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Nintendo UK/Euro Now Allows eShop Cards To Be Purchased Via PayPal

Nintendo UK has announced a new option which allows users to purchase digital eShop cards via PayPal. Available for European Wii U, 3DS, DSi and Wii systems, owners can either purchase an eShop card to the value of £/€15, £/€25 and £/€50 for their use, or gift the funds to another.

For those who live in the UK, remember to purchase your chosen eShop card in GBP from PayPal. On the other hand, those in Europe can purchase their eShop card through the German website at the moment. All cards purchased with Euro currency will work in other European countries,  since it is not specific to Germany. You can find out more about the terms and conditions at PayPal’s digital gifts website, here.

43 thoughts on “Nintendo UK/Euro Now Allows eShop Cards To Be Purchased Via PayPal”

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        1. you say you hate indies, you bash all games, even the m rated games you can’t buy. drm?, you are talking about microsoft. do not be a hypocrite!

    1. Just get rid of those damn eshop cards and i will actually buy stuff from the eshop. I’m not buying a 15 euro eshop card when i want an 8 euro game.

        1. Sorry i wasn’t replying to your post lol but I was the of the same mind as you and hate those cards but I think i missed the announcement at being able to use debit cards ‘coz u def couldn’t last year as i tried but it does give u another option to only pay for what titles u want individually or can afford.

    2. Does anyone know if this still works? My friend in Germany says it will only work if you live there but my friend in Greece can’t get an eshop card any other way and wants to buy this game while it’s still on sale.

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