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Nintendo Has Filed Three Trademarks For “QOL” (Quality Of Life) In The US

We’ve already heard that Nintendo has filed trademarks for Quality of Life in Japan and Europe, but now the company has filed three for QOL in the United States. Nintendo has yet to disclose what form their Quality of Life project will take, but hopefully all will be revealed in the coming months.

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18 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Filed Three Trademarks For “QOL” (Quality Of Life) In The US”

  1. I really hope they have more games like “tomodachi life” up their sleeves. It is pretty weird and I never played anything quite like it. I love new types of games. But what exactly is quality of life? The first thing that comes to mind is something like “The Sims”. If that’s the case, wouldn’t something like minecraft fit under that genre as well? You’re basically living a life in that world. Mining, building, farming. You name it and it’s probably possible in that game.

  2. I am interested to see how this pans out, I personally think it will fail horrifically. I still don’t even fully understand what this is other than the emphasis on non-wearable and health.

    I just find it odd to do something so random like this when they are suffering from yearly losses, shouldn’t you focus on fixing your other problems first before jumping into new ventures that could potentially lose even more money if they don’t succeed? I also find it as one insanely bold move to take such a huge gamble on something completely new with such a vague application.

    I hope it works out well because if it doesn’t it could make things even worse for Nintendo right now, especially Iwata since he has been barely skating by. If QOL doesn’t take off, I can see them voting him off for sure next time around.

    1. I agree. This whole concept smells of Iwata trying to find another money maker like the wii. It’s probably something for “everyone”. This QQL thing isn’t for us.

      1. Well, it is not game releated, so I agree! Will be interesting to see, though, as just what Nintendo could need, is to expand!

  3. This whole qol crap they keep mentioning sounds like something that probably won’t take off sort of in the area of kinect and ps move. It’s going to take an amazing product in order to sway the minds of all the people who have already started to doubt Nintendo’s decisions

  4. Just tell us what it is already Nintendo.. I sure this will be Nintendo’s version of Kinect with titles like Wii sports and the like, but the suspense is killing me. >*<

  5. It’s a separate venture to the consoles. Although the next consoles will be compatible with QOL. I’m looking forward to seeing what they are up to with this.

  6. I’m really excited for this. Not only for this current generation, but for future consoles and its applications. Especially if they resuscitate the virtualboy. I know a lot of you want games, and I don’t blame you, Nintendo is an entertainment company after all, but Nintendo has innovated time and time again within games and yet no one cares or they don’t get rewarded. So asking for more of the same is just digging a bigger hole. Nintendo is still going into blue oceans. They’re visionaries not competitors like Sony and MS. Only apple is a threat and Nintendo recognizes this. They themselves said that Apple is their only competition. MS and Sony are below them. Always will be. So for Nintendo to go this route is logical. They try out something that can only benefit us, their consumers and also bring in new audiences that very few are trying to cater to. It’s a noble cause and a potentially great business move. This can only be a good thing.

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