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Here’s Some New Hyrule Warriors Details

The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication contains some fresh new information related to Hyrule Warriors and also some delightful scans. If you haven’t already checked out the scans then you can do so, right here. Here’s the details from Famitsu.

  • No indication as to whether or not Ghirahim is playable yet; the description in Famitsu could be be about his boss moves or character outline as general
  • If Link uses Power gloves and drops off ball & chain, he can lift pillars, jars or even enemies
  • With the legendary baton from Wind waker, Zelda can command winds and fight by playing songs
  • You can blow enemies away with wind or the sound can turn into lightning bolts
  • You can also summon tornados to snatch enemies away
  • After you select a character for a stage you select the weapon
  • You can’t change weapons in battle
  • Weapons differ a lot from each other and it is part of the fun to test which one suits you
  •  Can shop between battles
  • Shopping area includes at least training room, potion shop, badge shop and junk shop
  • Junk shop will be introduced in a later magazine
  • In training shop you can pay rupees to level up your character
  • Characters also level up through normal gameplay
  • Potions are one time use only and cause special effect during a battle
  • It seems that one potion makes easier to obtain weapons (not entirely clear)
  • Badge shop uses rupees and raw materials to buy permanent badges
  • Raw materials are obtained from killing monsters and monsters have unique loot as well as some rare drops.
  • Enemies also drop rupees
  • One badge makes weak spot gauge to fill up faster
  • Badge shop interface seems like a tree of sorts so I guess you have to make badges in a certain order, no word about it though
  • You can see from stage select menu if a stage has heart containers or pieces to collect but you may need to use a certain character to get them
  • Heart container/pieces work pretty much like in any Zelda game
  • You may also obtain a power up bow from a chest The bow makes weak spot gauge to last longer and can attack multiple enemies from afar
  • Fi moves by floating midair, can transform into a sword to slash enemies
  • Link meets Fi in the Skyloft’s Goddess’ temple
  • Ghirahim fights with magical swords, can summon enemies and change place in an instant, likes to toy with his enemies
  • The imprisoned is tall as a mountain and emits damaging waves when it steps
  • Cia twists space-time to summon forth areas from Skyward sword, e.g. Skyloft and Sealed grounds as pictured
  • Pumpkin island is crashed with Skyloft as pictured

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78 thoughts on “Here’s Some New Hyrule Warriors Details”

  1. UGUUGHUUUGH. Any more news about Hyrule Warriors and I’m gonna burst! I’ve got too much hype!!!! Oh god. X(

      1. He is almost 100% guaranteed to be in the game, but I bet they don’t reveal him at all to keep it “secret”

                1. Why do you label yourself as different when everyone is different and i thought you want to be seen as normal :o

  2. The addition of Fi and the Windwaker may just make me buy this game day one… I only require Tingle to seal the deal.

  3. Too… much… awesome! I need this game. My wife loves Zelda and I’ve always kinda liked it, but I’ve only really played Ocarina, Minish Cap, and Oracle of time. I really love how this game looks and how there is lots of focus on combat. Defiantly a day one purchase!

    1. Oh! And I’ve almost beaten wind waker! It’s going to be tough playing Destiny when Hyrule Warriors comes out.

  4. Hah! And people thought this would just be a DW rip-off.

    This just goes to show how much care and effort Koei Tecmo and Nintendo are putting into this game. I happily look forward to it.

    1. It makes me want to see more collaborative efforts from them going forwards, honestly.

      Truth be told, I wouldn’t mind seeing this game get a sequel, if it does well enough; the Zelda universe certainly has enough content in it to form the basis for a second game, after all!XD

    2. There are still alot of people that think it is though. That makes me worry about the sales of this game… :/

      1. Well, we know fur sure that Japan will eat it up since they love this style of play. Internationally, well one can hope.

  5. pink0crystal0midbus

    I only read good things from this. Hyrule Warriors is sounding better and better day by day. So much content is coming and so much fan service. The game will be a Legend of Zelda fan’s dream game.

    1. Pff. I wish. The people on Nintendolife seem to be so stubborn. Alot of them were Zelda fans and said it’s basically DW with a Zelda skin. ¬_¬

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


            Nintendolife = Too conservative, they don’t want to have new type of games or twists…

            N-Dub Nation = Too liberal, they accept any crap given by Third Class Empires and asks Nintendo fans into buying these overpriced gimped games…

  6. Nintendo Commander Phazon

    Its a given that it’ll play like a dynasty warriors game, but it also seems to add more uniqueness and content that just a Zelda coat of paint.

  7. G O D
    Entered Conquered Retired
    E N T E R E D
    C O N Q U E R E D
    R E T I R E D
    God Stapler

    1. G A R B A G E G O D
      Exposed Fapper Butthurt Retreated
      E X P O S E D
      F A P P E R
      B U T T H U R T
      R E T R E A T E D
      Garbage God Stapler

      That is the correct statement, sorry for the earlier misinterpretation.

    2. Wow, that is the worst-written haiku I’ve ever read. How about this one:

      TalkingStapler fucks
      Sasori every day
      Wow how gross

  8. Mynintendonews just steals news from GoNintendo, and posts them 3 hours later. This website is obsolete.

        1. Donko the Bitch has once again spoken! Bow to his godly power to create facts that make everyone’s opinions obsolete! (Once again, in case you’re too st-st-stupid to understand it, I’m mocking you again.)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      This game will live up to the HYPE by us NINTENDRONES and will eliminate any XBOX and SONYAN menace while GRAPE APE gets exposed every day by me…

  9. Wonder how they plan on displaying the entity Majora. Reeally hope its more than just a heart-shaped body/face. Majora’s history and even its intentions are still to this day probably the one most shrouded mystery for such an important boss. If you look at MM its probably one of the darkest/creepy LOZ entries, so I feel this can be a start for Nintendo to show us more in depth Majora’s powersand history.

      1. 25 bucks? Lol. He can get the Wii U USB charging cable from Gamestop for $10. Buying it for anything more than $15 is a rip-off. Mine’s broke as well, and I’m gonna have to buy one too. XD


      In Sasori’s latest entry he goes into great detail on the subtle intricacies of the Arkham Asylum game…
      The kid mumbles what is probably just a review of the game that he watched on youtube, since he most likely hasn’t even played the game yet.
      He also spends a third of the time just whining about how he gets put in his place everytime he posts to this site.
      We also get to hear about how he has to beg his mommy for money so he can play the system he supposedly hates.

      Its a very funny video and I encourage you all to go on and comment in a way that just comes naturally for you.

    2. That happen’s when you try to find new forms of fapping.
      you hate wii u, why do you want a charger moron?

  10. This game hasn’t been high on my list, as there are more ‘important’ games in my queue, but I swear, if Ghirahim is announced as a playable character, Day 1 buy for me. Screw anything else I might want.

  11. This article is verbatim on both sites just plagiarize from each for years you assholes call yourselves journalists? Fucking pathetic.

  12. Didn’t we already know like half this stuff, either way cool and cia summoning different areas from games sounds awesome

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  15. About 2 months left til Hyrule Warriors releases in the States! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t wait to unlock & use Fi! Link & Fi teams on stages will so be a thing for me! Especially once Link has the Master Sword.

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