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Wii U System Update Available

As expected, Wii U firmware version 5.1.0 is now available to download. The update allows you to move all software and data from one Wii U to another via a system transfer. Another additional feature is the ability to browse the Wii U eShop using a a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, or Classic Controller. You can read about all of the changes Wii U update 5.1.0 brings, below.

Wii U to Wii U System Transfer

Users can now transfer (move) all software and data from one Wii U to another
A “System Transfer” option has been added within System Settings
Click here for additional information on this feature

Changes to Nintendo eShop:

Users can now navigate the Nintendo eShop using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, or Classic Controller

Improvements to system stability and usability:

Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

Wii U System Transfer details:

The Wii U to Wii U system transfer feature, implemented with the system update released July 21st, 2014, allows you to transfer content from one Wii U to another Wii U. Content from the source console, including any users, Nintendo Network IDs, save data, and digital content, will replace that on the target console.

As part of the system transfer process:

All content from a Wii U must be transferred. You cannot transfer just a single user or Nintendo Network ID through this process
All content on the target Wii U will be lost when the console is formatted and replaced by the content from the source Wii U, with the exception of Wii Menu content, Internet connection settings, TV settings, Wii U GamePad TV Remote settings, and Wii Remote and Wii U GamePad pairing
The source Wii U will be formatted once the transfer is complete
Nintendo Network IDs that previously existed on the target Wii U can be relinked after the transfer How to
If these Nintendo Network IDs are relinked, content purchased by them on the target Wii U will become available for download. The save data for IDs that previously existed on the target system will be deleted as part of the system transfer process, and any USB Storage devices that were previously used will need to be formatted to work with the Wii U again
There is a limit of 12 Nintendo Network IDs that can be linked to a single Wii U at one time
Wii Menu digital content is transferred, but it is not deleted from the target Wii U. Wii Menu digital content from both consoles will be combined

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

234 thoughts on “Wii U System Update Available”

        1. thanks. I thought you guys had also gotten 4. Think I’m gonna use a hacked wii to play 4. I guess it only came out in japan… I’m sure I’ll find a translation.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        None, I never even heard about those game until recently…

        But I am interested in this upcoming one so I’ll probably buy it one day…

  1. “Users can now navigate the Nintendo eShop using a Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, or Classic Controller” OH THANK THE LORD, FINALLY!!! I need to download this immediately! Now all they need to do is let you navigate other applications like Netflix and Youtube with other controllers and everything will be perfect. I want to hug my Wii U right now for this! Yes! XD

    1. I thought about your little dilemma when I read about the new navigation controls. Im glad to hear your problem is now resolved.

      1. Yes. I’m very happy right now. I’m hoping this can download in the background though. Because I can’t go into system settings… ._.

            1. Don’t get why Wii U doesn’t update firmware automatically like the rest of the data it constantly fetches or have a notification pop up when in the menu so you can update without using Gamepad’s forced setting navigation?

              -_- Nintendo needs to fix that.

              1. Might be because people could kill their consoles when its updating, they dont know and you unplug it.
                Sure the orange light is on, but that wont stop some mom pulling the plug, because she needs to clean under the cords.

                1. ^ this!! wife’s do this too!!!, but the download process could be done in the background i don’t think it does it, ala wii sports, WTF i did’t installed this lol

        1. You can’t pull up the download menu inside the sub- home menu? (The one that comes up when you press home during a game or program)

      1. It use to piss me off that Netflix made you use the Gamepad, which meant no more late nights laying in bed & watching Family Guy or American Dad on Netflix while I try to go to sleep. But because of my Toshiba Smart TV, I can just use it’s remote for Netflix now.

        1. So Netflix on my Wii U is useless. I should remove it from the Wii U so I can free up some data.

    2. Like Ninetales, I also thought about you when it mentioned this in the new Wii U update. xD Now we don’t have to hear you whine about having to use the Gamepad for the eShop, anymore. xP

      1. Hey, don’t blame it all on me. :P If my Gamepad was working, I’d be using it right now. Oh, and I take back what I said about not liking the Gamepad. I love it acually. That was just out of anger. XD Sorry. ^_^

        1. Oh I bet you like it more now that that update allows you to use the eShop with other controllers. lol

    3. Please can u help me unfortunatley the wii shop is not available in my country and I want to do a wii to wii u transfer… can I get the transfer software

      Thank you

  2. The xbots are one step closer to complete destruction…….. We shall then get halo…. A game that should have never been their.. Its glory must come to a system that is worthy..

  3. That’s great about the eshop, but they didn’t even make the change for system settings? It’s a stop closer, but not a very large one.

      1. So then let me get this straight, I can now move my files but I’ll lose what I got now? Well, its one step closer to the way it should but I already got tons of shit on both…I don’t need to lose what I got specially when I worked hard to get it to pwn my foes.

        1. If I remember correctly, the Nintendo website says you’ll need an SD card big enough to hold the data for system & save data which includes the Wii stuff, if I’m not mistaken.

            1. Unless they changed it because of some type last time I looked, it said you’ll need an SD card to transfer system & save data.

  4. Still absolute BS that game data cannot be saved and transferred separately from this process. And through this process it sucks that game data on the target Wii U is lost. The Wii U is still gimped.

    1. Why you think its called “transfer”? Its moving data from point A to B. This is in case something happens to point A, you can still save and move data to point B. This is a no brainer to figure out. Its sad you couldn’t realize it.

          1. That’s the issue Nintendo (hopefully) is working on considering they’re still tight griped on copyrights which I don’t blame them. Piracy is what’s ruining their business and our experience. If these cheap asshats can’t afford a mere $130-300 Nintendo console with $5-60 games, then don’t even bother stealing shit because its pathetic.

  5. I’ve no idea what the hell people who prefer Wiimotes to an actual controller are smoking, but more options pleases more people I guess. Inb4 someone complains about no GameCube controller support, though.

    1. Looking at the failures that is Kinect and Move trying to mimic Wii Remote since it worked and is still popular, Wii Remote is still relevant unlike Kinect being hated from day 1.

        1. Wiimote is cool in motion control games. Especially ones where you swing it around as a sword and stuff! But it severely sucks as a normal controller. Lol.

          1. I don’t know if you checked best buy. They clearances allot third partyparty accessories. So maybe you could get a new charger under ten. Also deal list sales.

        2. If you think that’s cancer, then you have no idea how to game properly…sorry man, but when you adapt, you learn new ways to play. You want to see cancer of the gaming period? Look at all the idiots who claim what system is best, graphics, and resolution…that is the real cancer, real gamers are the cure and they play all once they can get ahold of…no matter the system or game, like it or hate it, they will play it. “A true gamer plays all”.

        3. Et me guess, your stupid ass broke the TV again with the Wii Remote. Trying to blame the controller for you sucking at games and using your brain? Sad.

        4. The Wii remote is great but it has to be used correctly. The sports usage is dumb but subtle movements like shaking it to fly in NSMBWii/U and the way you use it in the Pikmin games is really cool if you ask me. Especially in Pikmin, I hated that game with the pro controls but the Wii remote makes so much more sense.

  6. At last! These are the features we all wanted for a while. ^_^ Wii U system transfer, although late, is now possible to swap data in case something happens and I can use any controller for eShop (THANK YOU!). Now Netflix, Youtube and the Internet browser must follow suit.

    Next is Folders to bundle game/apps together, on-screen notification pop up like a little slide window on the top or bottom screen, SD Card support up to 128GB to extend storage by double (imagine 2x 64GB or 2x 128GB + 32GB, its crazy enough), multimedia player that plays music, video and photos via external storage, post wallpaper on menu screen, extended Bluetooth support with device management (Bluetooth mic for online chat = WIN), multitasking (if iPhone/iPad can do with is with only 1GB RAM, so can Wii U), more connectivity with 3DS like using it as a controller for Wii U games, damn there’s just so many features that will make Wii U lots better. :3

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Don’t you have a stereo or computer for that?…

              Why would you want High Command to turn the Wii U into a pathetic Xbox Done when the Xbots themselves are closing that garbage forever?…

              1. The Playstation 3 can do that. I don’t recall being able to do it with the Xbox 360. Xbox Done is the all in one entertainment system this generation though .It may suck to some in terms of games, but to someone as casual as my mom, that thing is a dream come true. XD

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I don’t care what those 2 can do, specially the Xbox Done…

                  I don’t want Nintendo holy machines to get infected by All-in-one abominations…

                      1. How many Xbox 360’s and Playstation 3’s have you owned? (This is a serious question btw)

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          None because I don’t care and why should I?…

                          Just because you don’t own something doens’t mean I don’t know anything about its content, feature and functions so its irrelevant…

                          1. To be fair, you can’t exactly hate on the Xboxes if you have never owned them. Just saying.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Yes you can, just because many of you love media gimmicks and all non gaming related, doesn’t mean I have to…

                              If our empire started promoting media gimmicks more than games, I would leave them at once…

                              1. The Xbox One is a gaming console. It was obviously made with the games in mind. Whoever buys it for the sole purpose of media entertainment is an idiot. Yes, it can do those things, but that isn’t what it was made for. That’s just an extra bonus. Wii U is a gaming console as well, but it is also supposed to be an entertainment device. Meaning it should be able to entertain you in a number of ways rather than just games. And it does. Netflix, Youtube, internet browser, etc. Like I said, whoever buys a games console for media more than just games is an idiot. Yes it would be nice if Wii U had a blu-ray player, but nobody bought it for that in the first place.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Well all of you can continue defending them in any way you want…

                                  After what they tried to pull with Xbox Done, they can all rot for all I care…

                                  1. I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One. But since it is kind of my policy and rules I have of being a true gamer, I am not going to bash it. Yes, I dislike what they did with it and it turned me off and now I lean towards PS4, but I still view the games rather than the console itself. They already took down the strict policies and stuff the Xbox One had before. And for the sake of making money, they aren’t going to put it back on obviously. That’s just the way I see it.

                                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                    And unlike the hypocrites that hates the Microsoft Realm and the Xboxes all the time and still buys them, I am consistent in my ways…

                                    *Cybernetic cough* N-Dub Nation *Cybernetic cough*

                      2. The thing they should do is updating the console to give the USB ports more power so my hard drive will work. Now I have to get a Y cable but not a single store near me sells those things and I can’t buy one from Amazon or so so I have a €100 drive just laying there sometimes getting hooked up to play virtual console games because even demos need more power than those ports give me. It’s probably not possible to do that but they should have thought of that when making the console and yes, they said that you need a drive that also plugs into your wall but still… If you want to support every hard drive make sure they are all supported and you don’t tell me that it’s a big issue for them to do that in the first place…

                        And I think the reason they haven’t added folders yet is because the UI on the Wii U is much simpler and bigger than the one on the 3DS, but I do get the demand.

                        I don’t really care for the other stuff even tough a wallpaper would be cool even if it was just based on the game disc you have inserted in the console.

                        Media playback, meh, I stream everything online in the internet browser even tough it’s a pain in the ass to find sites that support Wii U.

                        Using the 3DS would be cool but I think you will need the extra slide pad acesorry (how do you write it :’o i never know how!!) To have it working properly.

                        1. I have a 64 gig jumpdrive plugged into the back of mine…I’m getting close to filling it, but it’s been a good hard drive so far!

                      3. Internet Browser following suit is not a need for me because I prefer the Gamepad better since I can physically touch the screen & don’t have to worry about a cursor jumping all over the place unlike with the Wiimote. But I can understand if others prefer mouse-like controls.

                        1. The Gamepad is the most superior choice of controller for everything on the Wii U. But it is still good to have options.

                    1. Wii U to Wii U system transfer? Could this be hints that a new Wii U model could be released in the near future?

                        1. He wasn’t saying that, he was saying new Wii U model :D That would be cool if there was a Wii U mini!!

                          1. Don’t even start mentioning that mistake “mini” XP

                            The only new Wii U model they can make is either a new color with bundled Wii U Pro Controller or Wii U with higher storage like 64GB.

                            1. If they make a new Wii U model I want it to be a bit smaller than the current Wii U, have more memory, and not have a glossy surface on both the console and the gamepad.

                      1. I hope so. Of course, I’ll most likely wait for Legend of Zelda U + Zelda themed Wii U bundle before I buy a new Wii U model. Unless a new model before then not only involves a new color but more data storage.

                        1. Oh gosh, that would be sweet! But by that time I’ll probably be in the middle of saving for games and trying to get another platform.. Sigh. At least I can get the game though.

                    2. *sigh* You need the Gamepad to get to the update too? Noooo, Nintendo. Why? :'( My charger is broken and my Gamepad is just sitting here dead. I’m going to hope this thing download’s in the background. -.- Anyways, another thing the Wii U needs iss a universal account system. Because I’m gonna want to buy another brand new Wii U, but I want to sell my old one before I get the new one. Nintendo, make it happen! And add an update for more connection between Wii U and 3DS. :P And lemme get on Netflix, Youtube, and the internet browser without the Gamepad. Also, is it possible for an update to support blu-ray? Idk, I thought the PS3 had to get an update to get it, but maybe that was already put in that console. :V

                      1. Its dissapointing it doesnt have a universal account system and web browsing with Pro controller NEEDS to happen!!

                      2. I am sure the updated is downloaded in the background as soon as your Wii U is connected to the internet!. did u give a look to the download management?

                          1. hey, man. i copied this from the official site: “Wii U system updates can be received automatically when connected to the Internet.”

                          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            It probably will in a few Days, the latest update for the 3DS started in mine the next day while my brother’s 3DS didn’t get it until 4 Days later…

                        1. Because I don’t have any more money right now. I spent it all on Mario Kart 8 and another Wii U game. :(

                          1. Well since you don’t have money to buy a charger, you really don’t need this update either then right now. lol It’s not like you can get another Wii U from thin air. And even if you could, it would most likely come with it’s very own Gamepad & Gamepad charger, anyway. xD

                      3. Universal account with system permission as added security over piracy issues like how Apple does theirs, Internet with multiple control options, background firmware updating without forced Gamepad settings navigation.

                          1. I’m talking about their account system dummy. XD Where you can log into any device, register “permissions” of those devices for your account to recognize and redownload any and all purchases on any logged system.

                            That’s what Nintendo needs to do. Oh and utilize the Crossbuy feature for both 3DS/Wii U sporting the same games like eShop and virtual console.

                            1. Til we get that, this will just have to do. It’s better than not being able to transfer data at all, am I right?

                              1. Yes and no. Yes because well, it IS better than not being able to transfer. And no because the other systems could already do it for a long time now.

                                1. I’d prefer to appreciate what my console of choice can do then whine over what it can’t do because others can do it. Nintendo will get to it in their own time just like they did with this update.

                          2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            They want to be though because the Apples have been planning their revenge against the Xbots for Eons…

                          3. Although I like to curiously see Apple fully step into the gaming business after Xbox is finished (investors want Microsoft to sell the brand and studios involving Xbox is closing).

                            :) Make a $400 Apple console serving new brand of gaming, universal to all iTunes/App Store content and connectivity to iOS devices. It would kick ass.

                      4. You can buy a usb-gamepad charger. It’s made by Niko… I think.. I haven’t even used the bulky, short charger that came with it. I plug the USB charger into the front of the WiiU if needed.

                        You should be able to find a game pad charger for $20 if you get the 3rd party USB version!

                        And what the hell did you do to your charger?? D; Regardless of the WiiU’s dependency on the game pad, if you break a charger for anything, it won’t work. ;.;

                        1. As soon as they can fing a use for them. I think that it’s going to take a loooooooong time for that to happen.

                                1. I really hope people don’t start thinking you’re stupid, because you’re not, hey can you check your messages please.

                        2. I think that update will happen sometime next year because I honestly think at E3 2016 Nintendo will introduce their new next gen console and it’ll probably be released in 2017

                                        1. Yes. A while back, I tricked you guys to think that I was Sickr. Looks like the cat is out of the bag!!!

                                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                            Iceazeama once fooled people that he wa Sickr…

                                            But once I look at him and the Miiverse Mii, I can see some resemblance…

                            1. Very funny. That’s a software issue, not a firmware issue. (I guess it could be a firmware thing, buuuut)

                              Call of duty allows two players to have different gaming experiences. One on the big screen, one on the game pad, it’s awesome.

                              I love off TV play. I play most of my WiiU games on the game pad. Not possible without the game pad (obviously)

                              Mario Kart 8 royally fucked up by not allowing a second player to race on the game pad, while others raced on the TV…so much wasted potential..

                              The gamepad is very useful and fun when playing games where the devs actually considered it’s uses…most times not Nintendo devs. :/

                              1. Instead, we get split screen on the Gamepad! Bleh! What the fuck, Nintendo!? This is one time when copying someone else would have been appreciated. Even if it would have meant copying Activision’s Call of Duty.

                          1. well that solves one part of if something should happen if the first wii u is either lost, stolen or damaged, i mean you would have to transfer all that beforehand. i like that you are now able to navigate the eshop with other controllers. downloading now

                          2. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                            just got call of duty black ops 2 for $49.96 on wii u. used up all my 360 money for cod on the wii u :'( ……. hopefully wii u nerds and chimps still play online.

                              1. What a fool. I got my copy for a mere $20 brand new. What the hell happen to this idiot’s motto of “gonna wait til the game is cheap like $20-30 because Ninetndo games are for babies, blah blah, and always the same, blah fucking blah”

                                Sasori is a hypocrite retard.

                            1. i can’t believe a butthurted ape like you still plays online. Anyway, it’s good to see you supporting third parties on Wii U.

                            2. Lmao! Where the FUCK did you get Black Ops 2 for almost $60?! You got scammed hardcore. The hell? Not even Ghosts costs $50 new. You messed up big time. Jesus christ… XD

                              1. Man its just too funny to hear and see morons getting scammed themselves especially after all of that BS talk of “waiting until Nintendo games are dirt cheap because they’re the same and for children” Now here he is blowing $60 for a near two year old port that has no DLC and barely 3000 people online (Activision’s fault for scamming people of the Nuketown pre-order) Damn fool. XD

                                  1. @Stranga don’t believe this idiot has been console banned and is funny because he said in one video that nintendo can’t win against him because “His power is over 9000? lol

                                1. lol the idiot bashes nintendo online gaming and want to play. Why do you give your NNID? i’m sure you’ve been banned.

                            3. You’re still an idiot. You can find that same game on eBay for $20 or less. So much for “saving money” and “Nintendo games are too expensive for me” and here you doing the exact opposite, as usual, hypocrite.

                            4. I loved Black OPS 2 Zombie Mode, and yes, people still play online.
                              The only “mistake” is that you paid $50… If you are in the US, you were severely ripped off. If you are in Australia…I guess that would make more sense.

                              Alsi, I think you are just trolling us…

                              1. He’s not even a troll and why people would believe in his words? the idiot has been banned from miiverse.

                            5. You don’t have money to your xbox 360, you’re telling lies only to cover the fact that you won’t be able to buy it. you hate nintendo and you’re going to support wii u, no matter if you buy used games you’re still supporting them, basically you’re telling the store where you buy the games that “no matter if i buy used games, i love my wii u” PATHETIC MORON!!!

                          3. HollowGrapeJ, why cant you just buy a charger instead or a new console? not knocking you down, it is your decision but if you say your charger is broken, the logical thing is to buy a new charger, makes no sense to buy a new console, if your intention was to so a wii u to wii u system transfer then makes total sense. to each their own i guess. next stop that gcn adapter for wii u to be able to wrok in wii mode cuz i wanna play some wii games that are compatible with gcn controllers like xenoblade and arcrise fantasia (voice acting is horrible but a fun game)

                            1. I do plan on getting a new charger eventually, but my charger broke RIGHT AFTER I used up all my money. I didn’t have any plans for buying anything game related for about 2 months, so this is a very bad time…

                              1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                                i got the energizer charger for my wii u gamepad and wii u. :)

                                1. … FACEPALM. I could’ve gotten that! I didn’t know it worked with the Wii U Gamepad! Now I feel like the biggest idiot ever. *sigh* Wtf. :(

                          4. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer, you do realize you can find that game for cheap, went to amazon to check the prices and saw CoD BO2 and Ghosts for about $15 ea. so basically i can get both for $30 (a little over) and brand new.

                              1. Yup. You’re on welfare. No wonder you able to buy cheap shit because you’re leeching money without working but stupid enough to blow that same money without planning a budget.


                          5. Wonder if this update allowed the GCN controller to navigate the eShop/menus through the adapter to prepare for it’s release. I really want that to do more than just play Smash. Just treat it like a Pro/classic controller cause if I’m gonna leave it plugged up, it’d be convenient if it could be used for plenty of things. And if it works for games in Wii mode i’ll be the happiest mfer..

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Me too, something like that atleast…

                                  This one
                                  Nintendo Commander 4axis
                                  Nintendo Commander Fouraxis
                                  Nintendo Second Commander Quadraxis JR
                                  And so on…

                          6. Wait so if you’re miiverse is permentanly banned, will it be perm banned once you transfer it to a new console?

                              1. Oh. I’m sorry for hurting your feelings on here. I didn’t know I had a limit on my opinions. I will tone it down for you.

                            1. Yes. You need to create a new network ID for Miiverse. You must have really abused the system to get perma-banned. I used the word “Fuck” several times, got a two week probation, can’t imagine what the fuck you did.

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                          8. Yay! Wish came true! Now I can save up for a Deluxe.

                            This could also boost Wii U sales on both console and software as it did for the 3DS. Somebody will sell, somebody will buy second hand and in the end install base will increase.

                            Now my new wish is for Nintendo to make buying a Gamepad easy for when one breaks.

                                1. Yes, it is annoying waiting for these games to come. But keep in mind that they have to completely change the controls and even the game itself to put it on the Wii U. I’m assuming that since N64 games are bigger than the NES and SNES games, it takes way longer for them to change that stuff. Which is why N64 VC has not arrived yet.

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                          10. LOL CLUNK OS PLAYSTATION NOT NEXT GEN






                            FUCKING PATHETIC






                            1. It’s funny that you call the PS4 outdated when the Wii U is terribly outdated. Sure it has a fancy gamepad (with like no battery life) but that does not make it superior. The internet support is dreadful, there’s no way to message your friends and ask “Hey, wanna play this game with me?”, no way to see which friends have popped online, no way to re-download your games if your console dies…. I could go on. The PS4 is a far superior system by so many standards. If you can’t admit that you’re pretty delusional. Nintendo could have made a phenomenal system but chose to make one that can’t even surpass the PS3 and X360. They don’t understand how to use the internet and they don’t understand that being “different” is their biggest flaw.

                              1. Why did you waste your time trying to reason with the guy? He’s a troll and he most likely isn’t going to reply back to you. XD

                              2. Strange my WiiU gamepad has a ton of battery life. Ps4 and Wii U aren’t outdated Ps2 and GC are outdated

                          11. This is such a useless update. Why would anyone transfer their stuff to a new Wii U? There’s no point. If they need to it’s cos they broke their Wii U and if that happened, well…. they’re pretty much screwed. Nintendo links your games to a system rather than your account. I don’t see why they don’t do like Sony does with theirs. You can activate up to 2 PS3’s to use PS3 titles, 1 PS4, and 2 Handhelds (2 PSPs, 2 Vitas or 1 of each). If one of them breaks, you deactivate it and activate it on your new system no problem. Nintendo should really get on to doing something like that so that people don’t fear their systems dying and losing their expensive games. This is the biggest reason my friends (the whole two of my many that bought a Wii U) don’t go digital.

                          12. Fucking finally! I would prefer a universal account system but this is better than nothing. Especially if a model with better data storage comes along in the next few months. I just need to have an SD card that’s big enough to hold system & save data ready, so I don’t lose the Wii data I have stored on my Wii U. I was so happy to see this update before I went to bed around 4-5 in the morning. (It’s still the 22nd of July for me.)

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