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Hyrule Warriors – Ruto And A Zora Scale Trailer

Nintendo of America and Koei Tecmo have released an action packed new trailer for Hyrule Warriors which focusses on Princess Ruto and the Zora Scale. You can watch Princess Ruto take on multiple enemies in the trailer embedded above. Hyrule Warriors launches exclusively on Wii U on September 26th in the United States.

Thanks, Jester

47 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors – Ruto And A Zora Scale Trailer”

  1. Ruto is from Twilight Princess? I’ve never even seen her before. God, I need to get into Zelda games more… I want to try a Wii one like Skyward Sword and TP, but Idk which to get first.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            Hold up Giygas, you are thinking of Lord Jabu Jabu’s belly
            we are talking about THE Water Temple

          2. Wasnt is Jabu Jabu´s belly where you carried her sorry ass? I dont remember carrying her in Water Temple even though she appeared there……..

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          Worst temple in the series, it was to confusing and once you forget where you are, you run around like a chicken with no head

                    1. No it does not. Most zelda dungeons I know of are usually based around puzzles. Getting stuck in the dungeon isn’t lack of skill. Failing to beat the boss at the end of the dungeon can be considered lack of skill.

                      1. Really…? Frustration=lack of skill? I become frustrated when I trip in Smash Bros Brawl. I become frustrated when I see cyber bullying. I become frustrated when I become frustrated when my boss berated one of my co-workers for no reason. How can you relate an emotion like anger or confusion to lack of skill?

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          Well in games, more often the occurance of frustration is originated from the lack of solving or beating a problem/enemy because it’s too challenging for them…

                          1. Ok, here’s an example. You’re playing Mario Kart 8. You have a high VR and boast about being a pro MK player. You start racing and you get in 1st. You run into an item box and get a green shell. The person behind you gets triple red shells. They toss a shell at you and you manage to fend off one of em. You get hit by the second one. You manage to keep going and maintain your place in 1st. Blue Shell appears right over your head just as second is about to pass you. You get hit and bumped down to 4th. You are about to get an item box hoping to catch up and as soon as you get it, lightning takes away your item. You are then knocked off of the track by a heavyweight racer and afterwards you approach the finish line. YOU FINISH IN 9TH. Lack of skill? Lol no.

                              1. Eh, it mostly depends on the situation. Frustration can occur as a result of lack of skill such as continuously losing to a better opponent in SSB due to the lesser experienced player being too predictable – he/she uses the same moves that the veteran fighter can easily pick up and punish. In contrast, GrapeJ’s MK8 post below is a great example on how frustration =/= lack of skill. In other words, it’s not all black and white brodies :]

                          2. Well, you know, maybe there might be more hardcore gamers such as yourself if you actually encouraged novices instead of looking down upon them. It’s not my fault I was born when games started getting easy. Sigh. :(

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Yes it is your fault…

                              Everything is your fault…

                              Fine I’ll encourage you to play Hyrule Warrior with me in the near future then…


                          3. I don’t know how old you were when you first tried it- but I was around 7 or 8 when I first played OoT. It was a hassle having to switch boots around and find that room that lowered and raised the water and the longshot is tough to find and Phantom Link is very quick and unlike any other enemy). Oh, it’s an easy temple now that we have the Internet and guides, but as a child and trying to figure these puzzles out without assistance it can be rather challenging. You’re confusing “being a child” with “unskillful”.

                    2. Nah, the water temple in OoT gets easy after the 2nd or 3rd playtrought, now THE water temple in Majoras Mask (Forgot its name) that one is a real nightmare…

                  1. it is…plus shadow link will put the hurt on you if your not careful, like balanced on your sword if you stab…pissed off mode and he’ll strike with a vengeance…Shadow link in the water temple (spoiler alert) will whoop your ass if your not careful.

              1. Truly amazing…in a single comment thread, we’ve reached the point where almost nobody knows what the fuck goes on in one of the most legendary games of all time…

                1. I don’t have enough time and money to buy every game in this series. I said “I need to get into Zelda games more”. I didn’t say I never played any. And Skyward Sword if I do recall released almost 3 years ago. Please stop acting like it is the end of the world because I haven’t played Zelda games. I will get around to them for gods sake. Jeez.

                  1. As far as Zelda games go, Ocarina of Time is one of the best (if not the best). The puzzles are really in depth, the game is really long (9 full dungeons and a handful of side quests and overworld puzzles/story), and the music is amazing. It’s pretty much everything you would want in a Zelda game. Plus, it is pretty cheap for Wii Virtual Console (15$ I think?). So, I would say if you are interested in trying a 3D Zelda game, start with the classic, Ocarina of Time.

              2. Skyward since its supposed to be the origin of the entire Zelda. Twilight is good but very easy to beat. Except you’ll probably be spending 70 hours to finish the game.

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            2. Sweet! Her attacks with the Zora Scale is awesome. Too bad she wasn’t given a moveset based on Mikau/Zora Link’s skills. BUT least this moveset is more original. Maybe she’ll be given another weapon that will give her Mikau’s attacks with some new ones later on.

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