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Trine Enchanted Edition Coming To Wii U eShop

Frozenbyte, the developers behind the well-received Trine series, has announced that Trine Enchanted Edition will be coming to Wii U. The game is a rebuild of the original Trine video game utilising Trine 2’s gorgeous engine. The game is also coming to the PlayStation 4.

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50 thoughts on “Trine Enchanted Edition Coming To Wii U eShop”

    1. I believe this is Trine 1 and 2 put into one game and they are both awesome games! :D

      I’d recommend it mate.

      1. It’s actually only the first game, but re-done in the engine of the second. This means better graphics (even if it already was super pretty), and a couple of other nice features, like mid-level saving.

        1. Ahhh now that sounds better, I actually enjoyed the first game so I might get this for my Wii U :3

  1. Wow… these guys are very respectful of the Wii U :)
    I already have Trine 2 on my Wii U but I might buy this anyway for my Wii U.

        1. No, I’m genuinely curious why Dark Horse Rider said that. They gave zero opinions to any platform in that tweet

          1. Because with Trine 2, they implemented exclusive GamePad functionality (while other devs leave it at a simple port), and made a couple of smaller enhancements, and despite the extra effort were one of the few indies to have their game ready on Wii U’s launch day. The Director’s Cut, which included an expansion, was available first on the Wii U.
            They have also been fairly vocal of Nintendo’s support during the porting process.

            So, judging from Trine 2, we should anticipate a good port of Trine Enchanted Edition, and a good future relatioship with Nintendo.

          2. Dude, hop off. He’s praising the devs giving Wii U a taste of their fantastic games. Now, STHU from right where you’re sitting typing your usual BS.

            1. So you guys are so desperate that you have to be happy that even one game comes to your only console? Yeah, I thought so :)

              1. Not really, but you PlayStation fanboys seem to be getting thirsty with all the salt you’re taking in ;)

                PlayStaiton 4 only has two games… even the Xbox One has more games XD

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    “Your first mistake was assuming I was a PlayStation fanboy and stuck with the PS4.”
                    Oh so its okay for you to call everyone else is a fanboy, but its not okay for everyone to call you a fanboy? Wrong, that is your mistake.

                    “Your second mistake was making a ridiculously biased fanboy comment.”
                    I shouldn’t talk if I were you, because you do the same thing.

          1. It’s okay, I know you’re just salty that you’re the only mentally damaged one on this site. Cheer up, at least you still have some false sense of intelligence that you think you’re clever to use “itself”

                1. Mhmm, well for one thing you can’t let these nice folk have some good news for the Wii U for once.

                  1. What negative thing have I said about this game? And even if I had, how does that come close to the definition of salty?

          2. Fuck, you guys are assholes. If you read upwards a little, you’ll see that Yoshida was only curious. Quit jumping on EVERY LITTLE THING INMEDIATELY.

            1. Agreed. Not every curious person is trolling, and not even every Playstation fan wants to fight. I replied to him in a normal way, and turns out he was just a polite guy with a question. Us overreacting is giving Nintendo fans a bad name

      1. Respect because they actually took the time to develop for the Wii U without making up a bullshit excuse.

  2. I’m just waiting for Trine 3. I lobe Trine 2 best indie game I bought. I wish those three could be on Smash Bros someday.

    1. Oh cool, you’re fine with this game getting remasterered, but with a slight mention of TLOU Remastered you start calling remasters a “cash grab”, “rehash”, etc. Funny how your opinion changes so fast

      1. Well, to be fair, the first Trine never came to Nintendo platforms. So it’s not like Nintendo system owners are paying twice for the same game (albeit remastered). Same goes for Bayonetta, which is bundled with Bayonetta 2 – Nintendo owners never got to play the first ones, so it’s a nice way to properly introduce them to a series.
        TLoU is a little different, since it was already available for PS3, and once could argue that the majority of PS4 owners owned a PS3 at some point in the past, resulting in them getting the same game (albeit remastered), twice. Let’s hope it is at least a real remaster and not just a higher-res version of the original (like the Wind Waker, which had more content, improved gameplay, and a completely new rendering/lightning system on top of higher resolution, improved draw distances etc.) – TLoU deserves a proper treatment.

        1. The majority of people that defend Wind Waker HD have most likely already played it so I think it’s stupid of both sides to argue about remakes. Who really cares? Lol, I haven’t even played either until recently. I got WWHD and after I get a PS4 I’ll get TLOU.

  3. is the Wii U finaly getting some Games? Cause i’m buying one Next Friday at BestBuy that cool $259.99 Bundle i allready got a PS3 so I now need a Wii U to complete my Entertainment! and a Larger 3DS.. i got the orginal…

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