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Nintendo America Wants To Know What You Thought Of Their E3 Coverage

Nintendo of America is currently conducting a survey to find out what gamers thought of their E3 coverage this year. We had the Nintendo Digital Conference which was a resounding success and we also got to go behind the scenes with the Treehouse team. You can voice your opinions in the survey, right here.

104 thoughts on “Nintendo America Wants To Know What You Thought Of Their E3 Coverage”

    1. Same for the other consoles which droughts are expected for all platform at times. Last year Wii U was bad until Fall-Winter which is when most great games start releasing.

      1. And after that we got nothing from DK in February til MK8 in May.. And then we got nothing from MK8 in May til Hyrule warriors in September and then there are finally games releasuping every month, sad thing is that I’m not interested in most of those… But hey, there still are some great games I don’t have so I’ll get those instead and have some really cheap fun with those.

        1. You seriously expect a BIG game to come for a system every month even though that’s beyond impossible for all platforms? There’s always gonna be a break between games as needed so that consumers have time to make more money for the next release.

          Or is it that you people’s oblivious impatient minds didn’t realize that simple truth years ago?

          1. Well some people expect to play games in between thats why 3rd parties are needed but sadly there’s hardly any unfortunately

              1. My 3DS is supplementing my WiiU downtime well enough. I’m mostly over the fact WiiU will be suffering most of it’s life and Nintendo crawled into the HD era instead of hitting the ground running.

                1. I have the 3DS but it just isn’t enough lol. I already finished all of the 3ds games I own except for DKC3D, which is the elite status reward I selected.

                  I bought the PS4 because I want to get KH3, MK 10, Uncharted, a new God of War hopefully, Little Big Planet 3, FFXV, etc.

                  For the Wii U, I’m looking forward to Yoshi’s Wooly World and of course, SSB. The artwork looks so beautiful in Yoshi. But the games I’m really excited for are Zelda U and Starfox U.

            1. And its thanks to the 3rd party themselves making all kinds of lame ass excuses of Wii U’s power, same thing with Wii but that didn’t stop them from making ports anyway so…

              And the system coding, I’m pretty damn sure that those same “developers” were already familiar with Power PC long ago but wanna say its difficult to learn from. All BS and as well trained and professional computer software prigrammers, its sad to see them not doing something that’s so incredibly simple. Everyone knows x86 is too primitive and demanding but somehow simple. That’s why they’re going for x86 because its their shortcut in their jobs and you always see those games get screwed up somewhere, aka, they’re lazy.

              So the main reason there’s hardly any 3rd party because they’re simply lazy jackasses nitpicking little problems to avoid Nintendo while also making excuses of why their own games elsewhere has loads of issues and errors.

  1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    meh…….. nice try sickr there wont be any comment section wars :)

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I think our comrades in the Xbot Homeworld would like to say things about the latest “rewards” instead my Lordship…

    1. I like how on a other article, you complained on Microsoft with their media…… Yet sony focused a lot on media in their E3 and you don’t bash them.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Actually during the E3 I said several times how the Xbots were far better than the Sonyans since all they did was the exact same crap as they did when they revealed the Xbox Done…

        Keep in mind that I call the US area for the Xbot Homeworld because Microsoft was founded there…

        Otherwise this comment had nothing to do with Xbots…

        1. But still you call them xbox done yet no bashing for the ps4. Mind you that the Xbone doubled in sales ever since their kinect wasn’t bundled

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            My view on the Xbox Done will never change no matter what and neither its creators…

            I haven’t come up with a “good name” for the PS4…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Why do you even own one then?…

                I would never own anything I bash or hate and that goes with everything else…

                  1. I went Wii only last generation & I don’t regret it one bit. So I could so go this generation doing the same thing. Especially if Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV don’t release this generation. If by some big, unexpected chance they release on the Wii U, I DEFINITELY won’t need a 2nd non-Nintendo console.

          2. And the dumbasses should have done it on day one and avoid all of this deserved hate they generated and also Don Mattrick’s stupid ass.

            1. Least not yet, anyway. If they don’t, oh well. I can always take solace knowing that Nintendo crushed Sony & Microsoft in the 7th Gen of Video Gaming. I’m use to Sony being 1st place.

            2. No shit. Because of how they handled Xbox One marketing for over a yeah. Starting from the reveal, thats when shit hit the fan and its gonna cost them. Not just the system rep but Microsoft seems to be ditching Xbox brand real soon.

  3. Pretty Lengthy survey, but I was happy to offer some feedback.

    Honestly, i think Nintendo was very smart in their presentations this year. I wish they could spread out their release schedule bc end of September through December will be tough on my wallet!

    1. Everyone I’ve showed the Zelda tease to had their jaws drop. Depending on just how “open” the open world is, I’ve got two people who will be picking up a U.

      1. I know the Zelda U looks amazing. It’s just how they presented it. They were hyping it up since last year, and when they showed it off this year with the epic time card and music. All we got was a wallpaper image followed by a 40 second clip… One of the most biggest games to be reveal to the Wii U and they didn’t make it feel like it was a big deal :/

        Mind you this game will be awesome! But I just felt that they could’ve shown more…

        1. Yeah I was expecting it to be a bit like the twilight princess reveal. Whatever you think of that game we can all agree that the high point of that e3

        2. Well next E3 we’re guarenteed a trailer. It’s like with Skyward. They showed off past games and then showed of link and that was it. The next E3 they showed a trailer for the game.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            I would like to see a trailer from the villain point of view in some way with a dark menacing epic music to go with it…

        3. Zelda U is not even close to be ready to be shown more. In the next few months, we’ll see more. Ya greedy fools always expect so much from companies every year without taking into account that great ideas takes time to invent so they can avoid as much copyright conflicts as possible.

          1. Well considering that they were sooooo close to revealing Zelda U LAST year, they had a whole year to continue working on the game. Mind you Zelda is one of Nintendo’s biggest IP’s and this is supposed to be “the biggest Zelda game ever”. Why wouldn’t Nintendo show off this game in an awesome way?

            This game has been in development years ago and when they finally reveal it… we get is a 40 second trailer… interesting, but very underwhelming…

            For fuck sake man I though you were a gamer, not a shitty Nintendo rep…

            1. My god the people of today are fucking unbearably embarrassing. You can’t always expect the same level and timing of reveals for every Zleda game. Its not Call of Duty and it will be revealed when its ready. You’re not gonna die from seeing so little to nothing. I rather see a sneak peak of anything than nothing at all.

              And so what if the reveal or trailer is 40 damn seconds. At least its there, at least its coming and at least it’ll be great when its finished. Get it in your impatient, over privileged mind because its not always gonna be our way because we’re not making the game or being a part of a company to know the real story. Jesus Christ…

              1. Oh my god, you are so fucking stupid! All I’m doing is stating my opinion… can you not respect that? And who the hell is talking about Call of Duty? That has nothing to do with what I’m talking about you illiterate fuck.

                ” You’re not gonna die from seeing so little to nothing.” Where did you get that from my comment? All I’m saying that they could’ve shown more considering the fact that the game is planned for release in 2015… They hyped the game up so much. This is supposed to be the biggest Zelda game ever. Based on the trailer, I Don’t see it, besides it’s open world.
                Geez man…I’ve never seen someone damage control that much!

                How can you even defend Nintendo at this point. Are you even the slightest disappointed with the reveal? Are you even a Zelda fan?!

                You say that I’m impatient, but I can happily wait for this game, no problem :)

                And you call yourself a gamer. I’ve seen dogs with more respect than you…

                  1. This won’t end. Especially if Anubis is going to give an attitude back to Stranga. Oh well. I need to get some popcorn for this. Be right back! lol

        4. They’re dragging their feet, as usual. Given how they’ve fucked up the WiiU launch by name and the horrible 1.5year drought, if they give me a solid Zelda AND Metroid, I’ll buy their next console… 6 MONTHS after launch, at the earliest.
          I’m still a Nintendo handheld early adopter though.

            1. I set my bar for Nintendo Low forE3, I was very happy, they surprised me with a great presentation. I really needed the moral boost. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I think 2015 will be a great year for Nintendo.

              1. I think it’s better to lower your expectations, that wat the announcements seem even better! However, I’m glad that Nintendo is gaining momentum.

        5. I don’t feel that this really qualifies as a “reveal”.
          This was more like a concept teaser.
          The actual reveal will be when they have a trailer and an official full name to attach to the title.
          What we saw was just a basic concept trailer showcasing the games art style, a glimpse at the size of one portion of the world, and the concept that even the peaceful places could see all hell breaking loose when powerful enemies show up.

          Next E3 is going to be the truly BIG reveal of the new Zelda, since that’s the year it releases anyways.
          Mark my words.

  4. I thought Nintendo did a genuinely great job this year.
    I especially loved the Zelda reveal! Open world, interesting art-style … I just can’t wait!!!

  5. Better than Sony or Microsoft’s to be honest.
    They actually relied of people like IGN, Machinima and so on to do their coverage for them but Nintendo really put a lot of effort into their coverage at E3.





  7. I’m done with the survey. It was great, but they need to step it up with the Digital event and go back to press conferences. Not saying that digital event was bad, it was really fun and informative.

    1. I prefer this, ipeople from other countries get subtitles and can watch it at the same time, the translation of Japanese to English is much much better pre recorded and gameplay can’t be laggy or so like skyward sword’s was embarrassing to them and awkward to watch for us, same for the pause for applause that’s not coming etc.

      The only thing I miss is the applause of the crows and the extra bit of excitement that gives but hey, one negative against multiple positives…

      I would have agreed with you in a blink after last years presentation but this one was so much more fun and better to watch, it felt more personal and closer to us. There was room for a laugh, and for all the developers that showed their games. It was a big improvement over last year and they should do it again next year with even more improving and polishing.

      1. I also love how Nintendo got Seth Green & the other important Robot Chicken people to help with the Digital Event. It helped add a slight mature tone to it.

  8. Nintendo’s E3 coverage was simply superb. But the best thing about it was that Nintendo didn’t go down the corporate BS route like the others, they just concentrated on games, games and more games, and added a little bit of humour for good measure.

    Filled out survey with full support.

  9. I like answering those surveys. It feels like they are finally wanting to listen to what we have to say! And then they just blow it all up doing something no one asked for and no one liked… -_-

    But hey, this might bring something good in the future! I told them I would like them not to limit the Threehouse event to E3, and do it more times in the year, showing developers talking about and playing their games in development!

  10. It was amazing fans were hyped there was comedy with robot chicken awesome announcements also amiibo was a brilliant idea. Look the way I see it I always expect the best and never less. Sony Microsoft Nintendo quantity vs quality clearly Nintendo’s quality. Sony Microsoft fan Boys and trolls HA! Casualties

  11. I did the survey. I laughed when i put uninterested for splatoon, captain toad, yoshi wolly world, kirby and put a few low scores on a few others. Only high score i put was for hyrule warriors, devil’s third, mario marker, x , smash and that was pretty much it. I don’t think zelda wii u was on the list.

  12. I did the survey and thought it was ok, quite long but only took about 10 mins or so, I raved about e3 and I love a lot of the new games and I’m excited for them in 2015! For example Zelda Wii U, Yoshi, Xenoblade, Splatoon, and others too!

  13. If you care about Nintendo, I hope you do that survey. Don’t moan about how Nintendo never listen to you when you don’t take your opportunities to be heard. The survey is 10-15 minutes long. Admit it, you’d be doing equally vacuous things with that time either way, you might as well do it.

  14. Here’s what I think of all three:

    Sony – Nothing but the same shit I already knew and saw months ago. Hardly any surprise and those new games like Uncharted 4 and LittleBigPlanet 3 were typically expected. PSNow is becoming a wreck with its ridiculous rental system and pricing when they could’ve just follow Netflix’s formula and it’ll be good but not technically as practical as Nintendo’s backward compatibility. The White PS4/Destiny bundle is quite interesting and might intrigued me to buy the PS4 by then and with GTA5 porting over only makes my decision closer to being final.

    Xbox One – Glad to hear they’ve finally ditched that POS pointless Kinect to drop Xbox One price but its a bit too late for that and now the limping system is playing catch up to Wii U and its gonna be in vain in the end. As for the E3 presentation, its okay and had some new cool games to show like No Man’s Sky and Rainbow Six. But I have to take those points back because of one messed up thing Microsoft has done..once again with “Rare”: They have killed yet another beloved character/franchise “Conker” by shoving him into some reject “build-it yourself” game called “Project Spark” like whatever the hell that stands for. If they would’ve let this new, gay ass “dead” Rare actually build a new Conker 2 that’s just as fun and raw as the original Bad Fur Day on N64 that I loved so much, that game ALONE would’ve changed my mind about avoiding Xbox One and gave it a chance. But now seeing that Microsoft hasn’t changed one little bit despite this Phil Spenser guy being a positive role model for XBots which I know its all fanboy emotional PR strategy to fool fools to buy more Xbox Ones, I’m still avoiding Xbox One at all cost and the idea porting all 4 Halo games again after delaying Halo 5? I smell desperation.

    Nintendo – The only presentation of the 3 that showed the most originally new games and surprises. Star Fox’s return, new Yoshi’s Wooly World, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Devil’s Third, NFC figures, PKMN OR/AS, GameCube’s return to Wii U with possible VC releases, just so many good games and ideas coming soon and I’m rejoicing like a happy ol Nintendo gamer again to see there’s hope for Wii U to recover. :) Who’s to say that Nintendo never makes new IPs or never has any mature games? Only blind douchebags hating Nintendo over colorful games and calling it “childish” even though those same games are more critically acclaimed than the most repetitively hardcore, Hollywood-inspired cliche shooters and CGI movies disguised as “video games”. But I must say this, I’m a bit let down that some games I wanted to see most didn’t show but Nintendo has revived some of my faith for reassuring that the new Star Fox and even Metroid is in the cards. By next year, its only gonna get better for Nintendo. :)

    Nintendo is the clear winner in my book due to most original games showcases, unique ideas that’ll enhance Wii U experience, the most unexpected big reveals and teases. XP Sony hardly showed anything while Xbox, although made a few steps forwards, also made a few steps back that still leaves me questioned about going near Xbox One platform, not just the Conker part but with DRM still present and they’re desperately doing everything they can to sweep their dirt under the rugs instead of actually owing to their greedy mistakes in the past.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      So despite the hate towards the Xbox Done you’re still not 100% certain to deny it?…

      I see…

      1. I’m acknowledging that even though they’re changing some negative points of it like the Paywall, its still not even close enough to convince me to take a second look at Xbox One. I have a 360 at home and know EXACTLY what Microsoft is capable of so I’m not fooling myself to like Xbox again. I’m never gonna touch or even think about buying X1. Its best for Microsoft to get rid of Xbox since PC is the same case but superior with less BS and make powerful PC/Tablet hybrid that can run sophisticated PC games as well as mobile from Microsoft Marketplace.

        Don’t worry Commander. XD I’m no traitor or a fool.

  15. Finished the survey, everyone please do the survey and make our opinions heard. Nintendo listens to these surveys, even the Club Nintendo ones, so lets try to get what we want with these things.

      1. But. . . but . . Nintendo always steps up to the plate. Right?

        Honestly though this survey focused on e3 and social media, though you still could have ranted in the boxes with all your requests. If Nintendo ever flops (though they never will) I’m sure they’ll listen to their fans then.

  16. I think something went wrong but idk wat cus I put male and under 8 then it didunt give me anymore questions :( all it said was thnx u 4 filling out survey and I tryed doing it again but it said I cud only do it once……….. is my opinion not valid jus cus im under 8??? thats really mean :,(

    1. So? Its not like its Wii Music all over again. Its a rather interesting spin off for those who like Toad and his levels from 3D World.

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