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The Latest Hyrule Warriors Trailer Showcases Link And The Deadly Ball & Chain

Koei Tecmo have released yet another trailer for the eagerly awaited Hyrule Warriors. The latest trailer showcases Link and the deadly weapon at his disposal, the Ball & Chain. The new footage also shows Link taking on the Imprisoned from Skyward Sword. Hyrule Warriors is due for release in the US on September 26th.

16 thoughts on “The Latest Hyrule Warriors Trailer Showcases Link And The Deadly Ball & Chain”

    1. And what’s wrong with that? Not enough Mario for you? You’re the reason Nintendo keeps rehashing the same crap.

      1. This looks like the best thing since Smash Bros. I hope Nintendo fans give it a chance. There’s a good reason why the Warriors franchise is so popular in Japan. You can already tell how much content is in this game.

        1. Agreed. The hack & slash aspect of the game doesn’t feel as bad when you use the many different characters the game offers you the chance of playing as since half of the characters have their own type of weapon which changes the gameplay drastically from how another character’s weapon works. Kanbei & Hanbei of Samurai Warriors come to mind.

      2. you make a good argument … except, those “rehash” games are the best selling games.

        oh, and there are other games … those would be the ones that don’t sell well ;)

  1. Sweet. I like how the Ball & Chain isn’t the only thing Link uses when he’s equipped with this weapon. This is a vast improvement over the ball & chain from Twilight Princess.

  2. My only complaint about this game is that, it doesn’t seem to matter what character you choose. They’re all just as powerful, because the enemies are all so weak.

    1. They are using the easiest difficulty for these trailers to showcase what the characters can do as you execute combos perfectly. If they were using a higher difficulty, these videos would be at least 3-5 minutes long as the enemies would be all over them as these games feature a knockback effect that stops your attacks dead in their tracks if hit by a strong attack.

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