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Luigi’s Death Stare Appears In Official Mario Kart 8 Commercial

Nintendo has released a new commercial for Mario Kart 8. The 30-second promo showcases the racing title’s colorful visuals and its characters’ facial expressions in glorious slow motion. Luigi’s infamous death stare also makes an appearance, which initiates once the green-clad driver zooms past the seemingly innocent Baby Rosalina. Mario Kart 8 is available in stores and on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U.

124 thoughts on “Luigi’s Death Stare Appears In Official Mario Kart 8 Commercial”

      1. Firstly, he never said he played COD, so stop using that as an excuse. Secondly, why do you guys hate COD so much? Sure, Ghosts was mediocre, but the games before that were up to standard. And because there are 3 development studios working on COD, it means each developer gets THREE years to make the game, which ultimately means better quality. If it was only one developer I would understand, but three shows that there is no rushing of the games.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Rush or not, it’s still milking it to the max…

          I kind of like CoD in general but the overdone milking of it is what bores me to no end…

          1. @Commander You don’t need to buy the games every single time. Like I don’t buy every Mario game that gets released.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              And I never do buy them everytime either…

              It’s a difference between Mario games and CoD…

              Mario games gets released once on every console, 2 at most but several years apart, SMG and SMG2…

              CoD gets about 2 releases a year and it’s basically the same crap over and over for the most part…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  When machines like me talks about thee things it is not only because of me, it’s because I don’t want the gaming universe to become a stale borefest with little diversity and games like CoD, BF and so on are already taking it half-ways…

                  1. Just because the games are boring to you personsally, doesn’t mean they’re boring in general ? Gotta love it when people try to shove their opinions down others’ throats…
                    Besides, that ” But every Mario game gets released only once on each platform !!!” doesn’t change the fact that there’s at least one Mario game every single year. So what if CoD or BF get annual releases too ? What do you want, a Call of Duty: Advanced Karting or New Super Battlefield Bros. for it to be okay ? There is only so much you can do with a shooter and you need to stop complaining about it just because it’s not the type of game you personally enjoy. There are millions of people who do enjoy them and there’s nothing you can do about that.

                    1. Missing the point that the Mario games released “each year” are all different games (2D in 2012, 3D last year, Kart 8 this year) while COD is fundamentally the same game. If you’re going to try and argue then at least do better than that.

                    2. You hit the nail on the head, there IS only so much you can do with a shooter, but yet development studios pump em out faster than Usain Bolt.

                      The industry is saturated by them and it’s suffocating. That’s why, including the milking, there is so much hatred against COD games. They offer nothing in terms of innovation or creativity and overall it’s harming gaming.

                      Don’t get me wrong, I do love a shooter every now and then. But I haven’t bought one for over two or three years because none of them have offered anything different.

                    3. @Captain Toad

                      Your loss. Sad to say you’ve been missing out on the most revolutionary games of this gen, unfortunately stuck with bland 2D Mario games

                    4. I think some of you guys need to work on your reading comprehension. Here a quote from my original comment: “Besides, that ” But every Mario game gets released only once on each platform !!!” doesn’t change the fact that there’s at least one Mario game every single year.”
                      Nowhere have I said the games are all the same.
                      And of course all CoD entries are fundamentally the same game, they’re all FPS games. I don’t even get why you would feel like it’s necessary to mention that. It’s like saying “in every racing game, you have to race. They’re fundamentally the same.”.
                      And @CaptainToad: I don’t see how the industry is saturated by FPS games. We get so many platformers or racing games every single year, but you don’t see anyone complaining about that. There isn’t much you can change in racers either, but never have I seen anyone say something like “You don’t like Mario games ? Lmao, go back to playing your shitty racing games”, but numerous times, it was “You don’t like Mario games ? Lmao, go back to playing your shitty CoD/shooter games”. Weird, if you ask me.
                      And as the anon has said, maybe the reason you haven’t seen anything new in shooters for years is because you actually haven’t played any in years.

                  2. @Namie: Oh yes because New Super Mario Bros U, Mario Kart 8, & Mario Maker are all the same type of game. *sarcasm* You could have defended Call of Duty without making the mistake of trying to equate Mario with it.

                    1. Where exactly have I said they are all the same ? Right, nowhere.
                      Is it true or not that we get at least one Mario game every year ? Just because they’re different types of games, doesn’t mean the Mario franchise isn’t being milked. I mean, come on, they’ve using Mario for nearly 30 years now.

                      1. I like Mario, but it’s gotten to the point where you don’t even have to ask for one anymore. We all know it’s coming. XD

                      2. Well he is the mascot of Nintendo, after all. You don’t put your mascot on the shelf for years at a time. Unless you’re, say, Capcom… Poor Mega Man…

          2. Lol. It’s probably because of it’s popularity I don’t hate Call of Duty. I just don’t find it all that interesting. If I were to get into FPS, I’d probably get Battlefield. Whenever I get another platform I’ll get Hardline. :) But I might try Advanced Warfare too though.

            1. COD is for people who want online, Battlefield is for people who want a good story mode. I’ll leave it up to your personal tastes

              1. I’ll take Battlefield. Thank you very much, sir. Hehe. The thought of 64 players online sounds awesome.

                1. If you think 64 players in Battlefield is awesome then you haven’t played Planetside 2. That game has 2000 players per map (1000vs1000). That’s fucking awesome. Plus it’s free to play.

              2. Bad Company games had a good story mode, BF 3 and 4 were meant for online, but they even fucked that up.
                Have not touched BF 4 single player, but on BF 3 it felt like it was parsed from the multiplayer mode.

              3. Main Battlefield games have shitty story lines because its not focused on single player so where did you get that from? COD is for suckers who want a shooting game to hold their hands and camp in the darkest corner with an LMG spraying all day because they know deep down they suck at playing games so COD is their grand excuse to claim they got skills by playing like pussies.

          3. It’s not cod what it is to hate. Is the people who think the game is hardcore and think they are hardcore for owning all games of the franchise. Or he could be calling him a kid because the majority of cod fans are kids.

          4. Who cares? He’s being a troll so he deserves to be attacked. Mario Kart 8 is for everyone, not for kids.

          5. Milking it consistently for over 10 freaking years is the problem that dumbass Activision still doesn’t get. Having a third bitch to spam another COD instead of giving the existing two studios a break is showing their greed and ignorance.

            COD is now officially shit because of Activision. Get it in your head why we hate it now.

          6. Yourfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman

            Three studios working on it and it still lags with 4 players.
            Fabulous work, guys.

      1. It also appeared in their E3 presentation when they were talking about Mario Kart 8, if I remember correctly…

        1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          I’m 99% sure it’s on purpose. Reggie talked about the meme several times. They’ve already acknowledged it and used it to further their mission statement.

      2. Yourfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman

        They know. They’ve acknowledged in the past, I think. And honestly it was so huge on the internet that Nintendo would not miss it.

      1. This is the year of MARIO. ;) Mario Kart 8 will have year long advertisement lmao. It even has toys at Mcdonald’s! Luigi had his year. It’s over now!

          1. Luigi has been around almost as much as Mario. He’s always gonna be number 2. Lol. The only character I can think of Nintendo has been putting emphasis on a lot lately is Rosalina. XD

              1. In terms of personality, I pick Daisy. But for looks, Rosalina. Dat sidebang. Peach has too much of a “nice/cute” attitude. Blegh. Rosalina is elegant and graceful. The way a princess is supposed to be.

                  1. Lol Daisy is my favorite. When I play Mario Kart 8 and other games with her, she gives me more confidence because of her attitude. Like getting first in Mario Kart 8 and hearing her really long “Oooooooooh yeah!” gives me a sense of accomplishment. XD But princess wise, Rosalina definitely wins. Oh, and Peach has on too much pink. XP

                      1. You don’t have to choose. Rosalina wins by default. Vanilla haired goddess cannot be stopped.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Please stop calling it Prime or Dread…

              One is over and the other one is just stupid…

            2. I can’t help but agree with Quadraxis. The only way a name like Metroid Dread is going to be awesome is if the new enemy is something like the Yuuzhan Vong of the extended universe of Star Wars. Metroid Dread would also be a nice name for a prequel game that has Samus Aran actually being scared & terrified throughout the game. Maybe it could take place during her Chozo training. As for Prime, I think it’s time we let that series die already with Metroid Prime Hunters 2 to conclude that ending of Metroid Prime 3 with Sylux following after her. Ridley is the only Metroid villain I want to see constantly coming back from the dead.

        1. You have kiddy confused with family friendly. Big difference. Besides, only an immature twat would call anything family friendly kiddy.

    1. Yeah, that’s typical Nintendo! Capitalize on fortuitous internetastic happenstance when its popularity is starting to ebb! Don’t ever change, Ninty :)

      1. And same can be said with Microsoft ditching Kinect and dropped the price too freaking late, porting ALL Halo games because they got nothing else to release this year and giving away free games on 360 instead of One as bait to their other DRM/Paywall nonsense on that system. Not to mention with Microsoft investors telling the company to get rid of Xbox brand while shutting down some Xbox divisions (true story, look it up)

        Yeah. I wonder who’s desperate now?

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      I think they bought this clip from a Youtube user or someting because I’ve seen the same montage weeks ago…

    3. Pingback: Luigi’s death stare appears in official mario kart 8 commercial

      1. How is it a death stare? Who dies? Please someone give a RESONABLE answer to why this stare was incorrectly named? Quadraxis?Sasori?Snowman?

        P.s. Don’t really reply douches, everybody here likes to whimper like the unloyal bastard they pretend not to be

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          It’s just a funny application done to Luigi…

          Nothing to take seriously at all…

      2. Same for Xbox One games at close up douchebag. Oh wait, I forgot Xbox One specs are SHIT since they blow up and can’t run games beyond 800p. And also, Xbox 360 games are even worse. 480p upscaled to 720p with blurred detail close up and awkward lip syncing.

    4. This game already feels like yesterday’s news to me. I got tired of it even before winning every gold trophy. First time that ever happened. I think the Koopa Kids are one of the reasons. There’s too many of them. I also hate the baby characters. They’re lame. And what’s up with pink-gold peach? All of these slots could have been filled up with much more interesting characters.

      And since when was looking determined considered a “death stare”?

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Yeah, I agree the game did get kind of tedious abit soon, Pink Gold Peach wasn’t too bad since she was to Peach as Metal Mario was to Mario, it’s a counterpart thing that Nintendo has, if one character has a counterpart, other characters should have one as well

        And the “death stare” was sort of a meme that came from when a news show reported on the release of MK8 and a clip showed Luigi giving this look of smugness after he hit and past another racer with a shell
        it was deemed the Luigi Death Stare

      2. Hey! Don’t insult my babies… They aren’t lame. They’re adorable. :D And PGP is ok imo. The Koopalings are my main issue. I only like 2 of them.. They take up a gigantic spot on the roster. Anyways, what I am more worried about is DLC. I play the game online now and it’s fun, but I’m getting kind of bored. I hope they add new tracks and maybe some cars or additional characters too.

        1. I played online a few times, and everybody else was driving so FAST that I could never catch up, even with flawless driving and perfect drifting/power slides. I still don’t understand how everyone is going so much faster than me? Takes all the fun out of playing online.

          1. Were you playing with the items turned off? >.< I made the mistake of playing one of those too soon & I got left in the dust by everyone. I never got passed by people because they already did a full lap but I could never close the gap between me & them.

      3. That’s why I always go back to n64. It’s timeless… But there’s just something about Luigi’s stare that almost makes this one perfect. I can -almost- forgive all nintendo wrongs just because of that stare.

      4. Update is coming for more characters and why hate the Koopalings? I’m glad they’re in the game and finally replace that annoying douchebag Bowser Jr. as a fitting payback of Miyamoto degrading the children as “minions”. Like WTF?

        Gold Peach and Metal Mario is a waste. I hate clone characters.

          1. Yourfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman

            No. I dislike characters that are invented for a spin off series.
            With an arsenal that covers so many games, they resort to creating new characters that no one asked for. At least the Koopalings existed long before this game.

              1. Metal Mario & Pink Gold Peach should have been alternate skins instead of actual racers, to be honest. Same with the baby characters, to be honest.

                1. It doesn’t matter. Nintendo chose those characters and put them in the game. If they wanted to add more characters, they would’ve added them already.

      5. I also agree. It’s disappointing. The game really is beautiful, but I think they took MarioKart7, rushed an HD port and gave the gamepad less attention than most 3rd party and indie devs.

        Sad. I’ll still play with friends for fun sometimes.

      6. Yourfriendlyneighborhoodspiderman

        “Interesting.” Who can determine who’s interesting and not? I find all the Koopalings interesting. Minor characters that all have vastly different personalities and designs. All named after different musicians. All are adopted by Bowser. Honestly, I think the Koopalings have some of the biggest potential for further character development in the franchise.
        And even with the Koopalings, you could take off characters like PGP, Baby Rosalina, Lakitu, Metal
        Mario, and maybe a few others, and probably still make enough room for those that you wanted. And if you just wanted to make room for characters like Birdo or Diddy, forget it. I have rarely ever seen them (never for Diddy, I think) being played online in MKWii. I’m talking characters like E. Gadd or Kamek, who I think should have been there instead of PGP and Baby Rosalina.

    5. Someone should make a gif from the commercial of Koopa staring at Rosalina with the captions “dat ass”

    6. Wheres that Sony hating swedish shack dwelling Monkey faggot who pretends to be a robot Commander of a nintendo army?

    7. The music is definitely Danny Boy. Weird choice using such a heartfelt song in a MK 8 commercial, but I guess it works well with Luigi’s death stare.

    8. Just so everyone knows, that Luigi screenshot was posted by me to reddit a few weeks ago, and has been used in this article without my permission. Just thought I’d say I do not appreciate this.

    9. Anything can become a meme these days. Memes are just another sad attempt at promoting something you like or keeping it alive. I should take a picture of a turd and add subtitles underneath that say “This is what Nintendo has become.” Then upload another picture of a comatose patient subtitled “And this is the mindset those still supporting it.”

    10. There needs to be a video of Luigi giving that Death Stare to Mario. When you think about it, that’s who Luigi should be giving that stare towards since he’s living under his brother’s shadow.

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