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Project CARS Developer Says Team Need More Time To Adjust To Wii U, Xbox One And PS4 Closer To PC

The developers behind Project CARS have taken to Facebook after they announced that Wii U owners won’t get the game until 2015. One of the developers, who was trying to calm the situation, said that the team need more time to adjust to Wii U development as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game are much closer to the PC version. The developer also said that if people want a sim racer on Wii U then they will just have to wait.

“Our devs just need more time to adapt a WiiU version… PS4 and Xbox One are closer to the PC version.”

“If people want a sim race on WiiU, they’ll buy it, even in one more year… If they prefer Mario Kart…”

Thanks, Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

Update: It has come to my attention that this isn’t the official Slighty Mad Studios Facebook page. Therefore the claims by the apparent developer can’t be completely verified.


138 thoughts on “Project CARS Developer Says Team Need More Time To Adjust To Wii U, Xbox One And PS4 Closer To PC”

    1. I think Nintendo fans should just burn all our chances for new games on the WiiU. They just need Mario, Kirby and Baby Kart 7.5. Bayo and X will arrive sometime in the last few years of WiiU’s life. Not soon enough to save it. The gamers wanting adult content already caught on that Nintendo used the titles to dup us and moved on.

      1. Baby Kart 7.5. XD Now that’s just fucking mean. Lol. But 8’s still good fun though. And yeah, there’s a lot of babies. But Baby Peach is still my fav. So adorable. :) But of course I’d sacrifice her for another better character. XD I don’t even use the fucking Koopalings. Lol.

        1. Thank you, thank you. *takes a bow*
          It wasn’t too hard to make up though.
          They stripped out the Wii MK drivers, replaced them with Mario Cart 7 drivers, kept the MK7 system, and replaced Dry Bones, Dry Bowser, king boo, and others with babies.

          So, I can’t take too much credit. Nintendo literally made Baby Kart 7.5. Just a fact those offended can call it Baby Kart 7.5 HD…then I’m giving it credit for being next Gen.

          1. I have to admit though… Baby Rosalina was really just pointless. And PGP is another clone. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they would’ve just kept the other characters too. They’re gonna have to make up for it with DLC. I know the game has a big roster, but I really only bother with either the princesses or the Mario Bros. I mean, Luigi is probably my favorite and he’s included in every one already. That’s disappointing. At least they put Toadette in there. She’s awesome. :)

      2. Baby Kart 7.5? How original..not.

        That same “Baby Kart” you’re shitting on is the definitive game that started and own the whole kart racing genre and MK8 is radically different from 7 if your dumbass would stop acting stupid and compare them.

        1. Well, now that I’ve pretty much beaten the game and played online a lot already, the game has already gotten pretty boring fast. I’ve even went back and played Mario Kart 7 in the past 2 days. If only MK8 would’ve had a better battle mode, more of the better characters (that they dropped out from previous games) full voice chat, not limited in friend lobbies, better handling of the items (I mean come on, the coin is just pointless) and probably track customization like MK Wii, it would’ve been the complete and definitive Mario Kart. Until then, I’m just sitting here playing 7 again…

          1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

            One reviewer said going back to Mario Kart 7 was impossible. I did it and 7 felt a LOT better than 8. I agree with all the points you made. It really did get boring. I’m trying to play 8 again to get more bang out of my buck, but it is just not fun anymore. It feels incredibly rushed and not thought-out.

          2. I know people that got bored of the Mario Kart 8 and when back and pulled out the N64 at their party and played the Mario Kart for that system, they had more fun. I rented it and got bored after a while.

        2. MK8 is, in my personal opinion, one of the worst entries in the series, to be honest. Sure, visually it looks great, but other than that, it’s rather disappointing, if you ask me.
          And I believe the reason why Drybones called it Baby Kart isn’t because it’s for babies or anything, but, considering he has been complaining about the weak roster in MK8 on other articles already, because there are so many pointless characters, such as the -baby- characters.

              1. I don’t know what it is, but every time somebody reveals they’re a woman online, I get slightly surprised. Girls almost never tell their gender anymore to the point that I forgot most them use the internet too. Lol.

                1. Lmao.
                  Though I would have assumed that my name gives it away rather easily, so I was actually surprised when Drybones thought I was a guy. But it’s okay either way, I don’t mind. (:

          1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

            i already knew mario kart 8 would be terrible. they even downgraded the ai from kids and causals to beat 150cc easily.

        3. We both know Jaded is just pissed he didn’t get his precious clones back because they were replaced by other clones. I bet you can see the irony in his whining, too, Stranga.

      3. Then quit whining & sell the Wii U if you feel so cheated. Not Nintendo’s fault you decided to adopt the system early because you let your hype get the better of you.

        1. I don’t think you understood what he was trying to say… He likes and plays Nintendo games, but he didn’t like how Nintendo @E3 2011 basically said Wii U was going to have great support and lots of third party games. Then you fast foward to now and that all just felt like a lie. And on top of the no 3rd party games issue, Nintendo’s actual good games are coming out waaaaaay too long. People criticise the PS4 and X1 for having no exclusives, but the difference is that they actually have tons of third party to hold them over while they wait.

          1. Oh I understood it. He let hype effect his decision. He should have just waited for those games he was most excited for to get actual concrete release dates. Instead, he assumed that those games would be ready year one when everyone knows Nintendo tends to delay games when they think they can do more with it & actually hoped that 3rd parties would heavily support it. You NEVER buy a Nintendo console year one in the hopes that there will be tons of 3rd party support that exact same year. He really should have just researched how it works for Nintendo consoles before leaping head first into the console. But he had to learn it the hard way. Now he’ll be damn sure he’s ready to deal with lack of support before buying any future Nintendo consoles year one.

            1. Only reason I had a Wii U so early is because I got it as an early Christmas present. I wasn’t expecting it to have tons of 3rd party at first, but I really wasn’t expecting it to lose so much support either. If I’d have known that Zelda would’ve released in 2015, I definitely would not have asked for one. Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Earthbound, Lego City Undercover, and New Super Mario Bros U combined wouldn’t have made me get one. Because I only care about Zelda. Because Zelda’s fuckin awesome. xD I’ll admit, hype got the best of me. I thought Wii U would get every third party game ever made. Lulz. But as time slowly passed by, I noticed Wii U started missing more and more games from other systems and I’m like “…Wait, what? What’s happening?” And then I got REALLY pissed. I know you’re kind of a hardcore Nintendo fan, Ridley, but I play more 3rd party games than 1st party. Even when I had a Wii, I had games like Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Smash Bros Brawl, but about 70% of my other games weren’t from Nintendo. In order to fully enjoy my system, I gotta have a healthy dose of both Nintendo AND 3rd party games. I even almost sold my Wii because it didn’t offer me what I really wanted. And I predict It might end up the same way this gen too. I enjoy Nintendo games, but they aren’t enough to satisfy me by themselves. I’m gonna buy Zelda U, Splatoon, Smash Bros, Hyrule Warriors, and Bayonetta 2. But I fear that these won’t fully entertain me… Not saying they are bad though. FAR from bad to be exact. But If I keep missing out on the other games, I won’t be fully satisfied. I’m saving up for another console to get my third party fix, but I have to say that as a Wii U only gamer, I was very disappointed with it. As I mentioned before, I was playing Assassin’s Creed 3 and I have to say, I cannot believe that I was missing out on games like it during the Wii era. Sure AC3 isn’t the best game ever, but after not playing many AAA games for almost forever, I was amazed by it. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not a fanboy of any company or anything either. It’s just that I like playing SO MANY different types of games and usually 70% of the games I play aren’t on Nintendo platforms. Next generation, I will hopefully have every or if not most systems to fully reach my maximum amount of fun. But with Nintendo and ONLY just Nintendo, I cannot survive. If it weren’t for E3, I would have probably given up on my Wii U and sold it. I don’t hate it. I don’t think it’s bad. It was just disappointing is all.

              1. Oh I can enjoy a good 3rd party game when it interests me like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Dead Space (though that’s shit now thanks to EA,) Assassin’s Creed (though Ubisoft fucked that shit up real quick,) Need for Speed… But I can live without them since video games isn’t my only hobby.

    1. Yes, let the battle commence! I wonder how many comments it’ll get by the time I get back… Anyways, I never cared about this game to begin with, but this is gonna be a pain for Wii U owners who were looking foward to it. Sorry guys. :/

  1. ANNNNNDDDD You set this game to fail. Most of the people who were about to buy it for Wii U, will probably buy the other versions first as they would not wait.

  2. Sickr you really are a lousy “journalist”, do you even check things before posting them? that’s not an official page, it’s just a fanpage, they have no affiliation with SMS, stop clickbaiting

    1. I assumed it was the official page, but it doesn’t appear there is one. The way the quotes are worded suggests it’s a developer, but I can’t verify that.

        1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

          there facebook account seems dead. i dont see any post from 2013 and 2014.

                1. Your a dumb bitch aren't you?

                  Actually defined as a member of a despised social class, a commoner, a member of the plebs of ancient Rome. Also low-born, undisinguished, vulgar

                  1. … *sigh* Alright, will it make you happy if I play along? Ok then. I am a pleb. I am a dumb, stupid bitch. I am the most retarted piece of shit to ever walk on the face of this earth. If you looked up the word retard in a dictionary, you’ll see a picture of my face. XD

        1. So how is it fair or legal to get funds from Wii u and pc owners with the intetion of releasing it on those 2 platforms, but then push the wii u version until who knows when and prioritize the other 2 “next gen” consoles that weren’t even originally planned for?

          1. Because apparently they felt screwing over the people that have supported them & would have supported them further was a great idea. Oh & screwing over the people that didn’t support the kickstarter but would have bought the game for the Wii U. I just hope the game flops worse than Rayman Legends just to royally fuck Slightly Mad Studios right in the ass. And with any luck, it’ll crush them into oblivion as they are just an indie developer. They better pray Bandai Namco buys them or they’ll end up jobless. It will serve them right.

        2. What kind of racing game IS Project Cars? Because from the screen shots I’ve seen, it looks boring like Project Gotham Racing was.

          1. It’s like the definitive version of Gran Turismo, Forza and the likes. If you put this game on max settings in PC it looks like the closest to real life that a game can ever be

          2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

            meh even the crew and drive club look more interesting than project cars. they haven’t even shown proper gameplay of racing.

            1. They HAVE, you idiot. Just fucking search Project CARS gameplay on YouTube. It looks like real life, for gods sake

        3. Devs also struggled w/ the PS3. While not ideal, Wii U owners who want the game on that platform should persevere. Find a another game to wait it out, or save that money for something outside the realm of gaming, or try squirreling it away. If the delayed games do come, polished & complete (perhaps even enhanced), we should buy them. But for me, a delayed game is acceptable @ full price as it’s still in same gen & new to me. Devs will, hopefully, see supporting Wii U is profitable. They’ll then likely push to eliminate delays for their next projects (maybe consider new ones for Wii U, maybe exclusive). There support of Wii U will not only be easier in terms of proven consumer support, but most if not all of the “kinks” in developing for Wii U should be ironed out. If people do jump to another platform, them the delay will most certainly hurt the games chances on Wii U, & thus the Wii U itself. Of course, I’m NOT saying anyone should support releases that are craptacular & that delays are good.

          I, see this action differing from what most pubs & devs have done to Wii U in the past (& are still doing). Call these devs unprepared & Wii U illiterate (their own fault for neglecting PowerPC architecture), or not grasping the Nintendifference, or blaming a small install-base, but as long as the games aren’t gimped, or buggy, & those wanting it on Wii U are patient, we can prove to devs Wii U can be profitable. Plus, that would further expose the pubs & devs who royally fucked up as the bafoons they are, or maybe encourage them to apologize knuckle-down.

          Just a thought. Maybe take a small puff on my pipedream? You know you want to. Nobody? Really? Shit…

            1. Third, but how can you call yourself a Nintendo fan? Nintendo fans hate 3rd party. You must be a fraud.

        4. If that was a real SMS dev trying to put down Mario Kart players… I would’ve ignored the game already and hope it fails…

          If they are working on the Wii U version and the release for other consoles is Nov, there’s plenty of time between now and then. So I hope they deliver by Jan. or Feb. 2015. They’ve been hyping Wii U owners for so long, now I prefer to wait and see what they deliver if it’s worth the wait or not.

        5. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

          dont worry bandai i dont care for your shitty generic racing game. i’ll wait until you port a naruto game to the wii u or you give back tomy the naruto license.

        6. At least now they’re far more open to the truth of why Wii U version gets pushed back and I’m proud of that at least instead of hearing most 3rd parties ignoring the wisdom of speaking this reason and rather BS around the Wii U hardware being “weak” or not say anything at all but “fuck you” in silence.

          1. All they’re basically saying is “We didn’t want to go up against Mario Kart”. Lol. Seriously, are Nintendo games really that good that they intimidate other game devs from even releasing games on their system?

            1. I have a feeling that that’s why Rayman got delayed, to not compete with NSMB U. Nintendo is a threat to these publishers.

              1. No its not. They whined over the game not selling well ONLY because the Wii U, as claimed by them, didn’t sell well enough when it did more than 3 million by Christmas 2012, that’s a month and a half time plus the gamers wanted Rayman more than NSMBU because I saw that game as a rehash which I can only agree to that extent because it is in a sense. Their excuse with Rayman is exactly like Watchdogs when it had a 3 day window from MK8, the fans wanted the game badly and Wii U sold 6.4 million which was 1.2 ahead of Xbox One and they wanna bitch about Wii U not having a larger install base and sells? WTF are they kidding?

                Ubisoft is so fill of shit just like EA.

                1. the ‘excuse’ with rayman has nothing to do with watch dogs. they decided to start developing it on all consoles, and microsoft has a clause that requires that a 3rd party title be released on all of its respective platforms at the same time as xbox’s. that’s it.

            2. No that’s not the case. They know the demand from Wii U for these games are there and had their window for reasonable sales all this time but they wanna spit out the biggest fail of excuses to avoid making Nintendo better at all costs, meaning they rather want to watch Nintendo burn than make a small eShop game for them.

          2. Scratch that. I think there’s something else going on that these 3rd parties aren’t telling us. Like what a friend of mine told me, all 3 major consoles support PC architectures even Wii U which sports a more efficient but different coding system compare to x86 and that PowerPC has been utilized by any times before Wii U even existed. So if that’s true and these developers of the 3rd party are already more than familiar with programming in PowerPC, then WTF are they delaying every Wii U game port imaginable? I get they’re saying x86 makes thing easier but not in the way they wanna make people think (because to them, its about the money not making consumers satisfied in the long run and impressed with their ‘talents’), but moving away from Wii U over this new architecture because they wanna claim its harder to port a game over that uses an already familiar coding is pure BS excuses of sabotage.

              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                And when you look at some of the comments of said article you showed us, it makes it even less valid. So you have even less credibility, not that you had any to begin with though.

        7. So if this is an unnverified facebook account then would it be better to take the article down rather than just an update/disclaimer?









          1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

            x86 64 bits is the new cpu and its the future. x64 and powerpc will be irrelevant very soon and many software new software wont support them.

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Proof. Show it, now.
              Then that settles it, your wrong and PowerPC is not irrelevant and x86 will become irrelevant.



          2. Preach it brother!

            And I didn’t know that Bethseda lied about not having the kit for Wii U development even though I thought I saw Metro demo at Wii U E3 2012 or was that just a simulation for the game if it happened. Either way, that was fucked up same for EA pulling support over Origin which nobody fucking likes and Ubisoft stabbing Nintendo fans in the back more times than any “supporter” I’ve seen in years. All of this because they’re too fucking lazy to build quality games anymore. All you see if annual spams of BS first or third person games or CGI interactive movies adapting ideas from Hollywood films that were already done years ago. Not to mwntion throwing in false claims of “power” with 8GB RAM or spiffy unknown cores, CPUs and shit when I see all PC ports on PS4/One being downgraded like Watchdogs followed by the same asshats trying so hard to damage control around their laziness and exposure of their “next gen” lies.

        9. small install base BULLSHIT its slightly behind ps4 and has a game selking ever green mk8 this industry is full of idiots

          1. You’re a total dumbfuck if you think Aonuma should be replaced. Take a hike, you faceless dumbfuck. Don’t like what he’s doing with the Zelda series? Tough. Fucking. Shit. Now go join Donko the Bitch & cry about how Zelda isn’t the way YOU want it to be.

        10. Problem is by the time it releases on wii u other versions will be less than half the price of the wii u version. It will probably be the case with watch dogs too. And they will wine that wii u versions don’t sell as good as other versions…

          1. Well, I plan on asking an in depth explanations from Ubisoft, why I should buy a late port of their game for full retail price for Wii U.
            If they can’t do that, I will ask them to have the retailer match the current price of PS3 and 360 versions.
            Currently, its not much, but it is matter of principle, not money.
            If they are not willing to do either, then I might get the best version of the game, community enhanced pirated one, no uplay, no fuss.
            Though seeing as hype was the only thing going for the game, it is not a huge loss.

        11. LOL The PS4 and Xbox One version is much closer than PC, While the Wii U has to be delayed due to its weak hardware. I told you Nintendo Fanboys, The Wii U is a weak system, it will never get next gen games like The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight and even Assassin’s Creed Unity.

          1. Its not the hardware you idiot. Its the architecture being different from x86. Stop repeating the same weak BS Bethseda said when everyone knows that they made and showed the same “CPU heavy” Metro Last Light demo operational on Wii U back 2 years ago.

            1. @Stranga You gotta admit though, we’d all love it if the Wii U was more powerful. We’d see super high def grass and light effects on MK8, every single hair on DK’s fur, and wow, Bowser’s shell would look even more amazing than it already is! :D Although, I am pretty happy with how Wii U’s graphics are. They’re smooth and crisp.

              1. Now you’re like them. I don’t give a fuck how so called “powerful” these gimped ass black PC boxes are. If the game looks good but gameplay is fun and functional, then that’s all it matters.

                Tell me something, WTF you people are buying consoles for? Games or showing off a big “package” that you never had just to be in the crowd to make fake ass friends for leverage until you get bored and go on suckering with another pack? You gamers are so goddamn stupid that it hurts my brain to even comprehend where this horde of retards even came from.

                1. I just said it would’ve been nice. I didn’t say I particularly cared. -_- If I cared about graphics, I wouldn’t own a Wii U. :/

              2. And even if it was as powerful as PS4 which I KNOW it is and have seen it, it wouldnt make a damn difference if it still uses PowerPC anyway. If you’re only judging games, consoles and developers behind them only for power, then you my friend is just another idiot drooling over virtual BS. You wanna know the best graphics you’ll ever see? Look outside, that’s a little something we like to call REAL LIFE. Enjoy it because games on PC arent even vlose to that visual caliber yet.

        12. Developer is implicating, that they have plans for steering wheel support for Wii U, that peaks my interest.
          If they can get Nintendo to support third party peripherals, I would not mind the delay.

        13. Im glad mk8 isn’t riddled with long repeating load times and wasteful customization its a non realistic kart racer and the best of its kind.
          Sim racers belong on pc anything else is simply a gimped version across all platforms exclusives aside derp.

        14. i love how ppl always take things the wrong way. He meant they’re closer in terms of developing the game on the system. The Wii U runs a diff. engine and different controls unlike Xbone and PS4. U guys need to stop bitching about everything. Im actually glad they delayed it cuz then there wouldnt be as many games for me 2 get this year. this isnt Ubisoft and u hav no idea how it will so shut the fuck up.

        15. So, if tuning the software is the problem, why not delay the other versions too? Can’t these developers see that they’re hurting the Wii U version sales by doing this?

              1. We’re in the age of stupidity. Ecerybody like them is thinking logic and shit backwards. Up is down and murder is legal to them. Fucking morons.

          1. Apparently while Bandai Namco is helping with one game for Nintendo consoles (SSB4,) they are at the same time sneaking up behind Nintendo & slitting their throats (Project CARS.) What’s the term called in business when companies do this?

        16. I wonder if Slightly Mad Studios will incorporate GCN controller support for Project CARS? I think Racers, particularly Racing Sims, benefit from analog triggers.

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