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Mario And Luigi Enjoy Happy Meals At McDonald’s

mario_luigi_mcdonalds_happy_mealNintendo of America has shared a photo in which Mario and Luigi are shown enjoying Happy Meals at a McDonald’s restaurant in Los Angeles, Calif. The picture depicts how Nintendo is promoting the recently-released Mario Kart 8 via via the popular fast-food chain, where toys based on the racing game are being included in Happy Meals for a limited time. A few months ago, the Mario brothers were spotted in Washington, D.C.

154 thoughts on “Mario And Luigi Enjoy Happy Meals At McDonald’s”

    1. Its actually sad they are promoting this stuff. Nintendo is suppose to be kid friendly. I’m glad my province has banned fast food commercials aimed at children.

      1. McDonalds is kid friendly, too. Ya know, until they get all manner of sickness from eating mcDonalds junk food, anyway. Until then, they’re totally friendly to children!

  1. Nintendrones are so happy right now. Their mommies are going to get them some tomorrow. #nintendrones #nintenyearolds #wiiscamu #nogames4u #ripnintendo #willbemissed #jkyouwont

    1. I’m actually so proud of posers trying to be me c; these people have no life and at least I’m giving them an opportunity to be adopted

    2. Like how you Sony Ponies got your mommies and daddies to take you to subway because of Uncharted :D

      1. Ya know sometimes I feel like Sony fanboys got stuck with the worst possible name out of all three groups. I mean, at least “Xbot” and “Nintendrone” sound like really cool robot names or something. “Sony Pony”? Now that’s just stupid. XD

          1. Nope. I like the sound of Nintendrone a lot better. Nintenyearold sounds incredibly stupid. It doesn’t even sound like an insult. It’s like somebody asked their grandma to come up with that name. Although, the name “Nintendon’t” is hilarious. XD It’s funny because it only works with Nintendo’s name instead of the other two.

        1. Actually calling some one a ponie/pony is the stupidest thing ever. I mean, Xbot, Wiitard, and Nintendrone all sound offensive but Pony? Really? It shows more about the person’s lack of creativity more than anything. At least Sony Drones, PS Turd, IndieStation, lame station, and even GayStation had a speck of creativity and sounded offensive, but Pony? Fucken really? XD

          1. Ok, here we go:

            Phony PlayStation
            Sony Cronie
            PS4-year olds(if you want a rip off)
            Sony Balogna

            There really isn’t much to work with, but I agree there should be a better name.

  2. I personally think Mcdonalds is nasty. A Big Mac CAN be good if the guys in the back make It right.

    1. Big Mac was never good to me. Overrated. Nothing but fat grease. It doesn’t even taste that great. I only go there for the fries. Lol.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Big Mac hasn’t been Bic Mac in more than a decade…

        I don’t know how it is in the US but here in Sweden, a Big Mac today is like only half of what t used to be, costs more and tastes less…

        That’s why I haven’t eaten in McDonalds since 13 years…

        I barely eat any junkfood either…

              1. Next time you order a vanilla ice cream or anything else with whipped cream, you may wanna double check… ;P

  3. Can someone help me with this question?

    Two towns, P and Q are 115 km apart. A driver drove from Town P to Town Q at 0740 to attend a workshop at 0940. His average speed for the first 50 minutes was 54km/h

    (a) If he arrived on time for the seminar, calculate his average speed for the remaining journey.

    (b) The driver took 30 minutes longer on his return journey due to a traffic jam. Find his average speed for the return journey.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I’m not very awake just now since I woke up recently but I think the answers are:

      a) 60km/h

      b) 46km/h

      1. … Did you actually just solve his problem? If you did, then I gotta say that was very generous and thoughtful of you. Not many people do that. :D

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I think I did…

          I used to be pro at maths but then my life got destroyed almost completly but I do believe this one wasn’t hard at all…

        2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I struggle with maths at university so it’s a pain but I’ll make it nontheless…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          You have to calculate yourself though to get these answers, an answer on the paper without showing calculations is not valid…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Well that’s maths…

              You can’t write an answer an expect them to believe you did it all in your head…

  4. I swear, it seems like every time McDonalds gets new Nintendo related toys for their Happy Meals (or something interesting, such as Smurfs), it’s when I’m broke and can’t go anywhere until the following month. Then by the time I CAN go, the toys have stopped, and there’s some stupid new toys. I missed out on the last Smurfs and Pokemon etc. Now I’ll miss out on these. McDonalds always stops these promotions too soon.

    1. Its your fault dude, this site has posted about this about 2 times already, we’ve known about this since MK8 launched.

      1. Not only that but laws are in place to make sure that animals are not treated that cruel before being killed, those videos? They where the main cause of the uproar and the reason why laws are now put In place. If anything find a video with proofs that mc Donald’s buys from farms that abuse animals rights

  5. I actually went there recently and picked up a happy meal just for the toy. :P I got what I wanted. The Luigi one! But unfortunately, after seeing how highly detailed and amazing those Amiibo look, I gotta say, I’m quite disappointed with it’s appearance. I know not many kids might actually care how it looks though. They just want it because it’s Mario toys. Lol. But, c’mon. The thing looks like it was made with little effort. It also feels very cheap too. I tried to get it just to try and get a taste of what Amiibo might be like, but oh well. It’s still ok though. May go back and collect another eventually.

      1. The Smurfs figures they had a few years ago were made really GOOD. They were solid rubber and perfectly detailed. Sometimes I feel like kicking myself for selling them. I had them all.

      1. Yeah. I wonder why they didn’t just delay all versions just to make it fair though. I don’t know. I never cared about that game anyway. I won’t buy a game I don’t care about just to support the Wii U. It’s probably gonna fail anyways due with this sudden delay.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Not the news from yesterday, it’s a completely new one that will probably be posted soon…

            1. Nintendo is my Blood

              If NC doesn’t mind, I can take this one

              NC is Swedish and in university
              he seems to be an atheist and has an interest in Sci-Fi and horror genre shows
              There is one more thing but I am at no position to disclose it without his authority

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I think I should hire you as my personal external harddrive in case I lose my head again to that wretched hunter…

              1. Highschool or university? If you don’t mind. I’m starting college this fall. I’m scared. I don’t know what I want to do.
                I’m thinking I might get some ideas or advice by listening and reading about other peoples stories.

                1. Oh. Well in that case, you gotta ask NC. It’s only been High School for me. Never been to college. He’s been through it though. I’d imagine it’s just like any other normal school except with the work being harder obviously. If you study and take it seriously enough though, should be a breeze. Also, I’d recommend getting better at math. Math has always sucked imo, and nowadays they take math to the next level. You can get through it though hopefully. :)

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Maths Lit? It is like Maths except none of that algebra or complex nonsense that is useless unless you actually become an architect

                      Like I need to know the square root of a right angled prism across an X Axis while calculating the speed at which in travels per millisecond in real life

                      I can do only the calculations that matter

                    2. Ugh my worst topics are speed and algebra. I can’t wrap my head around those workings/formulas. I hate my high school life right now :(

                      1. Yep, that’s Math for ya… I bet the person that created Math is super smart too. Lol.

                    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Math is a summary of various people’s knowledge since the dawn of civilization…

                      Most math we know today came from the Middle-east but western propganda always makes it untrue…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          What’s O-levels?…

                          I’m not familiar much with english terms…

                        2. Kind of like a final exam to test you on everything you learned for the past 4 years in High school

                        3. Math has always been easy for me, competitions, tests, homework you name it. I’ve always taken my studies seriously, but at the same time I’m only in HS its going to get harder along the way. XP

                          1. I don’t know how people like you manage to deal with it. I look down at the paper and it all looks like a foreign language or something. Also, speaking of paper, Math is what made me hate paper… I absolutely hate it. I hate the sound of it, I hate drawing on it, everything! … Unless the money is green, then I want nothing to do with it. XD

                            1. It is a foreign language, but once you learn the basics everything becomes much easier. I’m not sure what you want to do in life, but everything has to deal with math. You can never run away from it so its best to deal with it now. :p

                              1. No! Who brainwashed you? D: Math is bad! They want you to think it’s easy so you can think it’s good… But it’s (in Mermaid Man’s voice) “EVIIIIIIIIIIIIIL!!!!!!! XD

            2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Off topic, considering the latest news about Project Cars, Xbots, go home, I won’t be buying your garbage even if it’s not gimped…

            3. Smaller teams don’t have the budget to dazzle with extraordinary visuals, so Nintendrones are left with nothing but retro-inspired rehashes

              1. Huge development teams don’t have a monopoly on jaw-dropping graphics. Have you seen No Man’s Sky? Not only does it look downright gorgeous, but it has dinosaurs, making it worthy of being displayed in any art museum. And it’s not like it’s the only beautiful game being created by a small team. The Witness has one of those enticing worlds in which I’d love to spend my vacation, if it wasn’t filled with devious puzzles, and Abzu gives me shivers just watching the trailer; giant whales are terrifying. Although many games do employ old-school aesthetics, remember that style is as much of a choice as something that looks modern. That’s part of the reason why you frequently see Blizzard dial back the technical demands of its visuals. Plus, ensuring everyone can play Diablo III means they have an even wider potential audience.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  You’ll be even more wrathful when Sickr posts the new sI sent in a while ago…

                  Porject Cars is now officially dead to me…

                      1. Yeah, I think I just read about it awhile ago. I actually prefer Mario Kart, but there’s nothing wrong with getting new games. Also, why does it take so long? If what they are saying about Wii U taking longer because they have to adapt to the systems specs, then that’s on Nintendo’s part to blame tbh.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Even if that would be the case, too late to say that now because no one would believe them except the Accepters of Everything…

                          Anyway, prepare to take cover…

                          1. By the time I wake up, it’ll be over 100 comments anyway. As usual. If I miss the flame war, just be sure you survive though. XD

              1. You’re not real though. Everybody knows the real one likes to say 3 words. Nintendrone, clown, and exposed. LOL.

            4. Like I said before : I’m actually so proud of posers trying to be me ; these people have no life and at least I’m giving them an opportunity to be adopted. No, seriously , get out of this site you poser.

            5. Ugh ….. leave me my username and scoot out of here….. dafuq who even makes the mother thing these days , it s not because she is buying me all of my games for doing my homework that it’s wrong.

            6. HI LOL.

              This is Nostalgia_w’s girlfriend Alyssa hacking into his phone XD

              His real name is Linus Yuen :3 he’s the cutest guy you can ever meet in Anglican High School!

              Anyways bb I think he’s coming soon.

                1. I’d say you do since you knew where this came from. Lol. No, I don’t watch daytime television.

                  1. Ohhhh I think I get it now. Lol. Idk why people turn that way though. As for me, I’m never missing out on any of that action. I was born to do this… XD

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Love is love, babies are irrelevant…

                          What humans should be doing is not breed like vicious horny apes all the time, too much already…

                          1. Yep. But it’s too late to stop them already. Nowadays, (at least where I live anyways) if you are still a virgin by 21, you aren’t a man. That’s kind of dumb to be honest. People are so nasty. They only do it for pleasure though unlike animals. Animals do it for a reason. Humans just want to get dirty. Lol.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              That’s why I hate both conservatives and liberals…

                              Conservatives: Brainwashing, Control, Rules, Laws, No Freedoms, hatred, racism, phobias etc etc

                              Liberals: Brainwashing, Chaos, Overdone Human Rights, Stupid Laws, Freedom without responsability, Sex, sex and more sex…

                              To sum up, I hate humans haha…

                              1. Idk what the big deal about sex is. I’ve never had it before but why is it so important? I’m definitely looking foward to it one day but it sounds overrated to be honest. The only reason I probably even care about it now though is because I’m going through puberty. Aka, my pervyness stage in life. I’ll get over it though as an adult though. XD

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  It’s because the media gloryfies it and these stupid apes follows it…

                                  1. Yep. It’s everywhere now. TV shows, movies, video games, etc. Parents these days don’t even need to tell their kid about “the birds and the bees”. Because they’ve probably already seen/ know everything about it before you even considered telling them. Heck, my mom hasn’t even told me about it, but I knew at age 6. Haha. “Daddy, how can you give mommy a back rub while she’s on top of you”? XD

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Hahahahahahahaha dearest me…

                                      But indeed, I knew about all of that from both sides ever since I was 6-7…

                                      1. Oh and something that pisses me off though is that sometimes I can actually hear my mom and her boyfriend are getting down and dirty in the room next to me at night. And I can’t just tell her to stop because that’d be like.. the most awkward situation ever. I don’t know what to do. One time I even heard her moan. She sounded like an owl. That traumatized me forever… O_O Do I really want to listen to my favorite and most awesome person I’ve known my whole life get wrecked by some guy I don’t even really know that well? No… But do I want to say “Mom, stop having sex”? No. XD I’m happy she’s getting what she wants, but that’s just downright awful to listen to. Blegh.

                                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                          Just tell her:

                                          “Mother dear, can you please close your female genitlia, and tell your boyfriend to take down his erected staff and stop moaning like an Owl? I’m trying to sleep or play games, thank you…”

                                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Thakfully my mission is to reduce the human population, and that doens’t have anything to do with my personal preference, I just despise most humans…

                                      They make me sick as soon as I go out…

                            2. Well my “best friend” is very busy with work and we haven’t seen each other since the 4th of July. Commander is jelly. Lol.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Haha you wish…

                                Any male human that wants to have anything with me has to kneel first…

                                1. You are horrible! I sense you like a certain type of relationship don’t you? *wink wink* You want him to kiss your feet too? Lol.

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    No, I hate feet beyond reason, including my own, it’s disgusting…

                                    I’m the dominant one in everything I do in one way or the other…

                                    I’m just a born God, I mean leader…

                        2. Kind of sad to see the comments section here reduced to completely irrelevant topics and obsession over a single troll. Why can’t you guys just have healthy conversations? We seriously need to have implementations of some mods

                          1. There is actually some slight moderation here even though it may not look like it. Like spamming too many of the same comment will get removed. Oh, and saying the “N” word in your post is not allowed. Heh, kinda funny though cuz worser words like the F and S word get through no problem. Haha. Although, I do notice moderation is better when Silvershadowfly is here.

                        3. In most part of Europe and in some asian countries Mc donald is seems to be the evil fast-food franchise where the food is addictive and make you fat. So if nintendo wants to promote healthy life via its QoL then McDo is not a very good partnership. i believe it a bad business decision and if that deal is available outside north america it will hurt Nintendo brands and will make future QOL a joke.

                        4. McDonald’s is only good for its café drinks (smoothies, shakes, and the like) everything else is pretty deadly; though somewhat tasty.

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