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Hyrule Warriors Will Have Some Form Of Online Functionality

The official Nintendo website says that Hyrule Warriors will feature some form of online functionality. It won’t have online co-op, but will instead feature a special battle in adventure mode that will be playable online. We should get more details in the near future.

“purchase of additional content, automatic posting of play status to Miiverse, and play special battle in adventure mode”

Thanks, Retrogaminglord

52 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Will Have Some Form Of Online Functionality”

    1. I think something like you’re four links (Red, Blue, Green, Purple) and you have four corners of a map and you try to battle to take over all territories would be cool.


    I thought it was stated at E3 that it did have online co-op so you could battle online with your friends?

  2. Exactly. It’s the ssme with the other dynasty games so idkwhy idiots want to complain because they don’t have online co-op when in reality the dynasty games don’t have such a thing and no one from the company said it was going to have it in the first place. So the idiots shouldn’t complain.

    1. Ummm actually they have had online co-op in them for a long time now. Now idea where you pulled that from your ass. If you don’t believe me look it up yourself. Dynasty Warriors 6, 7 and 8 all have online co-op.

        1. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

          Nobody plays them
          It’s hard to find ppl to play online co ops
          And if you do find one it’s a race who get the most kills I hated it
          I think it’s better if no online co ops with this game
          Maybe on quest/mission only
          If they do have one with this game

    2. 1. Dumbass, they did mention having online co-op around E3 and 2. Dumbass again, DW always had co-op and this was a big deal for gamers interested I this game so what are you talking about? The only “idiot(s)” I see is you.

    1. It was a representative. She might have just misinterpreted. And most of the representatives don’t work with the game company.

      1. Clearly you don’t understand it, especially when you literally have no idea what you’re talking about, saying Dynasty Warrior games never had online co-op.

        Yet you want to call everyone idiots when you’re the only idiot here spewing utter nonsense.

      2. Oh I understand that it has online…its the news that keeps changing saying one thing to another, I’m just being extra cautious. Maybe its you that doesn’t understand me. I don’t remember adding to my words “no online period”. Don’t always assume on my words and you’ll be fine. In other words, read me carefully and don’t put words in my mouth when they are not said and quit judging me about it.

  3. Is there no any news about a new super Mario galaxy 3!!! I want a new 3D platform game without 4 player co-op. Just a singlecplayer likenin galaxy 1/2

  4. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    do you really care sickr. you should be happy you own an xbox one.i bet you even enjoyed ryse sone of rome or forza 5 on your xbox one. whats the point on this article. you could just re-edited the other artcle or search more info before posting.

    1. the narutard still wants a xbox from sickr, he doesn’t owe you such thing stupid brokeback gorilla, get a job and buy yours.

      1. Nintendo is my Blood

        Wow the way he jacks off on the Xbox-one-and-done it’s like he is standing next to something important, at least he knows he is a welfare bitch

              1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

                ……… you dont even make sense anymore with those penis pictures

                1. are you serious?, if the first thing you see in that picture is a penis, it’s your problem. the first thing i see in the picture is you with those hearts in your eyes and “water” in your mouth. it’s so fucking funny!

    1. No maybe mission or quest only
      Like for example fight king dodonggo in hard or chaos mode with a limited time but before u get to him you need to fight small soldiers
      I remember they have that mode in dynasty warrior Gundam3
      Damn that mode is so freaking hard
      The small soldiers keep on coming to you I can’t even get thru to the boss
      And the small soldiers hit really hard
      If you play the game you will know
      What I’m talking about
      It’s really fun but frustrating

  5. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

    Never mind what I said
    my guess is the online funtionality
    It might be just like posting messages or stamps and pictures 😱

    1. Nintendo Knight Equilibruim

      I think ganondorfs going to be in this game, one of the trailer reveals his face (maybe it’s not him) idk
      check the e3 hyrule warriors trailer

  6. Are we supposed to be excited? I don’t understand. Lol. These guys had a chance…this game had a chance…fuck ’em both.

      1. He’s still mad it’s not going to have online. If he’s a Zelda fan, the lack of online won’t bother him for long, spin off or not.

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