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Aonuma Wants Zelda Wii U To Be Vast

The Legend of Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has written a segment on the official Nintendo news website about his plans for Zelda Wii U. Aonuma wouldn’t give too much away, but he did want to comment on the enormous landscapes players will inevitably encounter when they get their hands on the game next year.

“I still won’t say so much about this, but we made it a theme of sorts to review the commonplaces of Zelda. In the Wii U version, I feel like I have to say, “the game will take place in a vast world!” For example, “If you go to the other side of that mountain, what will happen?” or “I have seen this from this side, but I wonder what appears from the other side.” You can play like this, but you might not be that free in the game quite yet. At this time in the Wii U version, if you just think you can continue walking freely, beyond the mountains, over the valleys, you will just continue to walk until you’re very far away. So how you will play the new Zelda, well… I look forward to how everyone will do so!”

169 thoughts on “Aonuma Wants Zelda Wii U To Be Vast”

        1. Don’t even. We all know you hate all companies except Nintendo regardless of how sweet some of their games are.

          1. Takes one to know one. And besides, I only dislike jackass companies who make illogical decisions that screws consumers (Microsoft/EA/Ubisoft) and takes shortcuts in game designs just to sucker suckers to buy DLCs on a disc after another (basically most of 3rd parties nowadays)

            Sorry that I don’t think like you idiots judging consoles and games over specs and graphics. Fools…

            1. You’re the fool for judging people who like what you “don’t”. Get over it. Not everyone can like the same things.

            2. You idiots”? Interesting how you suddenly came to the conclusion that he liked any of the companies you stated, even though the only thing he did was to rephrase our comment to suit your fanboyism

              ” DLCs on a disc”
              Yeah, Mario Golf absolutely didn’t have that! Oh wait…

                    1. It’s because it’s not true, just the ramblings of a moron who is obsessed with Nintendo but can’t admit it to himself or others. He’s like a pre-pubescent teenage boy who insults the girl he likes, derangedly thinking it will somehow make her like him back.

            3. “I only dislike jackass companies who make illogical decisions that screws consumers”

              Sounds like you should hate NIntendo too since they screwed the gamers with month long game droughts, and having a useless controller.

              1. Or maybe Nintendo was trying to give 3rd parties a chance to gain a foothold on the Wii U? But we all know how that went. EA threw a temper tantrum because they couldn’t get money off the Wii U by having their Origin built into the online infrastructure. Ubisoft delayed Rayman Legends when it was finished for the Wii U version & brought out the PS3 & XB360 versions first with the Wii U version following two months later. As for the others, they used the small install base excuse knowing full well they could have sold some games for the Wii U & helped the install base grow by giving the console some good games. 3rd parties are just as much to blame for the Wii U’s bad first year. But that’s what Nintendo gets for putting faith in American 3rd party companies that are too chickenshit to take a chance. I’m not as bad as Stranga but even I can’t help but notice some of the 3rd party bullshit.

                1. They didn’t make enough money and they weren’t going to keep making games so they install base can only go up by like 1%. People bought a Wii U with the clear intentions of buying Nintendo games. So either way it’s a loss.

        1. More like hypocrite confirmed. I praise a nintendo game, you try to shoot it down. I truthfully criticize nintendo, you get butthurt. What do you want, strangamyselfwhileidrinkcum?

      1. If they make ZeldaU open-world, it could have the potential to be a TRUE system seller. Open-world is hot right now, and as long as they don’t find a way to fuck it up, this COULD be the best Zelda ever.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The only thing to me that’s left to know is what controller will be used to play this…

            1. I hope it’s the game pad, I could see an item, like the scope in WW only you only zoom on the game pad screen, while the TV remains normal so you can be aware of your immediate surroundings!

              1. Good idea with the Gamepad. Nothing worse than looking at a distant area only to have a freaking enemy come from out of nowhere & attack you from behind or from the sides where you can’t see him because of the telescope. I’m hoping for a mixture of Gamepad & Wii Motion Plus. I wouldn’t mind putting the Gamepad down to switch to the Wiimote for sword fighting since it would feel like the real thing. You can’t use a two handed item while also unsheathing your sword & go into sword fighting.

          2. I think the most likely thing would be to over promise, then scale back. Nintendo has had a bad habit of providing something epic, then taking it away.

            As long as they don’t pull one of those, I think we’re safe!

              1. When didn’t they? ;)
                Flipnote / 3D
                Scaled back Voice chat in Mario Kart8
                Difficult to invite friends in MK8
                Miiverse clusterfuck
                The new Comic – creating app, allowing us to share comics in Miiverse, then taking the ability away.

                So, for Zelda, maybe they have a bit of online, maybe we can leave messages around the world for each other like in ZombiU, but then they scale it back to just posting one of a few pre-written messages. (just a quick example that came to mind)

                1. They can run their business the way they want, I would just rather not get a feature than have it half-assed or taken away two months later. :/

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                    They need to start to see that about 50% are adults within our empire…

                    Stop being over-protective just because of a few pathetic slaves that cannot follow simple laws…

                2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Well atleast not when it comes to games for the most part…

                  But yes, Swapnote was such an unecessary moe to do…

                  Yes it would be fun to have such a feature, I’m hoping there is a 2 player co-op aswell, locally obviously…

                3. Instead of bottles to throw in the ocean, we have bottles to bury. And to find the bottles of others, there will be sparkling spots on the ground.

          3. Eiji Aonuma has only let me down once with being in charge of Zelda & that was Twilight Princess. In hindsight, I can accept the fact that Twilight Princess was his first time trying to do a big ass world, so I won’t hold it against him.

    1. We barely know anything about the game. Is having a vast world really enough for you to make it better than previous Zelda games ?
      I personally will be more sceptical towards it and enjoy news concerning it more carefully, especially after the huge disappointment Skyward Sword made me go through.

      1. True open world, along with how you approach areas as being part of the game play mechanic could be a fresh way to build puzzles into the game.

        Obviously we don’t KNOW how good the game will be. But I’m definitely excited at the prospect of an open world exploration.

        1. That’s true. But taking a different way than how we know it =/= automatically better. Could go very wrong too.
          Besides, Miyamoto said he wouldn’t exactly call it “open-world”, so maybe we shouldn’t get too excited about that.

              1. No, he doesn’t like calling it “open world”, therefore he doesn’t like the term. He knows what it is… “open world”.

            1. That is true too. (: I just hope it won’t turn out to be a huge disappointment like Skyward Sword was to me.

      2. Too bad. Skyward Sword was one of the best Zelda games I’ve ever played. Sure the linearity sucked but it fit for the story Eiji was trying to tell. And if this game ends up being a sequel to Skyward Sword before Hyrule was founded, it will definitely make Skyward Sword look even better with the linearity since it left the rest of the land hidden to be shown off in the sequel. Imagine if Twilight Princess was broken into two games. The first game would let you explore every inch of Hyrule but you would only be able to beat the first 3 dungeons of the game if it was a whole. Then the second game comes along with the same exact land that you’ve already fully explored. But this all hinges on the if factor: will the new Zelda be a sequel to Skyward Sword.

  1. Nintendo is my Blood

    Give Aonuma a cookie, if only more developers thought that way instead it is more like

    “We want our games to be vast… in the form of our DLC, available now for $20 for 1 addition level because fuck you”

        1. That’s Electronic Arts for ya. But there are hundreds of games that have huge open worlds that don’t shove DLC down your throat.

    1. And that’s why I’m more comfortable with Nintendo because fuck the greedy and lazy 3rd party taking shortcuts.

      1. Yeah like day one DLC for Mario Golf, New Super Luigi U, Pikmin 3 DLC, Mario Kart 8 DLC… Oh wait! According to fanboys they’re “innovations” right?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’ve never heard any civilian, fan or fanboy describe any DLC as “innovative”…

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Whoever these are I don’t care, the only thing I care about as me not being interested in it at all…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  I see, which makes it even more irrelevant for me haha…

                  These “reviewers and commentators” are as civilian like as you can get…

                  Their opinions means nothing to superior gamers…

          1. And Nintendo doesn’t shove BS DLC down on everyone like EA did with Mass Effect 3/Dead Space 3 endings or COD’s consistent rounds of $15 5 crappy ass map packs.

          2. That’s exactly the same for literally every single DLC available, except for iOS/Android games

        2. Cheap-free Mario Golf DLC, New Super Luigi being charged $20 as a new game with new, harder levels and playable character with an optional $30 disc whom both DLCs are wisely implemented unlike COD’s $15 for 5 potentially crappy designed maps or a fixed ending of Mass Effect 3/Dead Space 3 that should’ve been in the game, Pikmin 3 DLC for battle mode and also charged super cheap, MK8 DLC currently is free and nothing more announced after.

          You lose.

          1. Mario Golf DLC isn’t free. NSLU retail is an obvious cash grab. Nabbit replaced the Mii character in NSMBU. To compare, COD Ghosts DLC was free on Wii U, includes your typical COD shit maps, while Pikmin 3 is still DLC and charges you. That Mercedes DLC was just weird lol.

            1. Pikmin 3 gave several free maps, but If i recall didn’t they stop support on DLC on ghost after a point on wii u but the other versions got more, I might be wrong, because I don’t play COD

          2. Why are new levels + a green Mario through New Super Luigi for $20/$30 okay, but $15 (or even less if you buy a season pass or Premium membership) for new maps + weapons + game modes + vehicles in games like CoD or Battlefield a ripoff ? You make no sense.

        3. And WTF ever called DLC “innovative” besides you trying to sound like a smart ass calling Nintendo DLCs “worse”?

          Try again asshat. Your 3rd party damage controlling sucks.

  2. wow, I can’t wait to play it, it’s good the year is passing too fast, it’s already the end of july. I want to see new races and the old ones too.

  3. This Zelda will keep my busy for a long time. And then maybe after a year of finally exploring every thing. I’ll replay it again for another year 😸

      1. Come unto me,
        all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
        I will give you HD gaming.
        – Sasori

        Church of Sasori

        1. yes, Jesus could be a black man.
          and definitely NO, sasori is not the real Jesus.
          sasori is THE MORONIC JESUS of gaming -and fapping-.

      1. apparently, sasori the ape -a. k. a. the flip fapper, black fag, the moronic jesus of gaming/fapping, the butthurted xbutt, etc, etc- has been copying the way we insult/make fun of him :P

  4. This game is already an insta-win/buy for me. :3 Eiji is a very capable designer and Miyamoto made the right call choosing him to lead Zelda after he’s gone in the near future.

    1. Let me rephrase that: Everything Nintendo is fucking awesome BECOZ I SAID SO, everything sony and mircrosoft is immediately shit

      1. Not so immediately but yes. Games tend to suck and get boring shortly after. Look at GTA5. Was hyped but then people say its overhyped and boring..just like GTA4. XP They can’t tell from real good video games anymore. Its all now an afterthought of gameplay/value and all about fucking graphics this and powerful specs that.

    2. Agreed. As I said before, Eiji has only let me down once with Zelda (Twilight Princess) & it was a first time for him. He tried that with Skyward Sword but pissed a lot of people off with the linearity. But if I get my wish for Zelda for Wii U to be a sequel to Skyward Sword, the linearity of Skyward Sword will be a good thing as it kept you from seeing how vast the land that will become Hyrule really was.

      1. He tried to fix that with Skyward Sword by making the land smaller but pissed off a lot of people when he made it linear.*

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      It’s new to the Zelda franchise, ipso facto, it needs all the hype it can get…

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Sorry, I’m an advanced cyborg machine dark hybrid, sometimes these human “jokes” elude me…

  5. Being in my 30s I remember getting the first game Christmas 88 gave a 9 year old boy at that time a sense of wonder. Played it most of the day (my dad can’t stand the theme tune due to hearing it non stop) and loved every minute of it. To have a huge vast open world to explore in Zelda Wii U and the freedom to play it your way. All I can say is bring on 2015
    PS. Someone offered my a Virtual Boy (which are very rare in the UK) for £300. You can imagine what I said back.

    1. JEALOUS! X3

      Serious note, you wish your Xbox branded Betamax has it hands on Zelda. But looking at how the new and utterly fucked Rare killed Banjo and Conker, they will butcher Zelda too. Thank god its not happening and never gonna happen. Stick to your glitchfest Skyrim and keep praying years to come that it’ll ever be fixed..not. XD

          1. “Stick to your glitchfest Skyrim and keep praying years to come that it’ll ever be fixed..not. XD”

            I was asking Stranga where he got that idea from

      1. I was never plagued by any of the glitches in Skyrim and I bought it at launch and I’ve put over 300 hours into it.

        I guess you hear more about glitches when 10s of millions of people buy it. The PS3 version is ass though. Lazy Devs and their lazy porting.

  6. DLC can be good…if they are implemented in the form of an expansion pack.

    Anyway, this Zelda sounds like exactly what I have wanted from the series ever since I played TES III: Morrowind way back in the day.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Personally I think DLC should not be released until like 3 months after the game has been released…

      Releasing DLC at launch or within a few weeks tells me that they got lazy and wanted fast resources…

      And yes this applies to our own empire sometimes…

  7. People drop the DLC argument, it has nothing to deal the article. It amazes me how people can start BS…Well this is the internet.

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    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland > Zelda > A burn set on fire by cow manure > Witcher 3

      Fixed it for you. ;)

            1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Not sure about nostalgiaww, he/she or “it” is a complete pathetic tool, its like the equivalent of Sasori’s failed and exposed alter ego TalkingFapper, destroyed before even speaking.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                True, and unlike other trolls, this one is just boring, evil and pathetic…

                Oh well, I’m sure the next big lulz income will soon arrive…

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  I’ll keep an eye on things though. ;)
                  Does not matter who the troll is, they will be destroyed, because in my past life before having my soul formatted into an advanced cybernetic robot android and an Android phone, my memory files indicated that I was quite the counter troll as a civilian.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Yes, it was quite an honor, probably why I was formatted into this device, its less fragile than my former inferior human organic structure, actually i’m not even sure if its a device, its more like a cybernetic body that can digitalize stuff, but that is besides the point, admiral isn’t as high as you think, in fact its around the equivalent of yours commander.

      1. The Witcher series is a masterpiece. So is Zelda, but of course a biased retard ponyfag like yourself puts down things you’ve never played.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          I’m sorry, I don’t understand retardation of an inferior ape like you who can’t even grasp the full concept of trolling.

          Nor does the repeated mention of “pony flag” will help your argument because it just obviously shows your butthurt. Now shoo.

        2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          Congratulations, you managed to piece together a shitty insult based on somebody using a pony picture. You should be proud of yourself.

          *slow clap*

        3. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

          I seriously doubt the witcher series is a masterpiece, especially because you, AKA Sasori, have played it. And yes, I know it’s you sasori. I’m an assassin, remember? It’s my job to know these things.

          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

            Lol no, Sasori has a too weak computer to play anything that good, but then again, Sasori does have the tendency to praise a game he never played.

            1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

              Which would make him rather the hypocrite, wouldn’t it? Then again, he is wont to be one and has proven such time and time again, indeed.
              *snarky laugh* *top hat monocle monocle top hat monocle*

    2. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

      Logic > impracticality
      Impracticality = your reasoning
      your reasoning Witcher 3
      due to the above reasons combined
      my reasoning, therefore, = logic
      and yours is not = to logic.

      Make sense?

    1. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

      You know what? Your mom is overrated. There. I said it. The thing we all were thinking, but were afraid to say.

    2. I say Twilight Princess is overrated. My opinion says hi to your opinion. ^.^ And considering that Ocarina of Time set some standards that many games follow to this day, I think it deserves it’s place as one of the greatest games ever made.

        1. Then maybe you should try to play it then. Get the 3DS version, though, so the outdated graphics of the original on Wii Virtual Console won’t effect your enjoyment. If you dislike the game, then you can complain about all of the talk of the game. Wait… Which one are you talking about: Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess? lol

          1. LOL I’m talking about TP? I don’t even need to play OOT to know it’s the greatest game ever made.

  9. As long as “vast” doesn’t mean a game-ruining level of endless, repetitive, boring traveling from one area to another a la The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, it’s fine.

    1. Good thing Wind Waker HD fixes that for anyone that bothers to buy it instead of sticking with the original.

      1. Agreed. I almost gave up on the game until I got the Swift Sail. I don’t like the endless amounts of blue ocean and the boring sailing music. I’m still playing it because of the story though.

        1. I enjoy the sailing when I’m not in a hurry to the next area. With WWHD, I used the Tingle Bottles to tell a story as if I was traveling with Link, instead of being Link himself, to increase my fun with the game. It also made the sailing more fun to do & kept me from rushing the story along at times.

  10. I find it more interesting that he called it the “Wii U version.” I may be over thinking it,or it may just be a bad translation, but this statement could be to hint a 3DS counterpart to the game.

  11. I guess he’s trying not to compare it with the likes of Skyrim, GTA5, or any other open world game. But how do you change the open world design?

  12. EstocZero, Nintendo Assassin

    The finished article of Sasori Obinna Mii will go up on Encyclopaedia Dramatica in precisely five days from now. An unfinished draft version, with no links or in-site references or screenshots, will be up for general viewing tonight. if you all want to see Sasori’s butthurt in one place before he rips it down and cries, make sure you take a peek in about 2-3 hours from now. In the meantime, you shall see me around here from time to time trolling him for further content to add. Cheers!

  13. Please be a sequel to Skyward Sword. If it by some chance is, it would explain why Link has a ponytail in what Eiji showed us at E3. It would mean that Link let it grow out after the events of Skyward Sword.

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