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New Hyrule Warriors Scans Show Ghirahim, The Imprisoned, And Skyward Sword Stages



Lovely new Japanese scans have appeared for the eagerly awaited Hyrule Warriors which is exclusive to Wii U. The latest scans showcase Ghirahim, The Imprisoned, Link’s Hero Bow, and the Skyward Sword stages that will feature in the game. Hyrule Warriors launches on September 26th in the United States.

Thanks, RetroGamingLord

105 thoughts on “New Hyrule Warriors Scans Show Ghirahim, The Imprisoned, And Skyward Sword Stages”

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


        It somehow feels as if every main villain from the Zelda series will make an appearance…

        Now Dark Link, Malladus and so on might too…

          1. I feel like Bellum was a sorta “throwaway” villain of some sorts. (Meaning he has only been used once and he didn’t have very many things talking about him before you faced him; he just feels like he was tagged on right at the end, because they could have put Vaati there for all I care and the rest of the game wouldn’t really have been influenced by that…)

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              Vaati is also a cool choice, but Bellum would be so unexpected, he could have an army of Phantoms
              We know that Ganondorf, Demise, Zant, Ghirahim will be in the game
              all we need is Majora, Bellum, Vaati or maybe even Vera and Onox

            2. The clergy of the Church of Sasori has declared and exposed the hypocritical ideologies of the Nintendo fanboys on this site. On one hand you criticize Sasori for having an opinion in which in no way does he have any hatred towards any specific individual/personalities here just a one sided viewpoint toward Nintendo yet you guys attack him individually with racist comments and hatred remarks.. It’s disgusting..

              A gaming Martyr…

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                Yet at the same time you exposed nothing, therefore, your declarations have no effect or relevance because “Lord Sasori” has been invalid before you made the church.

                1. he has overall hatred to nintendo fans on this site, always calling them nintenclowns, nintendorks or manchild, so if youre a nintendo fans so to him youre also one of those, so still think defending him is a good idea?

                    1. from 1:00 sasori is exposed, massive wave of laughs, sasori gets butthurt.
                      Excelent clip, ROFL.
                      thanks for the lulz!

                    2. sasori’s mom: “what the hell sasori does on internet”
                      sasori: “i watch national geographic, xbox blogs”
                      sasori’s mom: “ok, i checked your crappy pc and i found that you visit websites asking girls to show boobs and that you like girls with d*cks”
                      sasori: ….
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                    3. the reaction of the guy at the ending, it’s almost the same as the reaction of the church of sasori.
                      Kathleen Turner kicks assess!

              2. Yeah people shouldn’t be so mean to sasori it’s obvious he had a slight mental condition. (Not even kidding)

    1. spoiler!!

      hes like the evil sword compared to the master sword right? he seemed to get destroyed in ss but im hopeing he or it apears in the next main game.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        And thank you for writting “you were”, I can’t stand the retarded “you was”…

  1. What’s zelda holding in the bottom right? Also I’m pretty sure he’ll be playable along with cia, zant etc. From what I’ve heard in dynasty warriors you can usually play as the villains.
    Also I wonder which game they are gonna pull from next? OoT maybe?

    1. pretty sure as well anoma said he was very impress with the character roster saying there were more then he thought.

  2. For anyone interested in this game that has never played a Dynasty Warriors game, go back and play 5. (You’ll need a PS2) Amazing. I stayed up an entire night just to play that game. I’m so excited for this game because of the awesome experience I had with DW. And for anyone concerned about it being repetitive, believe me, that’s part of the fun. It’s amazing going into hordes of armies oblitering each and every one of them. Makes me feel powerful! I cannot wait for this game much longer. The hype is too much to handle. I will probably play this more than Smash Bros and Mario Kart combined. I’m gonna need 3 cups of coffee at night whenever I play this. Ahaha! XD

    1. I’ve never played and won’t have the ability to play a DW game, but your comment is very encouraging and got me more pumped for this game!! :D

      1. I’ve read around the internet about the game and I have to say, the number of people not getting this game just because it leans more towards Dynasty Warriors than Zelda is really disappointing. Makes me worry about the sales of the game. Especially with Smash and Bayo2 coming shortly afterwards. People gotta understand that DW is awesome! I haven’t played DW5 in years, so even though I can’t go back and play it, I’ll gladly take this as a substitute. ;)

        1. Don’t mind those people. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are a minority that’s just very vocal, so they give off the illusion that they are some big ass majority.

  3. So, instead of making it a move set, they instead made the bow so all characters could use it. SWEET!

    This game just keeps sounding better and better.

  4. Off-topic: If anyone wants to know why Sasori hasn’t appeared as of lately is because he got an Xbox 360. Lulz. I mean, congrats for him??? We’ll start seeing that fool alot less, but it was always kind of fun to use the “You don’t even have a 360” excuse. Gonna have to think up something new now. Because trust me, he is going to use this excuse on you now. Something like “Stfu you clown. I do have an Xbox 360” But with way worse grammar. XD

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      He already gave us new material if you clicked on the link I gave you earlier…

    2. i do not mind if he got his past DEgeneration console. I won’t buy one because he thinks is the “best” console.
      I would like to see prince richard in hyrule warriors.
      oh, i want to share this: sasori was exposed like the man in this clip, lol!

      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        And by friend you mean “imaginary friend”. So technically, he also has an imaginary xbox 360. You just have the Arkharm Asylum copy with no Xbox to play it on. Exposed.

        1. *facepalm* Are you serious? He still doesn’t have one yet? Didn’t he say he was gonna buy one yesterday? And the day before that? And the month before that? Seriously, I managed to get a $214 3DS XL in 2 months and I don’t even have a job yet. He may as well just quit saving at this point.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            He should go and save for multiple packaged boxes of vacuum sealed buffalo sauce instead. Its much more beneficial than the method with the mayo jar.

            1. Smh. Curse you, Glados. You know I’m still trying to recover from that word. I’ll die if you keep it up! ._.

      2. You don’t have friends, don’t be a liar, nobody wants to coexist with somebody who spent his time on internet fapping and asking girls to show her boobs, man, your hands are dirty…and nobody wants to share a controller with you, the only xbox you have is a CARDBOARD BOX with the name “xbox” written on it.
        Thanks @Truth 2 b told for the screenshot XD

      1. XD Made me spit my coffee out. He wants to see boobies desperately. Lol, no wonder he wants M rated games. XDD XD

          1. So… he doesn’t care about women or getting a girlfriend and he calls them “bitches” yet he wants to see boobs? The closest he’s ever getting to boobs in real life with that kind of attitude is looking at his mom. XDD XD

            1. that’s what everybody wrote when he made such comments about girls, if he thinks women are “bitches” and the root of all evil, what can you think about his relationship with his mother?
              Check his youtube channel, he uploaded a video about it. also again be ready for the lulz XD

  5. Looking great! I’m hoping to see all of OOT Sages, skull kid, Mikau and deku shrub link from MM would be great too

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      There was an article some days ago that atleast the Moon will appear…

      Maybe it’s somewhere there…

      1. We hopefully he’ll be in the game as a playable character. I don’t want another smash bros incident >_>

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Aslong as it’s in the game in any way I’ll be something that humans call “happy”…

          It’s time Majora’s Mask gets the attention it deserves…

    2. after this we should enter a different era…BUT GROOSE NEEDS TO BE LOOSE!!! Skull kid might be in but we already sawed the moon, but still possible

    1. two different style guys. Joke was a terrible boss fight in asylum, being a brute is not his character,Ghirahim was a damn sword that went beyond his purpose, many fans like him over demise. Plus asylum was good, but city blew out of water in many different areas good game, but it didn’t do it for me, plus nothing really to do after beating the story, but city fixed that

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      My PC > Your PC
      My intelligence > Your Alter egos
      Real buffalo > Your buffalo sauce from your toes
      My Logic > Your bullshit

      Exposed and destroyed again.

    3. Batman Arkham Asylum is an awesome game. I think you were playing (knowing your “good” luck) BUTTman arCUM ASSylum

      1. “BUTTman arCUM ASSylum”. i do not know how you do it, people.
        Everything he writes, you turn it into something original while exposing him, i can’t stop laughing.

  6. I really hope the villains are playable too as a separate storyline or something, i’m not sure how the regular Dynasty Warriors games makes them playable, but I want Vaati as a playable character his demon eye attacks would be sick.

    1. Unlockables for beating the end game stages unless a villain ends up siding with the good guys before the end, in which case they become playable after that stage that they joined the good guys..

  7. Can’t wait to get a Wii U. Smash bros will be my day one purchase. I also want to get Mariokart8 so I can race my friends online.

    But now that I know what this game is going to be like, I know that once I get this, my video game life will be complete…along with beating Shovel Knight and Dark Souls 2. :)

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  10. this game sure is getting a lot of promotion and september is kind of far away. what other wii u first party games are coming out before hyrule warriors?

  11. This game just gets better and better!! I see a Goron in the shop!! I am solo excited for this game now. When the first trailer was released I thought wtf but all of my concerns have vanished. I know its not but they could totally make this canon with the whole “time space continuum”. Can’t wait.

    1. Who knows. Maybe if the game is very well received & everyone loves it, maybe, just maybe, Aonuma might make the game canon somehow.

  12. Whoot! Hello, Ghirahim. If The Imprisoned is in the game, Demise will most likely make an appearance at some point. Maybe he’ll be the main villain instead of Ganondorf.

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