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New Ultimate Extended Slide Pad Revealed For Nintendo 3DS From Hori


Peripheral manufacturer Hori has revealed a new slide pad for the Nintendo 3DS to coincide with the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The new accessory changes the button placement on the Nintendo 3DS. There’s now a slide pad where the left shoulder button is and ZL underneath the grip on the left hand side. You can also see that by having the new slide pad on the left shoulder it allows you to adjust the camera and move only using your left hand.


Thanks, Barry D

76 thoughts on “New Ultimate Extended Slide Pad Revealed For Nintendo 3DS From Hori”

      1. What the hell is this!? It looks like the Nintendo Frankenstein!
        (but looks a bit bulky but cool too.) XD

            1. I would get a Vita for a couple of games, but the price doesn’t really seem worth it. I could’ve gotten one back in March, but I decided to get the 3DS XL. Borderlands 2 and Minecraft do seem like they could be worth it. Eh… ._.

              1. Borderlands 2 starts out ok, but after the first playthrough it descends into monotonous before finally becoming frustrating and unfun.
                The loot system is a downgrade compared to the first game, but the story is better by miles.
                I would say stick to the first one, and rent the second.

                1. Holy crap that’s awesome! o.O But… The only things I have to trade in are my Wii U and 3DS XL. I just got my XL 4 months ago and there’s a lot of games I want. And there are a number of Wii U games I want now too so selling either is definitely not an option. But it would be nice to get something for cheap…

              2. If the Vita is ever cheap like say 75-120 bucks, I’ll gladly get one for Final Fantasy Dissidia 1 & 2, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, & God of War: Chains of Olympus. And after I beat those games, bye bye Vita!

        1. The PS Vita is one of the best looking and most comfortable handhelds I’ve ever seen. Too bad it has nothing that interests me.

      1. If you were talking about the normal circle pad pro, i’d agree but this is.. quite a bizarre design. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how the hell i’d use a second slide pad on the shoulder. Seems odd to have to control that with something other than my thumb.

      2. 1. What the hell is a Vita? B/

        2. Who the fuck would waste $250 for a peanut gallery gimped PS3 on the go that only has PS3 ports from 1-2 year old games for the Crossbuy gimmick and charges ridiculous ass memory cards instead of using SDs?

        1. Miles better than the shitty circle pad, it makes my thumb so cramped. I love my 3DS but god damn I hate the circle pad, it’s flat and it requires too much force to hold in place which in turn makes your thumb hurt pretty quickly.

          Especially in games where you use the circle pad a lot, it becomes very noticeable how crappy it is for an analog stick.

          Never a problem on my Vita and the sticks are so sensitive they barely need any force to be moved. For the life of me I can’t understand how people call them crap, other than not being click-able and being smaller than regular analog sticks (which is expected its a handheld, I wouldn’t want big ass analog sticks on it) the sticks are awesome. All they have have is a smaller radius, so it just takes a little getting used to but other than that they are exactly like analog sticks.

          If you don’t like the games the Vita offers that is fine, I don’t care really but the Vita is designed so much better than the 3DS & 3DS XL. No question about it.

          Has way better battery life, better screen, more power, better analog sticks, better D-pad, better buttons, better touchscreen. Everything from a hardware perspective other than it not having 3D is better to me and it is cheaper than the 3DS XL, so I don’t get how people say the Vita is expensive either but then they own a 3DS XL. I love me some 3D on the 3DS though so that is about the only thing I would take points from.

          The games are all subjective, people can shit on them all they want, that is their right to have their opinion but I play my Vita and 3DS equally and I have about just as many games for both systems, so I don’t get this lack of Vita games crap, in my opinion all the games I own for both systems are great games.

          …. and no it isn’t just Persona 4. I can’t stand how that is like the only game people ever talk about when there are plenty of other good Vita games.

          It just amuses the hell out of me seeing people critique something that is actually very close to real analog sticks like on a console controller but then they don’t critique the damn circle pad, like that is perfect also. Not saying the Vita’s sticks are perfect but they are far more comfortable and way better than the circle pad that is for sure.

          I really hope Nintendo makes better analogs for their next portable, I don’t mind them being flat so much but they are so stiff.

          1. I’m going to have to agree with you there. I like the 3DS’s games more than the Vita’s, but overall, the Vita is far better in terms of design. And yes, I do notice it. Playing Mario Kart 7 for too long makes my hands cramped and the circle pad does not feel right at all on a racing game. I tried out the Vita at Gamestop and it took some time getting used to the analog sticks, but they worked well once I got used to it. And now that Smash is coming to 3DS, it’s going to be even worse trying to use that pad. I am assuming that since Smash Bros would probably use the D-pad for taunts, then you have to use the circle pad for movement which sucks. I am hoping analog stick is on the next handheld too, but I seriously doubt it.

            1. The Vita is so comfortable to play for long periods! Unfortunately the game library does tend to be cell-phone type games or cross-buy games. I could play Mod Nation Racers on Vita for hours whereas Mario Kart 7 I could only play for 20 minutes or so because my hand cramped. Not sure if it was from having to press A instead of R (Mod Nation you use the R button for accelerating) but it was just uncomfortable to use. The 3DS has a fantastic library of titles though making it a better choice in terms of that, but Vita certainly is a more easier system to use. The touch screen being a standard touch screen over the pressure sensitive one of the 3DS also makes it better. You don’t need to pull out the stylus to use the touch screen properly so you’re not spending those extra seconds yanking it out. Touch screen based games are far easier with Vita. The biggest downfall of Vita is the memory cards. Unfortunately due to the PSP being easily hacked (I think I did it in about 30 seconds to be honest) they decided to use their own type of memory card to try and prevent this. Of course the 3DS has still yet to be hacked, so they could have used a standard memory card rather than their own, but it’s too late for that. 3DS proved that people can enjoy full length games on the go but Sony thinks people just want pick up and play games like Candy Crush on Vita.

              1. They really aren’t using the Vita to it’s full potential. If they could just put some nice exclusives and stuff for it, I just might be more interested in it. I’m interested in a few things like Minecraft, Borderlands 2, Playstation All Stars, Sly Cooper, Gravity Rush, Uncharted, and Persona 4. But there’s a lot more games I want on 3DS so I went with that choice instead.

          2. Vita woulda been better if it were clampshell though. Honestly, that makes you not have to worry about getting a case to protect the screen. And a pocket size version would be nice. I can kinda fit one in my front pocket on most of my pants, but it seems like the back pocket is the only really viable space for it and I don’t wanna sit on the screen and all those buttons. It’d speed up the wear and tear on the system way too much, as I’m always moving my system in and out of my pockets. A smaller front pocket version or back pocket version would be best, I’d say. I also just wish Sony and third parties could take a note from Nintendo and learn how to make handheld videogames. Console games where you sit down for hours and play can stay on consoles for the most part, handhelds need pick-up-and-play games that you can play for 10 minutes or 3 hours if you so like, and I feel like most Vita games just aren’t quite getting that note right. Se la vi, I suppose

            1. I like the design just the way it is though. I would probably prefer to carry it in a case anyways, but that’s just me.

            2. The clamshell case would just make it heavier and more clunky. The 3DS and DS hinges are terribly unstable and jiggle even when you first pull them out of the box. Of course it works with the 3DS/DS systems due to the 2nd screen, but with the 2DS they’ve proved it’s not necessary.

      3. Maybe but your precious Vita doesn’t have Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Kirby, Yoshi, or any of the other Nintendo exclusives.

  1. Interesting. I haven’t played any MH game before and I don’t have a circle pad pro so I might get both if they come to the U.S.

  2. This things look horrible. I don’t care about it though because I don’t want Monster Hunter 4. Lol.

        1. Oh. Stay right there while I go get one of my knives. … lol I recommend the game if you like online co-op. I must warn you that some people online are assholes, though, & expect you to go with the best weapon & armor you got because they take the game too seriously instead of trying to actually have fun. So if you do get the game for Wii U at some point, make sure some of your friends on the Wii U aren’t one of those serious Monster Hunter gamers & try to hunt with them when you can.

          1. I don’t know. Monster Hunter isn’t fun to me. I didn’t get any enjoyment out of killing the monsters. Not even the easiest ones.

            1. If you’re going by the demo, you definitely need to get the actual game. The real fun is in carving parts from the monster to make better armor & weapons that you can use to customize your character’s appearance. Oh & also playing with others if they aren’t the serious hardcore hunters. The demo does not, I repeat, DOES NOT do the actual game justice.

              1. Still unsure. I’m not really into those type of games. I think I will rather wait for 4 if I’m gonna play one. I hope they have a demo for 4 too because I really don’t play Monster Hunter games. :/

    1. Probably not well. All aiming, no matter what is done with the touchscreen, so, at most, it would only change the movement/camera controls to the sensor, which would be a bad idea

  3. I may have to get sumin like this…I do have one but its for my smaller 3ds that was stolen by a $%**&&*^%£^%

  4. This looks uncomfortable, I don’t like the idea of wrapping my index finger to the back of my system to move a joystick. This will make it uncomfortable to play the game, especially if you are a gunner.

  5. I can’t wrap my head around this one, I can’t imagine using my finger now to move the analog back there, very weird and old school. Who pays these people to design this crap…?

    I mean this is basically “The Claw”, the same crap you were forced to do on the PSP.

    Just buy the damn circle pad pro, least that makes more sense. This is just stupid.

  6. You know, as much as I love it, I think it’s time to dump the clamshell for the next generation handheld and just bring out the old two-stick design. Can’t beat it. Lacking that, just two built-in circle pads like the prototype Wii U GP will work fine, I gues.

  7. Finally! That should help! At one point I basically owned a 3DS just for Monster Hunter! I love this game, and the slide pad could certainly help.

    I am super excited for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! xD

  8. It may look weird but it may make sense with the new MH4U camera mechanics this may be a very comfortable and nice way to play idk if inwouod buy it at jump but after reviews seeing how it interacts with other titles maybe.

  9. Really strange placement of the 2nd circle pad. It seems like that wouldn’t feel natural since all 2nd control sticks have been right on the front of controllers since PS1 (maybe sooner, but I don’t think so). It looks like it’d be easier to hold than the Nintendo circle pad pro, but it’d feel a bit odd using my index or middle finger to control a circle pad.

  10. If we get a US design, I hope it comes with the 2nd circle pad on the freaking right. I’ll practice such movements the next time I use my 3DS to see if I can use this design just in case we get this same exact design released over here in the States. If it feels uncomfortable, I won’t bother with getting this attachment.

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