he begged for and speaking o bashing, I just hope he gets the real deal.

          10. Wii U has been doing better then Xbox One for awhile now, only during the Xbox One launch month did it do better then Wii U. But ever since Wii U has been doing a bit better, with MK8 its been doing much better, nobody wants the Xbox One.

          11. Of course the Wii U Mario Kart bundle is outselling the Xbox one, why would you buy Mario Kart with an xbox! People are going to buy the system that will play the games that come bundled. That would be like selling a Halo 4 Wii U bundle, it just doesn’t make sense.

          12. Both are hood console choices. You guys don’t even know the statistics on this post here, so don’t rush to conclusions.

          13. Lol these Nintendochimps don’t even no Xbox One is still crushing Wii U. Mario Kart 8 is jut another rehish. I’m also almst sav up for my 360, so I’ll enjoy playing campaign on Battlefield 3 again, I need break since it was just hard, need tht braek.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Talking to yourself again? You are such a social reject.
                Not only that, was terrible act of how you pretend that that is not you, when it obviously is.

              2. Talking to your broken mirror again like if you’re a 3rd person? XD What a loser retard.

                And BTW, read em and weep bitch. Your Xbox is getting its overpriced DRM ass kicked by a “weaker” console that’s more original than all of its cramped BS perks that made it nothing more than an overweight showoff with a dildo for a penis.

              3. Oh my god! When TalkingStapler butchers grammar, sasori actually doesn’t. Or maybe he got confused & mixed their positions up. When he posted as TalkingStapler, he thought he was talking as his main. And when he spoke with his main, he thought he was talking as TalkingStapler. Quit with the alternate accounts, sasori, if you are going to get them mixed up.

          14. Pingback: Mighty Ape, tienda online más grande de Nueva Zelanda, comenta como Wii U está superando a Xbox One |

          15. Even when this earless nig ger gets his xbox 360 from 2005… (lol god thats so sad) he will still come here and cry and bitch about all the things nintendo isn’t doing that he wants then doing…. ladies and gentlemen nothing is worst then closet nintendo fan… worse than Hitler himself

          16. We don’t get in so many Wii u’s at the retailer store I’m a salesman in (Norway). But atleast they sell. We have had the Xbone on the shelves for some months now, still standing there, but the Wii u’s and Ps4 are sold out again.

            1. Apparently you do and don’t even try to troll on this news. We all know you’re crying inside that Xbox will always be a 3rd rate DRM box for the past 3 generations.

                1. Donko, is that you? Donko is the only one that comes to mind that would call his biased opinion a “fact.” If you’re not Donko, you’re still an idiot for thinking your opinion is a fact. Now go cry about how Nintendo is not catering to self entitled kids like yourself.

          17. What makes this even better is that Nintendo does not do well in New Zealand at ALL. Most people here are into the most generic stuff you can find but this… This is just absolutely fantastic. I remember seeing MightyApe selling out it’s first two shipments of Mario Kart 8 upon its release too, it made me so happy to see the WiiU finally picking up in the one country I expected it to fail the most.

          18. From New Zealand, this is one of the only retailers that stock wii u. Most retailers only stock P4 or Xbox. I got my wii u half price from a retailer getting rid of their stock a year ago, which was great for me. Wii u is not big in New Zealand compared to ps4.

          19. One retailer in one country at one point in time. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but this is not a sign of success in itself.

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