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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Spotted On Russian Retailer’s Site, No 3DS Or Wii U Listed

Russian retailer VideoIGR has begun listing Resident Evil: Revelations 2 as available for pre-order. What’s interesting is that neither a Nintendo 3DS or a Wii U version is listed. The site has the game down for PlayStation 4, Xbox, One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. We haven’t had a new Resident Evil title for quite some time and I suspect Revelations performed quite well given the platforms it appeared on. Hopefully we will hear something from Capcom soon.

Thanks, Kindling

262 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Spotted On Russian Retailer’s Site, No 3DS Or Wii U Listed”

    1. Raid Mode was awesome, Campaign was decent enough that u could enjoy it, so much could be done with it, but none the less, still a great Shooter and a great buy on the 3DS eshop

      I still play Raid Mode today

      1. Indeed. Revelations was much better than anything else after 4.

        This is painful to see if we don’t get it on a Nintendo platform…I think we still have a shot though.

        1. If this by some chance is true & Capcom isn’t putting it on the Wii U or 3DS, I think it truly is imperative that Nintendo buys Capcom pronto.

    2. this RE was made by a different small team, crapcom is just taking advantage of the success and saying “look! the game you liked but for MATURE CONSOLES!”

      I hate capcom (except for the handeld games: Ace Attorney, Monster Hunter, etc, these teams rock!)

      sorry for bad english

          1. 0,1,2, and 3 were all on a Nintendo platform at some point, I specifically remember 2 on the n64, 0 on the game cube and wii, 1 on both the cube and Wii if I remember correctly, I think even 2 was on game cube but not updated graphically, and 3 also on the game cube.

            1. & Code: Veronica X was ported to GameCube.

              But yeah, Ø was on GCN & later ported to Wii, thought it was originally developed as an N64 exclusive before moving to GCN.


              REbirth was made exclusively for GCN.

              Yes, 2 was on N64 (which was my introduction to the series), & later ported to GCN.

              Yes, 3 was ported to GCN.

              & of course 4 was a GCN timed-exclusive.

              The idea behind GCN receiving so many RE titles was so that all the mainline entries (up to that time) could be found on a single platform. W/ GCN being more powerful than PS2, easier to develop for than PS2, & Japanese, Ø & REbirth started GCN on that path, & then 4 was part of the Capcom 5. Thus 2, 3, & CVX were basic ports to fit the all-on-1-platform model while freeing up time & money to ensure REbirth was a fitting remake; Ø was upgraded to GCN hardware; & 4 could be made (& scrapped, & remade). Capcom did a lot of Resident Evil work in the 6th gen, & that’s just counting the mainline entries.

              1. Oops. I think Ø’s exclusivity w/ a Nintendo platform; its early, 5th gen origins; its prequel status; & its hardware shift are really the factors that propelled GCN’s comprehensive mainline Resident Evil library. REbirth’s goal & GCN’s hardware power, pliability, & place of origin only reinforced the all-on-1-platform concept, even if it arrived months before Ø.

                Oh, & Capcom was charging $30 (I think) +tax for 2 & 3 on GCN; EACH. So roughly $60 for 2 last gen ports (in a time when new consoles made significant leaps). I already had RE2 on N64, so no reason for me to buy it again. But I still didn’t wanna pay $30 (I wanna say $40) for RE3. I instead spent my money on CVX, which was a then-current gen PS2 port, which was itself an enhanced port of the Dreamcast version, though still a 6th gen. game.

                While the original Resident Evil was born on the original PlayStation, it became multiplat w/ in the same yr. releasing on PC, then releasing again the following yr. on Saturn. RE2 was also multiplat (PSX, Dreamcast, N64), & RE3 (PSX & Dreamcast), etc. On the other hand, I think Ø is the only mainline entry to be exclusive to one console brand (Nintendo). REbirth would also count, though w/ an asterisk since it’s ultimately a remake (though the experiences are day & night).

                1. I think Outbreak is the only RE IP that begins &, so far, ends w/ a Sony console (PS2).

                  While 3 of the 4 Survivor series’ entries are exclusive to a Sony console (PS2), the 1st entry was also on PC.

                  RE Portable would’ve been exclusive to a Sony Handheld PSP), but it’s status is unknown.

                  Chronicles is the only RE series that begins &, so far, ends w/ a Nintendo console.

                  Gaiden is the only RE IP to begin &, so far, end on a Nintendo handheld (GBC). I don’t count The Mercenaries as being a 3DS exclusive since it consists mostly of the extra modes from RE4 & 5. & obviously Revelations is not exclusive, though it did start life on 3DS.

                  Operation Raccoon City was multiplat (PS3, PC, & 360).

                  But the mainline series has been multiplat starting w/ the original (a version of which even made it to the DS).

                  So yeah, Resident Evil has a long history (since N64) of being on Nintendo platforms.

                  1. thecrisisfromthesky

                    Not to pick holes, but the chronicles series was ported to the PS3 as download only titles for use the the PS Move.

          2. The poster’s below hit the nail on the head. Oh and Resident Evil Gaiden, which was on the Gameboy Color, says “Hi”. And as for RE 5 and 6 missing out on Nintendo platforms, no big misses there.

          1. No, he’s an idiot. Capcom ported Revelations because it was a quick buck. They’ve been struggling for a while so they’ve been doing a lot of Ports to try and sustain themselves.

            1. you can’t call me an idiot if you don’t know the reason. Both of our ‘reasons’ capcom ported revelations are opinions, nothing more. Unless you work at capcom, don’t correct me.

  1. I had such a good time playing through the first game on my Wiiu, keeping my fingers crossed for a release of a sequel.

  2. Come on sickr, you support sasori, right? now he’s going to fap with the image that you used for this article.

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        1. Yet he won’t buy Bayonetta 2. Not because it’s not a good game, but because he can’t afford it. LOL we all know that’s the true reason. Sasori keeps flip fapping.

          1. he said his friends at gamestop won’t sell him M rated games. sasori says gamestop employees are retarded half assess.

            1. Wishful thinking but its not going to happen. You is blind to see it if you haven’t seen the new building they made unlike the other two. However this news interreges me. Sounds like the would be “for sale” Capcom is trying waaaaay to desperate moves to survive.

          1. Yes, it does. Especially when it’s a complete stranger. So what would be your definition of a pervert then, hmm?

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                    1. It must be one of those nights for me. I’m just… grr! I want to rip someone’s fucking throat out right now! I should hold back this anger & play one of my violent video games. I got Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil, Resident Evil 4, Assassin’s Creed 3, Assassin’s Creed 4, Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, Resident Evil Revelations, Red Steel 2, Metroid: Other M, Darksiders II, & Dead Space Extraction. So many games with enemies I can beat the living hell out of to get rid of some of this anger.

                      1. *Coughfightinggamecough* Imo, go with either Warriors Orochi or Assassin’s Creed. Either beat the shit out of whole hordes of armies, or shred some someone’s fucking throat Tomohawk style. Lmao.

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                      1. Ha, yeah. I secretly think about that stuff in my head though. I guess I would be labelled as a pervert if I actually said and did some of that stuff to a woman. But I’m not sure if it is completely normal to be honest. I am still going through puberty after all so I think about women and sex probably more than most people I know. XD *sigh*

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        2. Never been a huge fan of resident evil, but if people want it they should bring it to Nintendo consoles or at least 3ds

        3. Do you see? WiiU everytime is getting less and less third party games. And to those that don’t believe me, yes i have a wiiu with mk8,nsmbu,smb3ds and a lot eshopgames AnotherWorld is a such a great game. Still planning to sell my WiiU, thou

              1. So you can get a PS4, right?
                Well I wouldn’t waste your time on getting that because it has NO games… it may have third party support but most of those games you can get on PC for a cheaper price and a better experience.

                Wii U is actually getting games. But, if you want to sell it go ahead, someone else with better taste will pick it up later on.

          1. Don’t sell your Wii U unless you are positive and 100% sure with leaving. At this point, all the good games we’ve been waiting on are finally arriving next year. If you do absolutely want to sell it though, I say wait until after you play MK8, SSBU, Zelda U, and at least Splatoon. If these can’t satisfy you enough, well I’d have to say go for it. If 3rd party games are your thing, then great. I won’t criticise you. Perfectly fine with me.

            1. yeah i know wiiu is a great console but seeing all the third party games coming to ps4/xbo it makes me sad.

              1. Yeah, it is sad seeing them leave. But I’ll just buy a second platform and get all the goodies there.

                1. Played a PS4 (Battlefield) for the first time today, and it was…… Nothing special, The Wii U has better locialized play, but fails incomparison to the PS4 online and social play, which is a gotta-have here in the States

                  Damn Lazy Americans

                    1. Hey, that’s not true. I know several of my skinny friends that own PS4’S and Battlefield 4. :P

                        1. I only have 2 friends that have gaming PC’s. My first friend is a Nintendo/PC fan. My other friend however only plays on PC. He also questioned who Shigeru Miyamoto was when I asked him. XD

                  1. Battlefield 4 is nowhere as bad as people make it seem to be though. To me, at least. I enjoy it a lot. I liked BF3 better though. But to come back on topic, I don’t think BF4 says much about the quality of the PS4 or about the quality of all 3rd-party games. It’s games like Destiny, The Division, Kingdom Hearts III, FF XV or others of the like that truly show how damn good 3rd-party titles can be, and why it’s absolutely worth having consoles those games will be arriving on.

            2. But lucky for me it has most of the third party games I like Sonic, Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego and the occasional comic book game.(It does not have Arkham Knight or Battlefront but oh well) Those plus Nintendo games make the perfect system for me.

            1. Nintendo greedy? Like how the Nintendo-owned developer EA keeps on pumping DLC for their games, right?

              …..oh wait

        4. Oh, c’mon Capcom, show some love to the console that gave birth to Revelations. Unless you’ve made another RE6, in which case, feel free to keep it.

        5. Wait what? So are they skipping Wii U as well? :'(
          This would be awesome if it comes to Wii U… 3DS is doing great
          as is….
          This would bring more people to Wii U if they made it for it… u.u

        6. And this article only creates more negativity towards the console because they think its news to tell us all the games that are NOT coming to Wii U. Thanks!!

          1. It is. News is meant to be informative, and with this piece knowledge, I’m further informed on what kind of garbage I got myself into when buying the Wii 2.

            1. This game hasn’t even been announced yet, it could be bullshit for all we know, so your point is invalid

          1. Though it is coming from a Russian site so it’s probably likely that it will see a Wii U and 3DS release because a lot of Russian Gaming Websites and Shops aren’t really good at rumours, that and the country is mainly PC only, very rarely do you see a console gamer from Russia

            1. mmhm everyone knows that Russia is backwards soooo if the dont get resident evil revelatons 2 then we are so getting it!!!!! thanx again dark hores wwhenever I’m feeling down u are always there to pick me up mwah!!!!!! ^o^

        7. Revelations sold better on the 3DS and Wii U… so it’d be madness if they skipped them for the sequel

          1. No…. just no…. 6 is garbage and actually makes 5 look good.
            Get Revelations, it’s great.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Resident Evil is supposed to be a survival horror game, that ended with RE4…

                RE6 is nothing like that at all, it’s just a CoD on third person perspective with monsters…

                RE6 and most of RE5 shows just how Resident Evil is not supposed to be…

                If this game if made doens’t get to be released on our holy machines, then keep them, we don’t want shooting borefest…

                  1. I’d argue that Code: Veronica was the last Resident Evil to actually be Survival Horror. As good as what 4 ultimately became, it was too action-oriented & offered more than enough supplies to–in most cases–comfortably progress & just doesn’t fit the Survival Horror genre. I enjoyed 4, but felt it was an entirely different genre just w/ an RE skin, albeit a bit more fresh. 4 certainly retained some of the franchise’s core mechanics. Yet I wish the gameplay that 4 ultimately received was given to a different IP in the 3rd Person Shooter genre, & what 4 was originally supposed to be (Survival Horror) came to fruition.

                    I mean, here’s what RE 4 was originally supposed to be like:



                    So much time & money went into making that only to change it. If it hadn’t been changed, maybe the mainline series would’ve remained in the Survival Horror genre to this day, & Capcom wouldn’t have mutated into crapcom.

                    1. I agree with you on this, RE4 wad a great game but it was not a good Resident Evil games it just changed the formula too much. Don’t get me wrong I love Resident Evil, it is hands down my favorite series of all time as I own almost every RE game ever made, excluding RE: Gaiden (Never again), I just have mixed feelings about RE4, I love it but not as a Resident Evil game.

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      The problem was that they included demons and similar things in that version so it wouldn’t have been Resident Evil at all either…

                      1. From a plot & enemy standpoint, true: the 1st attempt @ RE4 was a radical departure & gave rise to a new IP, Devil May Cry.

                        But, considering RE4’s 2nd attempt, the return to “basics” & the introduction of the Fog Virus (acting as & retaining a more “scientific” approach to the supernatural phenomenon of the 1st attempt), I think RE4 would’ve been a true continuation of the franchise as Survival Horror, while still nudging the experience into fresh ground. But I certainly think the ideas of the final product should’ve been something other than RE, like its original concept was used (for DMC). Of course, had RE4’s 2nd incarnation been finalized, it’s likely there wouldn’t have been the material to create the 3rd Person Shooter mechanics that eventually came to be (RE skin or not).

                        Then again, I haven’t actually played what could’ve been, so I suppose it’s a moot point. But when I saw the trailer for what was probably RE4’s 2nd incarnation, I was hyped. When I discovered they’d changed it, well, I was disappointed. Still, I had fun, playing through it several times (I can only add Eternal Darkness, Chrono Trigger, & FF IV to my list of multiple play-throughs of a game that wasn’t chapter/arcade-based). Yet RE4 just wasn’t RE. Hel, Revelations still wasn’t quite RE. Same goes for Tomb Raider (which really pisses me off because the original concept was so wonderful & intriguing). & for me, ‘Metroidvania’ = Castlevania; Burnout = focused, Arcade Racing; Resident Evil = Survival Horror; etc. Evolution can be fine, but genres could coexist in a given franchise (called ‘spinoffs’) w/ out killing the other. But no. Ah, well, c’est la vie.

                        Unsure if RE4 was internally viewed as an evolution of the franchise, or the brandname was used to help promote something different, or if RE4 was taking too long & costing too much already that the RE brand just remained attached. The action certainly snowballed into RE5 & 6, then kinda eased up a bit in Revelations.

                        1. *…or the brandname was used to help promote something different [considering Capcom already gambled w/ DMC, which luckily paid off (in the beginning)]…

                1. Well, to be fair, I don’t really like horror games. It being like that might not be so bad for me. I just need to see the gameplay.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Well then you wouldn’t be playing a Resident Evil game at all and wouldn’t understand why it became so popular to begin with, just like Pokemon…

                        1. Indeed. . . thesse petty hunans wouldnt understand what a good game is. . .we on the other hand are past their level of taste. .ha ha ha ptiful humans commander is boss

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            You’re just a sock puppet created by these pitiful humans…

                  2. Please don’t start Resident Evil with 5 or 6. If you do, you might end up like those little shits that started the Zelda series with Twilight Princess and want nothing but realistic graphics and bitch about anything but those graphics.

                    1. Well some of those little shits, anyway, just to be fair to those that aren’t whining for realistic graphics that did start the series with Twilight Princess.

                2. Besides starting first on Playstation, RE was at its best on GameCube. Anything worth playing was there! And RE4 was very good but… I have so many mixed emotions about this one due to how much it changed Resident Evil games.

                  Personally I will always consider the remake of the first one to be the best game of the series by far.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    I never had the chance of playing the remake unfortunately…

                    But I would probably still consider the fourth one the best…

                    1. That explains it ;) but yeah with all RE4 was very good.

                      I recently bought a GameCube again :) and actually yesterday picked up RE Zero, RE Remake and precisely RE4! from eBay. Cannot wait to play them all again.

                      BTW there is a Wii version of Resident Evil Remake that you can play with GC/classic controller, you might want to consider it for a good old fashioned survival horror treat ;)

              1. RE6 was not as bad as most people say, it had alot of action in it and was not scary at all, but imo it was still a fun game. if you can get it for cheap then go for it.

                1. Haha. Yeah. I’m not usually one to play horror games (because I’m afraid of them :P) But if RE6 is “not scary at all” then that’s alright with me. Lol. I gotta admit, the Revelations demo really made my heart beat. That thing is definitely scary. XD

                2. Don’t give him bad advice, dude! The Resident Evil franchise is almost just as dead as Wesker because of 5 & 6. At least encourage him to play Resident Evil Revelations 1st.

          2. Bad Idea Grape!

            They all actually look good. I’d start with the first if you can, otherwise maybe revelations… 5 is just a reskinned gears of war, and six is CoD with monsters.

            Actually, since you never played one, maybe you should start with 6. That way the earlier ones won’t expose how shit 6 was for a “survival horror” – it’s just another shooter.

            1. Or it will do the opposite & make him become a drone that wants future Resident Evil games to be action packed.

        8. Capcom fucks up again! They should have learned by now!

          Resident Evil + Nintendo = WIN

          Resident Evil + Playstation = FAIL

          Resident Evil + Xbox = FAIL

          It’s why the Gamecube version of Resident Evil 4 won Game of the year in 2005, It’s why the remake of the original Resident Evil did so good! It’s why Resident Evil 0 did great and never got ported! It’s why Revelations was so successful in the first place!

          Capcom is shooting the pooch and fucked the goat on this one! They release it on anything but Nintendo’s platforms, and Capcom is asking to go into the worst kind of bankrupt debt possible!

          1. Capcom + Playstation = Fail? Are you kidding, Playstation is the reason we even have Resident Evil.

            1. Starting out, sure Capcom + Playstation = Fail wasn’t the case. But now, hahaha… You must have missed Resident Evil 5 & 6 being on the Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 but not the Wii or Wii U. Sure they sold a lot but only because of the drones that flocked to it from Call of Duty & the few Resident Evil fans that hoped it wouldn’t be shit.

        9. Just……Just…….JUST BUY CAPCOM NINTENDO! 51% of shares would do, or make them a second party ala pokemon…… Ninty controlls them but lets them make thier games.

          1. I’m pretty sure owning 51% of their shares would effectively make Capcom 2nd party since they would control a little over the majority of the company.

        10. Nintendo Commander 4axis

          Why is it intersting to not see wii u and 3ds listed? It would be intersting if they were listed these days

          1. Obviously they’d rather not tarnish their rep and become known as another childish figure.

        11. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Who designed that horrible hair?…

          It’s the worst disposable waste I’ve seen since NSA…

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood

                      As Einstein once said

                      there are 3 things that are infinite
                      the universe
                      human stupidity
                      and the amount of chicks with big tits in anime and video games

                      1. Anime takes it to the next level though. I don’t even think it is humanly possible for boobs to jiggle that viciously. It’s as if they’re made of Jell-o. XD Smh… japan.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  I know what I’m talking about, clearly you needed a few minutes to “redeem” yourself…


                                  1. What are you trying to say? XD Anyways, I’m going to stop right here before things get a bit awkward. Have to get back to the topic of Resident Evil. *wipes drool of face* ;P

                                  2. Pamela Anderson is amazing she supports the people who really take care of animals XD

                                    1. Seinfeld, episode The Implant:

                                      JERRY: You’re sure?

                                      ELAINE: Positive! This chick’s playin’ with confederate money [has breast implants].

                                      JERRY: Well then, that’s it. That’s the end of that.

                                      ELAINE: What? Just ’cause of that?

                                      JERRY: Just ’cause of that? It’s like finding out Mickey Mantle corked his bat!

                                      ELAINE: Oh, come on! You’ve dated women with nosejobs, what’s the difference?

                                      JERRY: You don’t touch the nose! You don’t aspire to reach the nose. You don’t unhook anything to get to a nose, and no man has ever tried to look up a woman’s nostril.

                                      ELAINE: You’ve put a lot of thought into this, haven’t you?

                                      JERRY: Well, I take it very seriously.

                                    2. @lamatsucubo: Do you mean PETA? lol They probably kill more animals than serial killers, though.

                                      @pother: xD Jerry’s right, though.

                        1. You are calling him a nerd yet you’re the one fapping to video game characters. You seriously need to quit eating EA’s shit, sasori. It’s making you full of shit.

                  1. if this is true. its the biggest load of shit ever. without the 3DS version, revelations wouldn’t exist on PS3 or 360 and even Wii U. stupid fucking cunts.

                  2. It’s getting mighty tiresome hearing about all of these different games not coming to Wii U. I pay over 300 dollars for a console, and it gets only a small amount of good games. But I’ll NEVER buy a PS4 or Xbone. I’m a Nintendo gamer. And that’s how I’m gonna stay.

                    1. XD I like Nintendo just as much as the next guy, but I could never survive just playing them and ONLY them. That’s crazy. There are so many great games outside of Nintendo. I’d never limit myself to just them. XD

                      1. I’m not rich enough to buy all 3 consoles. It’s expensive enough just supporting one (or two, if you count the 3DS). My “retro” game collecting takes most of my money every month. I buy retro because I love them, plus I can get much more for the money (so in a sense, I support about 14+ game systems. Most of which are Nintendo).

                        I hate paying 50 and 60 dollars just for one game. And besides, there’s just not enough games on the competitors consoles that I care about that makes it worth buying them for.

                        1. I know how you feel. As for me though, all my life I’ve had nothing but Nintendo products. I want to get away and experience the other consoles this time around. I don’t exactly make lots of money, but after I get my second console, I plan on buying games for my systems in turns. Like say first I Smash Bros for 3DS, then Hyrule Warriors for Wii U, and then a game for my other console. I think it’d be easier managing things this way.

                        2. I too am not rich, whether that’s in dollars or hours. & I’ve been w/ Nintendo consoles since SNES all the way up to Wii U. Simultaneously, I’ve been w/ every Nintendo handheld (not counting a few redesigns), & even had 2 SEGA Pocket Arcade systems, an R-Zone, & a few Tiger handhelds. I started on an Atari my dad bought @ a garage sale, & I’ve owned a Saturn & PSOne. So Lots of money & time spent on gaming. But the only console libraries I’ve ever really envied, & didn’t own, were Dreamcast & PS2 (though some DC games wound up on GCN, like Skies of Arcadia [Legends] & Sonic Adventure 2 [Battle]). Just something magical about the 6th gen for me.

                          But starting w/ the 7th gen, I noticed Nintendo platforms offered most of what I was looking for while Sony & MS’s console libraries failed, & miserably so, to impress me. The PS3 had nowhere near the JRPGs, 3D Platformers, & Arcade Racers as PS2; I can’t even think of any 360 exclusives of interest, but the original Xbox had Panzer Dragoon Orta that I really wanted. PS4 & X1 might be a bit young, so it’s too early to tell, but I think most of the genres & IPs I like have either been shelved, changed, or just plain ruined. I do wish I could have Transistor & Cuphead w/ out having to buy a whole other console or upgrade my laptop. PSP does have some great looking RPGs, though, & Vita I think does, too. I was seriously considering solely being a handheld gamer w/ 3DS & Vita. Yet the Vita (3G) & proprietary cards seemed too costly & its battery life too inefficient. I eventually bought a Wii U (of course I’d have been insane to pass up console Zeldas & the hope of ever play Red Steel 3, or another console Tenchu, Wave Race, F-Zero, console JRPG, Arcade Racer, etc.).

                          Alas, when Japanese devs waned & Western devs rose, Nintendo became increasingly important to me. Besides, I’ve always managed to find plenty of games (yes, mostly 3rd party), on Nintendo platforms, even their “struggling” consoles, enough to drain what little money & time I have w/ out ruining myself.

                          For me, instead of VC games, most of my downloads are Indy games or hard-to-find retail games like Project X Zone (screw waiting on Amazon to ship), or digital-only like Ken’s Rage 2, Child of Light, Senran Kagura Burst (US) or Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies.

                    2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                      dont worry batman while use his bat claw to draw you towards the xbox one. we know you want batman arkham knight.

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        And then the Xbomb will explode because it’s a barebones underpowered PC/incomplete terrorist bomb. Pulling him back towards real PC gaming and Wii U. Exposed.

                        1. In all honesty, do you even know what “exposing” means? You use it in nearly all of your comments, and in nearly all of your comments it makes absolutely no sense.

                  3. I don’t believe this one bit. Its a rumor and why the fuck would Capcom do this to Nintendo when 3DS made the game a big hit that it was ported over? This doesn’t make any sense.

                      1. Revelations dude. None of those crap RE games even made it to Nintendo but doesnt matter. Both RE5/6 blew hard anyway.

                        1. Resident evil and Nintendo go together like peanut butter and jelly, i don’t believe this at all, Revelations sold well on N platforms Capcom would have to be stupid to skip them.

                  4. Another RE game on Wii U could another Zombie U, If done right. It has a Racing Simulator on the way(Project C.A.R.S.) And now we need a really good survival horror game, Akin to dead space but with more…isolation and exploration. Hopefully the next
                    Metroid can provide that.

                  5. If it’s NOT coming to Nintendo platforms then why is it on this site? Shouldn’t there be an article if it IS on Nintendo platforms?

                  6. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                    sickr is post that image lol. x5 the clicks to buy xbox one and ps4 games.

                    1. I’d give you the link to a site that you could fap to your little perverted content that features tons of anime & video game fanart but I don’t give adult sites to little kids. I’ve got some standards, after all.

                  7. Funny, I picked it up some time ago, still haven’t beated it. It’s better than 5 and 6, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t come anywhere close to the first three in survival and exploration, nor close to RE4 in the action department. It just stands in a very awkward position between the two styles.

                    What I mean to say is: if it’s going to be like Revelations 1, they can keep it.

                  8. These are the games that Nintendo should be making sure come to their platform, even if they have to publish and distribute the games themselves.

                  9. nintendo knows supermario smash bros wont save the wiiu did wiisports club that bandi namco save the wiiu. i dont think so?

                    1. Art Academy
                      Project CARS
                      Skylanders Trap Team
                      Super Smash Bros.
                      Yoshi’s Woolly World
                      Xenoblade Chronicles X
                      Mario Maker
                      Devil’s Third
                      Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
                      Bayonetta 2
                      Mario vs. Donkey Kong
                      Star Fox
                      Mario Party 10
                      Project Guard
                      Project Giant Robot
                      Kirby Rainbow Curse
                      Hyrule Warriors

                      1. Why is it that everyone always makes up a list of unreleased games to persuade someone to get a Wii U? If someone knows that Smash Bros and Zelda are coming and they still refuse to buy a Wii U, what’s the point of telling them about other games they don’t care about? Is there really that little amount of games actually worth playing on the Wii U that we have to tell someone about games that aren’t even out yet? If I were to persuade someone still on the fence about a Wii U, I would’ve told them about Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Super Mario 3D World, Wind Waker HD, Lego City Undercover, Sonic And All-Stars Racing Transformed, etc. The same rule applies to the other consoles. Why list games for PS4 that won’t be coming to it 6 months to a year from announcement? How would you have convinced someone back in 2012 when Smash Bros, Zelda, Splatoon, etc, weren’t announced? You would’ve used ports of late games and some not really great Nintendo games like NSMBU and Nintendo Land. Why not just say “wait until these games release and then get a Wii U”? It’s basically false advertisement telling somebody about games that won’t be coming out until 2 years later. I can tell you that I for one would have definitely not bought a Wii U if you told me that Smash Bros would’ve released 2 years later. Btw, I have a Wii U and I do think that it’s worth it now, but I’m just saying. Holiday 2012- now, I’ve experienced one of the worst, frustrating droughts I have ever been through during my entire life of gaming.

                        1. Are you an idiot?

                          The original comment clearly stated, “E3 failed to give a real reason why to buy a wiiu”

                          1. That’s not the point. I know that was a troll comment, but I’m still trying to see why people keep doing that. For example, back when the PS3 launched and someone was still on the fence about buying a PS3, would you have told them about Uncharted 3, God of War 3, The Last of Us, Killzone, Infamous, etc? Of course not. Those games weren’t even out and they were far from releasing. You would’ve had to tell them about the current lineup of games to convince them. Not bashing on the Wii U or anything, I’m just saying that it’s pointless telling someone about games they can’t get their hands on months from now. Also, please don’t resort to name calling. Let’s keep this a nice and peaceful conversation. :P

                            1. But he was obviously talking about Nintendo’s future and E3 showing, not the current games library they have

                        2. If he said something like “Wii U no games LOLOLOLOL” People would have shot back with 3D World, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wonderful 101, etc.

                  10. Yeah… website of a Russian retailer is like at the bottom of my trusted sources.
                    But if we are now taking news from thin air, here is something for you to decipher:
                    Whelps, time to get excited for some Red Steel 3, I guess.
                    And to clarify, that is a online retailer doing business in northern Europe.

                      1. Well, that was kinda the point.
                        Retailer can pretty much list games at whim, rumors or just for the shits and giggles.

                          1. I never shop at that retailer, because their prices are too high.
                            Just happened to stumble in there and saw those insane and ridiculous listing for games old and new.

                      1. Who in the world doesn’t I mean like might as put yourself in the middle of the twilight zone xD

                  11. Considering Russia was the place where the IGN The Last Guardian Cancelled rumour was created (and quickly debunked by Sony), I wouldn’t trust Russia very much

                  12. And what’s up with these weirdos getting obsessed over ONE person? Can’t there be 1 article without the words sasori, brokeback, gorilla, cute latina, selina ruiz, etc? How old are you guys, 10?

                  13. LOL these losers are worse than sasori thats just sad I think sasori has more of a life than half of these people on this site I think they really like this guy they all ways talk about him I think they all might be gay and want to fuck him

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                  15. Yes please! I loved the first one on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s an excellent game. It took me by surprise with its gripping story, stunning visuals, addicting multiplayer, and overall awesome gameplay.

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                  17. This news better be full of shit. Otherwise, Capcom is only digging their already deep grave even deeper.

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