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Tetris Ultimate Will Be Coming To Nintendo 3DS

Today, Ubisoft announced that the evolution of the world’s most loved puzzle game will be available for Nintendo 3DS this fall. In addition to delivering six exciting modes, Tetris Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS also includes an exclusive single-player Challenge mode that will put any player’s determination to the test.

With fun features and unique visuals, Tetris Ultimate for Nintendo 3DS allows 1–4 players to face off in seven different game modes:

• Marathon – Complete level 15 and rack up as many points as you can.
• Endless – Keep clearing lines until your stamina runs out.
• Ultra – Race to score as many points possible before time runs out in this three-minute challenge.
• Sprint – Clear 40 lines as quickly as you can.
• Battle – Go head-to-head to knock out 1-4 challengers.
• Battle Ultimate – Be the last person playing after using crazy power-ups. Go on the offensive with Carousel and make your opponent’s Well shift to the left after each move, or trigger Let it Rain and dump garbage down on top of them. Buzz Saw helps you out by clearing away a number of your lines, especially useful when you’re in a spot of trouble.
• Challenge – From disappearing Tetriminos (Tetris playing pieces) to orientation-locked Tetriminos, be prepared for a variety of challenges that will test a player’s fortitude.

Real-time worldwide leaderboards add to the fervor and competition among friends to see who the best-of-the-best Tetris Ultimate players really are.

Tetris Ultimate will also be available for digital download this summer for the first time on Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, and this fall on PlayStation Vita handheld entertainment system and Windows PC.

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53 thoughts on “Tetris Ultimate Will Be Coming To Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Did you notice the part where it says that Ubisoft is making the game? It’s literally the second word in the article.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


      “We give the best versions to the Sonyans and Xbots even though the Xbots don’t sell as much as the Wii U while the Nintendite species can have our second hand garbage.”

      That’s the only thing I need to know from the traitors…

          1. I think he only likes the 3DS, i have him as a friend on miiverse and it says he hasnt been on his Wii U in weeks.

          2. That’s the dumbest thing you’ve said so far. So you’re saying we should’ve bought Xbox One or PS4 with DRM controlling our purchases and freedom of product use that we spend on just so they can decide what we should do with their products, aka “Gaming Dictatorship”?


            1. To be fair, there are a lot of PS4 and Xbox One games that aren’t on the Wii U so it’s understandable why someone that owns a Wii U would also get one.

      1. The Xbox One hasn’t sold as many units as the Wii U, but the games sell about 3X better. ((This is why they aren’t supporting it))

        1. Because 1. Xbox One, like PS4, doesn’t have much decent games to offer so these are sold out of desperation from the same fools who are tricked to buy a so called “powerful” console that can’t even run games passed 800p without technical problems and 2. Ubisoft long destroyed Nintendo fans loyalty since they delayed Rayman Legends a month after saying this white lie:

          “Well, technically we could to it with SmartGlass [for Xbox 360] and with the Vita being linked to the PlayStation 3. The possibility could be there, but we chose to really focus on Wii U specifically because it has a special toolset, and because everyone that buys it gets what they need to play the game.”

          “We don’t want to have the player dependent on other technology that they have to purchase to make sure they can play the full experience. Here you buy the Wii U system, you buy the game, and you can experience all of the content without extras. And we didn’t want to give somebody half of the experience just for the sake of getting it out on another console. We want the player to get everything that we have to offer them from this game.”

          -Chris McEntee, Ubisoft designer

          So good luck (not) to Ubidorks trying to earn or trick that “respect” back from Nintendo fans.

      2. And we already have Axis so why buy this garbage especially from Ubiliars?

        And now they finally make a new fucking 3DS game (gimped on top of that) since launch 3 years ago but they already did enough BS damage to Nintendo fans trust so this half assed port ain’t gonna do shit for 3DS. But why not port to Wii U instead if they wanna show whatever “faith” they lied to have left for Wii U plus 3DS already has a Tetris game since 2011 and don’t need another.

        Again, fuck Ubishitheads.

          1. I already bought Axis from eShop when it was on sale for $10. So this plus Ubisoft means less than nothing to me. Wii U, same case since they fucked that system’s rep since launch.

    2. And after 3 whole years of nothing, Ubisoft is gimp porting, I mean “making” a (not so) new 3DS game? Its gonna be awesome!

      Said no one ever.

      I’m gonna tell ya why this is gonna fail bad: 1. No Nintendo fan wants anything from Ubiliars anymore, not after how they mistreated the fans and 2. Tetris Axis already exists and its gonna be far cheaper when this joke of a “new Ubisoft 3DS game” launches.

    1. Because Axis already exists on 3DS since launch and knowing this is a new Ubisoft game, no Nintendo fan is gonna waste time ver this not after what they did.

  1. Tetris Axis was a huge step in the wrong direction compared to Tetris DS. I’ll get this, hopefully its better than Axis.

    1. Yeah Tetris ds is pretty rad. My favorite version by far. Nintendo released a great 3d tetris game called Potzls Puzzles.

    2. I actually miss the DS version. Nintendo theme modes were cool and it has online play. Axis isn’t that bad but feel a bit step down from DS because it didn’t have that same charm DS had.

    1. And giving a Tetris game to 3DS instead of Wii U which 3DS already has Axis and has backward compatibility to the DS version, this porting is as stupid as Ubisoft is recently. This ain’t gonna go well and I hope so after what Ubisoft did to disrespect the Nintendo fanbase with constant BS.

  2. Well, Tetris was too big for the Wii U, but it’s good to see that it’s on the 3DS. I’m sure that the company could have made it work for the Wii U as well if they really wanted too. Ah well, this one still sounds fun and I’ll be ready for it!

      1. Translation, Ubisoft is lazy and stupid as usual. Skip Wii U to give Tetris to 3DS when it already has a Tetris game that’s gonna be far cheaper than this trash port. Axis is gonna be the same thing but costs $10 by then.

  3. Keep this away from the WiiU.
    Don’t get me wrong, Nintendo and Sega have the PuyoPuyo Tetris game and I really want that version as it will have both games. If this gets a WiiU release then we will not get the Puyo Puyo / tetris.

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  5. Not buying and don’t care since its Ubi-fucking-lying-soft.

    I already have Axis and rarely play it anyway so this is a pointless port.

    And of all the games to make after 3 years of the 3DS launch, Ubidiots decide to gimp port another Tetris game to 3DS when Axis already exists and gonna be super cheap by the time this trash releases. Not to mention after how Ubisoft treated Nintendo gamers, this game isn’t gonna sell pass 10,000 copies max.

  6. I am the only one here that thinks tetris games suck and are boring and aren’t worth any money I wouldn’t waste 1 dollar on this game people save your money for something better

  7. A shame I’m pissed off at Ubidicks & a shame that I’d rather play Dr Luigi on my Wii U than Tetris on the 3DS. Speaking of, I went ahead & got Dr Luigi for my Club Nintendo reward. I can just buy Super Mario Bros since it’s only around 5 bucks.

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