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If You’re At Comic Con Then Nintendo May Send You A Demo For Smash Bros 3DS

If you’re attending San Diego Comic Con then you may get the chance to download a demo for Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo is asking fans to take a photo of their whereabouts at San Diego Comic Con, compose a tweet with the photo and the hashtag #BringMeSmash, and a Nintendo employee may decide to come on over and allow you to play a a demo of the highly anticipated game while you’re at the event.

Update: IGN says it’s actually Nintendo employees that will show up with a demo of Super Smash Bros. The winner will enjoy a brief hands-on session as a prize.

98 thoughts on “If You’re At Comic Con Then Nintendo May Send You A Demo For Smash Bros 3DS”

    1. *Update: IGN says it’s actually Nintendo employees that will show up with a demo of Super Smash Bros. The winner will enjoy a brief hands-on session as a prize*

      Why the hell should the employees get the demo? they can practically play whenever they want!
      and OOOOOH wow a hands on session for fans -__-”
      they should just distribute a normal demo competition/raffle

      ps. Though there’s still a chance, there still might not be a chance we will get a normal demo thru eshop mainly because it will be played too much. (they’ll probably put a timed demo & low amounts of usage)

    1. Do what you want with your wiener juice if that’s what you’re both in to during sexy fun time, just don’t let us know in the next (or any other) article :3

    1. Agreed! And what do us, the supportive Nintendo fans who support the Wii U since day one get?
      Well, besides being able to play the Wii U since day 1.

  1. no, they never saif that they would send you a code. you get to play it on a system they give you for a short time.

  2. Download code for a demo on your own 3ds? That is not what the image says. What it says is “You’ll get a message.” This could be a message saying that someone is headed your way with a 3ds with the demo on it.

    This makes a lot more sense to me.

      1. Nintendo needs to utilize demos a lot more to ensure people actually go about buying their game.

        From what I was told, it’s a good game but some fans were turned off when they found out it wasn’t like Melee (god forbid it isn’t fast pace for doing a wave dash).

  3. Omg…. This makes me mad… Why are the people who have money better me? I can’t afford to go to e3 I can’t afford to go to Comic Com I can’t afford to drive 3 hours to the nearest best buy… They should just put it on the eshop.. This is really pissing me off..

    1. Cry some more, baby. My do I enjoy seeing these menchildren getting so worked up over a childrens’ game. Ah-haha. You mad, baby? The soles of my shoes are worth more than your opinions.

      If you want to get somewhere other than behind your moniter complaining over kid games while eating away your reality, you may want to try hard work and a better education like the rest of us decent folks.

      #Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon.

        1. Your tears only make me richer. Here, take this nickel. I found it on some dog turd in my morning walk. Use it to open a savings account instead of complaining about how us rich people are superior.

          See? Donald isn’t a bad guy. He has room in is heart for pitty.

            1. Typical language from the low-class group. Donald understands. That’s why he lives far away from the urban areas. The ghetto is where trash strives.

              1. (I apologize now for my language) You are a miserable son of a b***h go somewhere else with all your ‘money’ and torment them since ‘your rich’ you must be so busy you wouldn’t be bothered to waste your time with ”low lifes”

  4. Why on earth doesn’t Nintendo offer EVERYONE a free demo? It’s bad enough that people going to comic con will get to see the new Smash Bros. games. But they’re the only ones that gets a demo too?

  5. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’m sorry all, I thought this would be a great idea to promote our sacred game…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Me too, last I heard they were ready to sell their empire for 3 million dollars as that was its current worth…

        Somehow they want to break free from the void…

    1. Wouldn’t that be a good thing though considering that most of their day 1 launches have glitches and bugs? LOL let them take their time then.

      1. The only EA game that had bugs on day one was BF4. Why do you guys keep acting as BF4=every EA game ever made?

        1. Why does Battlefield 4 still have glitches long after it’s launch? We are almost at the next BF game already and they didn’t fix it. And their other games do have bugs too.

          1. If you actually play BF4 you would realize it’s completely free of the glitches that held it back in 2013. EA patched it up long ago

          2. And you’re ignoring my question. Just because 1 game was poorly developed/rushed by EA, how does that immediately mean that every EA game is buggy?

            1. I don’t know what magical copy of BF4 you were playing, but I got to play the PS3 version back at launch. And anyway, why are you defending EA? XD

  6. Honest question: how long do you think it’ll take for Nintendo to be completely crushed by Sony/Microsoft?

    1. That’s just stupid. It’s like asking how long before you decide to fuck a rhinoceros… It’s just ridiculously unlikely and makes the question senseless.

      1. HAHAHAHA, what a strange situation to use…Best laugh I’ve had all morning.
        Also reminds me of that one scene in Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

  7. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Someone please remove Winter from our base and replace it with Autumn…

    The amount of white garbage it spits out…

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