WayForward Announces It’s Bringing Xtreme Sports To Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console

Acclaimed development studio WayForward has announced via Twitter that it will be bringing its first Gameboy Colour game Xtreme Sports to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The company announced that the game will be available to download on the 7th of August. You can watch a video for the retro themed title, below.


  1. Sasori is going to be happy ;D
    Look at the bikini girl in the background… oh wait, I forgot he likes men.

    Anyway, this game looks great :)

  2. At first I though the girl in the video had a little cloud covering her bare bottom. I look closer to see its just the score. I need to get more sleep. . . . XD

  3. Lord Sasori has pity on the “Mongolians of Unnatural Decent” and will be there as Iwata the decaying leper is laid to rest which will symbolically restore the sight of the ignorant blinded by Gamepad Gimmick and pathetic jaggies. Commander Quadraxis played with fire and has come out burnt. A Judas kiss from the empire he so dearly loves. Nintendo is like a Cambodian mother about to smother her baby with a warm embrace of false comfort and a love for money and yum yum.

    1. -Lord Sasori has pity on the “Mongolians of Unnatural Decent” in other words his famlily and “followers”

      -Commander Quadraxis played with fire and has come out burnt, the only one who has been burn is sasori

      You’r such a stupid sasori, you have to accept that you’ve been exposed, everywhere the people is laughing at you-

        1. yes i realize that sasori is the imbecile behind this “church” that’s why i said he’s been exposed

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