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New Hyrule Warriors Trailer With Zelda And The Wind Waker

Nintendo of America has posted a brand new trailer for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors which is exclusive to the Wii U. The latest video shows off Princess Zelda using the Wind Waker as a baton to fend off the legions of enemies intent on attacking her. Hyrule Warriors launches on September 26th in the United States.

18 thoughts on “New Hyrule Warriors Trailer With Zelda And The Wind Waker”

  1. Odd how she’s called the Princess of Hyrule in the trailer when the site states that she is infact the Queen of Hyrule in this game. Also they’re calling her weapon the baton as opposed to the Wind Waker? I guess it does look somewhat different to the wind waker though since it has red jewels. still the Wind Waker is a unique instrument to the royal family.

    1. Perhaps they’re worried about the connotations associated with “Wind Waker”. The game is gorgeous and one of the best of the franchise, in my opinion, but that’s not the popular opinion from the gist I get on Zelda sites.

    2. They might be doing this game like what they did with Link Between Worlds when releasing it outside of Japan: leaving out a plot point that reveals Zelda is going to have a coronation as she’s made the Queen of Hyrule. And it will be because of “It’s because people outside of Japan aren’t use to that idea for Zelda.” bullshit.

  2. This isn’t exactly new. KoeiTecmo put this exact trailer up on their Youtube channel almost a week ago, the only difference was it had Japanese text. I thought you guys already linked that as well? If not then oh well, at least you are letting people know now, even though it is a bit late. Can’t wait for this game.

  3. I wonder why the didn’t just call it the wind waker, it basically is that and since this is a spin-off it doesn’t really matter. Also if they didn’t want to do that why did the just call it baton

    1. Anyone that has played the Warriors/Musou games will tell you if you go into this game expecting to beat it with 1 button on higher difficulties, you’ll end up dead more than you will be pwning the enemies.

    2. Oh & you should try watching these trailers in HD on an HD TV. Youtube videos don’t do the HD of this game justice. As for repetitive, game series like these thrive off being repetitive. Much like Call of Duty or God of War.

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