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Curve Studios Bringing Lone Survivor To Wii U eShop In Q4 2014

It has been revealed that Curve Studios will be bringing PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita title Lone Survivor to the Wii U eShop later this year. Curve Studios are the developers behind Stealth Inc. 2 and The Swapper.

Thanks, WiiUMasterRace

10 thoughts on “Curve Studios Bringing Lone Survivor To Wii U eShop In Q4 2014”

  1. Interesting. I might give this game a try when it hits the eShop. Oh & HollowGrapeJ, here’s a horror game that you might be able to handle. Since it’s 2D with SNES style graphics, it shouldn’t be too scary for you. lol xP

  2. Wii U and PlayStation seems to be the only next gen consoles getting more games, the poor Xbone isn’t getting any of it XD

    1. You trolls are still damage controlling? So when Nintendo gets a game like this that is so popular you say it’s “Boring”… pretty sad that you’ve taken moments of your time even saying that.

    1. That’s no a smile, it’s actually a mask on his face.

      A mask to protect himself from any viral diseases and stuff.
      Yup…it does look like a smile if you don’t focus on the details but
      indeed it’s a mask haha. Yeah.

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