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Analyst Doesn’t Believe Wii U Will Ever Catch Up With PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Ed Barton, a video games industry analyst at Ovum consultancy, has told the BBC that he doesn’t hold any hope of the Wii U catching up with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in terms of sales. Barton acknowledges that the company has some great games in the pipeline but is unconvinced that they will make consumers invest in Wii U.

“They have a relatively good games pipeline, but the big question is about its hardware.”

“The Wii U is so far behind now, and the perception of the audience that it’s a relatively under-powered console compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now pretty firmly cemented.”

“Given how inaccurate some of Nintendo’s forecasts have been going into their results in terms of hardware and software sales in the past, I’m not optimistic.”

273 thoughts on “Analyst Doesn’t Believe Wii U Will Ever Catch Up With PlayStation 4 And Xbox One”

      1. He is no doubt a imbecile, seeing that he thinks the Wii U won’t catch up to the XBOX One when we are ahead of it already by almost 2 million consoles sold…

    1. It’ll probably beat the xbox one, I don’t think the ps4 unless they do something huge. Smash and zelda and all those e3 games were nice but they need more wood for the fire. Make a true hd fps metroid game with great multi-player that could steal some cod and halo fans over. Get fzero to get the racers over. And just do so much more. Get those “hardcore” gamers over because they already have the causal set. They have Japan locked down, Microsoft has no foot print there and Sony is basically dead over there. Get some thing to appeal to the west to deliver the final blow to Sony and Microsoft l

      1. I love Metroid more than anyone I know so far. Making a FPS Metroid is down right dumb. I played it since the NES and now and i really dont see it being a FPS just to capture the COD fans. Its demeaning and shouldnt be trifled with. To me, metroid is a hard but rewarding action adventure game and shouldnt be out of that category.

        Everything else you said is alright. Sure love to see a new FZero though!!!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I hope they never go CoD treatment or any other nonsense FPS copy and paste with Metroid, Metroid must always be original, period…

          1. I remember people thinking Metroid Prime was gonna be an awful game for being different from the others, so much so that Fusion was released alongside. To their surprise, Prime was better received, and now more fans demand another Prime over the classic side scroller.

            All in all, Prime does have some 1st-person shooter elements, and it wouldn’t be the first or last time Nintendo sells out for the $$$$. (And no, I’m not a CoD fanboy or obsessed with shooters.)

          2. We can blame Metroid Prime for these people wanting another FPS of Metroid. If anything, Metroid should be a mixture of what Prime did best (scan visor, massive areas, 3D graphics, shooter gameplay) & what Other M (battle system, 3rd person viewpoint…. uhh… battle system… lol) did best. Tone down the finishers, though, for advanced enemies & bosses only. The characters in Other M were pretty awesome, in my opinion. People ignore the fact some of the characters were well done. ESPECIALLY Anthony.

        2. I loved all 3 Prime games but I agree, I think the FPS mechanics should be put to rest. Nintendo is exploring the 3rd person shooter market right now and I actually had a lot of fun with the gameplay of Other M. The story was down right horrible but the game was actually fun to play and control. If they want to bring in the Mass Effect crowd I wouldn’t mind some major tweaking to the Other M mechanics along with the FPS option for scanning or firing missiles if they make tweak it to perfection.

          1. With the Wii U Gamepad, there won’t be anyone bitching about having to flip the thing to use missiles like some did with Other M. lol

            1. Exactly! Man! The GamePad would be so fantastic in a new Metroid game! I hope they really bend their imaginations and come up with some awesome ways to use it.

              1. As we talked about in a previous conversation, a game after Fusion would be perfect as the Gamepad can be used for Samus’ viewpoint that allows her to see things to replenish her health & weaponry that we can’t see on the TV screen.

                1. We did have a quite lengthy conversation about the future of the Metroid franchise! That was a good talk! I am looking forward to seeing how Nintendo handles it from here. It seems that they are treading carefully, which is a good thing.

        3. Did you never play the Metroid Prime games? They were FPS games and they rocked! People are calling for a Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U… for got reasons.. they were awesome fantastic games!

    1. Those that own a Wii U will be enjoying exclusive games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, The Wind Waker HD, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, Super Mario 3D World, The Wonderful 101, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad, Super Smash Bros, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Devil’s Third, Sonic Boom, Fatal Frame V, Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Splatoon, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Open-World Zelda, New Star Fox, New Metroid

      1. I agree completely while Playstation 3 and Xbox 1 only has first person shooters. We nintendo fans have real games.

          1. That’s just Nintendo fanboy claims to make themselves feel better. Ryse, God of War, Last of Us, Uncharted, Fable, Forza, etc. They conveniently ignore all these and more, and think that all PlayStation and XBOX have are Halo, Killzone, and Call of Duty.

            They’re idiots, basically.

            1. And you idiots say we only have Mario and Zelda while completely ignoring everything else, don’t act like you’re the victom here.

                1. Personally i think they all fucking suck both XB fanboys and Sony Fanboys AND Nintendo fanboys.. al of them SUCK! And they make me ashamed to be an video game enthusiast. All the biased bullshit pisses me off!

            2. that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that Nintendo really tries to bring new stuff to the table while the games that everyone knows made for the Playstation or Xbox is FPS they’re just not to special really. I’m not saying they aren’t fun though.

            3. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

              Yet you say all Nintendo has is Mario and Zelda, yet they have more than that. But you conveniently ignore all that so you can attempt the maximize damage control.

              So, you’re basically an idiot too.

              1. He’s an idiot, you’re an idiot… all you fucking fanboys should grow the fuck up and just enjoy being gamers and be happy for all the great games across all platforms.. rather than bickering with each other of stupid fucking shit!

                1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                  Then maybe you should leave before you get twice as explosive than you are now. Nor was there a reason for you to unleash your unnecessarily hostile rage against me and making a baseless assumption about me being a “fanboy”, also if you are going to call me a rabid fan, then at least use the right derogatory term on me like “fangirl”.

            4. What I don’t get is why all these Xbox and PS fans are ripping on us which is on a site MADE for Nintendo fans… just saying.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Because their primitive minds cannot handle multiple tasking…

                They are so brainwashed by their respective forces and still they rather spend more time with Nintendo related things and not the other 2…

                They cannot without our empire but certainly can live without their…

            5. Ryse was dogshit forZa is basically pay to play infamous and thief were pretty games that were repetitive as fuck. Go tell your mom

        1. Wow, look at all you people arguing… Why do you do this? If you want games so badly, get all the consoles. I got my Wii U and 3DS XL and I’m saving up for an awesome new gaming PC. And after I get it, I’m gonna get either a XB1 or a PS4 depending on which one has the exclusives I want. Seriously, this is pathetic. Just like on that last article taking about the Wii U’s 6 million sales, you guys had a huge flame war about which console was better. Who really cares? I didn’t get a Wii U to look at it’s sales. Why does it matter that much? I’m not gonna ask you to stop though. Go ahead and keep fighting. Let these companies know that you WORSHIP their pieces of plastic. And while you fight, I’ll be enjoying all games from all my systems.

          1. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

            It’s kind of hard not to when the losers from the Sony & Microsoft fanbases come here & bash Nintendo. I use to just watch it from the side lines, too, thinking how pathetic the fanboys from those companies were. Although, I’m actually having a little fun with this “console wars” crap. >.<

          2. Thankyou! God… it’s driving me up the damn wall with all this bickering and bitching and fighting over stupid fucking shit. We should celebrate being gamers.. not hate on each others for personal choices in gaming consoles and so forth. I’m in my mid 30s… i been playing games for YEARS… and i have seen this rise in children fighting on the net over stupid shit… it’s enough to make me want to bang my head against a wall… GAHHH! They all need to just grow up and enjoy games…
            I rather see gamers and movie buffs fight over what’s better… not gamers fighting over consoles… ta fuck man! I mean .. really!…

        2. I’m afraid that PS3 can easily keep up with the Wii 2.0 in terms of games. It easily exceeds them in fact…sorry about that…but we have to keep it real

            1. Hey, I have to defend the PS4. Since this is a Nintendo site, it’s naturally bashed a lot along with the Xbox Won. I like the Wii U a lot too though so I try to defend them all. But saying that the PS4 has no games…cmon. Everyone was saying that about the Wii U back when it came out and we all got sad, so why are we returning the favor now? It just doesn’t make any sense…

              PS-lose the capitals. They don’t help your argument

      1. To be fair the Wii U launched a year earlier than the Xbox One. It’s not outselling the Xbox One in the UK or the United States. But yeah, Wii U lifetime sales are certainly greater!

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Even if it beats our holy machine, it will still not be a gigantic overkill as when the Wii did to the Xbox 360 since the roles were reversed back then…

          1. Very true, Commander! Though it’s going to be the first console launching in China which could mean it’s a runaway success or a total failure. We shall see in September.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Indeed, I don’t know how I forgot about the Dragon Empire…

              It would be our final resort to make the Wii U a great success…

              Our advantage seems to be that they ban games that are very popular on the other 2…

              However I expect the PS4 to do well there aswell if the survey from a few weeks ago comes true…

                    1. I live in SA, I know what these Nigerians do, they are dealers, even the local criminals here say “daaaaamn, stay clear of dem Nigerians”
                      Besides, look me in the eye and tell me that sasori must be diffing some serious blow to get nostrils that big and a brain that small

                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                    You say he’s a clown and you don’t cater to him, yet you are catering to the “clown” as we speak. Therefore, you just made a clown of yourself.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      He’ll never learn…

                      I would like to have his brain in my research facility for further evaluation…

                      1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                        Then after evaluation, send it to us so we can use it for our prototype android clown.

                          1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                            Exactly, that is why Sasori the Ape Lolcow has the perfect brain for it. And considering its a pro type, the final product we most likely will decide to change the design to a cow instead for maximum laughs.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              It’s a great time working with primitive specimen like this one…

                              I am eager to know the basis of this creature’s foundation and origin…

                              1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                I heard you may plan to expand your efforts to Youtube against the Xbots and Sonyans.

                        1. Xbox One in China is as good as fucked. PS will be GOD in Japan while Nintendo is undetermined but would likely be successful over there.

                    2. Sickr the WiiU outsold the Xbone in the Whole of Europe last two months if I am not mistaken. Even with the kinect-less SKU. Xbox is doomed, it cannot outsell the no exclusive having PS4.

                      1. Xbox One has september release for some european countries so sales will bounce up before end of year. If Nintendo can somehow get Mario Kart 8 / Smash Bros bundles in store shelves for christmas there is good change to get back in competition.

                    3. Wii U outsold the Xbox One last month in the US. Actually the numbers for the Xbox One are far worse than anyone at Microsoft is letting on. That is why you see numbers shipped at 5 million worldwide and not sold. Its also why you see them in large amounts in stores.

                    4. So did 360 and it took 3rd place last gen even with all the rrod repurchases for the suckers that didn’t get replacements

                    5. Yeah, but if you go to vgcharz (not sure how accurate their numbers are) the wii u is still selling at a faster rate than Xbox One. So the Xbone needs to catch up not the Wii U.

                  1. As if the amount of time matters. If you want to be that way about it, the NES has the Xbox One utterly obliterated.

              1. It was sort of stupid not thinking how powerful PS4 would be in 2008. Hopefully they are estimating the PS5’s hardware for next gen.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Totally forgetting that power is not the reason to why Nintendo consoles sell at all…

                  GAMES is what Nintendo sells and is what has been lacking with the Wii U for over a year and the 3DS for the first 6 months…

                  1. Games? Yet Wii Party U,Wario, Ray man, Zombie u, Sonic Racing, Lego City,DKTF, Pikmin 3, didn’t do shit. Also if games sell consoles in Wii U why didn’t MK8 get more Wii U games up to at least top 20 best sellers. It sold over a million and like PS4 games come back at top 10 MK8 didn’t do that. Like I said it would have been power to get Wii U to do 4 gamepads and further away from the consoles.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Because non of them were big system sellers and what ar eyou talking about? MK8 has been top 10 in all territories for weeks…

                      1. Neither was watch dogs but it made top ten and brought older turtles back to top ten but MK8 didn’t. Also DK franchise is a big tittle as well as 3D World. I thought Mario Kart 8 was going to boost their sells to make it in top ten.

              2. First of all xbox one has to catch up with the wii u which I don’t see that happening any time soon.

                    1. The xbox one hasnt even released in japan yet, wtf are you talking about. While it may not sale well there it clearly shows you have no idea what you are talking about.

                  1. You know that game itself is free and you only need to buy one DLC to own full version of Killer Instinct with original arcade game + all characters and costumes? People can also buy all characters and skins separately so that’s why there seems to be so much DLC.

                1. The wii u came out a year before Xbox dumbass , since the Xbox launched it’s out sold the wii u worldwide

                  1. I didn’t know 5 million Xbox One is higher than 7 million Wii U…

                    Retards can’t get their simplest math right. -_-‘

                    1. He meant that just starting from when they were both out, Xbox has been slaughtering the Wii U left and right month after month week after week. Of course, the Wii U’s headstart has kept it ahead…for now =)

                  2. When they launched is irrelevant, what’s important is the numbers right now. And right now the Wii U is almost two million ahead, and has been for some time.

              3. Yeah thanks for repeating the exact same thing as other analysts have lol. Too bad some of the info you have is wrong, like the fact that a lot of developers have said tht the wii u’s power is closer to them than most think, and that it’s beyond the PS3’s power, unlike most uninformed trolls think. Last I checked wii u still has sold quite a bit more than the xbox one.

              4. technical the xbox has to catch up to the wii u. But yes this gen might be the weakest nintendo will experience, but hopefully great games come like GC

                1. Actually they’re not looking at how things are presently. the xbox one is right on the Wiius tail, and it the wiiu has been out way longer!

                  1. And if you look at the history you’ll see the xbone has been consistently 1.8 million units behind the Wii U for at least the last six months.

                    When they came out is irrelevant.

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Sadly our empire isn’t making money now either…

                  I’m just hoping that they can minimize the damage by atleast 80% by next year…

                  1. They can take it and looking at their fall/winter lineup especially Smash Bros. after all the huge ass line and hype I’ve seen, Nintendo will make up for those losses and far much more. I promise you that.

              5. Ya right! Wait until christmas! Wait until next zelda! The first movie was console wars. The sequel is nintendo strikes back. Lol! That’s coming from your biggest 42 year old fanboy! I’m out!

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  Of course, there is a reason to why the sequel is called “Empire strikes back”…

              6. Who cares if they catch up anyway! Nintendo is still the best! Wait until nintendo next big system! Total domination!

                1. If Fusion does what I think it does: combining both worlds of handheld/home console as one, make it universally compatible to ALL Nintendo and 2nd/3rd party games, proper unified accounts with crossbuy and free redownloads in any logged system (with permission function) and make it more legitimately powerful than PS4 at $400 with good storage capavity and launch it with a few kickass games to start, Nintendo will be dominate again.

                  1. A lot of ifs though. I really don’t see that happening or at least not at that price. If it’s that powerful plus a two in one console, it’s going to be at the very least 600 dollars

              7. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                sickr loves his xbox one more than his dust collecting wii u lol. he must be playing the destiny beta i guest. this just another click bait article for wii u nerds and chimps to dance in the comment section. well played sickr.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      No, the saddest part is that he did have the money to buy one but instead bought the games instead…

                        1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                          i love how you dedicate your pathetic life to attacking any comment i make.

                          1. “Miyamoto is as overrated as Martin Luther King..oh and I’m black too just like him”

                            You were saying about us being pathetic? Hypocrite, Self-Racist fucktard.

                1. you’re the one who jumped to start a war here, also if sickr loves his xbone that’s something that you can’t achieve, because you have to beg your mom for money!!! XD E-X-P-O-S-E-D

                    1. Lies. If it aint your gorilla mother you bang and sleep with at night for whore money, its welfare. Fucking free loading leech.

                      1. The Narutard doesn’t seem to comprehend, with every word he shits out his mouth, it is one step closer to someone tracking him down

                        We know his 3DS Friend code, his nationality, his love of pornography and we have his face

                        One day he is going to piss off the wrong person and land up dead

                2. Speaking of which, how’s your not-owned 360 mission coming along? Oh. A failute just like Xbox DOne launch and reveal? I figure.

                3. To be fair, my Wii U has been collecting dust since Sonic Lost World, but I’ll play it once Smash Bros comes out. Until then, I’ve been gaming on the Wii and PS3. Destiny is supposed to be very good so why wouldn’t Sickr want to play it? That being said, I’m sure that Sickr would rather play the PS4. After all…it’s what I would do ;)

                  1. My Wii U certainly isn’t collecting dust. Snagged some worthy platformers over the last two months like Shovel Knight, Guacamelee, and Wooden Sen’SeY. Plus Mario Kart 8 is still a blast to play, not to mention the free Pikmin 3 I snagged from the MK8 promo along with Game & Wario from the Platinum Rewards. I have been quite busy and satisfied with my Wii U. Oh, Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta aren’t too far off either. No dust here.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      They should clean their things more often, they probably never learned to keep their things clean…

                      1. Ha! I’m pretty bad, I clean off the console and the controllers after almost every use… I’m a clean freak..

                1. Tell that to Vita. Oh wait, too biased and stupid to give a shit. Go waste $330 on a failed PS3 on the Go with overpriced memory cards.

                  1. Such as? No other console is as good and PS/Xbox isn’t even considered a true game console. Its a multimedia box mimicking PCs because it has no originality.

              8. the games don’t get any better from the wii u catching up with its rivals so what should the consumer care as long as it’s got steady sales?

              9. Of course the Wii U won’t ever catch up to the PS4 and One. People blindly buy the crap out of Sony and MS consoles. However the Wii U has plenty of momentum. Nintendo will pull themselves up by their bootstraps and breathe life into the Wii U for sure, but sadly it will never keep up with the other two. And that’s okay with me! As long as Nintendo continues to bring us unique was to play with quality games I will be happy.

                1. It’s not okay with me. Sales of consoles bring sales of games and sales of games bring more unique games. Without those first two factors, don’t expect as many unique games coming out for said system.

                  With that said, I only use my Wii U for exclusives, so I don’t have to worry too much about that. Nintendo will continue to support it with Nintendo franchises.

                  1. Oh the Wii U will increase in sales for sure, they are building momentum for that right now and I’m sure Smash will be a defining factor. The Wii U will continue to build momentum and sell, I’m just saying that the other two consoles have blind followers who buy the systems before there are games to play on it. That said, Wii U probably won’t catch up, but it will increase in sales without a doubt.

                    1. I clearly see XBONE won’t catch up, not after the royal fuck up Microsoft (mostly Don Mattrick) did with its reveal and there’s signs of Xbox divisions being sold off plus investors are tell them to ditch Xbox brand so if any of the 3 goes first after this gen, it’ll be Xbox.

                      1. I’d be perfectly fine with MS dropping out. However the Wii U has taken a long time to sell as many as it has (6.6 million-ish) and the One hasn’t been out that long and has already sold millions. This is mainly to the blind followers who just buy the console because it’s the new thing regardless of the quality of the library.

                        I hope MS bows out, I’ve never supported their console and I never will. But I doubt the Wii U will have the same sales momentum that the One did at launch, plus it’s still selling because of all those blind followers regardless of the crap MS pulled.

                        It doesn’t matter in the long run. You can’t get Nintendo quality anywhere else, so I’m happy with how the Wii U is doing and I can see the momentum building.

                          1. Ha! Yeah, it’d be nice to see them squashed by Nintendo but I have a feeling they’re going to be squashed by themselves. Squashed either way. I stopped supporting Sony after the PS 2 and there are a handful of games from the last gen I’d love to play, but not badly enough to even snag a discounted PS 3. However Playstation is one of the only divisions within Sony that is still making good money so they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

                            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                              Being destroyed by their own hands is even better…

                              I love it when I see others destroy themselves, just like the humans will do it soon in the near future while I’ll get what I want without doing anything…

                              1. There is still some good in them… somewhere. Not all humans are a lost cause, we must be patient.

                                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                  Once you find them, I want to see the evidence…

                                  I know you chozo value life while we Quadraxises value upgrades…

                                  1. Chozodian Emissary

                                    I will be sure to provide you with evidence when the worthy are discovered.

                                    We can appreciate upgrades as well, our beloved Hunter has made our race proud. She has righted many of our wrongs..

                                    1. The irony is you were created by a species that also value life, Quadraxis. >.< Til the Ing got a hold of you, anyway.

                                      1. Chozodian Emissary

                                        Yes, the Luminoth crafted you and your kind with the value of life in mind. It brings joy to my soul knowing the Hunter has relieved their race from the darkness.

                                      2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis


                                        Yes but I became way more powerful under the reprogramming of the Ing, and so Darkness is my guidance…

                                            1. Chozodian Emissary

                                              Our Hunter vanquished the Ing and you are rebuilt, I am satisfied with the results. Regardless of the lingering darkness.

                                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                Well we all are allied together with our real masters, Nintendo, against the corrupted forces…

                                                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                                    Of course, I’d love to take a legion of Quadraxises and launch an assault on the Spartan bases (Halo)…

                                                    Utterly destroying them without them doing any harm against us…

                                                    1. Chozodian Emissary

                                                      Never understood the appeal of the Spartans or the XBox… I don’t wish harm on anyone, however the blind fans who attack Nintendo and worship the ground in which MS defecates, I could live without them..

                                  2. I am strangely okay with the idea of the Wii U not outselling the PS4 or the X-Box ONE. If gamers simply want more powerful machines than that’s okay, Sony and Microsoft will meet this minimum every year. Nintendo has never really cared about the power of their consoles. In fact, their recent ones are more focused around new ways to play games and drawing new gamers into the market.

                                  3. I was just thinking about this but I must say the system to own this year is the Wii U. The better games on PS4 and Xbox One won’t be arriving until 2015 at the very earliest. Sure the Destiny PS4 bundle will sell like hotcakes but I don’t think it will drive sales as much as an Uncharted 4 bundle or FFXV bundle. Those are games you can’t get on the PS3 so they will naturally sell better. But for Fall of 2014 Nintendo is delivering the goods. We got Bayonetta 1+2, Hyrule Warriors, Sonic Boom, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, and (more importantly) Super Smash Bros. for Wii U which will be a huge profit maker for Nintendo between the Gamecube controllers+adapters as well as Amiibos. So the system to own, in my opinion, this upcoming holiday season is Wii U. 2015 should be a really interesting year because all three companies will be pushing out there best titles between Zelda, Uncharted, Halo, as well as a slew of great third party titles. Not too mention what might get announced at E3 2015. I think PS4 will sell the best in 2014, that much is pretty much given, but with a Smash Bros. bundle it will be interesting to see who comes out on top between Wii U and Xbox One.

                                    1. I have to disagree. The system to own is definitely the PS4 thanks to the backwards capability with the PS3 and improved trophies. The Wii U is a close second, but only once the Gamecube Adaptor comes out. Once it comes out, it may pass the PS4 for me

                                      1. Since when can you play PS3 games on PS4? It isn’t backwards compatible, that’s why they’re resorting to the Playstation Now streaming garbage.

                                          1. No problem! You had me searching the net pretty quick. If Sony made the PS4 capable of playing the entire PS3 library directly, I’d totally snag a PS4. But as of right now, the only games outside of the Wii U library I’d like to play are on the PS3.

                                            1. Same here. If the PS4 became backwards compatible, I’d buy one just for the few PS3 games I wanted to play but couldn’t get because I was too busy with the Wii instead of waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV.

                                  4. I wish analysts wouldn’t say a console is underpowered. They aren’t dev’s they don’t USE the console, they don’t know what is and isn’t powerful. Cause while the Wii U is the “weakest” it is by no means underpowered lol. There will always be 1 console that’s the strongest, one in the middle and 1 that’s the “weakest”. Unless consoles are made identically with the same parts they wont all be the same in the “power” department.

                                  5. afaik wii u doesn’t need to catch up with xbox 1 since xbox’s sales are lower and are 2m behind.Unless all the information we had are wrong.tbh i don’t care if xbix 1 fails or succeed if it true that xbox sales are behind there is a double standard in the industry and the business/financial analyst.

                                  6. On a side note, I just got TLOU Remastered since I didn’t own the PS3 and I’m enjoying it so far. Man, PS4/WIIU was a good decision for this gen.

                                  7. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    And I am unconvinced that Ed didn’t even see the sales of any of the consoles, because Wii U is outselling the Xbomb.

                                  8. Okay for this analyst idiot who I know for sure is one of Michael Patcher’s bitching blindly rooting for Xbox, is completely retarded to say “Wii U won’t catch up” & “Wii U is so far behind” and now let the real smart guy stop this idiot right there.

                                    So far, Wii U which probably peaked at 7 million ATM is ahead of Xbox One by roughly 2 million units with PS4 ahead of Wii U by 1.5 million somewhere so this BS opinion is only half correct if it were saying “Wii U is behind PS4 and won’t catch up” which would’ve been a far more accurate statement.

                                    Not to mention that the Wii U will in fact have more interesting and exclusive games coming this holiday season and judging from the hype of Smash Bros. 4, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2 and such, Wii U will definitely own this Christmas with PS4 having a new white model, LittleBigPlanet 3 and Destiny (with bundle) which will help push units itself thus having a huge showdown between Sony and Nintendo again. Microsoft however, all they fucking Halo and its not the new Halo 5 as once promised to be in 2014 last year. Its 4 old games ported over for the 3rd fucking time as an act of desperation to sell the system because 1. XBONE has nothing else to offer now until 2015 which is merely countless multiplats and 2. Due to the royal fuck up Microsoft did with the reveal and launch of their stupid Kinect/DRM idea, sales and trust isn’t gonna be like it use to be or should’ve been so good luck with 2014 Microsoft. Sony & Nintendo in 2014 is what’s all about.

                                    My point is this, people like this fool making such stupid statement like he/she has seen the future of Nintendo is what pisses me off and its not about that I hate hearing bad news. I hate hearing misinformed people making rash comments without even thinking for a moment of all the equations playing its part. Wii U is far from being “Nintendoomed” and with its next big offerings coming this fall, it’s gonna shut these idiot up once again and Nintendo may have a chance to tie with PS4 this year if the cards are played right.

                                  9. Are these the same idiotic analysts from polygon that said MK8 would only sell 1.2 million copies, but in only two months has sold over 2.2???

                                    There are some seriously stupid people out there. If you look at the history, which is essential in making any predictions, you’ll see the xbone has been consistently 1.8 million units behind the Wii U for at least the last six months.

                                    When they came out is irrelevant.

                                    So what are these so called analysts using for their projection models? Milk bottle tops? Because there is nothing to say, at this time, that the xbone will overtake the Wii U.

                                    I fear this is more anti Nintendo propaganda.

                                  10. 3DS XL – 31,789 (31,192)
                                    PlayStation Vita – 21,875 (27,352)
                                    Wii U – 9,429 (8,209) ;-)
                                    PlayStation 3 – 7,175 (7,389)
                                    3DS – 6,656 (6,185)
                                    PlayStation 4 – 5,581 (6,456) :O LOL
                                    PlayStation Vita TV – 1,767 (2,249)
                                    PSP – 489 (556)
                                    Xbox 360 – 122 (129

                                    1. OMG … PS is really in a bad situation, I can sense Dreamcast situation is going to happen again … You know I can afford to buy PS4 … but because of Sony financial situation I will not risk.

                                  11. Anyone that owns a Wii U knows how great it is. And the more people that finds out, the more sales it will make. At any rate, Nintendo is NOT doing bad.

                                  12. I don’t understand why you all care that much about sales. We have amazing games already and some others are coming. Why don’t you all just focuse on that? Like why should we even care about sales? I know that if the console doesn’t do good we won’t get third party games but that’s not my point, just enjoy the damn games and buy what you like.

                                    Anyone who spends time on hating a box made of plastic with some circuits is a retard and needs a life urgently.

                                  13. Man, look at those sleek lines… o.o The Dualshock 4’s smooth analog sticks… The glowing Xbox logo and those colorful buttons… And that Wii U Gamepad’s touchscreen.. Ooooh dat touchscreen. :D These are the best looking next gen consoles ever! I wanna get em all… Got the Wii U though! Don’t think I can afford it though, so I may have to stick with Wii U and (eventually) PC. Aah, games. So costly… But I love em. :)

                                  14. Honestly the sales don’t matter get which system looks best for you get whatever games you want you don’t need to bash each other whine,complain,and get into fights. No need for racist slurs no need for sexual terms either. We’re all gamers here let’s respect each others opinions nearly every single article on this site has an argument. We are all human so stop being toddlers and grow up already. Not everything thing is about you and others opinions do matter.Sorry if I end up sounding redundant or like a hypocrite but act mature love Nintendo or hate Nintendo but no need to bash those who do like them.

                                  15. You have to know that Nintendo is a necessity to the industry in order to create a balance to it ! , all the delays that was made by 3rd parties for the Wii U , was also accepted by Nintendo just in order to save the industry from collapsing and to prevent Nintendo rivals especially – Sony – from dying, furthermore you have to know that the existence of MS , Sony and all 3rd parties is another necessity to the industry … if Nintendo wants to create games like what Sony ,MS and other 3rd parties are doing, they can do … but Nintendo understands that, and they don’t want to eliminate the others because competition is necessary for the industry. Moreover , you have to excuse 3rd parties , for treating Nintendo badly as it looks , because their existence is depending on all console manufacturers, if Nintendo did record a loss it means something wrong with the industry but not Nintendo.

                                    Square Enix and Capcom will fail, PS4 is doing well but for short time, and later will fail because Sony will bankrupt, do you remember when Nintendo did talk about changing their policy and they might merging with other entities ?!! why so far they did not do anything regarding it, why we didn’t hear that Nintendo is buying Capcom like what the other people are suggesting in order to save some titles like mega man and Resident Evil. You will be amaze if you know that Nintendo is going to by Sony or at least PlayStation division. some will tell I am exaggerating because I did mention Sony as a whole but you have to remember that Nintendo did mention before that they are going to change their business to include entertainment areas and not only video games.

                                    1. Your first paragraph is spot on.

                                      The gaming industry needs Nintendo and Sony as much as they need each other. They provide equally different gaming experiences at different ends of the spectrum. The industry would be finished without them. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t realise this.

                                      Microsoft though…can go and **** themselves. They provide nothing for industry. Their arrogance and ignorance with the xbone shows this and that all they’re interested in sucking the soul and profits out from gaming, much like ea. The only good thing Microsoft did last gen was keeping Sony in line.

                                  16. This guy is a year late on this prediction.. Nintendo is outselling the xbox every week. The PS4 is the next thing in its eye sights.

                                  17. Considering that the PS4 and XBOXone have basically almost the same audience, from a consumer perspective, one would think that the comparison is more like PS4+XBOXone vs WiiU. So if you factor in the release dates of these consoles and look at their sales, it’s clear that Nintendo is doing better than XBOXone. If XBOXone is doing better than the WiiU it should at least top WiiU’s lifetime sales as the PS4 did.

                                    Now if you look at it from Microsoft’s perspective, competing head to head with Sony for the top sales would be something they would have preferred rather than being behind the WiiU. But hey, what do I know, I’m no analyst. Still, I’m not convinced by this.

                                  18. I don’t know if I wanna support Nintendo next console when they like to make it weak and cheaper than their rivals…you lost a fan and you will lost many more, because Nintendo think unique and don’t think western style…we want the strongest and latest thing out there…you have bigger sale in Japan, but little Japan don’t compare nothing to Giant America.

                                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                      Stupid ape…

                                      They had the most powerful consoles with SNES, N64 and GCN and people bought them far less than they did with the Wii…

                                  19. The funny part is the Nintendo only need 3 games to break the chain
                                    1 Metroid prime remaster in HD
                                    2 wii u Metroid
                                    3 Wii u F zero . sony and the Boxtard know this. to bad Big N seem like they dont know lol

                                      1. A shame you don’t see how awesome Metroid is. The great thing about it is it’s a platformer, shooter, adventure, & action all rolled into one badass game.

                                          1. It is interesting seeing the progression throughout the years. I played Super Mario 3 over the weekend and that game is absolutely brutal compared to any of the NSMB games. Kids today haven’t experienced the roots of these great games.

                                            I always suggest Zero Mission to anyone looking to get into the Metroid series. It’s not nearly as punishing as any of the other titles yet it’s still a great game. Plus the bonus mission at the end is priceless.

                                            1. Oh I loved that extended ending for Zero Mission. It was nice to see them reveal to us that the ghost ship in Super Metroid was a Space Pirate ship that Samus had to sneak her way through to get her Power Suit restored.

                                              1. Now if only they could have also revealed who that dead body near Kraid’s lair was in Super Metroid.

                                              2. That was my favorite part, I guess the Chozo temple was destroyed in the explosion because it’s not in Super Metroid. Also, a lot of folks speculate that the dead marine is Houston from the comics. I doubt it but it’s fun to speculate.

                                          2. Super Metroid was really boring in my opinion. I tried it and couldn’t get into it. But it’s not really the game itself. It’s like.. the whole thing. I don’t really like the idea of being a bounty hunter in space and and all that stuff. Doesn’t really interest me. I don’t hate it though.

                                              1. That’s why I said nevermind. Lol. Halo is amazing imo. When I play Metroid though, it just feels completely different. I like all the different guns, grenades, vehicles, and all that stuff in Halo. Metroid didn’t have any of that from from what I’ve played. And plus, the newer ones have online multiplayer which I find really cool. Halo, ever since I played the first one, has been one of my favorite game franchises of all time.

                                  20. Looking at Nintendo’s history they don’t always fare well with their consoles. The N64 was pretty big but was overshadowed by the PS1. The GameCube just wasn’t up to par with the PS2 and the XBOX. Then the Wii came along and blew everyone away with its motion controls and new ways of playing. The Wii U just didn’t offer enough to bring people in. It’s been out long enough that it should have a lot more sales than it does. PS4 and XBOX One are doing fine, there’s no way those are going out anytime soon. Honestly though, I really don’t see the Wii U surviving much longer despite all the fanboys/girls that will defend it to the end of time. Nintendo needs to come up with a console that’s the equivalent to the PS4 and XBOX One. They think being different is their strong point but it’s proving to be their weakness. Their storage on the systems is a joke. 8gb and 32gb are fine for handhelds, but for a console it just doesn’t cut it. I don’t know about the XBOX One, but the PS4 ships with a 500gb hard drive and is easily expandable. Not just with an external hard drive, but with an internal one that is simple to replace and you can even find instructions on Sony’s website for doing it. They fully support you doing it. Nintendo just says “Meh, plug in an external hard drive that has a power source. You don’t need shit for storage to start with”. So much wrong with the Wii U that all the fanboys and fangirls just don’t care to admit. I love Nintendo, I’ve always been a Nintendo fan, but I definitely have shifted to Sony more because I’m getting quality consoles rather than half-assed, outdated and low quality Nintendo consoles that have potential they just aren’t tapping into.

                                    1. I think the only thing that’s wrong with the WiiU currently is its software lineup which can be easily mended by pumping out more games. Then again software is the most important factor in a console’s life so I’m a little disappointed at how Nintendo is producing games. I’m assuming that because the leap to HD gaming Nintendo is understaffed.

                                      Still as Nintendo is primarily a developer I don’t think that Nintendo should focus on making their consoles like Sony or Microsoft because I honestly don’t think Nintendo will survive. They won’t be able to compete mainly because of the 3rd party issue.

                                      1. Exactly, why should Nintendo be a part of Sony/Microsoft Console War aka Pissing Contest when they can create an alternative solution.

                                  21. At this point, I don’t think anything can save the Wii U in terms of sales. I think us Nintendo fans will just have to except that the Wii U will a commercial failure this generation… unless, Smash Bros 4 somehow manages to make a difference.

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