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Zelda Wii U Will Feature A Brand New Villain According To Official Nintendo Website

Nintendo Japan’s official website features a very short description of the upcoming Legend of Zelda title for the Wii U. What’s interesting is it mentions that Link will be faced with a brand new nemesis. We will probably see Ganon in some capacity, but we will inevitably have to wait a while until we find out who this new nemesis is.

“This software is a Wii U Edition new legend of Zelda series. Faced with mysteries in the world of Zelda spread indefinitely without boundaries, a new link, a new nemesis.”

Source: Rev Level

108 thoughts on “Zelda Wii U Will Feature A Brand New Villain According To Official Nintendo Website”

  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    Nice, maybe another incarnation of Demise’s hatred…

    Demise, Ganon, Malladus, who will the fourth one be…

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        They are not the incarnations of Demise because neither of them are Demon Kings…

        1. Nintendo is my Blood

          I don’t think Bellum had any desire to become demon king, it was just an evil causing devastation
          and Vaati was trying to become demon king

          Besides, Demise didn’t specify that his incarnation would become a Demon King, he said his hatred would live on to destroy those with the blood of the Hero and the Goddess

          Bellum targeted Tetra so he fulfilled that
          and Vaati as well

          1. Nintendo is my Blood

            It appears I may have miscalculated

            Majora and Bellum may not be reincarnations of Demise seeing as how Majora appears to be from an alternate dimension and Bellum may have been all apart of a dream

            However Malladas is controversial as he was around even before Zelda and Link were born

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Majora’s Mask is probably something that was born from evil but not really the source of it just like Bellum probably was…

              Well you have to take into account of what happens in Wind Waker…

              Ganondorf attacked Hyrule but the intro said that the hero did not show up, either no one knew who the hero would be or there simply was no “incarnation” of the hero at all during that time, forcing the godesses to flood the lands…

              Whether Zelda’s “incarnation” wa spresent at that time we can only speculate…

              So in essence, both Ganondorf and Malladus existed before the heroes were born, making Malladus highly likely to be one incarnation of Demise’s hatred…

                1. Having a pop at someone, on the internet, and then saying “say that to my face” just because you’re upset at their reply, on the internet, is a really silly thing to say.

              1. Nintendo is my Blood

                But then again, if the Wind Waker Link was not a descendant of the SS Link, then Malladus and Bellum may not be incarnations of Demise at all

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Well considering Demise was practically a God, it would make sense for his hatred to be outside the space and time continuum making it possible for manifest in endless of timelines…

                  And since Hylia is most likely the Godess of time, her essence must then also exist outside it which makes it possible for any of Link’s decendants to be born in any time line…

                  I think it’s pretty much safe to say that Ganondorf, Link and Zelda all had their divine fate originated from SS but we can not say that to be true 100% yet so both our opinions might still come true in the future…

                  What makes one thing the most interesting is Ghirahim’s fate…

                  If he just disappeared and went somewhere else when Demise was defeated, does it mean that Demise might have had a creator or master himself?…

                  1. Nintendo is my Blood

                    I think Demise created his sword with Ghirahim as the spirit of it as Fi was to Hylia’s Goddess/Master Sword

                    Perhaps as a backup way for Demise to be resurrected if he was ever sealed by Hylia, which was the case and Ghirahim was there to do exactly that

                    I don’t think Demise had a creator and that he was never defeated but sealed in his final curse

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      You mean something like he put a large portion of his “spirit” into Ghirahim?…

                      That would make much sense too, similar to Sauron and the One Ring…

                    2. Nintendo is my Blood

                      Perhaps, Ghirahim’s only purpose was to resurrect his master Demise
                      Fi’s purpose was to guide her master chosen by her own creator Hylia

                      Ghirahim may be apart of Demise or maybe he was not, after all, Demise was king of demons who served him faithfully

                      Fi, however helpful, was kinda annoying as well, check this video


                  2. Actually, Nayru is the Goddess of Time. Her color is blue. Blue is used to represent time. The Harp of Ages possessed by the Oracle of Ages (Ages=Time) could be used to travel through time. The Ocarina of Time is also blue. Hylia is a lesser god compared to Din, Nayru, & Farore so there is no way she’d be the Goddess of Time. And who better to wield total control over time than someone who is wise, like Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, enough to not misuse it. I mean, would you give that kind of control over to a lesser being like say a human or a lesser god that is actually prone to the same weaknesses as humans? I know I wouldn’t.

                    1. I’ve played every single non-spin off Zelda game, pay attention to every little detail within the games (sometimes stuff that others might even overlook,) & I’ve read through Hyrule Historia. In fact, Hyrule Historia even clarified some things that I once could only theorize about. Like the Hero’s Spirit of Twilight Princess being the Hero of Time. Plus, Nintendo likes to use certain colors to represent certain things.

                      1. That’s cool. I don’t know much of anything about Zelda because I haven’t played the games. I heard someone say that Skyward Sword is the origin of Zelda or something like that, so I suppose it would be a good idea for me to play that. And I should play Ocarina of Time too. I play Zelda games mainly because of the story and gameplay, but I never actually finish them because I usually find them boring near the end. I want to play more Zelda games to see if I might like it more and I’m glad a Wii U game is coming. If I can’t finish Zelda U, then, well… Zelda games probably just aren’t for me. XD

                      2. If it’s story you really like, I say play Skyward Sword. It’s very story driven, unlike previous entries, so it might be the best game to play if you aren’t use to the Zelda series & haven’t played many of them. This way, you’ll be able to appreciate the game for what it is instead of whining about what it’s not like some people have with Skyward Sword. *cough*Donko*cough*

                  3. Blood relation has nothing to do with Demise’s curse in Link’s case. Zelda’s, yes, but not Link’s. Demise specifically targeted all with “the blood of the goddess” meaning Zelda’s descendants and “the SPIRIT of the hero”, which doesn’t necessarily have to be a descendant of Link. So far, we only have two Links that are explicitly related by blood, and that would be Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess Link.

                    1. True about Demise’s curse but that doesn’t negate the possibility that every Link has been a blood descendant since there is a belief in familial reincarnation: meaning reincarnation must occur within a family bloodline. So we don’t know what kind of reincarnation Nintendo is using. Nintendo has shown they will use the mythology of other belief systems to fuel their own creations, not just their country’s belief system. Kid Icarus being one such case of Japan using another belief system. With Zelda, Nintendo has created it’s own mythology for the series while also borrowing little bits & pieces from other mythologies. Til Miyamoto and/or Aonuma come out & say it, we can only guess & make up our own theories with the Zelda series.

            2. Demise is ganon. There is enough evidence that he his.
              1.) White scar on his head, ganon had that same scar on him in twilight princess. It’s some sort of weakness.
              2.) he has the opposite master sword. it clearly looked like the master sword, but it was black, jagged and more fierce.
              3.) He clearly said that he, link, and zelda will continue to be reincarnated and fight for seemingly eternity. the only people being reincarnated is link, zelda and ganondorf. the only reason demise looked different from ganondorf was because the same thing happened with hylia when she became zelda. she gave up her godly form. And im pretty sure ganondorf did the same and gave up his demonic form and became ganondorf.
              4.) Demise and ganondorf have about the same bodily features, not to mention hair color

              1. I have a theory that Kotake & Koume are either servants of Demise or descendants of one of Demise’s servants. Anyway, I believe they raised Ganondorf because they knew he was Demise reincarnated. Hell, maybe even the Gerudo came into existence because of Demise’s curse to give birth to his reincarnation every time a reincarnation died. There is some proof to this, though, as Ganondorf from Four Swords Adventures, like the previous Ganondorf before him, was born in the Gerudo Tribe. It might not be proof that the Gerudo were created by this curse but it does show their race has some kind of unlucky connection to Demise. Maybe they are the children of some kind of fling Demise had with a mortal. It would also explain why only one male can be born from the Gerudo race every 200 years. Who knows. Maybe that fling Demise had was with Kotake & Koume, fused as Twinrova. lol After all, we don’t know how old these two really are. It’s possible they could have been alive back during Demise’s time. But as I said, this is just a theory.

    1. Sounds good, i have a feeling this game will redefine the series. I just hope the new villain is actually new in every way and doesnt share similarities to any previous enemies.

      1. Let’s hope so. Maybe the new villain will have some kind of connection with Demise in the same way Ghirahim did: that he was a servant of Demise that survived the war with Hylia & her forces.

    2. I was hoping for Gan on. People have been complaining that Ganon has been the villain for too long. But we already have two games that have the Villain be not Ganon. Two games is enough IMO

      1. It’s been more than two games without Ganon as the villain. >.< In fact, only around 5 of the Zelda games have had Ganon as the villain.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        I believe the main villain would be Demise, seeing as how his curse is responsible for all the villains of the LoZ series

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          And the only one as far as I know that has been succesful in obtaining the Triforce…

          1. I cannot say for sure, since i havent played all the handheld installments but i dont remember any other villain obtaining that thing. I just want something more out of Zelda than a villain who desires triforce something different like SkullKid that dude just wanted to fuck things up for his own amusement, would be great to see something like that again.

          2. wow you really have a sad life. playing all the zeldashittygames and knowing every zelda idiot character in. i dont want to live on this world with people like u. You fuckin’ depressed

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Unlike you and your primitive race, my memory is very good so I don’t need to replay a game 10000 times to get it, stupid ape…

            2. leave this site then, becausr your just wasting your time here, better yet way don’t you go play cod gostes the worst game yet

      1. Gpu? You must be refering to the legendary Gary Prick Unknown. Tbh i dont wanna see that guy in this game :(

        1. Yeah, he’s a bit of a dick… but I guess with the Wii U’s powerful GPU he’d look amazing like this game :D

    3. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Personally I think this Zelda will probably involve the Gates of Time where Link travels back in time to the age when Hylia and Demise had their full power…

      That robotic thing that chases Link in the teaser has a very familiar resemblance to the Robots in Lanayru Desert…

      And at that time, they had way more advanced technology than in any other time after what it seems…

      1. Or the game takes place sometime between Skyward Sword & the founding of Hyrule. There sure was a lot of untouched land in the trailer we saw & we only saw 3 major areas in Skyward Sword: Faron Woods, what will eventually become Death Mountain, & Lanayru Desert which will eventually become the Gerudo Desert. Maybe there were other areas in the land that had robots & some just so happen to have been corrupted by Demise & his forces. So many theories & points in the Zelda timeline that we could assume from that teaser.

    4. It’s pretty obvious. In twilight princess all they showed was Zant making people think he was the main boss later to reveal that Ganondorf was behind it all. Same with skyward sword. They only showed Ghirahim and this weird looking black monster who was imprisoned and at the end turned out that the end boss was Demise. I love when zelda games does that and i’m pretty sure Ganondorf will be the end boss in this one.

      1. Sadly, I think Ganondorf was just thrown into Twilight Princess as a last minute thing & that’s one of the reasons the game was delayed. Like me, others will recall that Twilight Princess had quite a few delays before finally being released.

    5. I always have see that the only reincarnation that follows (always) the blood line is Zelda, as the name suggest, Link is only a hero that may or not appear in a time period, and the devil demon incarnation only appear if the last one is forever destroyed… Also I like to think that many of the links had “happy endings” with Zelda, but also, some of them had descendant like in twilight princess, and didn’t end with Zelda.

      1. I wouldn’t say many of them. Just a few of them. ESPECIALLY the Links & Zeldas that were close friends. The two that came to my mind are Skyward Sword Link & Zelda & Minish Cap Link & Zelda. As for Ocarina of Time Link, I think he either ended up with Malon or came across Ordon Village & fell in love with a girl there.

    6. I just hope it’s not another overly flamboyant villain. Ghirahim and Yuga were nicely developed characters, but if they’re just going to reuse that personality, I wouldn’t be interested in them, nor would I find them that threatening.

      1. I’m sure Aonuma will create a villain that’s vastly different from those two, since I don’t think he’d want to go for 3 in a row of the same archetype.

      1. >.< If this game is before Ocarina of Time, I doubt we'll see Ganon. But we could perhaps see a servant or general of Demise.

    7. Wow… The trolls are really pathetic today… It’s like they are playing with wooden swords and had their IQ cut in half. Bland, rehashed, stupid comments. Guess the Triforce protects this thread!

      1. One does not simply just mock a zelda villain, the last few have been great even Captain Fab, Ghirahim(more interesting then demise, but if demise had a stronger presents he would be cool)

    8. I highly doubt that Cia will be in a new Zelda U title, but I’m looking forward to Aonuma’s announcement of the new final boss whenever he see fits.

    9. If, a big if, this game is a sequel to skyward sword, I’m hoping Ghirahim makes a return in some way but that may be unlikely. “The history of Hyrule will be written in blood”. Hugs!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        There is no “if”, this is not a sequel or prequel, this is barely spin-off either…

        1. How would it not be a sequel or prequel? We hardly know anything about the game fool! I’m just pondering. Give me a hug and apology accepted =p

      1. I’m wondering if this will be like the Lord of the Rings, Sillmarilion. It wasn’t a prequel per-say, but it did take place before the Hobbit… In essence, it portrayed the world as it was when it was in it’s earliest age. Back when Gandolf was basically an Angel.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            But do you know why he did create all of those stories in the first place?…

            Besides being based a part on his life during the first war…

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                He also felt that England didn’t have a “cool” mythology like everybody else so he decided to create his own…

                1. I guess he felt King Arthur was too Irish & too religious to be a cool mythology for England. lol

    10. This is why voice acting is needed. Boxes of text block any emotion conveyed from the dialog. On top of that you must constantly press A o keep the conversation going, breaking any sense of immersion. As long as everyone except link is given a voice, the world can truly come alive with the whimsical setting. If text boxes are kept, they could at least get rid of the “Box” so I can see what’s going on and have the scenes progress automatically.

    11. Ganon’s Wife. She will be a sorceress who uses magic and free’s Ganon from being turned to stone at the end of Windwaker….if this takes place after Windwaker that is lol.

    12. And fools like Sasori say Nintendo games rehash itself. lol This is yet another big proof that each game evolves itself in a different way.

      Now the new Zelda is evolving its gameplay mechanic and refreshing the story with new characters. This Zelda is gonna kick ass. :3

      1. Too right it’s gonna kick arse. Large open non linear world where you start out with nothing but your trusty steed…awesome.

        I haven’t been this hyped for a Zelda title, or any other title for that matter, since WW. Oh, with the exception of A Link Between Worlds, which I’ve just completed, and was awesome.

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    14. Have they ever specifically pointed out that a Zelda game is going to be featuring a “New Link” before? Because it seems strange that they’re using that as a selling point…

    15. I always hate it when Ganon isn’t the main villain in a Zelda game. He’s my favorite villain. Bad enough we had to get stuck with that horribly twisted and gay Ghirahim. Though it was really fun kicking his arse, it just wasn’t the same.

      1. I love it when Ganon isn’t the villain of a Zelda game. It gives us a chance to see Nintendo get creative with the design & personality of the villain. Sorry but it would get stale if Ganon was the villain EVERY time. In fact, as I stated above, Ganon/Ganondorf has only been the villain in around 5 Zelda games.

      2. Not to mention Ghirahim was never once overshadowed by a hidden villain… unlike poor Zant who went from total badass master to goofy crazy pawn.

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    18. I love it when they get creative with a main Zelda villain & not rely on Ganon. I hope this game takes place between Skyward Sword & Ocarina of Time so we can hopefully see another villain with a connection to Demise. Maybe a general that tries to take control of Demise’s forces & tries to make himself, or herself, into the new Demon King, or a Demon Queen if it’s a she. In fact, I think it’s time we get a female villain that isn’t serving another. After all, Veran was serving Twinrova in order to revive Ganon, so she was never committing evil for herself.

    19. How about Majora itself. The evil was the mask not Majora themselves. What if one of two things happen
      1) moon crashes Link nowhere to be found. Majora completely is reborn somehow and the world is taken over by technological things see spider robot in trailer.

      2) takes place before Majoras mask where Majora is originally wiped out. The giants could have wiped out the spiders with Link actually wiping Majora out itself.

      I really think it’s something Majora related. Way too many hints towards something Majoras Mask related especially the mask in Link Between Worlds

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