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LeapFrog To Launch New Games Console For Kids Named LeapTV, Will Compete With Nintendo Consoles

Leading educational entertainment company LeapFrog will launch a new games console system for children later this year. Named LeapTV, the new system promises to focus on quality learning for young children, alongside boosting their physical activity with games.

The new games system will launch in October for a recommended retail price of £119.99 in the UK, and boasts more than 100 games at launch. Aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 8, LeapTV will compete against the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS family systems and tablets, all of which are incredibly popular with youngsters, as well as home console platforms.

LeapFrog plans to sell both physical and digital games for their new console, which includes motion-sensor technology in both the controller provided and system’s camera. Though many games are promised for the system, the California-based company has yet to announce exactly which developers will be on board. However, in the past LeapFrog has worked with brands including Moshi Monsters and Transformers. LeapFrog learning director Dr. Jody Sherman said the following in support of the new console:

“It is shocking that less than one percent of the tens of thousands of video game titles are rated appropriate for children under the age of six years.

“We know that young children want to experience new ways to play through technology earlier than ever, but parents quickly discover that there are very few solutions that are developmentally appropriate or educational for young children.”

You can check out a video of the games console above, but let us know what you think of LeapTV and whether it will have any affect on future Nintendo sales in the comments below.

432 thoughts on “LeapFrog To Launch New Games Console For Kids Named LeapTV, Will Compete With Nintendo Consoles”

            1. Hey, I’m about to join you guys. This site is nothing more than a troll bait and I know deep down Sickr, that I’m right and you’re just spreading negative attention with these barbaric ass articles that doesn’t even relate to Nintendo in anyway.

              1. I have an account but they don’t update as well and as fast as this site does and their community seems a bit dead as there are barley any comments in the weirdly formatted comment section.

                1. Yep. This site provides the most news quicker and more frequently than other sites. I tried the other popular Nintendo. Sites months ago and felt like I was on a slow train and missing stuff.

                  MNN Ftw!

            2. Yeah, but the comment section there is kind of weird… Stacked up on top of each other. And plus you can’t swear. I know that sounds immature, but I love having my freedom to swear. I try not to overuse it on this site as I want to maintain a healthy balance of good and bad words. ;) FUCK NINTENDOLIFE. FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! Ok, I’m done here. XD

    1. Don’t you mean the PS4….
      Technically any console is considered a Child’s toy no matter how many “Mature” games there are on it.

      1. Kinda funny you said that… My friends mom freaked at me for selling him an original 3DS for $80, and said he should be saving money for college instead of spending it on ‘toys.’ Lol

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis.. You are a fucking idiot and a tool. You try way too hard to impress. Its actually pathetic hahajahha

    3. At least they don’t look and sell like crap. Vita is as much closer to being a Leapfrog novelty than Wii U, GameCube and Virtual Boy put together.

        1. Yet the Nintendo 3DS is beating the shit out of the PSVitanic. Even in America, you don’t see them playing the Vitanic… only the 3DS.

          1. Okay ? Who talked about the 3DS though ? Stranga said the Vita sells like crap and that it’s closer to being a Leapfrog novelty than the WiiU, which I found to be funny because it’s actually selling better than the WiiU. The conversation was about the Vita and the WiiU. Nobody even metioned the 3DS. So… Why exactly did you feel like it was necessary to bring it up so randomly at this point ? lol.

              1. Why my bullshit comparisons though ? Stranga said the thing about the Vita in relation to the WiiU, and I replied with a comment about the Vita in relation to the WiiU. Not that hard to understand, really.

          1. Tell me that what is bullshit ? That 8.5 million is a higher number than 6.6 million ? LMAO.
            You needa learn to read, mate.

            1. 8.5? It just barely passed 8 the million mark, that’s around PS4’s numbers while Wii U already hit 7 million by now and it took 3 fucking years for Vita to hit that number.

              YOU need to learn to do your homework. I can tell your grades are a joke.

              1. I was referring to the picture he sent me to “prove” me that the WiiU is outselling the Vita. I haven’t said anything about the numbers actually being correct or not.
                Besides, the last time we got official numbers about the WiiU was in may, and it was at 6.1 million back then, so I don’t know how you can be so sure about the 7 million. But even if, the Vita is estimated to be somewhere between 9-10 million units sold, as Sony has announced just recently that the PS3, PS4 and PSVita have sold more than 100 million units combined. A few months ago, the PS4 hit the 7 million mark, which means it probably is somewhere around 8 million now. The PS3 hit 80 millions back in November, so I’d estimate it to be somewhere around 81-82 millions at best now. 82+8 = 90. So there are still 10 million left, which would mean the Vita has actually managed to move more units than you think it did. I do realize those numbers aren’t exact, but it still gives us a rough picture of the numbers, and according to what we have, 9-10 million Vitas sold doesn’t seem too far off, does it ?
                Besides, the Vita hasn’t even been out for 3 years yet. It released in December 2012 in Japan, and in February 2013 in Europe and the US, which leaves it at around 2 1/2 years. There is a huge difference between 2 1/2 and 3 years in this case, as a lot of things can happen in 5 months, such as new game releases that may increase sales.
                So, before you decide to leave a primitive comment like that, I’d suggest YOU to do your homework rather than spreading your BS.

                1. December 17th, 2011 in Japan was its first debut, which means it was released more than three years ago. DEBUNKED.

                  9-10 million Vitas now? Just a few weeks ago it was revealed Vita passed 8 million and still selling slowly, with the exception of Japan being its holy grail of sales because mobile is more popular than home consoles. Yes, its outselling Wii U ONLY for that reason but you forget Wii U has now surpassed PS4. Again, your math and research is off.

                  Now before you look like a primitive idiot,, TRIPLE check your so called facts you read off from GameSpot rather than spreading your glorified ignorance of your “smartass” act.

                  1. *sigh* Just about to post my info to this guy and some copycat fan here beat me to the punch posting what appears to be a near perfect imitation of me..except someone got the date timing wrong to make me look stupid.

                    Oh well. Arguing with idiots today has worn me out. XP Vita needs help, Wii u needs help, PS4 needs real games to justify its “hype” and Xbox needs to die since PC is the same but better. Okay? Goodbye.

                  2. Exactly, december 17th 2011. Where are we now ? July 2014. 2011 + 3 is 2014. But we’re not in december yet, we’re still in July, as already mentioned. It hasn’t been 3 years yet. It’s been 2 years + about 8 months. Needa check on them math skills, huh.
                    And it was revealed that the Vita surpassed 8 million just a few weeks ago ? Sorry, but that was in April, we’re in July now. It’s been 3 months since then and 3 months =/= just a few weeks.
                    I’m not sure what the PS4 has to do with this conversation right now though, because we’ve been talking about the Vita and WiiU figures. Not the PS4. So why bring it up ? But while we’re at it, if you’re really talking about lifetime sales right now, we haven’t even gotten any official info about the WiiU surpassing the PS4, so I’m not sure where you got that from. The PS4 was at 7 million back in april, and you don’t really think it stayed at 7 million over the 3 months, do you ? And even if, it’s not like that would be any kind of achievement to be proud of, considering the PS4 outsold the WiiU, which had a whole year of a headstart over the PS4, in a matter of months.
                    Maybe, just maybe, it is your research that’s off here.
                    And I also think it’s you who needs to check their facts, I’m confident about everything I’ve said. And actually, I didn’t get anything I’ve said from Gamespot, so again, I’m not sure where you got that from. If you’re referring to the announcement of Sony about their 3 consoles surpassing the 100 million thing I mentioned, it was all over the internet. Just saying. But actually, even if I had my facts from Gamespot, I don’t see what would be so bad about it. I’d still have a solid source to back my arguments up with, unlike you.
                    And finally, I think it’s funny how you call me ignorant when it’s you who can’t even make a single comment without starting to insult people who don’t agree with you, lmao. Good going, really.

                    1. It’s driving me crazy how many people keep bringing up sales. Just because something is selling more doesn’t always mean it’s better. Don’t these people know how many underrated, great games sell POORLY? Lol. And let’s face it, we all know the Wii U isn’t doing so good right now. It’s going to get better, but people really need to stop comparing. PS4 and X1 came out less than a year ago and PS4 has surpassed the Wii U and I do believe the Xbox One is like already half the Wii U’s sales. If the Wii U was succeeding, it would be selling 2X the amount of PS4 due to it’s headstart. And people keep bringing Vita into the discussion when you mention Wii U sales. That’s irrelevant. It’s not even a console. Yes, it’s obvious that it’s getting outsold by the 3DS, but by that logic, so is the Wii U. And so are all the other current consoles. Lol. People should stop worrying about sales and just play the games. It’s what I do everyday. :3 *puts up flame shield*

                    2. What “drives me crazy” is when people look down on consoles of other companies for certain things when the consoles they worship are going through the exact same shit, but they don’t seem to be able to accept that. And that’s why I’ll try my best to show them how annoying that actually is, whenever I see a comment like that. That’s all.

          1. How do you know how well they’re doing everywhere else ? It’s not like we get official numbers of any other regions.
            And even if it was only in Japan, doesn’t change the fact that it is outselling it. Outselling in Japan is still outselling. You try again. (:

              1. Exactly. The try hard upstairs still doesn’t get the “big picture”. Just another said Sony Pony who still lost its place in every MLP episode.

            1. 8 million 3 years..with nothing but gimped PS3 ports as its majority of software library as means for its Crossbuy gimmick..also tried and failed to sell overpriced memory cards that SDs are 50% cheaper..

              You try again..again. XD

    1. I don’t know about the others, but I am! Cmon, this looks like it could be a lot of fun and you’ll also get some exercise through this. It already may get more games than the PS4 and Xbox One. (If we believe the comment section of course)

    2. I don’t know, “Ninten” isn’t a number, so you can’t be of that age. I would be interested if I had kids, but I don’t.

    3. poll answer – don’t call for what you are and you wouldn’t be pointed out as that for who you insult…nin10yearold.

      In other words, you call fans nintenyearolds, but look at yourself, your acting just like one.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I think the Apples are going to be affected somewhat more considering young kids as early as 2 years old already gets an IPad…

        1. Some parents still buy their children Nintendo products though. My parents gave me a SNES when I was 4. Had something like this been available at the time and for a much lower price, they probably would have opted for the leapfrog.

  1. R.I.P. Nintendo
    R.I.P. Sony

    Smartphones and LeapTV will replace them as Microsoft stays with the American crowd.

    In all seriousness, it’s good to see another company jumping into the competition. Imagine if they were to license Mega Man or something to throw in these games. Educational, but fun!

    1. So you’re an Xbox Fanboy, now you finally came out in the open.

      I’m sorry but Nintendo will still be alive and Microsoft, by the sounds of it Phil Spencer might be thinking of selling the Xbox brand to someone else because Microsoft hardly knows what to do with it.

      1. Nah, but somebody’s got to defend them. I don’t own any of the Xbox consoles and likely never will because they’re the same as the Playstation consoles except that playstation has better exclusives. It’s the only real difference imo.

        I’m happy that Nintendo will still be around. That being said, I’m always up for a new console!

            1. I can see your point dreager1 but I think he is mistaking you as a fanboy of one system because of what you said first of all, I understand you but can you be a little more realistic next time so you won’t get flamed? I’d hate to see a fellow gamer get misjudged for something they said wrongly.

              1. To be honest, once in a while the trolling just kind of gets to me and I temporarily become one. Not always intentionally, although I’ll admit that I was acting rather extreme today. I’ll dial it back down :) It’s just that articles like this one are so hard to pass up.

                  1. True enough Commander ;) Your posts are always pretty fun to read personally. You’re the first poster than I memorized when I joined MNN a while back before your full name had the Quadraxis at the end. Your battles with Nostalgia_w are fun to watch and I’m always prepared for the videos that you post. The comments overall are why MNN is my favorite Nintendo site!

        1. Thats the dumbest logic i ever heard “somebody’s got to defend them” So your going to defend the pedo’s, murderers, and criminals of the world just because somebody has to defend them? Flawed logic; xbot exposed.
          This also hardly qualifies as a “new console”

          1. No, but comparing murderers to microsoft is like comparing apples to oranges….Exposed!

            Anyway, it’s something that I do for companies that I like when they’re getting targeted all of the time. This is barely a new console, but that’s basically the joke is it not?

      1. Not really, kids now a day will only play on tablets and smartphones, this is actually a step back from Leapfrogs last idea which was a more smarter one since it was a Tablet built for kids, this on the other hand… I see selling only a few hundred units.

        1. lol, It’s funny because more people can differentiate the PS3 from PS4, but nobody can tell the difference between the Wii and Wii U.

                    1. Of course I know you this much, but only by what you say…ans so far, you been true to your word so I only assume, your not like them others I see here like Nostalgia_w or sasori or some other bullshitter/daydreamer of Nintendo falling…no no, I see much more in you than most think of you…question is, what do you really see in the gaming realm? Do you see what I see, or do you see something else?

            1. I hate to admit it but you are so right.. It’s sad how poorly Nintendo has done at differentiating the two systems.

                  1. Are you sure? Because I remember when the Wii U first laubched people really had a hard time telling the difference bettween the two…

                1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                  the people at sam’s club store can’t tell the difference between wii and wii u, even at walmart. lol

                  1. My lord Sasori.. I prostrate myself before you as you deliver gaming truths to these clowns. For they do now know HD like we do and in the days of 2005. “Late to the party” has been Nintendrones life story and its leper warlord Lord Iwata will some be eaten alive by the board of investors also know as the multi-headed Beast

                2. Because idiots don’t research or ask questions like a smart person would. “What is Wii U?” “oh its a new Nintendo console that has a tablet controller and does HD”

                  Is it that fucking hard to do? The rate of stupid people today is unimaginable.

                  1. Yeah, if I ask that question, you savages would have attacked me…

                    And I’m stupid for looking up the answers myself? What kind of stupid logic is that?

                    1. Like WTF would attack someone for asking a question especially in a retail store where odds are your ass will be fired for reacting so?

                      And yes if you don’t research yourself, you won’t know the facts and if you go speak out when everybody is gonna debunk what you don’t know, you’re gonna look stupid regardless.

                      I think your issue is that your brain capacity is so minuscule that you have no clue what the hell logic even means. If I’m giving you a headache with all of these overdue lessons you should’ve learned from grade school, let me know so I can keep kicking your ass with logics and make your headache even worse..for the fun of it. ;D

                  1. bah bah bah Damage control this, damage control that

                    You know I’m right, but then again you cannot reason with fanboys.

                    It’s good to see another veteran…i guess

          1. Its already finished long before it started. XD WTF is gonna take this thing seriously as a game console contender? This makes the Ouya look good and a better investment.

        2. Finally the Wii U won’t be the console with the worst graphics. Not saying it has bad graphics (Look at MK8, Zelda U, Most Wanted U, etc) but it DOES have the least graphical power of this generation

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      If they have superior brains than you and all other stupid bimbos then obviously…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          “Pretty ladies” is a point of view…

                          Mainstream definition means nothing to me and mainstream “pretty” more than often are made out of retarded humans with sheep like behaviour…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              I wouldn’t even choose a female human no matter what since I’m interested in something else but if I had to then yes…

                              Although if this individual would appear to be another pathetic nerd that longs to be like everyone else then I owuld dump it like no tomorrow…

                              I’m only interested in rare intelligent individuals that have evolved from such a simple concept…

                            2. You know being pretty and ugly don’t define how a person is. Just like how there can be unintelligent pretty girls, there can be unintelligent ugly girls. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating aesthetics. I bet you’d get a boner if a pretty naked lady sat in your lap.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Those are rare cases today though and I don’t have time to find out either…

                                And no I wouldn’t…

                          1. Not all pretty women are bimbos. There are just as many smart skinny ones as there are fat. Looking good is just a bonus. Being overweight is just not good at all and you shouldn’t really be surprised if people view you as unattractive. I can pretty much guarantee that most good looking women take very good care of themselves to maintain that look.

                        2. So, you’re saying that fat women equate to bad art? What a fucked up comparison! Otherwise, it makes no sense how you would bring up choosing “fat women over ones with nice bodies” when you were just relating art to good graphics. You’re an ignorant fool, Nostalgia_w…

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Nothing as I’m an artist myself but games are made to be played, not to look at only…

                          Exposed again…

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Graphics are important when the gameplay and creativity is perfected to the point where the game reaches its gaming purpose…

                                  But the majority of the Sonyan and Xbot games have graphics as their first priority before anything else, specially the Sonyan agenda…

                                  Graphics don’t have anything to do with gameplay and so is invalid…

                                  Exposed four times…

                            1. An example for you:
                              You’re hungry and you have 2 dishes in front of you to choose from. They taste equally good, but they don’t -look- equally good. Dish A doesn’t look very delicious and doesn’t do much for your appetite, whereas dish B looks incredibly appetizing and makes your mouth water by just looking at it.
                              Which would you choose, dish A or dish B ?
                              You see, the primary function of food isn’t to appeal visually to us, but it’s actually a signifcant part of it. And it’s pretty similar to that when it comes down to games too, if you ask me.

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Yes but just like food, the purpose of food is not to be looked upon, it’s to eat it, just lime games ar emade to play not just look…

                                And that is why Gameplay just like taste and how well a food has been cooked is the first priority than their looks…

                                What bothers me and the large portion of our people is that the majority of this gaming universe have graphics as their first priority…

                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    Mexican food = Nintendo games

                                    Sushi = Sonyan games

                                    Frozen pizza = Xbot games

                                    So you prefer Nintendo after all…

                                  2. That’s exactly what I was saying – the looks isn’t the main point but it still is an important point.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      I see that now…

                                      Then I guess why we have problems with the Graphics obsession the other 2 have…

                          1. Yeah, I agree that graphics are very important, they make the game more appealing and enjoyable. but some people thinks that is it the only thing that make a game a game and some use the formula of “good graphics = good game”.

                          2. Then go to a fucking museum, watch Pixar’s movies or better yet, go outside and enjoy reality since its the best graphics nobody but God can top.

                        2. Will PS4 is the best seller because it has the best graphics. This generation is different than last generation. The worst graphics the worst sells are. That’s why DKTF didn’t move units but Pikmin 3, 3D World and MK8 did. Unlike Rayman Legends and DKTF and Lego city didn’t because the graphics sucked. Ubisoft is just an excuse from Nintendo fans as why it didn’t sell. Yet give me a reason why DKTF didn’t sell any better?

                          1. Maybe its because the fans wanted Metroid more and were a bit disappointed of another DKC sequel without even trying the game which the game itself kicks ass.

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Gameplay and creativity are the top priorities, everything else are secondary measures…

                    3. gameplay over graphics any day for me, because graphics don’t do shit for me accept giving me a good view of the characters and places and things in it…gameplay is where it is at because I can interact with those items and brings more fun to the table. both interfaces are good for the game but without one over the other, graphics does nothing.

                          1. Nintendo is my Blood

                            Looks like sasori will have a console he can afford and will meet the standards of his eensy little nub of a brain

                              1. The imbecile keeps using the same nickname and he’s not good at keeping his personal info as a secret, such a moron.

                          1. THIS^..self-racist idiot. (Martin Luther King would be damn ashame to hear you calling him overrated for fighting and saving your life and your ancestors of the 50-70s) Still, you deserve to die for that dumbass insult to your own people.

                      1. XD Dude, that was rich. lol *high five* You have earned my respect. You gotta give yourself a name for this place so we can identify you. :)

                    1. You have a point there. As much as I rather give my toddler sisters my Wii so they can grow into Nintendo, this is much more educational and includes fitness which benefits them. I could see parents thinking along the same lines and buying this for their kids, not to mentions it will be pretty cheap and has all the kiddys favorite characters.

                  1. Fuck this shit if the 3DS is competing against the Leapster I’m selling my 3DS ,3DS XL all my games and buying a PS4.

                      1. Depends, the PS4 does have better graphics, but the LeapTV gives you exercise. The question is…which one has the greater life span? Might have to give it to the TV in this case as well, but it’s tricky.

                            1. You put Galaxy and Knack in the same sentence? Galaxy is one of the best games ever created and many stores still sell it at original price. Knack sells declined the same month it was release.

                              1. Well, Knack actually doesn’t look that great, but it still looks all right. Mario Galaxy is easily the superior game, but I just meant in terms of price. Knack is destined to drop to 5-10 dollars and that will be when I snag it. Still, it was partially in parody when I mentioned Knack

                                1. You’re honestly defending that garbage Knack? I got bored of playing it in less than 2 minutes. Its so pathetically linear it makes Metroid Fusion look God of linear gameplay, which it is.

                                  1. Ah, no wonder you didn’t like it. You have to pour a few hours into it to finally unleash the greatness. Imagine only playing two minutes of Billy Hatcher and then calling it a day?

                        1. Nobody is gonna take this Leapfrog crap seriously. XD Hell nobody even know its competing as a WTF does this POS offer besides old retro games that every platform had already?

                          1. I wish I knew how the PS4 is so lucky to still sell strong after 8 months and no games. Just fucking luck it’s gotta be.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      How in the holy N is the 3DS affected at all?…

                      Nothing in the entire world of gaming does anyone have anything compared to ur sacred games…

                  2. I work in the educational products/games industry, and it is a gratification, I think the children of the world need more of those type of games, and if the games are well made and projected they are fun to play too. I don’t know if this new type of videogame is a directly competition for WiiU, I think it is not.

                    1. Video games don’t need shitty educational products. It would be like educational shows, very lame ( look at dora or things like that, it is a shame to the animation industries. I don’t want to see that in the video game industry.

                      1. u.u If you don’t like them simple don’t but it, simple as that, nobody is forcing you to buy. We just do cool things to help children learn something without the boring part of the long and no dinamyc study process. You even did not see how those games will be and is comparing with another things. The educational games is in a different department and is in the marketing for a long time, it is not new u.u

                    2. No children need to be outside playing chase, tag, hide and go seek, kick ball, baseball and ringing people’s door bells and hide.

                  3. I just want to know are the same companies who tried suing Nintendo for motion control are soon going to try to sue Leapfrog?

                  4. Yeah those companies are just going to play dumb and act like Leap Frog’s technology wasn’t reversed engineered and won’t get sued since it’s not Nintendo. No wonder why Sony didn’t get sued even though they introduced a copycat reversed engineered Wiimote.

                  5. Smart idea, bad in practise.
                    I’m sorry but kids now a days are more into tablets and smartphones than consoles now a days.

                    1. It’ll be a waste of time. XD Nobody even cared about Leapfrog anyway and I doubt they’re gonna buy this just to play retro games you can get for cheap or free elsewhere with better controls.

                  6. And for those of you who think that the Wii U isn’t for babies. Grab your gamepad and shake it… IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE A BABY RATTLE LMFAOOOOOOOO!!!!

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Silly you, your trolling is not effective considering you told me that you would in advance…


                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          He is still young…

                          Maybe in a few years our empire will have another fully trained one…

                          By then, I will have upgraded to something even “worse”…

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              It takes about 15 years to become a fully trained Commander…

                              I’ve been training for about 25 years or 2.3 cycles overall and about 18 years or 11.6 cycles exclusively for our empire…

                              In about 0.2 cycles I will be upgraded…

                              In another 2 ye

                        2. Go shake a PS4 controller since you can’t use the analog stick like a Nintendo analog stick it’ll peel off. Good think most of your games are movies where you do more watching and not playing. If a PS4 offered gameplay on all their games, you’d have to buy the same controller every 4.5 weeks.

                              1. Maybe if the Gamepad didn’t such horrible battery life, I’d have liked it better. I absolutely hate the damn thing now. I bought a Pro Controller and I’ll never look back. XD Too bad I need it for the eshop. Which is stupid btw. I thought the Gamepad was supposed to put the innovation into the games. Not force me to use it just to buy games. XD

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Does the Gamepad need to be on while you play with the Pro Controller?…

                                  I’ve never looked into that…

                                  1. God no. Does it really? Wtf? I only bought the afterglow Pro Controller, not the real Nintendo brand. So mine works regardless. I’d throw my Wii U out the window if that required me to use the Gamepad. C’mon, if the Pro Controller has 80 hours of battery life, why the hell would it need the Gamepad always on? Nintendo always seems to mess up at least ONE THING with their controllers. *facepalm* :(

                                          1. The least they could’ve done was give the Gamepad a USB charger instead of that stupid AC charger that plugs into the wall. It really pisses me off because Playstation 3 got it right and that came out 2006. Smh, Nintendo…

                                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                              Who cares about chargers, I want a console that is not 100% Gamepad dependent, specially since thousands of defective Gamepads exists today around the world…

                                            2. @commander, yes it does need to be on. It’s the most annoying thing ever. However, I have found a solution to that problem

                                            3. I know the gamepad’s display can be turned off for Ninja Gaiden 3, which is an option in the game’s menu. So it depends upon the game.

                                    1. At least Gamepad is more original concept and has more functional use than that joke of a touchpad pathetically trying to mimic Nintendo for the 10th time. Oh and same goes for that DOA Vita now mimicking as Sony’s Gamepad #2 since its no longer a if it was ever a contender anyway. lol

                                      1. Yes because the gamepad is as original as someone braking their 3DS in half.

                                        And atleast the vita gamepad is optional, unlike that peice of shit wannabe tablet.

                                        1. lol That PSVitanic is as functional as it can be for a peanut gallery fail of a portable console. Even tech experts say Vita isn’t as practical or similarly good as Gamepad is. Can it do Off-TV play, streaming game displays and sounds on a handheld without having the same game to connect it? No. Can you use it as a secondary TV/Motion Sensor set without needing the TV to play? No. Does Vita have NFC? No. Can it change TV channels, volume and shit? No.

                                          So how can that little PSP “gone wrong” console be anywhere near as good? First off, Vita and Sony needs to get off of its own over privileged ass and save its own dying tech by start making more original games, stop making Vita a portable PS3 because it isn’t and stop overpricing them damn memory cards and resort to SDs since they cost super cheap now.

                                    2. Most useless? So is Dualshock 4. If you’re watching the game 75% of the time it’s just in your hand doing nothing.

                                    3. Try playing ZombiU’s single-player w/ out the gamepad. Even if the game had traditional controls, it wouldn’t be as good a game. Devil’s Third has some interesting concepts, too. It’s not that the gamepad is useless, rather it’s the developers & consumers’ perceptions that hold it back.

                            1. At least the buttons on my GamePad don’t peel on day 1. You pay all that money for a PS4 controller and it peels.

                                        1. Yes because a subtle fan noice is more distracting than a bulky ass controller shining some damn light in your eyes whilist being noisy.

                                          1. Ignoring the Vita can shine a light in your eyes when playing it as a PS4 controller on a smaller screen and less comfort.

                                        1. I like you’re reverting to grammar. Is that all you can talk about now.

                                          No, not really, the convention is over, so you can shut the fuck up you donkey lookin’ ass bitch :)

                                            1. Pfft hahaha! You think that I would get mad over a comment on the internet?

                                              Get real!

                                              You’re the one that gets so sensitive over whatever Sasori, or anyone that doesn’t praise Nintendo like You. I’ve seen the perverted comments you’ve made lmao
                                              You are as comparable to N-Dub Nation. It seems that you have taken my advice on checking out at a mental institute lol.

                                              But hey whatever makes you sleep better at night :P

                                                  1. LMAO I just now read the rest of the headline. “Will compete with Nintendo consoles”. XDDD XD I can’t stop laughing. XD

                                        2. Baby rattle? I see why sony games are more like movies, if it had real gameplay there would be no analog rubber left. The PS4 controller can’t handle gameplay.

                                              1. I hope the PS4 controller can handle Mortal Kombat since it never was a movie game but gameplay. The rattle like Gamepad can handle any gameplay. My thumbs have never turned black. Anyone’s thumbs turned black after playing MK8 yet?

                                          1. The Wii U gamepad can’t even handle being 1 foot away from the console without disconnecting!

                                            Now that’s sad…

                                            1. One foot? I can take my Gamepad to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and bathroom leaving the console in my living room.

                                              1. I can too! But when it’s off.

                                                Once it’s on, it won’t work… even if I’m one room away… so much for a powerful system

                                                So what you are saying is a damn lie!

                                                1. You’re a sad sack of shit lying about Gamepad’s connection length that you never took it beyond the next door bedroom. lol Cut the crap dude and go back to your mummy coffin and stay dead. XD

                                                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                        My Wii U is getting repaired because it lost connection to it all the time…

                                                        Distance didn’t matter though…

                                                        I’ve heard about the battery cause but I tried everything so in my case it must be something new…

                                                        1. It’s because the gamepad is useless LMAO!

                                                          Even the console thnks that. It’s trying to get rid of that abomination.

                                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                            Haha silly you…

                                                            I like the Gamepad, it feels nice and I got used to it in a matter of miliseconds…

                                                            I just wish I knew why High Command has so many defective Gamepads this time…

                                                              1. Too bad after two years Nintendo STILL doesn’t know what to do with their own abomination LMFAOOOOO!

                                                              2. What Anubis says is true. The connection of the gamepad and the wii u is ASS!! Once I leave my room it starts to disconnect

                                                              3. How about I ask how’s your bricked PS4 doing with its knockoff PSNow service or Xbox One now acting as a fireplace for roasting hotdogs inside your living room after drawing so much power just to fail to break pass 750p upscale. lol

                                                              1. You must be in the minority then. When have you ever heared someone praising how far the Wii U can connect to the console without working…

                                                                1. Ignoring you brought up the Wii U can work 1ft away. I just told you where I play it at which os more than 1ft away.

                                                                  1. He is in the minority because the connection distance between the two is horrible

                                                                    1. Oh I understand. I mean even the Vita has connection probelms playing on PS4. Sure it’s more than 26ft but it’s not perfect neither.

                                                              1. Ask Nintendo Commander why his Wii U is getting repared.

                                                                Just because it’s says 26 feet doesn’t mean literally 26 feet moron. The results vary, and for the majority of us it sure as hell not 26 feet…

                                                                I did some reasearch on why it has a small connection, and I figured out that it’s the Wi Fi, and some battery in the Wii U interfearing with it.

                                                                So unless if you live in a damn forest you’re not going to be able to play it at 26 feet.

                                                                Get YOUR facts straight!

                                                                1. And yet Vita can play way more than 26 ft away and still Vita sells suck. But in Japan where handhelds rule.

                                                                  1. “And yet Vita can play way more than 26 ft away”

                                                                    Thanks for giving me another reason why the gamepad is more useless than the vita lmfaoooo!

                                                                    1. You bought the Gamepad for handheld purposes? LMFAO. You can’t even play every game off screen moron. Yet you argue about Wii U can’t do 1080p60fps but why, you care you too busy measuring to see how far it can work away from your tv?

                                                                      1. I never said that I was useing the gamepad as a handheld. lol If I’m in the livingroom playing a game and someone wants to watch TV, I should be able to play it is a different room. Just like it was advertised to do! But I can’t because this useless thing keeps losing connection to the console.

                                                                        What? Mario Kart 8, 3D world, Pikmin 3, Wackass 101, are in 720p, yet you guys were bregging how the graphics were 1080p

                                                                        You guys got proven wrong countless time and stard damage controlling. Pitiful!

                                                                      2. No you never said you were using it as a handheld but you are trying to use it as one. i bpught it to play videogames not measure every inch by inch. And besides if you don’t like it use another controller.

                                                                        1. I was never trying to use it as a handheld, I’m trying to use one of it’s feature, but it sucks! How can people play their games on the gamepad if they keep gettin unterupted because of some sucky connection. Beleive it of not, people actually bought a Wii U to use that feature, but how can they if it’s fucking useless…

                                                                          And I’m waiting this sunday to buy the pro controller on sale.

                                                                            1. Some people bought it for the Off TV functionallity! But it’s obvious that it doen’t work hence why the Wii U is selling like shit.

                                                                              Face it no matter how you try to work your way around it won’t matter cause I’va already won.

                                                                            2. I boufht the Wii U to play games on TV like PS4 with TV. That’s what the 3DS is for. You didn’t win… you just given up.