Reggie Says Nintendo Fan Desires ‘Doesn’t Affect What We Do’


Nintendo of America president has told Siliconera that despite legions of dedicated Nintendo fans signing petitions for certain games, it ultimately doesn’t affect what the company does. Reggie points out the fact that a vast number of signatures on a petition don’t necessarily equate to large numbers of software sales.

“I have to tell you — it doesn’t affect what we do. We certainly look at it, and we’re certainly aware of it, but it doesn’t necessarily affect what we do.”

Fils-Aime went on to say that while he’s “aware of what’s happening,” he is ultimately “paid to make sure that we’re driving the business forward.”

“The thing we know [about petitions] is that 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales,” he said.


214 thoughts on “Reggie Says Nintendo Fan Desires ‘Doesn’t Affect What We Do’”

    1. No it shouldn’t, I agree most of the people who sign it will not purchase it, things will be differently if ppl really commit to do it, i have never believed in any of the petitions made because they are basically unreliable if i where a company I wouldn’t trust them I will look at them but wouldn’t be the reason to do a thing.

      Anyone can sign even if they don’t want it or even don’t even have plans to purchase the game, this is bussines and trusting a petition is risky.

      1. If Nintendo would listen to the fans then the Wii U wouldn’t be in the mess it is now.

        We wanted a machine that would rival the PS4 and Xbox One.. but we didn’t get it and now we have no 3rd party support which means no sales for anyone aside from Nitendo fans…

        and even Nintendo fans won’t buy the Wii U because it doesn’t have the games they want to play!!! Nintendo is in this mess right now and we have no Star Fox or Metroid or F-Zero? They aren’t making more Earthbound despite the Earthbound remake selling extremely well?

        I’m not saying they need to make every little fan happy, but they should definitely take into consideration what the “mass” of fans want.

        1. You want a machine that will rival the ps4 and xbone. Why? Is the wiiu not capable of running good games? The big tech box is not sustainable by nintendo. They only have games… Ms has multiple launches that go bust yet they still can make huge profits. Sony can just float on fan boys for a while.

          Pop gaming or Hollywood gaming is a fad that is just kept afloat by money. A lot of these games will never be played again because they where actually bad.

          F zero starfox are not as popular they are nintendo sonic franchise. As of right now.

          1. Because the reason why the Wii U is failing is because it is not at the same level as PS4 and Xbox One. Nintendo HAS to do this with their next console or it will fail just like the Wii U.

            I am not a 3rd party gamer, but I was interested in Destiny and Tomb Raider, they, however, did not come to Wii U, because it had “weak” hardware and weak hardware leads to less sales for the majority of gamers. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter if you or I or Nintendo like it, because it is just the way it is. You have to go with the “way things are” in order to succeed.

            Also, it is NOT just the pop gaming or “fad” right now. A fad goes away and the way things are now is NOT going away. Nintendo can’t just ignore Sony and Microsoft long enough to see them wither away. It will only become more competitive and more inclined towards pop culture. If Nintendo can’t adapt to this or refuses to adapt to the change in the market then they’ll just become more and more irrelevant.

            I know Star Fox and F-Zero aren’t “popular” and won’t move consoles but Nintendo isn’t selling consoles anyway. Might as well cater towards their actual fans instead of trying to fit the Wii U into the market. Remember that game where, as a child, you try to fit shaped blocks through specific holes.

            The Wii U is the cube and Nintendo is trying to fit it through the circle. It can’t fit.

            1. these games that “nintendo fans” want hardly buy them so why the fuck should they listen? You may cry all you want, BUT MONEY TALKS & remember…. ps1 outsold n64, ps2 outsold gamecube so your statement on the Wii U not selling because of “weak specs” is irrelevent.

              1. You can’t compare the N64 and Gamecube not selling well to the Wii U not selling well. Hardware did not matter back then but it matters NOW.

              2. They had different things. PS1 played CDs and could have video cut scenes. PS2 had a DVD player. PS3 had a blu ray player. It’s time to admit that power unfortunately is what sells to the masses, and that’s what Nintendo needs to keep going. They can’t afford to keep staying behind. They got lucky with the wii, but that crowd is gone. Plus all the playstations had more 3rd party then their Nintendo console rivals. YOUR statement is invalid, and anyone who uses the wii to back it up is blind. I don’t like Nintendo conforming either but it’s time to admit they need to a little. The fact that the other two systems have already pretty much outsold the Wii U is a problem that can’t be ignored, yet everyone who thinks Nintendo is perfect does. I love them, but they have fucked up royally and for reggie to say this finally puts me in the group that thinks he should be fired. HOW FUCKING DARE YOU NOT LISTEN TO YOUR FANS AND EXPECT THEM TO BUY YOUR SHIT?!?!?!?! We’re fucking tired of it. We made them buy supporting them since the NES and they shit on are requests time and time again. It’s time to get angry with Nintendo, and the most loyal fans ARE angry with Nintendo.

                1. AGREED 100% its about time people stop burying their heads in the sand and expecting shit to change! the definition of insanity is doing the same shit everyday and expecting shit to change! put to perfectly by vaas in far cry 3! which was another awesome game which wii u didnt get! seriously i am tired of nintendo focusing so much on casual gamers, while ignoring their core fan base which has made them so great from the very start!

                  I love nintendo and own every platform of theirs apart from the virtual boy, but seriously enough is enough! why they thought releasing wii u without a damn ethernet port, or a decent size hard drive, or how about the dolby codec? or blue ray and dvd codec to enable playback?
                  Seriously while i love nintendo network, steam, xbox live and psn put it to shame!

                  Nintendo are lost, and its the management who are to blame, plain and simple! its statements like what reggie said and the constant “please understand, we r sorry” from iwata which are driving me crazy! every generation again and again they make the same dam mistakes, WTF?
                  Its the fault of all the brainless nintendrones who love to take it up the ass from a corporation who are responsible!

                  1. Thanks you for speaking the truth. I love Nintendo, but it’s time to be the “good friend” and tell them to get their shit together instead of making excuses for them until one day they snap and things go down hill.

              3. Nintendo seems to be having an identity crisis.

                They are promoting the Wii U in the UK by placing Nintendo toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals. The result being children getting fat from eating all of those meals just to acquire all of the toys! Now they are promoting this QOL thing which is supposed to engage adults in healthy dieting and activities. This coming from a company who’s main mascot is an overweight plumber!

                Now they are stating that what fan’s want doesn’t affect what they produce, which is bulls**t because they have Mii-verse so that they can gauge what games are most popular among their gaming community and therefore, cater accordingly!

                Microsoft and Sony both have a finger on the pulse of the Western market because of their other products forcing them to “have to know what’s hot”! If Nintendo had any idea how to put their foot into that pool of information, the Wii U would have been a success from the gate…so in essence, it is hindering them not delivering on what the market wants!

                I may have rambled and lost my train of thought, but I swear I had a point….:)

            2. You know Destiny is coming out on PS3/360? Wii U is stronger than both those consoles. It’s not a problem of hardware. Nintendo had the strongest hardware with the gamecube and it didn’t equal sales. 3rd parties are using the “weakness” of the Wii U as a simple excuse. You know what they’d say if it was equal to PS4/One? “the audience for our game is not on Nintendo hardware, so we decided not to put our game on it”. Nintendo knows hardware doesn’t equal developer support the majority of the time.

              1. And to be honest, X1 and PS4 are not very strong either to be honest. It’s only because they’re using cores that you would find in a PC that they’re doing anything for it.

                Wii U’s cores have been built and designed for gaming. Cores and clock speeds don’t say anything. It’s all about how efficiently a console can execute stuff.

                1. lol
                  weird that developers say something else.
                  but you sure would know better than developers and experts, am I right? quit it, fanboy.

                  1. Are you actually claiming that developers are honest? Did someone show you this article? Because I have a hard time believing you actually visit this site or any news site ever in your life…

                    Scroll down a bit and you will see that the Resident Evil composer was a fraud, go to another site, and you will see an article about EA defrauding the mobile phones rating system so Dungeon Keeper has a higher rating.

                    1. yea, because developers would lie about the specs of a console, which are factual and easily verifiable by anyone. maybe you should get into the context of what I was talking about first before answering with such a pointless comment.

                    2. No I’m saying that developers lie that they care about specs or that specs are even important. They probably envy the indie developers right now who are free to make creative games like Minecraft, meanwhile team whatever is stuck making yet another rendition of Halo and Gears of War with even more demanding hardware

                      They only say any of that stuff because they want to pretend to be siding with the masses in the gaming community so that they don’t offend anyone.

                    3. that is not what I was saying though. again, I’d suggest you to get into the context before replying, aka, read both my comment and the comment I replied to. I was obviously referring to what itsamemario said, which was nonsense about the specs of the consoles. I have in no way expressed my view on the developers’ opinions on specs and their ideas about how much the specs matter.

              2. No you miss my point. My point is having weak hardware has cost the Wii U 3rd party developers for the Wii U’s launch and launch window. With no third party games, people are not buying the Wii U. As a result OTHER 3rd party developers are skipping the Wii U because there is no install base and not enough people to buy 3rd party games on the Wii U.

                Destiny is coming to 360 and PS3, because it will sell on those consoles, it isn’t coming to Wii U, because it will not sell. It isn’t the weak hardware SPECIFICALLY that is driving 3rd parties away, but it is a result of the weak hardware.

                Basically you need strong hardware to get your console off the ground and to make 3rd party developers happy. Once a console starts selling as has it’s install base, hardware doesn’t matter anymore. Developers will develop for which ever platform is selling well.

                So strong hardware is important to get your console off on the right foot and that’s why Nintendo needs it.

                1. Complete bullshit. Before the PS4 and XB1 released Wii U had the definitive edition of many third party games and guess what NONE OF THEM SOLD. We had articles all over the place talking about how pathetic Black Ops 2 sales were on the Wii U and how no one was playing.

                  And yes the Gamecube is a perfect example of hardware not selling consoles. The PS1 initially took all of Nintendo’s audience because Nintendo had a monopoly on games and were treating devs like shit so they moved to the PS1. N64 didn’t sell that much worse than the SNES and NES before it, it was simply that Sony opened gaming up to the mass market which Nintendo had been failing to do. Nintendo has had a bad reputation ever since.

                  Nintendo doesn’t actually have the power to go and be like everyone else anymore. Hell, I don’t even think Sony and Microsoft can afford to play the graphics card like they do anymore. Games are getting more expensive, and last gen proved that its unsustainable. Something like 50 devs went bankrupt and another 50 moved to mobile and web games INCLUDING David Jaffe who is now exploring the Free to play web game market apparently. In short it’s a dying market, and Nintendo sees that.

            3. “I am not a 3rd party gamer, but I was interested in Destiny and Tomb Raider, they, however, did not come to Wii U, because it had “weak” hardware and weak hardware leads to less sales for the majority of gamers. It’s just a fact. It doesn’t matter if you or I or Nintendo like it, because it is just the way it is. You have to go with the “way things are” in order to succeed.”

              I wanted these games on the Wii U as well, but saying that the hardware is “weak” is wrong on your part. Many developers have said that the console is pretty powerful, not as powerful as the NG Twins, but powerful none-the-less. The games your speaking of are completely possible on the Wii U, since they are coming to the 360 and PS3. It’s all about numbers and Reggie is right in saying that 100,000 signatures does not equate to 100,000 sales, but you(Nintendo) should still listen and react to your fans and not throw aside their desires. We are the ones that make or break a company with our purchases. If they don’t give us what we want, then we don’t buy it and thus drive them into the ground. The Wii U predicament is totally on Nintendo, not on 3rd parties. I like the Wii U and I play it more than my PS4, but they have some real work if they plan to fix this situation.

              1. When I say “weak” I’m saying it is weak compared to PS4 and Xbox One. Obviously Destiny and Tomb Raider could have come to the Wii U, but they didn’t because Wii U never sold well o begin with and it didn’t sell well to begin with, because it had no games and it had no games because it had WEAK HARDWARE.

                Seriously, if the Wii U ditched the gamepad and added $100 dollars worth of power to the console instead of wasting the $100 on the gamepad, it could have been the same price at launch, but would have been on par with what the PS4 and Xbox One are now. Then 3rd party developers would have flocked to the system and the Wii U would have an incredible install base as everyone would want one to play 3rd parties AND Nintendo exclusives.

                I mean, if Nintendo wanted they could have made the Gamepad an add AFTER Wii U’s launch instead of it being mandatory and they could have featured it as a controller that can utilize off T.V play and it would have sold on it’s own AND Nintendo would have had a powerful competing console.

                Instead they tried to claim “INNOVATION” and left it at that… not to mention they should have named it the Wii 2….

                1. You don’t get it. No matter what Nintendo does they will always be ignored by 3rd parties. Nintendo could make a system with alien technology that’s 1000 years in the future and they would still get ignored by 3rd party. Its just the way it is.

                    1. Actually, it kinda is. Especially considering the big western devs usually wouldn’t touch a Nintendo console with a 10-foot pole. It’s a choice for the devs to make games for every console, and they choose not to.

              2. No you miss my point. My point is having weak hardware has cost the Wii U 3rd party developers for the Wii U’s launch and launch window. With no third party games, people are not buying the Wii U. As a result OTHER 3rd party developers are skipping the Wii U because there is no install base and not enough people to buy 3rd party games on the Wii U.

                Destiny is coming to 360 and PS3, because it will sell on those consoles, it isn’t coming to Wii U, because it will not sell. It isn’t the weak hardware SPECIFICALLY that is driving 3rd parties away, but it is a result of the weak hardware.

                Basically you need strong hardware to get your console off the ground and to make 3rd party developers happy. Once a console starts selling as has it’s install base, hardware doesn’t matter anymore. Developers will develop for which ever platform is selling well.

                So strong hardware is important to get your console off on the right foot and that’s why Nintendo needs it.

                1. “Destiny is coming to 360 and PS3, because it will sell on those consoles, it isn’t coming to Wii U, because it will not sell. It isn’t the weak hardware SPECIFICALLY that is driving 3rd parties away, but it is a result of the weak hardware.”

                  you just disproved your own point and are still claiming that weaker hardware is driving the third parties away? really?

                  needless to say: you couldn’t be more wrong

                  1. HAHAHA! I didn’t just disprove my own point. My whole point is that weak hardware is the root of the problem! Weak hardware is what started it all, it is what drove the 3rd party devs away which helped cause the drought at launch and the weak launch drove every other 3rd party dev away! With no 3rd party devs the Wii U won’t sell to the consumers Nintendo wants and without consumers buying the Wii U 3rd party devs won’t make games for the console.

                    If only Nintendo attracted 3rd party devs from the get go with POWERFUL HARDWARE we wouldn’t be in this mess. But since it had weak hardware to begin with the 3rd party devs waited to see if it would sell and it ultimately did not.

                    So there you have it. That is why hardware matters and why Wii U is not selling. All because when it first launched it was not powerful enough for 3rd party devs.

                    Just incase you didn’t get it I’ll try and draw a picture…

                    Weak Hardware at Launch->
                    No 3rd parties developing->
                    no consumers buy console because no games->
                    no one else develop for console, because no consumers buy->
                    Nintendo can’t sell console, because no third party develop for console.

                    My whole point is at the top of the pyramid. Weak Hardware started it all. I swear if you don’t get it this time you are illiterate.

                    1. speak for yourself the main reason was one, according to those people who “think” they know what everyone else wants, they fled from the Wii gen (7) console because it didn’t have Gears of War or hd flashy crap that at the time truly didn’t matter, then who could predict the market saturation of HDTV at the time it did start out slow. Two: Soon after the Wii U announcement you had everyone and their grandmother hyping up the releases of the PS4 and the Xbox One, which in turn, turned the graphics, power hungry hoards away from the initial purchase. Three: Power=everything is such a farce it isn’t even funny, the Wii U is strong enough for gaming and your 4k hype for games isn’t going to happen this gen let alone on PS4 since Sony themselves stated 4K is only used for film and is limited to such, most third party developers were aware of the specifications of the console close to the last development kit release prior to market so shut it please. The specs were fine, up until the Sony and Microsoft specs were leaked or released it is called hype how long have you been doing this hobby? Stop talking for all of us, and then name calling you obviously must be one of those complaining gamers who just started within the last few generations. Honestly I wouldn’t know and I don’t truly care I don’t know you nor care too sorry.

                      But stop with the wanna-be so-called industry standard I know what they should do, I can run it better, I know what every gamer wants, I am hardcore, I am casual I am a Muppet with a pink toupee whatever. It is stupid the truth is Nintendo dropped the ball, and they know it so what they will fix it somehow, and if not it is their issue not yours get over yourself stop being so entitled you are entitled to nothing. Go play a PS4 or One or whatever you like if Nintendo makes you unhappy you know being a gamer you play everything right? Everyone can claim anything that is the beauty of the stupid internet. But if Nintendo truly did those things massive hardware bump/massive price you would still complain and they still wouldn’t receive the third party support because some if not most third parties who remained from the past are still harboring ill will due to their licensing from the N.E.S. That is their issue do you own the company. No probably not. Just play the damn games and move on if stuff isn’t up to par according to what you want move on. Get over it. Play outside, get a new hobby stop with the bitching already. it isn’t helping the stigma this freaking community already has…you are part of the problem not part of the solution. If my software ever reaches mass market please don’t purchase my software myself and the team couldn’t live up to your lofty expectations. Thank you and have a wonderful day.

            4. “Because the reason why the Wii U is failing is because it is not at the same level as PS4 and Xbox One. ”

              that’s complete and utter bullshit
              always has been, always will be

              1. Oh really? So the Wii U is selling like shit, because Microsoft cast some magic spell on it or something? That’s what YOU would like to believe.

                Well get out of the fantasy book and look at the facts. NINTENDO is the problem here and what did they do wrong? What is it that the PS4 and Xbox One have that Wii U doesn’t?- oh right… POWERFUL HARDWARE.

                1. the wii u is selling like shit because nintendo failed to market it correctly and get 3rd party devs on board

                  3rd parties don’t just magically jump on board the train you know? they have to be enticed

                  nintendo failed in both respects and THAT is the reason why the wii u is failing now

                  in the history of game consoles there are many examples that hardware power alone doesn’t matter much to 3rd party devs as long as the platform is fairly simple to develop for and the install base is big enough

                  1. You entice 3rd parties by having enticing hardware. Also, Nintendo’s marketing did suck, and their name choice sucked but you know what? Great inventions practically market themselves through word of mouth. If people were actually excited over the release of the Wii U then people would have been talking about it and promoting it for free. You know how many PS4 commercials I have seen? Maybe 4, yet EVERYONE knows what it is thanks to Facebook, Twitter, IGN, etc, etc. When Wii U was announced no one batted an eye.

                    Also, Nintendo DID try to get 3rd party devs on board. Before the Wii U was announced to the public they held a meeting with a whole bunch of devs and traveled around to their studios to break the news of their hardware. NONE OF THEM CARED. They saw the hardware specs and knew it would be weaker than Sony’s and Microsoft’s consoles.

                    I think the other problem is Nintendo released their console too early. They should have waited until AFTEr the launch of the PS4 and Xbox One to launch their own console with even GREATER power than both of their systems. Then the 3rd party devs would be flocking to the system.

                    Also, get rid of the damn Gamepad, no developer cares about it aside from Nintendo.

            5. Good points but ultimately untrue – the wii was the weakest of its generation in terms of power yet sold phenomenonly well.

          2. You took all the weirdest outlooks from that comment.
            we wanted something that would be more powerful, something in the 400$ area and have a fullly functioning multitouch gamepad, that could be a stand alone device when wanted.
            something Xbox and PS developers could port their 3rd party games to with ease.
            something that would draw attention to their system. Also they should have updated their controls, not to mention the “pro controller” which they should have named “classic controller 7.0″ was to little to late.

            granted with all that said, I think the Wii U needed to struggle. The original Wii put them on a high horse but I think they made a device for the family and it was the right time for such a device, but now the Xbox and PS can cater to the whole family, and even be in charge of the tv when your not gaming (Netflix, blue ray, web, movies, music, apps exe) even Kinect has Skype.
            the Wii U has some nice features, don’t get me wrong but it just wasn’t enough.
            that said I think the system we well see in 4 years (maybe 3) well be not only stronger then the new Xbox and PS but I think Nintendo overall well be making something really special for all customer’s

        2. Because most fans don’t know anything about business or what Nintendo as a company is on a fundamental level. The untapped market isn’t in 3rd party games. The reason the WiiU isn’t doing well is because it is near impossible to market to casuals. Most advice from fans is from a gamer lens.

        3. The whole “no third-party support” is a big exaggeration. The Wii U DOES have most major third-party companies, but they don’t give them much special treatment.

        4. “We wanted a machine that would rival the PS4 and Xbox One”

          YOU wanted one

          i frankly didn’t care

          and it didn’t matter to the consumers that the PS2 was the weakest of its generation.. or that the PS1 was weaker than the n64.. or that the 3ds is weaker than the vita.. or that the NES was weaker than the master system… or that the wii was so completely and utterly outdated when it arrived that it was barely more powerful than its predecessor
          need i go on?
          all of these were hugely successful in spite of being underpowered when compared to the competition

          if you want a machine that will rival the power of the PS4 and xbox one then i can suggest a simple solution to your woes of not having enough power: buy either one of those consoles, or both

          1. “Power=Sales” Such a myth that some people still cling to as if it’s some kind of security blanket. No matter. Nintendo’s consoles still sell very well regardless of power, anyway. Would I like the Wii U to be more powerful? Sure. Would I like a ton of 3rd party support? Yes & no. Yes because I wouldn’t have to buy a 2nd console, & no because more each console has different games for different people, the more they sale. If Wii U had every 3rd party game with the same great graphics as X1 & PS4 with better 2nd screen functionality, the Wii U would decimate the market which would force Microsoft & Sony to drop out cuz they already lose a bit of money on the video game market as it is & the loss of customers cuz the Wii U is cheaper would land a dangerous blow to video games as Nintendo would be the only console maker, causing a monopoly, and then we’re back to paying over 100 dollars for one game while other countries’ prices jump even higher than that. Competition drives the market so I’m thankful Nintendo isn’t trying to be like their “rivals.”

        5. the fans? You mean the people who like Nintendo and who wanted a wii u already have one. Let me tell you the Wii U is selling under expectations (not failing) not because of the fans who want earthbound, F-Zero, or X game, but simply because the majority of casuals and non-gamers have not seen the appeal of the Wii U yet. What Nintendo needs to do is show the world how fun it is to play Smash but not make the actors on the adds look like nerds or children(yes, I said it). Thats what I think they should do.

          1. casuals is not what nintendo is looking for.. casuals that are those who play facebook games or angry birds on the train ride home

            nintendo is looking for the core market
            “core” as in the fricking largest part of gamerdom
            those people who enjoy playing games and can be relied upon to actually buy games for the platform
            they’re neither looking for casuals nor for hardcore gamers
            if anything they want to convert casual gamers to the core market

            1. Actually the core market is casual, they are the people that buy not just angry birds, but also cod, and GTA. They buy those mass market games, a “hardcore” gamer is a smaller market. And its those players that buy things like Zelda and fez. Those are the players that go out of their way to search for different kinds of games.
              also a hardcore gamer dues not seclude them self to just one system, because they are looking for variety in the first place

              1. casuals != core

                it’s not the same thing

                people who buy cod and GTA and enjoy games in general but don’t have huge amounts of time to spend on games (unlike hardcore gamers) are not considered casual players by the gaming industry there has to be some kind of distiction and that is it

            2. You don’t really believe that, do you? Because if what you said was true, Nintendo wouldn’t have wasted their perfect chance at E3 where they could have shown everyone why the WiiU is worth buying and targeted at the “core” market, to showcase Nintendoland. The entire E3 conference wasted for Nintendoland. Because they sooo aim for the core market, am I right?
              Just recently, Iwata or Miyamoto, I can’t remember who of those two it was, has said that they will try to target the children more, because apparently, in their eyes, they haven’t been doing that well enough until now. And that’s obviously because they’re looking for the core market, am I right?
              You’re laughable, mate.

              1. and what does targeting children have to do with core or casual markets? children can be part of the core market aswell and they’re the ones who will keep buying the products when they get older

                you don’t seem to grasp the general concept so i won’t bother discussing it with you any further

                1. Exactly. We won’t be alive forever to keep Nintendo, Sony, & Microsoft afloat. Targeting children is very important in this market because they’ll be the core buyers later on when people like us are either dead, utterly paralyzed, catatonic, etc.

          2. Do you really think there are only a mere 5 million Nintendo fans out there, in the whole wide world ? I don’t. There are so, so many fans who haven’t bought a WiiU, me included. It’s not only unappealing to casual gamers, but also to Nintendo’s supporters themselves. Honestly, the only ones who got a WiiU so far are the die-hard fanboys and children.

        6. exactly, They’re a company that has a big enough fan base that they can count on them when things go wrong. And they’ve neglected them, so now they have nobody. The fact that Reggie said this shows how deep their @#$%^&* heads are in the sand. If I were Iwata, I’d get up in the morning, look in the mirror, point the finger gun at myself and say something that begins with “You’re” and eventually ends in “Fired”.

    2. im sure he said something like this LAST year : ““The thing we know [about petitions] is that 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales,” he said.”

      1. Yes, I definitely recognized it. I try not to be “that guy”, but I’m pretty sure that this is really old news. The quote is exactly the same as the previous one. Maybe it was an error

    3. Ultimately, a site like petition dot org does nothing for any company and why they ignore it. Reggie is right in saying “The thing we know [about petitions] is that 100,000 signatures doesn’t mean 100,000 sales,” other companies look at it the same way.

    4. Well fuck you too Reggie.
      This stubborn stance is the reason Nintendo is in the mess it is in and will likely continue to be. They said the same thing about online and FPS and completely missed the market on that one. How about something inventive Nintendo? Ive got an idea for you.
      How about opening a Kickstarter like system on and having a multitude of concept games available at different times. Allow the consumers to pre-order games with added bonuses and unlockables for target scores like new bosses/levels/modes/ect. That way you CANT bitch about a game not selling a predetermined amount and Nintendo fans would get the games they want. Win/Win.

      1. It’s one thing to ignore the desires of fans when it comes to storytelling because I understand these guys have their own ideas for the stories for their games, but to ignore a mass amount of people that want online play for games like Pikmin 3 or Nintendo Land is just dumb. Especially when those same people already own the freaking game or have put in a pre-order months before it’s release. In fact, I still own Pikmin 3 in the hopes it might get online through an update.

    1. Lets make a comparison here: You, a dude from the internet, are criticizing Reginald, a CEO of a successful company, in a company decision that everyone with a brain should label as obvious. If Nintendo had listened to its fans, then there would be no Wii, It would just be a race about who has the prettiest piece of plastic. Before you criticize someone, walk a mile on their shoes. By the time you realize, You will be a mile away and with his shoes.

  1. “We’re aware that we are the oldest video game company alive and that our fanbase is potentially huge, but… nah, we don’t give a fuck, kids is what we are aiming for right now.”

        1. …No, they still aimed for kids. In fact they were more strict with maintaining clean reputations back in the NES/SNES era than they are today. Which was one of the reasons why most third-parties jumped ship, because Nintendo was too conservative.

          1. But those kids who grew up with them grew up, and are the only loyal ones who have been there since the beginning. Kids these days don’t give a shit about Nintendo. Some like it, but NONE have the loyalty that the gamers like myself who have been there since NES have. And WE have the money to buy it. God damn it I’m starting to sound like a bunch of other people on here.

          1. It was video games early period, I guess that can explain a part of the censorship.
            When I say it wasn’t aiming for kids, I may be exagerating. It was, yup, but I don’t know, it seemed so much… mature.

        1. You understood…
          Hey buddy, do you really want me to ask your shitty comments on each of mine ? ‘Cause I don’t feel like it right now.

    1. I realized that after I commented. Reggie is specifically talking about Petitions, NOT what the fanbase actually has to say.

      Though, we have been screaming and hollering for a while now for a couple of specific things and they have yet to deliver.

  2. That’s the most arrogant statement I’ve ever heard out of a company.

    Way to anger your true customers, Reggie. Probably not the smartest thing to say.

  3. People on this site need to get a job or a life, instead of crying about a company chooses to do. #WIISCAMU #NINTENDON’T #NINTENDRONES #RIPWIIU #NINTENYEAROLDS #NINTENTARDS #sony4lyfe #XBOXRULZ #YOLO

  4. Dang Reggie, anyway, this isn’t as bad as it seems. Its not like he is saying we never listen because they do because of unified accounts. I think he means for smaller stuff like localizations or region locking (I don’t see a real issue for it but I can see why others are upset)

    If he does mean everything then jeez Reggie that is harsh but I highly doubt its like that. This is gonna fucking big news though on the entire internet. Reggie should have elaborated more on what he said

  5. Read what he said, rather than the sensationalistic headline. Nintendo are a business. We all know that. 100000 signatures on a petition don’t mean 100000 sales. We also know that. Nintendo need to do what’s best for them in terms of the business. Sometimes that means pleasing us, the fans, and sometimes it means disappointing us because what we want is not a profitable proposition. Sorry.

    1. Well they ain’t doing well at all, they even admitted it themselves, so maybe they SHOULD try to listen to us about games especially F-Zero, Metroid and Star Fox among others. And a NEW IP (Nintendoland is as casual as can be, fuck anyone who defends that game. Fun, sure. But nothing great, and it’s NOT a real New IP, it’s using existing IPS and throwing them into one mini-game extravaganza).

  6. This is very disrespectful to say, might be said in a subtle way but it’s very mean to say that you don’t care what fans want, you will do what you want. And taht is the reason why WiiU is dead.

  7. they have their heads up their asses alot of the time and they need a 1st party ip that catches a different demographic than what they already have.

  8. “I have to tell you — it doesn’t affect what we do. We certainly look at it, and we’re certainly aware of it, but it doesn’t necessarily affect what we do.”

    Key word here is “necessarily”. He’s basically saying they might do it or they might not.

  9. Well a petition is a bit rude and forceful to put on a developer. Its basically saying instead of working on what they want, to force themselves on another project. Its not going to be pleasurable for either party.

    1. What they want is casual bull shit. Fuck what they want. We pay them. WE MADE THEM. They would have been dead years ago if it wasn’t for us, they DO owe us the games WE WANT. Going for the casuals was a huge slap in the face, and they’re still doing it. Fuck wii fit u and wii party u.

      1. They don´t owe us anything. The make a product and we buy because we like it. I don´t understand this way of thinking. Do you also think that your favorite musicans, actors etc owe you something for buying their products? This reminds my when the AVGN said he was gonna give the Nerd video´s a little rest and some peple flipped out because they though he owed them more videos because they had liked all the old ones and thus made him famous.

        1. Technically they don’t owe us, but they have been supported by us and continued this long because of long time supporters so they should listen to us, and not just try to cater to casuals, that’s selling out. When it comes to musicians, if I buy your music, I expect a tour so I can come see you and show more support. If they don’t but the music is great, I will still support them though, I know it’s hard for REAL musicians (the ones not paid off by big record companies to sound a certain way) to afford tours. Nintendo however is a multi-billion dollar company so they could at least use some of that to make some of the games we ask for. Honestly that day I was not in the best of moods so I kind of went off lol. I get what you’re saying, and you are right they don’t owe us, but it would show they appreciate us by listening. Games like Star Fox, F-Zero, and Metroid for instance are CONSTANTLY asked for and they say there’s nothing more they can do with the first two, which is BS. Star Fox 64 was amazing, and if they made a proper sequel there is so much they could do (maybe not a direct sequel, but another game in that style as opposed to Star Fox Adventures and the other one that came after it). Just adding online and making new boards would be great, and how about co-op in the single player missions? Anyway yea. If you get big from people who support you, you should show your thanks and appreciation. Especially since their newer casual fans don’t appreciate them and haven’t bought the Wii U, cause they aren’t loyal and don’t care. So they can continue to cater to them, but their sales show the obvious. And don’t compare a business to music, that’s just two different ball games. Business is what ruined music on the radio.

  10. Thank you! For all we know, people would sign these petitions just to troll and not buy the game anyway. They should be looking at what sells these days and find a way to compete rather than ending up risking going with people’s opinions who aren’t even going to buy the game. Like bringing Reggie into SSB4, people were probably just signing that just for something to do rather than let it be their key factor into buying the game.

  11. LMFAO this is the REASON the Wii U is in such a pathetic dire state in the first place!!!
    Nintendo released HD rehash after HD rehash thinking fans would go out and pay $60 for 10 year old Zelda ports and 3DS Mario rehashes!!!
    If they had listened to the fans in the first place and released a new Metroid game, a new Starfox game, a new F-Zero game, and brand new IPS then the Wii U would not be dead after only 14 months!!
    Reggie and Iwata are the ONLY reason Nintendo is failing so badly, the new Health console is the worst idea in gaming history!!
    Reggie bragged last year in 2014 Wii U will NOT have a game drought!!?Oh REALLY Reggie?funny that Jan had ZERO games, Feb will have DKTF and thats it and then the next big game is Mario Kart in May!!!
    Reggie is full of crap and is gonna be hilarious when the Wii U will not see this Xmas!!

  12. Nintendo does seem to not follow what people want, unless there is a mass petition like earthbound.For Example, How Nintendo reacted to people not wanting region-lock they were like NEVER GONNA HAPPEN EVER! The trick to getting Nintendo to do what fans want is to surge them with fans requesting it and have it lasts for months even years if we have to. Eventually they will meet our demands that way.

    1. The Wii U does not have years!!It will not even see this Xmas Reggie and Iwata ‘HEALTH’ loser will see to that!!

      1. The Wii U will be fine Nintendo can survive years with losses let alone a few months. However my point is that doing something is better than nothing if we all band together we can get anything accomplished!

  13. No offence but that’s obvious. I mean I think we really need Gamecube games on the eshop for Wii U and I’m sure other fans do too but they haven’t done that yet. Not even N64 games.
    They do please us in other ways though like the usual game franchises such as Mario Kart 8 soon, Smash Bros. Wind Waker HD, and possible Majora’s Mask remake etc. But I just think that things like a great back catalogue of games should be available near the start of the Wii U release.

  14. It goes 50/50 because there are some fans that really don’t know what they are talking about. If Nintendo listened to them then the business will go even more down. There are also a small majority of fans that know what they are talking about and will know the business perspective behind it.

  15. What’s with all the back peddling in the new lately. I swear, this and two other stories have been posted again on every news site even though we have already heard these exact details months ago.

  16. Reggie is right. If there’s one thing gamers love, its whining online. Petitions mean little more than 100,000 people are whining about a game they want. For example, people are constantly crying about Shenmue 3. Why haven’t they made it, etc. The reason is because Sega knows that despite all the whining, the game would probably struggle to move a million units worldwide, and probably far fewer. Game companies have become smart enough to listen to one thing: purchases. Why is Madden the same every year? Because it sells. People complain about madden all the time, then go buy it. COD? Assassin’s Creed? Same thing. Companies listen to our wallets, not our mouths.

  17. Idiots falling for troll-ish title and the edited qoutes makes it worst.
    He was talking in the context of Petitions and Operation Rainfall.

  18. This stance might have changed since the investor conference. After all, this is an article published on Dec. 4th 2013.

  19. That is the most dumbest quotes coming from a Nintendo employee that I’ve ever heard.

    You mean to tell me that all of our campaigning and petition to remove region locks or even trying to get certain third party games on the Wii U does nothing at all?!

    You’ve gotta be kidding me, Nintendo. Stop being arrogant and listen to the fans instead of doing what you want, not want we want.

    1. Most decisions would be planned way before a petition was launched. And those same decisions can’t be so easily reversed. That’s what adults do.

  20. This is… old?

    Is the site so desperate for hits, their going to repeat old stories to get clicks? Or is the author completely oblivious of the dates on the original article and the fact the same stories likely buried in the archives of this website.

    (And for the record, no company really cares about online petitions and if they get “results” its not because a company cares about their fans but because they see money in it.)

  21. You know reggie almost got us all old 64 rareware games for virtual console. Microsoft was planning on remaking golden eye, but they need the code from nintendo. Reggie made the deal, but Iwata stoped it. Reggie is also the reason we got twilight princess on game cube, it was plan for wii only but reggie pushed.

    1. I’m not sure about your other rumors but Twilight Princess was originally made for GameCube, not wii. It was ported to wii because of its controls and the fact the release date was delayed to around Wiis launch. Originally the game was due for release in 2005, a year before wii was released (I think it was 2005).

      1. actually the gamecube version was to be scraped but reggie still wanted to be made and release, because he promised that version would be around.

        1. No, the game was originally made for GameCube, it wasn’t going to be scrapped. I used to work at nintendo america until 2008 and now I work at apple, I know what happened.

  22. How about we start a petition to not buy any Nintendo games? Then 100,000 siginitires WILL not equal 100,000 sales, and not just for one game, but for every game.

  23. Also take this article down its been reported here before, also the headline is misleading, Reggie was talking about petitions don’t decided what they do. Because every company follows these over used petitions that they are almost meaning less. Reggie wanted xenoblade in US for a long time but iwata was tough to crack. Reggie is actually more for the fans then people might think

  24. He is right, they can’t just wait for people to tell them what to do, because some people just sign petitions or ask for stuff and they haven’t even bought a fucking Wii U to begin with.

  25. I am actually waiting for someone to actually show me that X1 and PS4 are more powerful than Wii U. As it stands know one has provided any evidence. All these devs really need to learn to program correctly. If their not designing their engines for other games consoles, then that only proves they’re practically talentless.

    No one give me the 3rd party support crap, because it’s their fault they’re not learning and why their software isn’t selling – poor programming, and they wonder why their software isn’t selling.

    1. Are you stupid? There’s something called Google, you know? The hardware specs of all 3 consoles are all over the internet, so you must have been looking for that with closed eyes. It’s a fact that both of those consoles are much more powerful than the WiiU.
      But since I am such a nice person, I got you a link:
      Being a fan of Nintendo is one thing, but being literally blind to straight facts that don’t make Nintendo look too good is another.

  26. He has a point on the petition part but they honestly don’t pay much attention to the fans. And for that reason they are doing bad right now

  27. Personally, nintendo needs to make a clean cut from wii u and start afresh next gen. They should make a console with no major gimmick unlike with wii and wii u; only traditional controls. This way they can make a cheap console. If wii u was without the game pad it could sell for £150 and if they’re that bothered with off tv play, develop 3DS connectivity in a similar way as the GBA and GameCube (only without the wires).
    If they did this next gen along with a solid advertising campaign, 3rd party deals and some killer games, nintendo could go far. I’m sure a lot of people would flock to a cheap home console with amazing games.

    1. The touch pad on the ps4 controller is a gimmic. How ever if the duel screens work just fine for 1000s of games on the DS, and 3DS then by no means is it a gimmic, any how if they just had a plain system then why would any one choose it over a Xbox or a PS? They need to work on make all new version of the things they already have. I’ll agree they should stay hold off on the next round from creating any thing new (at least at first) but they should improve what they have to show that they can provide strong controller options that can make gaming in their system unique

      1. It is a gimmick for a home console, the wii u is not a DS therefore your argument is invalid.
        They never said plain system, they said no major gimmicks like a controller therefore your argument is invalid.
        They could show what is great about wii u and try to improve it but that’s what they’ve done for months, even a Mario game did nothing to drastically improve sales therefore your argument is invalid.
        Nintendo needs to start from scratch next gen and look back at what worked and focus upon that.

        1. It must be really hard being you. Look dear child my point is not invalid as you are so quick to claim, which I’m guessing is because Nintendo did not build a system for you. My point is that if 1000s of games can be made for 2 screens, and they have sold millions of copies of those systems and games, then you are a fool to think its a gimmick, then again you don’t seem to know what a gimmick is.
          the Wii remote sold millions of Wii systems, and last time I checked not just millions of games, but Mario cart alone sold 35 million copies and you use the motion controls to drive.
          and the same goes with the balance board.
          your invalid, you can’t just call something a gimmick because you don’t understand.
          who is ” they” by the way?

          1. Quick! Someone get that guy some medicine for his burn! Virtual Boy was more of a gimmick than a 2nd screen. With a touchscreen on your controller, it will make dealing with menus less of a pain in the ass because then you can just tap the menu option you want to use instead of scrolling down to it. I’m so glad Uplay updated itself with the ability to use the touchscreen months ago.

  28. Nintendo has screwed up pretty good this time. Luckily they have enough money to get out of this mess, not to mention the 3DS is helping out and MK8 & SSB4 will help the Wii U push some much needed sales.

    Nintendo has made many errors with this new console:

    1) The name: Why call it something so close to the previous name? For that matter don’t name your handhelds 2DS and 3DS people will get them confused with each other and with the DS family… Clarity will go a long ways!

    2) Games: The Wii U needs games!!! This console has been out for how long now? There are several franchises you guys own, make a game for Pokemon, Starfox, Earthbound, Mario Party, Golden Sun, Metroid, Mario Sports (Baseball, Basketball, anything). Heck you could rehash more of your classics like you did with Wind-Waker, make Super Mario 64 HD or how about Pokemon Primary Version a full 3D Wii U remake of Red/Blue/Green/Yellow versions. Why not add Gamecube games to the e-Shop (don’t even need the HD remaster). So many things Nintendo can do with their franchises and that’s scratching the surface, yet they play it so safe it could be considered unsafe… >.>

    3) Never Admit you aren’t listening to fans: I already knew they weren’t listening to the fans based on their actions vs fan desires (almost never matches up). But the worst thing a company can do is admit they aren’t focusing on what their consumers want, They’re pretty much telling you they can’t wait to hand you money as long as you make X for us. It would be like me withdrawing all my savings to make a fire to keep warm during these cold days, it benefits me that cold night but I loose out in the long run. It’s indirectly saying I’ll make games that I want you to like rather than what can we make to have your business. The phrase “the customer is always right” is very true, I’ve worked at Rite Aid for 6 years and when our rules conflicted with the customers want we would often loose a sale (sometimes even several). It’s just not good business!

    I’ve been playing my PS3 more than the Wii U cause it’s getting more new AAA games than the Wii U has and it’s a generation old (that’s somewhat sad) In fact my Wii U will probably collect dust until MK8 is out. Till then I’ll use it as a door stopper or a paper weight… Good job Nintendo!! -.-

  29. He said this like A YEAR AGO! Was this re-posted as something new just to put on fire the many many many trolls in this website that are clearly 12 year olds or mentally challenged?

    1. The Wii U is failing because no F-Zeeo, Metroid, or Starfox???? Those game series have never been system sellers. They’re good games but it’s usually Mario, Zelda, or Pokemon that sell systems

      1. And Smash Bros, but point is the Wii U needs more games in general. Which games are coming out have little to do with it as long as its done the right way with that Nintendo flare!

        Example, we’ve seen many Mario games (even over the course of these last two/three years, but Super Mario 3D World may not have been revolutionary but it sure caught the attention of Nintendo fans, we need more of that…

  30. This was already posted a couple of months ago 0_o

    Click bait *turns on ad block* Haha.

    As for the subject… It sort of should. You look at it, you listen to to. If millions of fans demanded a drug-themed Mario Game, I can see why they wouldn’t do that… But if the same number asked for something practical, boy, they better should.

    Reggie’s been quiet a bit lately, didn’t see why you felt you had to post old news. Why do I even come here? There are 100s of other news sites I can visit for this stuff :/

  31. Why was something that was reported on December 5th 2013 being posted now? Saturo Iwata (Reggie Fils-Aime’s boss and CEO of the entire Nintendo company) stated the exact opposite of all of this in the investor’s meeting.

    Maybe Nintendo was this dilapidated at that point before they realized that the holiday returns were not going to meet their marks. They certainly know the truth now and have publicly stated as such.

    Some people have certain foods they eat for comfort. Others have certain activities they like to engage in to reassure their beliefs. I guess the mods here feel the need to post click-bait to make themselves feel good and important.

    Of course someone will say that they thought this article was “interesting” which is the reason why it was posted regardless if ti is even relevant anymore which it clearly isn’t. Unless you were going to use it in a bigger story to show just how hard of a 180 Nintendo has made in the past month because of the dire financial situation of the Wii U. From that perspective then yeah, it would be a good story to post.

    Sad thing is, doing it that way would actually get even more clicks. You catch more flies with syrup than vinegar.

  32. Just shows how delusional and out of touch these people that work at Nintendo are. Yea one only has to remember that if it wasn’t for “Operation Rainfall” games like: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower would have never been released in the West, as Nintendo’s target audience now is babies and casuals they had no intention whatsoever of releasing those games in the West. Nintendo used to be a company that made all sorts of games that appealed to all sorts of gamers, when they had Rare and the rest of their western studios. But they decided to become the babies game company and sold all those studios years ago. The only western studio they have left, Retro, is put to work on another 2D side scrolling baby game, what a waste, any unexperienced studio from Nintendo could have handled that baby game. All hail Iwata and Reggie, the delusional out of touch masters, who have no idea what gamers want. Thanks to them 3rd party support on the Wii U is pretty much nonexistant and the only ones interested in the Baby U are babies.

  33. And this is what pisses me off!!! Nintendo, you always talk up a big game about being all about the software and being a gaming company first and foremost. Yet you give us these casual exercise and party games with HUGE time gaps in between them leaving us Wii U owners to suffocate. Where in the hell is Dragon Quest X, Dragon Quest VII, Dragon Quest 25th anniversary edition, Disaster: Day of Crisis, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, and so many others that you refuse to release? This is a bullshit excuse that 100,000 signatures don’t mean 100,000 sales. You had no major releases scheduled in between 3D World and Tropical Freeze and then there is a huge gap after that. Fuck you Nintendo of America with your bullshit localization logic. I’m sick and tired of your exercise and party game shit. Give me those great JRPGs that we desperately need.

    1. Is this really a pro Nintendo site? Or did the writer who posted this olds misinterpret what Reggie actually said? Context is key, & every word (especially those, uh, actually in quotes) matter.

      Anyway, to add to the tangental posts…

      The Wii U, the only console of the 8th gen, would’ve done better & can still do so if:

      +Nintendo marketed better, articulating what the Wii U is w/ more coverage & a cooler campaign.

      +Had released @ least 1 new killer-app for launch (3D Zelda, &/or 3D Mario [instead of 2D], &/or Smash, &/or Mario Kart, &/or Donkey Kong, &/or Metroid).

      +Had released a full-fledged, single-player game w/ gameplay that’s only possible w/ the gamepad @ launch like Ubisoft did w/ ZombiU. (Nintendo is only now working on developing an example).

      +Release Virtual Console ports of N64 (on eShop) & GCN titles.

      +Let more iconic Nintendo characters in 3rd party games (like was the successful case w/ Soul Calibur II).

      +3rd parties should start treating the Wii U POSITIVELY different. They bungled the launch, too, by releasing 7th gen & usually gimped, comparatively overpriced ports. Yes, the Wii U is 8th gen, so why no serious support? No, development for it isn’t a copy-&-paste job. & sorry, Nintendo fans typically expect higher quality & different types of games.

      Bring back the exclusive franchises, developing games like Red Steel 3, Conduit 3, Resident Evil The ____ Chronicles, Super Monkey Ball U, ____ (Tatsunoko) vs. Capcom…
      Bring back niche games like Buck Bumble, Cruisin’, Crazy Taxi, Mad World, No More Heroes, Killer 7, NiGHTS U, Mushroom Men, Viewtiful Joe, Okami…
      Bring back classic multi-plats like Prince of Persia (to me, better than Assassin’s Creed), a Batman game as good as Vengeance (what’s w/ the steroid junk?), Sphinx & the Cursed Mummy…
      What the Hel happened to my beloved arcade racers?
      I want fighters as good as Tekken 3 was (various modes, timed & earned unlocks, etc.). A brand new Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur…

      Oh man, what if we petitioned those 3rd parties? Aw yeah, if we get 100,000 sigs, man, those games would get developed for sure. …Moving on.

      +The Wii U should host a new Wave Race, F-Zero, Sin & Punishment, Luigi’s Mansion, & swoop in to save Shadow of the Eternals from its development Hel (or develop their own Eternal Darkness sequel, buy the rights if need be)…

      But, I’m happy w/ my Wii U. I’m glad it’s powerful enough & still a console, not a multi-media box. Just like my libraries for Super NES, N64, GCN, & Wii, my Wii U library has more 3rd party games than 1st party. Hel, New Super Mario/Luigi is the only 1st party I have for it & that was part of a bundle. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, ZombiU, & Sonic Lost World were 3rd party games I sought out simply because they appealed to me. I can always wait on Mario games since they’ve a long shelf-life. & even w/ HD & gamepad support, Wind Waker is old & still in my collection, easily playable on my Wii. I still want Rayman Legends, & can’t wait for Watch_Dogs, Human Element, Project CARS… Hmm…a quality platformer & fresh, 8th gen 3rd party games…on the Wii U? They might be on to something. I am worried that the Wii U might be my 1st Ninty console not to have a larger library than the last. Still…

      The industry has changed. The Wii U is currently the last of its kind, & most 3rd parties have lost their way & become overambitious. PS & Xbox have morphed into machines that have less faith in gaming. When the Dreamcast died an early death, when other functions were incorporated into consoles, when multi-plats became the norm, when bloated graphics became more important than GAMEplay, when diminishing returns was arrogantly challenged, when games were somehow treated as serious tools instead of fun toys…the industry started its downward spiral. Nintendo has a lot on its shoulders, & the Wii U is losing to twins of a different war. But, in the aftermath, I hope Nintendo will still be standing, handing out a console, & that they’ll finally see some apt competition. I hope someone will cater to my gaming tastes.

  34. No one here is anywhere near qualified to really say they know better than Nintendo on how to run a video game business, I would guess they have been running what is still a successful business for longer than some of us have been alive. Saying what you want doesn’t mean its what everyone wants.
    Simply adding another machine to the market with similar specs wouldn’t necessarily equal instant success, A market with 3 almost identical consoles isn’t a healthy one, especially at the RRP the PS4 and XB0 come in at. Nintendo are never going to run that race and I think that is the right decision and they couldn’t if they wanted to anyway, the business structure of both MS and Sony allows for massive losses on the video game divisions before a profit is made and Nintendo without an OS or electronics empire at its disposal simply can’t do it.

    It may just be time for Nintendo to bow out, just like SNK did when their market ran its course, and to some extent the same for Sega and Atari.

  35. In Answer to the Article: This is a very bad publicity move. Nintendo shouldn’t have their fans know that they do not care about them! It’s the fans that’s managing to keep their company a float. I hope Reggie is getting in trouble for this, because this is not a good move for any type of company.

    In Answer to all the Comments: Hardware doesn’t sell software. Case point- 3DS vs Vita. Vita is much more powerful, and personally I think its more well-crafted for a real gamer’s needs, but in the end, 3DS is doing better. Both had a rocky start, but 3DS has already recovered, Vita, not yet. Nintendo has one thing right, software sells hardware which was proven by the 3DS. Sales rose with games like Super Mario 3D Land, Fire Emblem Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Wii U needs software desperately and Nintendo is trying their best to crank it out.

    What I think Nintendo is doing wrong are a couple of core things.
    First their marketing teams sucks. They need to realize that kids have moved on to other devices such as the tablet and mobile gaming. It isn’t because they dislike the consoles, it’s just that the consoles are too expensive. But a tablet or a phone, their parents will have, and the kids can play off of their parent’s devices. It’s about what’s readily available. I mean Tamagotachi was really popular, but it wasn’t the most cutting edge. It sold cause it was cheap. Consoles aren’t cheap, and so parents won’t buy their kid such an expensive toy. If Nintendo started focusing on games that adults would like, then they would buy the console for the game they want, and get another game (40-50 for a toy compared to 300-350~!) for their child to play. Everybody wins.

    Nintendo has poor 3rd party developer. I don’t know how they would get 3rd party developers, since like some of you said, money makes things happen and with a system that has such a low install base, nothing is gonna move cause it isn’t going to make money. Nintendo really has to get their system out of the ditch, and honestly, these games geared to kids won’t do it because of my first reason mentioned above. They need something that’s unique to the Wii U. Of course adults will buy the PS and XBOX version of a popular game like Call of Duty or Assassins Creed, because they already have those consoles. Instead of spending big bucks for a new console and the same game they can just buy the game for a console they already have! Adults work the same way for themselves as for their kids, cheaper and less spending = better. No one has the money to be spending all that cash for a new console when in their eyes it’s the same thing just a different provider! Since Wii U came late to the race in HD, they have to make it up by creating a game that’s so spectacular and so specifically made for the Wii U (i,e. using the game pad) that all the people (the adult people mind, who actually make the money, would HAVE to buy it because it’s just that amazing! Honestly, I’m a Nintendo fan, but I don’t have a Wii U. I don’t have a need of one because they aren’t releasing anything someone my age and gamer type would like. There are tons of people out there who are like that. They don’t need 3rd part developers RIGHT NOW. Later, yes, but now? No. They need a game specifically for the Wii U because if it’s a game that comes for cross-platforms, they’ll get it for their already owned platform.

    Honestly, I hope Monolith’s X is going to be amazing, and Bayonetta 2 has a large enough fan-base, because right now, Mario won’t move the console anymore. It’s not for everyone, and kids are too poor to buy it. If Nintendo won’t listen to fans’ petitioning because that isn’t where the money’s at, then where the hell are they looking? People have been demanding for a game that uses the gamepad and is amazing, but instead we get another Mario game that doesn’t really need the gamepad and a Donkey Kong game that doesn’t use it at all. Mario and Donkey Kong is fun, but its getting stale. People outgrow it. Look a the market, see where the money flows, follow that stream of gold and snatch the sea of wealth it goes too!

    Sorry, that was really long. i’m very frustrated with how Nintendo keeps shooting their own foot. Thank you for reading it if you did :D

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