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Hyrule Warriors Is 7.8GB

It has been revealed that the long-awaited Hyrule Warriors will take up 7.8GB on your Wii U console or your external hard drive. Hyrule Warriors launches in Japan next month, but we won’t get it over here in the west until September.

Thanks, theniceguy

42 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Is 7.8GB”

  1. Retail copies tend be cheaper here and that file size will be a long wait specially when there is online traffic on its release date, so definitely retailfor me.

  2. If we get that Treasure Box that Japan is getting over in here the States & Europe, I’m going to actually double dip for this game: buy the Treasure Box then download the actual game. I can give the physical copy to my brother.

  3. Not bad in size since DKC nearly topped 12GB of space. XP MK8 is worthy for digital and surprisingly Super Mario 3D World. :)

    But I’m getting the physical for resale value just in case. Whatever games are best and minimum in storage like MK8 are best for digital.

    1. “Digital Renting”. GOOD ONE. That’s how “I” feel about digital games. It just doesn’t feel like owning it. And I bet a lot of people who buy digital games regrets it later (or will).

  4. That’s just the full size of the digital game, right? Not what it installs to the harddrive if you have the physical disc?

    1. The physical copy will be much less than that, since most of the data will be on the disk rather than the system. Physical all the way for me! :)

  5. Seeing that I have DSL… It’ll be faster to drive up there and grab it myself instead of downloading.

  6. I’m not downloading at all until Nintendo fixes that account system. -_-. And plus, I don’t have a deluxe Wii U, so no point in it anyway. Sigh…

  7. With the picture above, I feel like the title should be called “Hyrule Harem: A Link Between Girls”. XD

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