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Mega Man Battle Network Arrives Next Week On Wii U Virtual Console

Capcom has confirmed that Mega Man Battle Network is set to arrive July 31st on the Wii U Virtual Console service in North America. The release date was announced in the latest Nintendo Minute episode, in which the YouTube series’ hosts chat about what’s going on in the world of Nintendo and Capcom. Mega Man Battle Network will be available later today, July 24, on Wii U in Europe. It will launch alongside ports of Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6.

36 thoughts on “Mega Man Battle Network Arrives Next Week On Wii U Virtual Console”

  1. I want a Battle Network collection for 3DS more than any Nintendo game coming out, even SSB4, but Crapcom just doesn’t do anything right.

  2. I’ve never really cared about Mega Man at all. His games don’t interest me. But this is still good news for some of the MM fans.

      1. Actually I care about Hollow Grape J. Hollow Grape J is a fellow human being, and thus, I feel that Hollow Grape J deserves some care, even if by a random stranger on the internet.

    1. If you like internet, cyber crime stories etc etc, you should check it out. Megaman is just the name to get you in the story plot. In the end megaman is just a “navi” wich is an evolved cellphone with personalitie wich you can send to the web to do stuff. So surfing on the web is when you play with megaman but also you have to interact with the real world. The concept for me was great, i loved the first game i played it at launch and i fell in love with the serie and played and collected all of them (even number 4 wich was crappy), so yea. I mayor on computers cience and so i loved it. Yes it may reseamble to pokemon becouse you have to get all the chips, but in the end they are collectables wich all games have. If you want to face the final hidden boss you have to get them all. Too bad it didn’t had hard mode, the second battle network has hard mode and that is very challenging.
      Well hope you give it a chance or at least go watch some videos on you tube.

    1. So wrong. The first one was meh compared to later installments, yes, but the series is not like Pokémon. Besides being an rpg. People just say that because the battle chips have images on them of enemies, so it’s “like catching them” to them, but it’s not really. You don’t use the enemies you defeat in battle, you take an attack inspired by them and get to use it once per battle (which are in real-time, different than pkmn also), you can move around during battle, etc, etc so.. I don’t get why people compare it to pkmn.

  3. I am so excited for this game. Three months back, I bought Rockman.EXE Operate Shooting Star. It was brilliant game with one cross over storyline of MegaMan Star Force. However, my huge disappointment with this game was armor was removed and SkullMan.EXE and ShadowMan.EXE navi chip code was changed to another letter.

    I will definitely download this game to thrill my Rockman.EXE love.

  4. I want both Nintendo company and capcom company realized that mega man battle network series do work well on 3ds and wii u. There are many fans of megaman who have 3ds or wii u or both system will have tons of fun

      1. Whatever you say. I was talking about Crapcom, not Nintendo. Nintendo is bad to, but not as bad as Crapcom.

  5. Mega Man Battle Network 3 is my favourite Mega Man game but even I admit that MMBN1 is not that good of a game. It feels like a beta for the following MMBN games honestly. It’s not well polished at all like MMBN6.

    1. No offense but what a stupid comment. “Yea man the first game in a series isn’t even as polished as the 6th game of the series!how lame! ” maybe because the 6th game of a series had THAT many games to perfect its formula and evolve over time?

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