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Hyrule Warriors Development Is Now 100% Complete

Koei Tecmo have tweeted that development on the long-awaited Hyrule Warriors is now 100% complete. The action packed title is due to be released on August 14th in Japan, but we will have to wait another month before it’s available here in the west.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

54 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Development Is Now 100% Complete”

          1. Nintendo has nothing to do with it… except for Koei-Tecmo who are publishing the Japanese title (Zelda Musou).

  1. I hope this game does sell well. I want a good 3rd party to have their go at a new Metroid. A western flair might get more people enticed. Hugs!

  2. I like how this game has been hyped!!! Not best visuals and yet more hyped like no Wii U game has been hyped before! I’m in!!! Besides maybe the next generation Smash Bros could get these characters in the future.

      1. As long as the Smash fanboys don’t whine about her like the Zelda fans been bitching about her “kawaiiness and animu behavior”, I’m cool with it.

    1. If you have a very good HD TV, I suggest watching the Nintendo eShop videos for Hyrule Warriors. It will look way better than the youtube videos.

  3. No DLC, please =P. (I know, wishful thinking.)
    On the other hand, I really need my paycheck to get here O.O

  4. Game looks awesome in HD, and I am excited to see the other characters not announced. Just look at how they take the zelda characters and enhanced theyre unique abilities so well.

  5. This game is automatic day 1 for me (already paid it off lol) But All of you “nintendo fans” better buy this game day 1 or within the first week of launch because if this sells well, we can except more spin offs of other nintendo titles, as well as a hyrule warriors 2 and some great DLC content for this game as well. This game needs and deserves all the love it can get

    1. Needs to sell well in general so nintendo can partner up more. That way we get more games, from the system, and maybe ones we haven’t seen in awhile, hyrule warriors doesn’t deserve the hate its getting, its aleast trying to be different in some ways of a traditional DW game, by adding classic zelda elements, plus easily the best zelda fan service in awhile

    2. Maybe something like Fire Emblem Warriors some day. The roster for that game would put all others to shame. @.@

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  7. a man with a brain and a wiiu not a brodude holding a ps1 controller with a lightbulb on it in 2014 playing third party garbage


    1. Just so y’know, this doesn’t mean these characters you want are not in the game. You didn’t honestly expect them to reveal EVERY character before the game’s release, did you?

      1. I expect more to be in the game. This news are bullshit. The official website still has “coming soon” areas on the character list, so there will be more revelaed, probably they already worked on them but they are not showing them all at once. I really doubt that they put majora’s mask moon as a special move but no actual characters from that game? sorry that’s just too stupid, there must be and there will be characters from majora’s mask. Just wait.

  8. With the Japanese release right around the corner, this is really good news. The post development work should only take around 3 weeks to complete.

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