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Here’s A Look At The New Speed Stage For Sonic Boom Wii U From SDCC

A brand new stage for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric on Wii U was showcased at this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con event. As you can see from the video posted above it’s an ultra fast stage showing Sonic and his famous companions jumping, running and swinging their way through the stage. Sonic’s latest adventure is due out this November.

Thanks, Jeremy

118 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At The New Speed Stage For Sonic Boom Wii U From SDCC”

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                That’s just my two cents on the matter and I know that many will find it too long and just skip it altogether, but it really needed to be said. Sonic Boom is going to be a very good game and I like the gameplay style even if it is different.

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              2. This will probably be the best Sonic game ever made. Haters will just hate because it won’t feel like a traditional Sonic game which it’s not trying to be.

                1. I ‘ain’t no hater, I want this game to be good, but from what I’ve seen and heard it doesn’t look… good. Though we should wait until release before making any claims! (Good or bad)

                  1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                    I just replayed the game a few months ago. It’s great but I heard it’s better on the Dreamcast. When I replayed it I noticed how bad the camera really is on the GameCube. It’s HORRIBLE.

                    All Sega has to do is make SA3. That’s it. I would preorder that and get it day-one.

                    1. Lol yes. When you re-play Sonic Adventure 2, you start to realize just how flawed some of it can be. Imo, I say Sonic 3 is the best 2D. And Adventure 1 best 3D.

                    2. Technically Sonic 06 was kinda Adventure 3, just not in name and it was released in like an alpha quality, if that. Too bad Sonic team was split in half when making that game to also get a Wii Sonic out, such a loss of potential. Splitting up a team and leaving both on the same timeframe just leads to 2 disappointments instead of any one quality game

                      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

                        I watched the majority of a Sonic ’06 Let’s Play. I really couldn’t get all the way through. It was horrible. The LP skipped the gameplay, so maybe I would have enjoyed it if I actually played the game. But I doubt it.
                        It definitely had potential.

                2. This will be the best Sonic game for the Wii U. I like the new style that they are implementing. I wouldn’t like it if all Sonic games were made in that style from now on, but it works as a spinoff. Sonic Adventure 2 Battle will always be my favorite Sonic game, but this one should be a lot of fun

                    1. At least I heard it’s finally going to have a real offline multiplayer mode. The last few games were pretty lazy with that. Sonic Colors was actually a little embarrassing since it was only one stage and the only characters were different color variations of Sonic. I believe that if you enjoy Ratchet and Clank’s gameplay then you will like this one. I agree that nothing will ever beat Adventure 2 Battle, but this one will be the best current gen Sonic game

                      1. In terms of gameplay, Generations’ modern Sonic blows everything else out the water. Too bad they didn’t make a whole game with that kind of gameplay.

                      2. But alas, I don’t expect you (or any idiotic Sonic fan for that matter), to accept the truth. So I’ll leave you shit-consuming dumb asses with a prediction. Before Sonic Lost World was released, my forecast was that the game would suck and would be panned by most critics, and I was right! So I hereby predict this game to be even worse than Lost World! I can’t wait for this game to be slammed by critics! Another kick to the face for you Sega ass licking fucks! Suck my wriggly dick you nitwits!

                  1. This looks even worse than Sonic Lost World. Have you not noticed the wonky camera, slow pacing, generic/tedious gameplay and boss battles? Not to mention the annoying button-mashing combat? Lost World seemed more focused in design.

                3. The more I see of this game, the more I hate it. At first I hated the designs, and they haven’t gotten any easier to look at. Knuckles looks like a fucken retard. They have energy ropes coming out of their hands for no apparent reason. When sonic is swinging he moves left to right real suddenly(probably player controlled), they really need to smooth that out and make it look like physics exist in this game. The in game models looks really bad, but maybe they’ve fixed them. Honestly they should’ve gone with cel-shading. The fact that you can change characters on the fly sucks. It would have been cool and also have added replay value if you some areas were only reachable by certain characters so the same level could play differently depending on who you chose from the beginning. They should just make another sonic adventure game. They generally got good reviews and were liked by the public.

                  1. C’mon the designs aren’t that bad, it’s only knuckles thats bad. Tails looks basically the same, amy’s outfit is much better and sonic only has minor changes anyway, I swear it’s green eyes all over again.
                    I don’t see the problem with the enerbeams, it’s a unique mechanic and changes up the gameplay, what’s the big deal?

                    1. it doesnt make any sense. We can think up of anything to change up the gameplay mechanics, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. It would look stupid if batman used an energy beam in the arkham games, right?

                      1. But this is sonic not batman, with batman it would just clash with the style, the enerbeam in sonic boom doesn’t

                4. The best Sonic game ever made? Haha and yet it still looks like complete and utter shit! Sonic fans are more pathetic than the shitty games they suck on! Lol!

                1. The only good Sonic game that comes to my mind on the Wii is Sonic Colors. All those other spin-off games are crap. This game already looks better than those games.

              3. Game sucks I hate Nintendo why is sega making this I really wish they make new shooters cod and bf like so they’re very goo why did they choose to make this cartoon game I’m very proud of my cod collection why can’t sega make it it’s so stupid why must they develop for Nintendo why

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                1. Why can’t all game companies just make cod? We could have, like, two cods a month. That would be really really awesome. But Nintendo is just too stupid to not make only cod.

                  On the serious side- this game does look pretty crappy…

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              4. i must agree that for a speed level that was slow. Change can be good but this is Sonic the hedgehog it’s all about speed it’s in his name

                1. In case you didn’t know, Joshua, this is actually a Sonic spin-off. This game is developed by former employees of Naughty Dog (SONY) and Insomniac Games. And Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric is the first Wii U game powered by the new CryEngine.

              5. Wow the speed stages are so vanilla and basic, nothing compared to generations/colours. This game is literally just a ratchet/clank reskin

                1. It isn’t SUPPOSED to be like a main Sonic game. This isn’t comparable to Generations or Colors. It’s not just focused around speed.

              6. this game is only a fuck up because they are forced to use the nintendofag’s console. Their are so many limits in comparison to anything else. Sega could have a better game on the vita.

                1. I disagree because I think the game will be good but I also disagree that a console would have anything to do with it. If the game was using tons of memory like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda then memory would be important. For a game like this, it wouldn’t look very different no matter which current console it was on. Either way, it’ll be a good game. You just need to give it a chance

                  1. Sega feels pressured to change the formula because it is a Nintendo console. They wanted the game to be different and remembered. If they hadn’t been locked into making games for only nintendo then sonic wouldn’t have needed much change. Look at Sonic 06 for an example when change was horrible, and they are trying the same idea, but with different character models.

                    1. You do realize that Sonic 06 wasn’t even on Nintendo consoles, right? I doubt Sega being “bad with change” is due to Nintendo.

                      1. I am using the comparison to show that when sega wants to change something it goes bad.
                        They feel forced to change because they are wanting to compete against Nintendo games, and the old sonic formula will not suffice well enough.

                      1. Sega like all companies want to have success. All of the great Wii U games have concepts that are not used in other games. Sega has a habit to change things when found against a new competition. Sega needs to grab people’s attention with the weird game design.
                        This should be just some easy thinking.

                        1. Or they can be doing it themselves…you forget, after sega gone multiplatform, after Sonic Adventures 2 Battle, they gone downhill from there…and being Sonic 06 was one of the worse sonic games ever made by the fans themselves, Nintendo have nothing to do with what sega wanted to do…the last to good sonic games I played recently was Sonic riders for the game cube and Sonic colors which I didn’t like too well to begin with thanks to Sonic’s new personality and voice. Its all sega man, not the hardware.

                2. Except the fact that the creators of Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is developing Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal EXCLUSIVELY for the Nintendo 3DS. Nice try, Cum Quat.

                  1. So a company that has never used the sonic IP is creating a game, that isn’t like sonic in anyway. Yeah they made an alright game, but it isn’t a sonic game.

                      1. Still, saying this is a spin-off is weird. This is more of a failed re-branding. They wanted to have a cool, crisp Sonic. Instead they got this mess and demanded it to be called a spin-off. I doubt this is the last we will ever see or hear of this spin-off characters. Sega will most likely bring them back, and if not they will use that game to transition into a new type of sonic that will be slow or fast depending on the success.

                3. Sega didn’t make this game, Big Red Button did. Sega only published it this time around, I mean I hate Sega just as much as anyone else lately but at least blame those who actually are making this.

                  I do blame Sega for even publishing this crap though and it pains me to say that because Big Red Button has many talented developers from many highly respected studios but this game just looks like all the other games they made in the past but with a Sonic re-skin.

                  As I’ve said numerous times it looks and plays way too much like Sly Cooper or Ratchet & Clank which isn’t surprising since most of BRB’s team is made up of Sanzaru the makers of those games but still they stayed within their comfort zone for this one. The only similarity would be the characters and the running stages, other than that it ends there for a Sonic game.

                  Has nothing to do with the Wii U either, this game would be crappy no matter what system it was put on, it just isn’t a good Sonic game and strays so far from what Sonic actually is in no innovative or note worthy way that actually adds anything to the series. It just seems like a completely different game that tried throw some Sonic elements in.

                4. Not feeling this at all but I haven’t since it was first shown, it doesn’t really seem like a Sonic game and it’s a very poor adaption of one. I know this game is going to bomb hard and it will get ripped apart by reviewers or people who actually remember what Sonic used to be.

                5. How can you blame a console for the developer’s choice of game design when there’s hardly any limitations period? Consoles dont make the games suck you idiot. Its the developer’s design decisions much like how companies (Microsoft for example) make stupid ass decisions that’ll cost the marketing of things like Xbox One reveal. So please do us a favor, GTFO and go find your brain that ran away from your wasteful flesh of retardation.

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              8. Cant wait for the reviews for this game to start coming in.

                It will be the worst rated sonic game, worse then LOST WORLD

                This game Sucks PERIOD

                1. Why would you wait for the reviews? They don’t DO JUSTICE!!! Dam, how many times do I need to tell you that? Want a good judge of it, play it yourself then criticize it and prove it. All you gotta do and see if the people agree with you.

                1. Why? I personally love in game dialogue it makes the characters seem alive but Boom does seem to have cringe worthy and cheesy moments.

              9. I’m still unsure about this game but the 3DS version would likely be a better version with its traditional 2.5D side scrolling speed platforming.

              10. Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic and the Secret rings cream all the other sonic games. Sonic colors and Sonic Generations are horrible just like 06.

                  1. Stop praising 2.5Dathon sonic games. Let sonic actually have 3d sonic games for once. Not Paper mario star sticker like games.

              11. *facepalm* Oh my god! The people complaining about a Sonic the Hedgehog spin off game. This is as bad as the ones whining about Shadow the Hedgehog. It’s a freaking spin off! If these tried to splinter off from the main Sonic games into their own franchise, it’d be downright stupid to make them carbon copies of the main franchise. This is why Mario spin off franchises tend to be successful because Nintendo doesn’t try to turn them into carbon copies of the Mario games they spun off from. If they were carbon copies, then some of you would be bitching that it is just a rehash. This is why some 3rd parties don’t even bother to try to change things up a bit because there is always going to be half the fanbase crying about the changes. I don’t care for Call of Duty, much like a majority of us on this website, but I don’t really blame Activision for not doing much to change the series when I come to these comment sections & see most of the comments dissing the games for trying something new. If you don’t like the game, it’s clearly not for you. Now go wait for a true Sonic game & quit coming to articles about Sonic Boom. lol Also, this spin-off is a tie in with a cartoon show. Sega is most likely hoping the cartoon show will get people into the games just as they are hoping the games will get people into the cartoon show.

                On to the video: I find myself being a bit more interested in this game for the Wii U after watching this video to see that the game will have certain levels that play like the main Sonic games. But if this dislike for the game continues, this might just be like Shadow the Hedgehog: a good spin off game I enjoyed immensely but will probably NEVER see a sequel to because the majority of Sonic fans are upset they aren’t carbon copies of the main games.

                1. But there hasn’t been a great main series Sonic game since SA2B (Generations is very overrated), so we’ve been waiting a while.

              12. This website is awash with the British, and therefore do not expect a smart comment!
                Only retarded come here to comment!
                I have not yet seen a clever comment, which comes from common sense.
                New Sonic will be great, I played it at E3, and I know what I’m saying.
                And you assholes just continue to heal the frustration on this page!

                1. It does seem to cather to European stuff. Find a website that is only American ? Check us out. Were doing anime week right now, but video game news and articles will be at full blast this Saturday. Stuff from “top 8” topics, to pokemon strategies, to reviews. You name it and we probably have it. We also have a new forum. Were looking to expand

              13. It looks like they are slowly getting sonic back to te way he was. I can’t wait for “sonic adventure 3” game. Please make it happen Sega. And please for the love of god, just make it the same way as 2 but up to date

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