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Retro Mario Maker Will Control More Like Modern Mario 2D Titles As That’s What People Are Used To

Mario Maker creator Takashi Tezuka says that the retro themed courses in the game, which are based on Super Mario Bros, will control more like the New Super Mario Bros titles. Tezuka says that they have designed it this way because he feels like those who are more accustomed to the newer Mario titles may have a harder time if it controls like the NES version. Here’s what he had to say.

“My greatest challenge right now is that the physics of the original Super Mario Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. are very different. So, people who are used to today’s Mario games might have a hard time with the original if they’re not accustomed to it. With Mario Maker, the retro Mario style looks that way visually, but the controls are a little bit closer to today’s Marios.”

“I have a feeling that if I make the original Mario style content control like the original Mario, people used to current Mario may not enjoy it. So, we haven’t carried those exact physics over. Yet there are parts, of course, that I don’t want to let go, that I want to continue.”

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51 thoughts on “Retro Mario Maker Will Control More Like Modern Mario 2D Titles As That’s What People Are Used To”

    1. At least the interview says that it’s closer to the newer style, but it sounds like it isn’t completely changed. I’m sure that it will still mildly resemble the old games and the newer ones are fun as well. Mario really succeeds in 2D whenever a game comes out whether it be old or new

        1. Well, I definitely understand. Totally retro would have been pretty nice since it’s the closest thing that we would get to a new installment. If it sells well enough and they hear about it through miiverse, maybe they could make another one someday with classic controls

        1. So far, it’s sounding like it’s just going to be two styles, but it would be awesome if they kept one or two more as a last second secret for those who buy the game. It shouldn’t be too hard to implement since it’s just changing the pixels or coloring, but it may take more memory than I’m considering

            1. That one was awesome and one of the few older Mario games where I’ve gotten to experience the whole game. I’m all for that and it would be fun to add those trees with the apples. They really made the level look colorful and fun as you go through it. They haven’t mentioned Yoshi being in the game so I wonder if you’ll have the option of including him in a level. I hope so!

          1. No.. it’s not going to ONLY be those 2 styles, look at older articles having to do with Mario Maker on this site… he in one interview CLEARLY states that he wants to include other styles. And as odd as it sounds.. he mention non mario graphics but yet are 2D.. am i the ONLY one hoping for Kirby Styled graphics?
            But .. at the TOP of my list.. i want the option to make custom graphics… for sure. Even a custom player Sprite would be sweet!

        2. From Wikipedia- During its E3 2014 unveiling, it was depicted that players can easily switch between two different visual styles: the original Super Mario Bros. 8-bit NES graphics, and the New Super Mario Bros. U style of HD graphics. However, Nintendo plans include more visual styles, even from non-Mario games.

        3. If we don’t get Super Mario World graphics, I’m not buying this game at all. Fuck Super Mario Bros AND New Super Mario Bros graphics.

    2. I think the original Mario controls really bad. I’ve never liked it. It has always felt really weird IMO. I prefer the newer controls :)

  1. I’m okay with that and I’m actually more used to the NSMB style at this point. It’s a little sad since I loved the older Mario games, but this move makes sense. It would have been fun if they could have included both, but it likely would not have been worth the extra time and money

    1. Of course it makes sense to you because if you were to play the original and lose on the first level because your mind can’t adapt to the control feel, you’ll rage like those idiot new age kids who have the attention span and tolerance of a raccoon.

      1. Well, I haven’t played all of the old Mario games, but I’ve definitely played a few of them. I completed the Super Mario World (I’m pretty sure that it was World) game for the Super Nintendo and then beat it again on the GBA. Beyond that, I haven’t played many of the others because I only go for the physical releases. Still, I love a good challenge so I wouldn’t mind the older version, but there’s nothing wrong with the current one either. It is too bad that it’s a lot easier, but the levels can still be challenging towards the end of the game. Plus, the whole point is that we’re making our own stages so we can make them difficult, but achieveable

  2. What I’d like, is if it’s in “retro mode” it controls like a classic Mario game, and when it’s in “modern mode” it controls like a current Mario game.

    1. No just the physics. There’s enough of a difference to notice but unless you’re a speed runner or a HUGE fan of the older Mario games and dont like the new ones then it won’t matter much.

  3. Why do this for the newbie players who suck at playing video games regardless because THEY DONT PRACTICE FOR SHIT!?

    Don’t cater to those loser Nintendo. Those jokers for gamers need to learn how to play all games as they were meant to be build.

  4. No matter how much respect I have for the main game that made people start gaming again after the video game crash (the original Super Mario Bros.), the NSMB games do control 10000000000 times better. So this does not come as disappointing news for me, more like the opposite! :)

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


      Once I hunger for a 2D Mario experience again, I’ll just buy Mario Maker and I’ll never buy any 2D Mario ever again…

  5. I’m sorry, but I am just not getting Mario Maker… After playing all these 2D Mario games, playing NSMBW, and then playing NSMBU, I don’t even want anything else to do with 2D Mario. I know you can “make your own levels” but I don’t even want to do that. It just bores the life out me. I’d rather they focus on 3D. Everyone else can enjoy this game, but not me. I’m sticking with NSMBU. I can’t go on any further.

    1. You sound like you’ve been through war. XD But anyway, I agree with you, there’s too many platformers now days and not enough of everything else. It seems like the ONLY games devs and indies make are side scrolling, 2d platformers. I know they’re easy to make, but there’s other genres out there: RPG, FPS, puzzle, sim, even a linear 3D platformer would suffice!

      1. Wait… what? Too many Platformers? Are you FUCKING kidding ME! Most of the games we get now days are fucking Call of Doody and a butt fucking load of other realistic gritty shooter fucking bullshit… too many platformers? Where the HELL have you been?!!
        To me there are not enough, i grew up in an age when most of the games were either JRPGs Sports games or Platformers…. really getting sick of all the realistic gritty games… they drive me up the damn wall… i swear if Nintendo started making gritty games.. i would stop gaming.. and throw my hands up and say “fuck it!!!!”
        …. just saying…..

    2. You should really give Super Mario World a shot. It’s one of the best 2D side scrolling Mario games ever built. It’s similar to New Super Mario Bros U but Yoshi can be carried to other stages instead of being relegated to the stage you find him on. And Mario can fucking fly while wearing a damn cape. The first game to ever make Mario actually feel like Super Mario. I will haunt you till you give it a shot, damn it! D:<

      1. Holy shit. *puts up flame shield* I’m sorry to tell you this, Ridley… But I already have Super Mario World. And to be honest, NSMBU>SMW. *runs before I get the fuck beat out of me*

          1. No, wrong. NSMBW>NSMBU. Despite Wii being in 480P it is superior. And no, It’s not the graphics. NSMB doesn’t even have good graphics. It’s just that I had SO MUCH FUN with NSMBW. It feels kind of like a downgrade to go back to the older ones. Especially since I can play with my bro in MSMBU. Had I played Super Mario World as a kid, maybe my opinion of it would be different, but I had only played it when Wii U VC released.

  6. Come on -_- at least give us an option to choose which control feel you want. I like a challenge. The new game feels like mario floats when he jumps (meaning he stays in the air longer and gravity doesnt take him down quickly). I prefer the retro feel.

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  8. Eh, I’m fine with this. As good as the old games are they would definitely be more fun with newer gameplay elements. If I want to play the original retro titles I’ll just go do that. Inb4 someone recreates all the original game levels for the hell of it, though…

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