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Nintendo Streaming Upcoming Games At 11am PT Today On Twitch

Nintendo of America has tweeted that they will be streaming upcoming Nintendo titles on Twitch from SDCC starting from 11am PT. The company wouldn’t say which games they will be streaming, but no doubt there will be something for everyone.

Thanks, N-Dub Nation

52 thoughts on “Nintendo Streaming Upcoming Games At 11am PT Today On Twitch”

  1. Zelda looks like a corpse in the picture, now I’m thinking skyward sword zelda would’ve been a better character model …

    1. Ahh I think so too. I really find the twilight princess Zelda to be overrated. She is definitely not the best design. Skyward Sword Zelda would have been nice but at least we get to play as her in HW :D

      1. She’s the best design it’s just that she’s not the most expressive, I mean she was kinda dead in twilight princess. But that worked for twilight princess, not brawl

        1. This zelda design is the definitive design. Hands down. She looks fantastic and I’m sure link is very happy with it ;)

          1. Agreed, this design is kinda like an evolution of the OoT design which for a long time was the definitive design

            1. Umm no… compared to the realistic appearance Brawl went by, Twilight Princess Zelda was perfect. She was more unique to her character and stood much further apart from Peach, no longer having a dress with so much pink and blonde hair like she did in Melee. Her alternate color in Brawl that used the pink dress and blonde hair was better than her design for Melee. Skyward Sword Zelda is very adorable with her expressions but her straight chopped bangs make her look horrid. I would love to see Zelda’s Skyward Sword design as an alternate skin in Smash 4, even more would I love to see Hyrule Warriors Zelda. Their designs and their vibrant colors would fit better for this new Smash Bros. Honestly Sakurai should try designing his own outfits for characters in Smash Bros. He does a great job updating some simple designs but Zelda seems to miss out on this case unlike Zero Suit Samus and especially Peach.

        1. Atleast Peach fought in that fluffy pink dress in some games, in some media that having an athletic and toned body like the Wii Fit Trainer’s is all you need for a fight, and have you experienced the torture Villagers can do to their animal neighbors, bugs, and fish? Either way, your point is invalid. Doesn’t matter if you look like a fighter or not, these ladies were chosen as fighters and they all kick just as much ass if not better than any other character.

      1. No… that was yesterday. I’m talking about today’s live presentation. This time, they’re focusing on games that are coming to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS & 2DS.

      1. The game is coming out in august so they may want to push out these characters before release and something like comic-con is the place to do it

  2. Why does Nintendo keep using Twitch (a site I never even heard of until E3)? It’s not very compatible with my Wii U. When I tried watching their E3 digital event etc., they wouldn’t even play. I was SO disgusted.

      1. If Twitch videos is just going to be video game footage with no commentary, I will have to agree with Reggie that it’s not fun. Besides, I don’t want an app that will probably just be a downgrade of the website, anyway. Like that shitty youtube app.

        1. That’s not the point though. The other consoles can do it and it should be in the Wii U as well. Most people that don’t want Twitch have most likely never heard of it to begin with so I don’t get why they’re complaining at all. And I disagree about YouTube. It was crap before the update, but now it’s fine. It works just like the PS3 version.

          1. PS4 1
            Wii U 0

            Wii U should definitely have Twitch and not having it was a huge oversight. Mocking the fans by not announcing any characters in the stream was one thing, but they should at least be able to watch it on a Nintendo console. Reggie’s excuse doesn’t hold wait with me because it seems…like an excuse.

            1. Just because someone else does it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Look at Resident Evil 5 & 6, for example. Capcom tried to make them more like Call of Duty & look what happened: a majority of the fanbase hates those games & even wants Capcom to reboot the franchise now.

              1. This is an application though so it’s different. Unlike games, there is literally no reason at all this couldn’t have came to Wii U. Nintendo just didn’t put it there because they didn’t want to.

                1. Unless the Twitch app would be better than the youtube app, I’ll just stick with the browser version of youtube. And there is no guarantee the Twitch app would even be worth having as it could end up as bad as, if not worse, than the youtube app.

                  1. YouTube is on all consoles. And so is Twitch (except Wii U) It shouldn’t miss out on the app just because some people don’t want it. More things are always better for the console.

    1. You can probably watch the footage on the E-Shop afterwards, that’s what they did with the Treehouse streams at E3

    1. Douchebag for women sounds horribly wrong but if you’re just bashing on her then whatever but to say it as if she was a lesbian then that makes it funny. Good for you maybe?

  3. 1 pm my time. It’s only 3:17 am right now. Maybe it will be available on the eShop if they reveal anything big.

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