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Atlus Holding Another Nintendo 3DS eShop Sale In The US

Atlus seem to enjoy holding various sales as their titles are generally discounted on the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop. This week you can get Devil Survivor Overclocked for $14.99, Shin Megami Tensei: Soul Hackers for $14.99, Shin Megami Tensei IV for $24.99, and finally, Code of Princess for $14.99.

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28 thoughts on “Atlus Holding Another Nintendo 3DS eShop Sale In The US”

  1. seriously anyone who hasn’t played Overclocked, PLAY OVERCLOCKED, and SMT IV. Soul Hackers, if you like PS1 era rpgs

    1. OverClocked is amazing. I played through 3x. Probably good to note that it’s turn-based strategy, some people don’t like that for some reason.

      I’m playing through Soul Hackers now. I may add it to my digital collection!

          1. You are correct, but dungeon crawlers ARE turn based strategy, most times.

            So yes. It is DEFINITELY turn based strategy, but not turn-based movement.

            Soul Hackers and Shin Megami 4?are kinda like Pokemon…with demons. ;D

            1. no Turn based strategy is where you move characters around on a grid based field, like Fire Emblem, Xcom, advanced wars ect. Devil Summoner is not TBS

  2. Code of Princess sucks, stay as far away as possible with that game. Everything else is pretty good though, I only have SMT IV, but that game alone was awesome! (story and all)

      1. The story was good, but I got bored with the gameplay too quickly, not to mention the voice overs were painful; especially the grunts in between attacks.

          1. I understand that, but I wouldn’t want someone who may feel the same way as me to buy this game and waste money. My opinion may not matter to you, but it could to someone else.


              I think it is a good game, for people who enjoy beat´em-ups. The story is kind of short, though, but there´s extre missions to extent the game´s life. I do understand, on the other side, that some people may not like it, because it´s a genre that seems a little dated today.

        1. I enjoy beat-em-up games so I can definitely get this game for $14.99 in the States. I just hope this sale lasts past August 1st since I can’t afford it til the 1st.

    1. it was my first 3ds game and i loved it, also did you finished all the extra missions? did you know you can play online?? (it’s pretty much dead though lol), did you know you can screw up your character forever??? did you know you can overpower a dragon with an old lady???? i think is a missed oportunity to troll online with this game OLD LADY I CHOOSE YOU!!!

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