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Hyrule Warriors Won’t Have Online Co-op Mode, But Will Have Local Co-op

The official Hyrule Warriors Twitter account has confirmed that the action packed title won’t feature an online co-op mode, but will instead have local co-op for you and a friend. The news will come as a disappointment to some as recent Dynasty Warriors titles have always included online play. Hyrule Warriors is due out next month.

Thanks, Anubis

282 thoughts on “Hyrule Warriors Won’t Have Online Co-op Mode, But Will Have Local Co-op”

      1. This game should have NO CO-OP whatsoever so that people would stop bitching especially those that weren’t going to buy this game anyway and have been hating on it the whole time. If this was a single player campaign people would have no reason to bitch.

        1. The game probably even has online versus modes that we don’t know about yet but no one can wait until Monday for the Direct before bitching. Haters gonna hate.


      “our empire is the best, this is probably the best option…


      -nintendo commander imbecile-

      1. When does Nintendo ever make a online co-op that isn’t smash or mario kart?

        Just to stay the clear, Donkey Kong didn’t have it and nor did Mario Land 3D for the Wii U have it neither.

        1. And yet everyone blames Ubisoft for gimped ports when Splinter Cell basically didn’t have online coop. Huh.

        2. Super Mario 3D World, not Mario Land 3D. That sounds more like the 3DS game but it’s 3D Land not Land 3D.

  1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    hey sickr you forgot to post the call of duty camping trailer. please post it because it news for the wii u.

        1. And also hates Martin Luther King apparently by calling him overrated and he’s black too. Hope someone finds his ass and “do something” to “shut him up”.

  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    And here we go with the disappointment despite they saying that it would have online multiplayer a few weeks ago if I’m not mistaken…

    I won’t buy this at launch then, I’ll buy something else…

    1. Maybe online , non co-op? Picking it up as soon as possible, or maybe I’l just buy it online. Game looks really good, as a huge Zelda fan!

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I know that the online gameplay does not feature the story mode but something called “Adventure Mode”…

        If it has a lot of content within that feature then I’ll change my mind from today and buy it around launch but it it’s just some sort of minigame then no…

          1. Guess we will see Monday, hopefully they show off what this “Adventure Mode” is, if it’s some lame crap like beating scores i’ll pass.

            My only concern is the tweet is pretty exact in what it says, it specifically says no online multiplayer, which to me means you can’t play with anyone else online. So I am really wondering what the “Adventure Mode” even does or if it’s one of those dumb types of online features, that uses online but it actually really has nothing to do with playing with other people online.

            What is odd, is they can manage online co-op in older Dynasty Warrior games on PS3 and Xbox 360 yet they don’t put it in this? I don’t know about everyone else but I love online co-op and I would have loved games like SM3DW to have such features, so to me it is a disappointment.

            Hearing this game had online co-op before was a huge selling point for me.

    2. At least you’re non biased and consistent. If any Ubi-haters are ok with this, I’m liting a fire under their ass.

      Still day one for me though!! :D

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        I’ll only buy it around launch if resources allow if this Adventure Mode is big enough to have fun for a long time…

    3. “Tumblr blogger What Is Twilight recently had the opportunity to play Hyrule Warriors at the Japan Expo which is taking place in Paris. One of the key bits of information gathered from a representative at the event is news that the game will feature both online and offline co-op modes”

      It was a representative who likes to misinterpret everything. You damn well know that representatives don’t really work for the company.

  3. Dammit… well, still cannot wait to play this. Alone, or with friends! Don’t know anyone with a Wii U who is getting this!

    1. You know past Dynasty Warrior games had both local and online co-op and the previous though of this was, is that it had the same since it has been a feature in newer Dynasty Warrior games.

      So you would have still been able to play with your brother, I just don’t see how missing features that are basic in older games that run on PS3 and Xbox 360 is good to hear though.

      I mean seriously when does Nintendo not do local co-op? The fact that is almost all they do half the time is my gripe, some people don’t have siblings or friends close by they can always play with, so online co-op is perfect for alleviating that problem.

      I never understood why anyone would just want one or the other anyway, any multiplayer game in this day and age, should have both local and online co-op in my opinion.

      1. I really hope that isn’t that case. I hate when games say they have online and it is just something dumb like leaderboard scores.

  4. um am I missing something?isn’t nintendo part of the development team? im sure they at least had to be in charge of them, so no online would be their fault. prove me wrong with links or other proof and I’ll take it back. until then, this should nt come as a surprise to any longtime fan, only newcomers. ill wait for more news b4 thinking about buying thissss. but to nintendos defense, when has zelda ever had online?

  5. Online co-op is always more important than local co-op… if someone doesn’t have someone at home to play with, then they can use online. If someone DOES have someone to play with at home, then they can still use online co-op!

    Only way to allow both types of people to win is to implement online co-op as a necessity and if you can, add in local co-op later on as an added bonus.

    Having JUST local co-op is stupid, because not everyone can take advantage of it. I feel like I can’t get the most out of a lot of my Wii U games, just because I have no one to play with locally. Nintendoland, Pikmin 3, NSMB, and NSLU all had advantages or content I couldn’t use, because they required local co-op.

    Nintendo should be aware of this and should cater to everyone’s wants and needs. I know Tecmoe Koei is developing the game, but Nintendo owns the Zelda franchise. They could have told TK to implement online co-op if they really wanted to be fair to everyone…

    1. Also don’t forget even if you had someone to play with, findin an experienced Pikmin 3 player for a challege is so rare.

      1. Exactly…. Pikmin 3 had a WHOLE experience that I never even got to try, because it didn’t have online. Even if I tried playing with my younger brother, he wouldn’t be enough of a challenge.

    2. I completely agree with you, online co-op would allow everyone with an internet connection to play together. However, Nintendo really wants to break the stigma that is gamers are antisocial and play games alone in their parents basements. They want us to physically play together in the same room to break that stigma.

      They do this by purposefully neglecting online co-op, that way we have to play with someone else in the room. They also do this with their demos by having big events at Best Buy to get all of us together in a social setting to play a demo instead of releasing a demo on the eShop.

      It sucks but they don’t want to contribute to unhealthy gaming behavior so they actively combat that stigma by making these seemingly “stupid” or “behind the times” decisions.

      1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

        But I can’t fly out friends of mine from California to the east coast just to play Mario or Zelda. That’s ridiculous. We NEED online.

        1. Yeah, it sucks. I’d love to play with friends across the states too, but Nintendo sticks pretty close to their policies… I just hope they figure out how to implement online co-op within their policies soon.

      2. I completely agree too.

        Nintendo have got it spot on with not neglecting single player options, but the excuses of not providing online options as a standard is starting to get really tiresome.

        My personal situation is that my friends and I have reached that point where we’re all married and have our first, or second kids on the way, so any local coop sessions we use to have are way way in the past. Most of them only play casually now at best. So for me, it’s either single or online. Though I’m only just starting out online as it’s never interested me in the past.

      3. It’s going to be hard to find friends to physically play Nintendo tittles. Most think it’s kiddy. I just had my cusin come over to play my Wii U, he wanted to play xbox call of duty that I don’t like. Most people my age only stick with a FPS games and don’t realize how fun Pikmin or Mario can be before judGing it. I’ll never get the full expereince of Bingo battle of Pikmin with another experienced player. Also my cousin would have played Brawl but because Nintendo was too stupid to put Gamecube adators on the Wii U in 2008, he didn’t want to touch wiimotes. Now I have to buy the GC adatopers so that I can get my company to play the only hardecore Nintendo tittle for Wii U.

        1. Man… That’s sucks… To have friends or family who like to play games but not Nintendo games is rough.. I simply don’t have anyone who cares about games as much as I do so I play alone. My son plays here and there but he wouldn’t be a challenge in something like Smash or Bingo. Still fun to play with him though. Same with my wife. She’ll play a few things here and there but she’s never as into it as I am. I love it when she gets into a game though, she loved Child of Light, even though the end was really rushed.

          I’ve got friends across the states that would love to play and we have beat each other senseless in MK8 and worked together in Raid Mode for RE Revelations. But Hyrule Warriors would have been a blast to play with my buddies in other states. I get it, I totally do. But Nintendo operates with the gamer of all ages in mind. So I can see it from both sides. It sucks that Nintendo hasn’t embraced the online co-op the way the other two have but I understand because when I do play online on Playstation or Xbox, it’s always a hostile environment. Nintendo wants to make safe environments and they just haven’t figured out how to implement online play with their policies. I hope they do soon because it would be a really nice feature.

  6. A wasted opportunity if you ask me. Oh well… Still getting the game at launch and who knows, there could end up being some type of co-op mode just not “co-op” in terms of story mode

  7. Nintendo is involved in the development of this game amd have a greater say in how this game turns out then Tecmo Koei.

    Nintendo owns the IP and Eiji Aounuma is Supervisor of this game

    1. Thank you!! I had a feeling some people above were just damage controlling so nintendo didn’t look like the bad guy but alas, nintendo has made another poor decision for no online co-op for story mode.

      1. Two player co-op isn’t that big of deal online, I understand people’s reason’s but not every adds online to to a small feature if it were a bigger feature like 6 player vs or something I would be ticked but its a minor issue, even sony did the same thing with knack it local co.-op only ubisoft did it with rayman( though unsure it could do it). If it were more of a focus again I would be ticked buts not that big

        1. First of all: No. It IS a big deal. A part of what makes any DW game appealing is the fact that you can team up with friends, near or far, and do some crowd clearing. It’s one of the pillars of modern day DW. What if a franchise you love takes out an almost expected feature? Hey, how about we just remove online multiplayer from Halo while we’re at it?

  8. Nintendo is stupid developing this,and MK8. Why, didn’t they see the complaints of 3D World lacking online and still nothing. Also stupid on thinking not having an arena for battling was a good idea. And stupid by not estimating the power of PS4 in 2008 and not giving it the power to handle 4 gamepads and make the Pro controller play on Wiimode. That was stupid.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      The problem with powering 4 GamePads is just that: power. It would need waaaaay more power, and at its current state, it needs that power just to run next-gen games. It would be way too expensive. Then consumers would need to buy three more GamePads.

      I wish it wasn’t so. You’re not the first person to want more than one GamePad.

      I’d be willing to bet money they’re already working on GamePad and Pro controller support for Wiimode.

      1. How come when it comes to Nintendo’s hardware, people complain it would be too expensive to operate 4 Gamepads yet the most powerful console for $100 is outselling the Wii U?

        1. Do you have any proof that the Wii U can’t run with 4 gamepads? I’ve looked around and I can’t seem to get a clear answer. I seem to remember the possibility of running 2 gamepads but Nintendo doesn’t have any games in mind that would need more than 1 gamepad. I honestly think the system could handle 4 but Nintendo does things at their own pace. I’m sure they’ll come up with a game that could utilize multi-gamepad use but they are focusing on getting the momentum going. Once sales stabilize they’ll probably start looking into it if they haven’t already.

          Either way, where are you getting the “not enough power” to run 4 pads from?

      2. All they had to do in 2008 is change the technology a little in the GamePad and Pro controller to trick the Wii mode on Wii U to thinking ithey were classic controllers at the start so at the start when they thought 8gigs of storage was a good idea they could have saved more storage. Why didn’t they just do that in 2008? Sony would have thought of that.

        1. Just because they thought of it doesn’t mean they can do it. That’s like saying Leonardo Da Vinci thought of flying so he could have been able to accomplish it. So I ask you, if thinking of it is the same as doing it, why did flying not become a possibility before the 1900s?

  9. Brentmeister General

    Who hurt you Nintendo? Why would you do this to yourself?

    Self destructive behaviour at its best :(

  10. Well, thats dumb.
    Though I havent touched Warriors Orochis online modes, and still have had awesome time with it.

  11. What I want is the brains of Sony who loves power and online and the gameplay of Nintendo and you have yourself the perfect console! Wii U can barely handle Netflix. Sometimes in the middle of a show it gets cut off with some error message. And it’s not the Intrnet connection beause my Roku never does that. Dumb for not giving the Wii U the horsepower it needed to do back in 2008.

    1. Wii U barely handle Netflix? Are you high on stupid? Netflix on Wii U looks sharp and an improvement over Wii’s Netflix quality.

      And again, buying consoles just for power instead of good games for substance is just as retarded as your negative fanboy comment that is not exactly true.

      1. So 8 million who bought a PS4 is retarded? No Nintendo is retareded for not making Wii U operate with 4 gamepads and putting more than 32 gigs inside. If you guys don’t think power and gigs mean nothing why didn’t you buy the 8gig version to show me power doesn’t mean nothing then? Its obvious if their was a 100gig version it would sell better than the 32gig. But you guys want to be in denial that power doesn’t sell consoles.

        1. I’m talking about the reason they bought the consoles for you idiot. All I hear from those guys is “oh its powerful than *insert brand name*” or “the graphics are so GOD”

          Give me a break. Just go ahead and enjoy your DVD players that’s only slight prettier than last gen which was just yesterday. Deuces.

          1. The people you are talking about exist on every system, I have seen people do the same for the Wii U for a long time now, even going as far as saying the Wii U is more powerful than the PS4 just because of how a game looks and nothing more. Just pure stupidity.

            Ever since Nintendo got their first HD system, many of their fans have turned into the rabid idiotic HD whores that exist on every other system.

            Wouldn’t kill to actually be able to play blu-ray on the Wii U either honestly. I wouldn’t mind it, probably would have been a better experience on it with the gamepad.

            It is also kind of contradicting you call out graphic whores but then your last sentence literally makes you out to be one, consoles have never been more powerful than PC’s, maybe in 2006 they were on par with the best PC’s for a short while but consoles were never meant to be more powerful than PC’s and they probably never will be, so give that crap a rest already.

            Why would hardware that doesn’t change for years be better than a PC anyway? Unless the day comes when we see upgradable consoles, it will never happen. Anyone who ever bought a console expecting it to be more powerful than the best PC’s out there, were dumb for doing so.

            People buy consoles for the convenience, the first party games that don’t end up on PC and simply put because they are cheaper, not everyone is PC savvy. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to build a decent PC that runs the same as a console, for the same price.

  12. Ignoring the complains of Nintendo land lacking online, NSMB U, 3D World, DKTF, Pikmin 3 yup it’s official Dumbtendo! Let me guess in their R&D their next console is a tad more powerul than PS4.

    1. As if PS4 was ever any more powerful than mere laptops from 2009. PS3>PS4 is a cosmetic update. Nothing more or special. PS2> PS3 was a huge generation jump.

      1. Yeah yeah yeah say what u want to say but PS4 is still the most powerful and best seller with no need for games.

      2. And I bet you bought the 32gig Wii U over the 8gig version but you want to defend Nintendo as power doesn’t mean nothing.

          1. Did you even see my Tomb Raider comparison video above??? A PC in 2014 at ultra settings is actually comparable to the graphics of a PS4

            1. 1. I’ve seen it long before now. 2. Its because its the same game built on the same level of graphical rendering that’s actually based from the same PC architecture so your argument is what again? PS4>PC? Because that’s not how I see it. One game that’s exactly the same on 2-3 platforms doesn’t exactly prove shit.

              1. What I’m “PROVING'” is that your comments earlier on were complete bullshit. If a 2014 ultra settings PC game can be compared to the PS4 version, I think you need to wake u and realize this gen is almost as big a leap as last gen

          2. Yeah and the weakest console us still the weakest seller and the most powerful console is still the strongest seller. Power sells consoles. PS4 proved that. Hype only last a few months its August and look how its selling with no games.

            1. You missed my debate earlier so allow me to repeat it one last time:

              GameBoy series, PS1, PS2, Nintendo DS, 3DS, Wii are all weak consoles in their time and still outsold the most powerful hardware.

              Xbox, PS3, PSP, Vita, N64 are all powerful hardware consoles in their time and still didn’t win the console race.

              With the exception of SNES in its time when it released late to compete Sega Genesis, SNES prevailed because their gaming library were superior and drove sales that over took Sega in no time.

              PS4 however is selling itself through hype because humanity as we know it, has gone even stupider than ever and you are the living proof of that. Power alone doesn’t sell anything and you saying so otherwise without games to prove it is beyond pathetic, way outside of my comprehensions because it gives me a brain tumor to think why are you this stupid or how you got this stupid anyway.

            2. That’s the biggest load of BS ever.

              As Stranga has put it, the strongest console of every generation, at least going back to the 8bit days, has never won its generation.

              Though I have to disagree with the SNES era. It wasn’t the most powerful console, the Neo Geo was. But that just proves the point even more. Power means zip.

              PS4 sales are based on hype, nothing else.

              1. Exactly. Although NES was considered “powerful” in its time due to bring in new gameplay development possibilities like side scrolling and better detail. But that was just it. Thanks to NES success in games, not power alone, it saved the market from annihilation. Afterwards, not a single powerful system of any gen had won any console race as proven by history of how and where each consoles succeeded and failed. PS4 was sold on mere hype of power with minimum to no substances to prove its capabilities and the real reason behind its “power” is because of x86 it uses that grants simpler coding but requires shit load of horsepower to run the architecture alone since its primitive and demanding while PowerPC on Wii U is far more efficient and advanced that requires lesser high end specs and raw power to run.

                These morons above speak of power but not have even the slightest clue of what’s needed to keep all equations of the technology running and why. They look at numbers of the RAM and hear whatever BS PR they wanna hear and dance around feeling happy with their graphic erections shooting up in the sky that they have a “perfect” console when they’re only living in such a bubble they wish that reality was.

                1. Oh, so I’m guessing you know all that mumbo jumbo about console specs?? So don’t tell people they don’t know shit when the same goes to you, kiddo

        1. And saying I bought a larger storage gaming system means what exactly? Power? No. Being a hypocrite over power debate? No. So WTF are you even trying to imply? I bought it because black is my favorite color? Got a racial problem with that?

    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Ignoring SNES,N64 and GCN were more powerful than their enemies’ consoles and didn’t do anything for the sales…

      1. SNES prevailed though. But it wasnt the power, it was Nintendo’s stupid business decsions regarding the format of N64 and GameCube.

      2. Ignoring that maybe in that generation in time but this generation PS4 proved this generation Power Sells consoles. After all if now why didn’t the 8 gig Wii U sell even worse?

        1. No, the PS 4 selling is all due to the blind consumer rushing out to buy “the latest thing”. So many PS4 owners are complaining that their PS4s are collecting dust because there are no games right now. It’s not the power that sells it’s the brand. People blinded by the newest thing grabbed this system without thinking twice and now they are waiting. Just waiting.

          1. That’s exactly what they should’ve been expecting from the start. Anyone who buys consoles day one HAVE to expect long droughts, broken consoles, less capabilities., etc. If they didn’t realize that then they’re idiots.

            In fact your comment can immediately apply to the Wii U of today. What are we waiting for Wii U in 2014? Bayonetta, some Mario 3D World DLC which isn’t even releasing this year in Europe, a Dynasty Warrior game with Zelda skin, and Smash Bros. Nintendo should’ve had a steady release of games by now, more than one and a half year since the console was released. But yet the fans are waiting. Just waiting.

                  1. That argument has been invalid a long time ago. There are reasons why people prefer consoles over PC. If everyone followed your mentality, Playstation would have died by now

                    1. They’ve been destroyed a long time ago Commander, I don’t see them as being relevant anymore

                    2. So Nintendo developing new games that make excellent use of the Wii U gamepad, making use of their obscure franchises etc. is a bad idea?

                      And notice how you avoided my comment.

            1. I’ve got plenty to play on my Wii U, I’ve got 3 indie platformers that were released within the last 2 months, I snagged Pikmin 3 and Game & Wario through the MK 8 promo and Plat rewards. Plus we’ve seen, in the Wii U’s lifespan, the best 3D Mario in years, the Best Donkey Kong Country ever, 3 great Arkham games, Child of Light, Ducktails, etc. Sure some of these are multiplat and there are some games that have been out for a year already but there is still plenty to do on the Wii U.

              That’s not to mention Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2+1, Smash, Captain Toad, and probably a few others that I can’t think of. Face it, 2014 isn’t the year for a blowout of games nor entertainment in general. Games and movies will explode in 2015 and we all are looking forward to it across all platforms. That being said, while I wait for 2015’s amazingness, I have a ton I can play on my Wii U and 3DS.

              1. We weren’t on the subject of indie games. If we talked about that, then both Wii U and PS4 has loads of games.

                And I already mentioned those upcoming games you wrote btw.

                1. Well, there are a whole lot of indie games that are just plain bad, so I wouldn’t include all of the indie titles.

                  Plus the games that you mentioned kind of make your argument null and void. There is plenty to do on the Wii U right now as we speak and there will be so much more to do by the end of 2015. Wii U is just fine. Some decent indie games are filling the gaps a little and the 1st and 2nd party releases are going to start rolling in starting next month. The Wii U’s momentum is building and it’s going to continue building at least till the end of 2015.

          2. The newest thing? The Wii U was the newest thing last year. It didn’t breach 8 million
            Its power get over it.

            1. Then go buy yourself a PC and know what real horsepower looks like and outside to see what “best graphics” looks like. PS4 selling itself over power and no games to even prove that, then there’s obviously something wrong with you motherfuckers thinking that dumb logic.

              1. I’m not talking about graphical power. I’m talking about the kind of power that would have made the Gamepad work really far away and handle 4 gamepads and be able to work Netflix without erroring out. And be able to have Gamecube functions and the pro controller to work Wii mode. They were too stupid to think of all this in 2008.

                  1. “Kinda”? Remembering your past track record, you’re another douche taking sides of the fanboy who’s argument never makes the slightest sense.

                    Hop off and watch how a real debate goes down or better yet, STFO of this site for a few days.

                    1. Yo should be the one getting out of this site, actually. You’re the trash of the industry, you make REAL Nintendo fans look bad

                1. You realize the more “power” Nintendo shoves into a system means the bigger the price tag right? Nintendo isn’t about forcing us to pay and arm and a leg to buy their system. They want everyone to be able to afford their console every generation. So, they leave out the blu-ray player and all the extra crap you don’t need in a gaming console to make it more affordable for us, the Nintendo consumer.

                2. Fucking, now you’re contradicting what you just said two posts ago. “PS4 proves the power sells consoles” Oh now from you its “I’m not talking about graphical power” When you speak “power”, anything involving the word “power” like “graphical power” is also “power”

                  Make up your fucking mind hypocrite or else you’ll implode on yourself.

            2. Its funny how last year Wii U didn’t have games and didn’t sell and this year PS4 doesn’t have games and still selling. The only difference is more powerful than the other. If Wii U was powerful like that it would have sold like PS4. After all the 32gig Wii U proved that power does matter over the 8 gig.

                1. Will still shows you people prefer more storage or power when it comes to next gen consoles. Just look at what console is selling the best vs. The least selling dumbass. PS4 is selling because it has “Power” if it was weaker than Wii U would it sell 100k each week with no games like now? I think not?. You can go back to GameCube Xbox PS2 sells all you want but this generation it’s about power since PS4 proved that dumbass or you rather act like this gen isn’t about power.

                  1. Now you’re getting storage and power twisted again plus are you implying Wii U this the least selling console? Retard, Vita in its near 3 years of the market did worst and Xbox One, last I checked which was 5 minutes ago, is still 2 million units behind Wii U. Try again but before then, get a CAT scan done right.

                    Once more, look at how PS3 did in its time when it was the most powerful of the gen. How can a powerful system like that got easily trounced by Wii, the least powerful system of last gen? 1. Sony was stupid enough to take the power focus too far and made the system manufacturing, game development and resale costs too high which turned the consumers off badly at launch plus they even lost their flagship game called Monster Hunter to Nintendo because of high development cost from PS3’s Cell Processor. How did the Wii succeeded? Motion Controls won over new consumer interests and media with it being the next big game changer of the industry plus the console itself was very affordable, can’t go wrong with $250.

                    Now, PS2 was the weakest of the previous two gens and won. How? Because it had a huge array of games plus several new popular IPs like God of War that made gamers flock over to the platform. PS1 was also the same case.

                    Get your shit together kid because power alone doesn’t mean shit in sales performance. Games for consoles are heavily needed to showcase what the hardware can do. Without games, where’s the prove of the consumer’s purchase for a “powerful” hardware? None and pretty soon, the sales will die down, guaranteed.

                    1. I said this generation is about power not the previous generations. Yeah Wii outsold other consoles I’m talking about PS4, Xbox One and Wii U generations. This generation is about power going all the way. After all the order in best sellers regardless of price but power is PS4, Xbox One then Wii U. Same order as strongest to weakest. PS4 doesn’t need games to sell like Wii U does.

                1. Will still shows you people prefer more storage or power when it comes to next gen consoles. Just look at what console is selling the best vs. The least selling dumbass. PS4 is selling because it has “Power” if it was weaker than Wii U would it sell 100k each week with no games like now? I think not?. You can go back to GameCube Xbox PS2 sells all you want but this generation it’s about power since PS4 proved that dumbass or you rather act like this gen isn’t about power.

                  1. You keep bringing up power like it’s the defining factor and you are partially right. The blind consumer knows, because Sony has advertised this, that the Playstation is the better console and it’s the better brand. But it’s not just power. The average consumer has no clue that the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U. What they know is that the Sony brand is more popular. More casual blind consumers know about Playstation than they do about Nintendo. And these people have no idea that the 4 is more powerful than the U, if they even know about the U. It’s a popularity contest, not a power contest. Because to your average consumer, power means nothing.

                    1. The average consumer should know PS4 is more powerful than Wii U since dumbtendo introduced NSMBU and dumbtendoland with one Gamepad and 4wii motes. They couldnt even brag about the range allowing the actors to play away from the tv because it would be false advertising.PS4 introduced their games like Watchdogs showing everyone its powerd

                  1. No it is selling because of stupidity, they marketed the dam thing well, now look at them, waiting for the true game experience. Sure in the fuck final fantasy online reborn or knack ain’t going to give it. Tomb raider might but that’s one game.

                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    No, it’s selling because of the overrated hype they got from bashing the Xbots at 2013 E3…

                    Whether it’s 2 generations ago or today, no console sells anything based on power…

                    The only way some of you see it that way is because you only read the few amount of Sonyan or Xbots that promotes these things…

            3. Because the Wii focused on the casual market and the casual market already owns a Wii. The U wasn’t the “next big thing” in the casual market’s eyes. Plus the “hard core” gamer considers Nintendo consoles as “kiddy” consoles. The “next big thing” is Playstations new console no matter what the library has to offer. It’s just the next huge big shiny thing, so they get it no questions asked. Sony is a big enough brand that they can sell their crap by just making it a little bigger and a little better than last time. The playstation is the equivalent of the newest Blu-Ray player. It’s new, it’s shiny, so people flock blindly to it.

              1. No the reason why the Wii U wasn’t the next big thing was because they showed it at E3 for the first time with a 2D Mario game not a graphical game. PS4 introduced with graphical games. If its not power why didn’t that NSMBU turn heads then? That game could have been on Wii plus dumbtendo showed 4 people play that shit with Wiimotes showing us that it can’t handle 4 gamepads and has similar functions to the Wii. That was stupid.

                1. The PS 2 showed the world the future of graphics and they’ve been getting better every generation, it’s really not that impressive. The Wii U isn’t selling because it’s not as popular and the Wii was marketed out to casuals who don’t know anything about the “generation” of consoles. The whole NSMBU thing was a bad idea because fans of Nintendo had been overly saturated with the NSMB games. Nintendo fumbled with this system in the beginning and it’s because it was rushed out by the investors. But we see Nintendo picking up the pieces don’t we. 2015 is going to be huge, “power” or not. The U is picking up momentum and it’s not going to stop.

                  1. Funny how people were more hyped with 3D world over NSMBU. But power doesn’t matter right? Not because people were over saturated with Mario. After all why didn’t DKTF do anything to Wii U’s sales? Answer, “Power!”

                    1. Chozodian Emissary

                      The average gamer thinks power is what you need in a console and the average consumer knows that Sony is popular and Sony’s newest thing is what you should buy. It’s all blind consumerism. That’s why the PS4 is selling and the Wii U is left behind. Nintendo’s marketing failed because they banked on the success of the Wii. They thought that Wii owners would immediately upgrade to the next gen but they didn’t. Because the Wii market is the casual market and the casual market will stick with the wii until there is a reason to upgrade. The casual market has no use for the Wii U so they won’t buy it.

                      The reason DKCTF didn’t move Wii U’s is because it’s not a big enough game. Best in the series but not too many average consumers care about that style of game. They want your CODs and you AssCreeds. Because that is what is popular. DKC is better than both those franchises but it’s less popular so people flock to the popular options.

                      Like I said, the market on Nintendo’s side is over saturated with Mario so 3D World didn’t have a chance even though it’s the best Mario in years. It’s all about what is more popular and what is more socially acceptable to the average consumer. Average consumer doesn’t even think about the “power” it takes to run a game, and the average consumer doesn’t even know about E3.

                      Average gamer is won over by pretty graphics and shooters, that’s all it takes. Nintendo isn’t about the aesthetics, they are about unique gameplay experiences. And since Nintendo isn’t part of the mentality that the shinier the better, they get left behind because the shiny is the most popular.

                  2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    And yet the GCN had superior graphics to PS2 so no it didn’t show the future of graphics…

                    1. DK not a big enough game? Funny 3D Pikmin moved units with it’s beautiful graphics and hardly advertised though. DKTF was advertised more on tv then Pikmin was. plus why was people disappointed when dumbtendo showed off DKTF at some event in December then? “Power” People were disppointed when Cracky Kong was introduced in 2D. If it was a 3D game it wouldn’t have been a disappointment. Power sells consoles.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        No, the reason to why DKCTF didn’t sell much was because no one asked for another DKC game when most wanted another Metroid game, ipso facto, the hype for Metroid was what made it sell bad…

                        Pikmin 3 sold fair because the last Pikmin was released 2 generations ago and it wa salso advertised alot…

                        And I’m not arguing that High Command has been doing pretty stupid decisions with the Wii U…

                      2. No one asked for for 3D Mario world neither and that sold well. No one asked for Luigi U and it didn’t sell any better than tropical freeze. No one asked for WWHD but an all new Zelda and that sold well. Funny how the graphical games sold better than the non graphical games and people been asking for Metroid before Pikmin 3 and 3D Mario World.

                        1. A bundle doesn’t mean nothing you have bundles on graphical games on Wii U too. WWHD was rehashed and it was hard as hell to find. MK8 another graphical bundle is hard to find. Yet you can easily find a NSMBU bundle anywhere. Wii UK’s graphical games sell better than their least graphical games which is why Wii Party U sales flopped. Also people are not that hyped about next Mario party. Had it had graphics improved it would have been as hyped as Captain Toad is.

                        2. Chozodian Emissary

                          Good point, however I was referring to the line of Playstations. He said something about the PS4 showing what “power” can do and I was suggesting that it was the PS2 that inherently showed that years ago and these last two generations merely upgraded from there. At this point graphics are hitting the glass ceiling and make no difference in the actual gameplay. That’s what’s great about Nintendo. They make affordable consoles without all the “bells and whistles” that offer unique gameplay experiences while giving us sequels to the classic gameplay styles.

                          Yes, they stumbled a little with the Wii U basically because they got a little cocky with the massive success of the Wii and hitting the untouched casual market. Regardless, they are stepping up and they are gaining traction. The last half of 2014 and all of 2015 are looking extremely promising!

            4. How about you power your ass with jumper cables to see if it’ll make you even smarter and powerful than you claim to be. But let me say this first, it ain’t gonna be pretty just like how you look now.

              1. I tell You what. I’ll prove power sells consoles when Wii U version of super smash outsells 3Ds version. Then what you have to say?

                1. 1. Its obvious that the Wii U version will have more hype but the 3DS install base says it’ll have more sales at first. And why the fuck are you even bringing up Nintendo games proving your dumbass “power” theory when you were clearly bashing anything Nintendo because it has no power?

                  Dumbass alert over here. Fandork here doesn’t know WTF its talking about.

                  1. Why because most of Wii U games don’t have the best looking graphics and the best selling Wii U games have the best looking graphics thats why. I mean if you think Wii Party U has good graphics why didn’t it sell? But you call me a dumbass yet i pay attention to what Wii U games sell vs which doesn’t. The graphical games sell better so far.

                  2. Nope according to Snowman the Wii U is newer so it will sell better than 3Ds well regardless of install base. But I see if Nintendo fans are getting short term now. After all it was his reason why Watch dogs sold better on more powerful consoles vs. weaker consoles. So asssune Snowman would say the same for Smash bros. Too. I still say its power.

              2. Also if its not power why did the first week watch Dogs arrive they sold best in the same order from most powerful to least powerful console then? Last I checked PS3/360 install base is massive compared to PS4/Bone. But power doesn’t mean nothing according to you. 32gig Wii U proved people rather have all the most out of their consoles over an 8gig console of storage. If 32gig overed more horsepower to go with that it still would sell better than the 8gig version. Why because people want the best out of their Wii u not settle for less of nothing….neither power or storage. That’s why PS4 can outsell Wii u I even at $100 more with no games. Now if Nintendo was smart and made Wii U play GameCube games and work 4 gamepads and used the extra power tohave better online it would have soldbetter. Let the PS4’s sells back me up there. Nintendo was stupid in 2008.

                1. That may very well be mr. jtz, but your forgetting two things.

                  1. the ps3 and 360 is large but they are also older, specially 360, a 8 year old console. So of course people or your average gamer is going to get it because of its popularity, not by its power. Which brings me to the second thing you forget…

                  2. Memory storage and power are two different segments to the gamer’s eyes, specially to veterans like yours truly. Memory to the normal gamer signifies power but in reality, it doesn’t. It just means he can store more game data or apps data to the console. People will try to go for the higher memory yes, but that doesn’t mean its “power” that is drawing them. I should know because of my little nephew constantly bugging me to play my wii u or wii and the first two games he wants to play is Super Mario Sunshine and Super Smash Bros. Brawl out of all the games I have. At home, he plays Sega All stars Racing transformed on the Xbox 360, all three of my systems and including my basic wii u are all high in regards to gaming in my house, I have an external hard drive in my basic because I ran out of memory for it, I also own a 32 gig, but I don’t care because I own hard drives for back ups, I have about 11 more gigs on my Zelda edition. The power of the console is used for the developers themselves, I do believe Shuhei Yoshida up there made that clear as he posted that video for something else. That video is all developer work, that including the specs, power and resolution all in one shot for the xbox one and ps4…yet its power that sells the system right? Then why is xbox one not with the Ps4 or not higher than the wii u? Power? I think not, as I said before. “You can have all the power in the world but if you don’t know how to use it, its nothing”. Meaning it can have the most visuals but not good gameplay then it will be worthless to even try and sell the game its on…specially if its for the system alone.

                  There I said my peace…and a piece of what I know from my learnings of video game design.

                  1. “the ps3 and 360 is large but they are also older, specially 360, a 8 year old console. So of course people or your average gamer is going to get it because of its popularity, not by its power.”

                    Popularity? Which one Watch Dogs or the hardwares? DKTF is popular it didn’t sell like watch dogs. Watch Dogs has graphics and DkTf, although I love the game, is a 2D. Yet 3D Mario World and Pikmin 3 sold well even though the DK franchise is way more popular than Pikmin. Yet Pikmin had graphics. Yet Wii Party U didn’t sell with it’s shitty graphics. The Olypics didn’t sell well. That Wario game didn’t sell well. Best games on Wii U had the best graphics like WWHD. Not Ghost, not AC.
                    I’m not sure which popularity you are refering to but if it’s consoles not software, them Nintnedo fans wouldn’t had mind buying Splinter cell or Ghost without the same features as the other versions. But they do mind becuase “Power” sells consoles. If Wii U was strong to handle 25people online like PS4 can 3rd party tittles would have sold better.

                    1. If power sold the dam console then tell me why the Xbox one is not doing so hot. Your forgetting one other thing…a word I hate the most…”kiddy games”, all of those the idiots think its for kids, Clearly DKTF has a “kid friendly environment” but I’ll guarantee you and I bet, its hard as fuck to beat it like its previous games of the DKC series. Ever saw a 5 year old throw a tantrum at a video game? Playstation and xbox are no different jtz, sure they got all that power, but where is the speed, matter of fact, WHERE ARE THE FUCKING GOOD GAMES? Think man, power is useless if you can’t wield it right. Another thing your missing is all those war games, kids want to feel grown up, they want to cuss, talk shit (and by the way, they can’t back it up worth a shit if they do, heh heh heh, hit a few hard for doing so on games), they want to get in adult conversations for no reason and feel like they know what the FUCK your talking about and they don’t. Why do YOU think you see so many KIDS on war games??? Don’t give me that “power” bullshit because I will hit you hard with facts next time you say it.

              3. Jumper cables? At least I’m smart enough to know that will kill you. But you do it and prove me that won’t kill u.

                1. Smart enough to somehow know jumper cables only kill you in the extent of use but obviously stupid enough to compare storage and power as “power” which isn’t anything relative. Fucking moron.

                  1. Yeah and if the 32gig also were to offer more power to handle more gamepads it would sell better too. But you call me a moron but can’t even break a metephore.

            1. I’m not talking about the GameCube generation! I’m talking about this generation. This generation is about power. That’s why best selling console is the most powerful console.

        2. Platformers online co op doesn’t really seem important to me as the fun in co op are thr silly mistakes. I THINK DKTF did it right with online leaderboards and being able to see them playthrough. I wish they added a noteboardsimilar to 3d world though. Also wish 3dworld had online leaderboards similar to dktf. Pikimin is in desperate need of online battle modes and even co op would benefit. Not sure how they missed that one. MK8 needs voice chat, message boards and much better integration with missverse.

          1. No one said it would. We would just like some options or the same features that have been in past Dynasty Warrior games on older systems.

            Is that so much to ask for? I mean seriously.

      3. What?! After they just said it’ll have online Co-Op just less than 6 weeks ago, whoever made this game (Team Ninja I bet) has done fucked it up. Now this bad news is gonna affect sales big time and even made my decision and opinions change for this game. 8 was really looking forward to play this with some distant friends but…WTF man?

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          If I’ve understood this right, there will still be an online multiplayer, just not for 2 people on the same Wii U…

          My only concern is that this is only limited to what they call “Adventure Mode” which I really hope is not some pathetic excuse to the story mode…

          1. They didn’t say anything about multiplayer. It was co-op that had online mode and now they reversed it in just weeks after saying ut would come.

            This is gonna hurt the game badly and I mean, fucking badly.

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Yes but it will still have online to play with others just not you and a friend that plays in the same room with you…

                1. Yea when they say no online multiplayer, they aren’t just saying co-op. That means you can’t play with anyone online, so we will see Monday, hopefully I am wrong or maybe the tweet was translated badly or something.

              1. That’s not what they mean by online co op idiot, they mean playing with someone else with the game online. Why would you play with someone in the same room with you online? That’s what local co op is for. Stop trying to damage control

                1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                  You really are retarded…

                  Ever Heard of a Co-op online multiplayer in Mario Kart 8?….

                  And that is what I meant with playing online with someone else together in the same room VS other players online idiot…

      4. Damn. I was actually hoping for some online co-op. Since this isn’t Mario, my wife won’t have a reason to not play this game with me. (She sucks at Mario that isn’t like Super Mario 64 & it’s successors.) Thankfully, they only said CO-OP so there might still be competitive online play. I hope it isn’t like that damn Duel Mode crap from Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, though. It better be the ability to fight another players army & work your way to the actual player, who is the army’s leader. Thankfully, this is the only bad news for the game & I can live without the online stuff since this is Zelda, anyway. Online multiplayer, hell barely even local multiplayer, has never really been a strong suit for the Zelda series.

        1. And I’m STILL getting this game day or week 1, regardless. I’ve been waiting to use Link in a game like this for years & I’ll be damned if I let this ruin it for me now!

          1. What’s your point? Knack was complete garbage, and it didn’t sell well. Besides, your comment had nothing to do with mine other than trying to damage control. Knack is a platformer, Dynasty Warriors is a button masher. Makes no sense to compare the two

                1. its ok not starting anything though the situation doesn’t bother me, but I understandpeople’s needs, but direct might talk about a online mode that was listed, hopefully it makes up for the lack of coop, but to me just my thought I don’t think its needed because its just 2 people, but again i understand people’s needs. Some told me early that knack had coop mode online, I didn’t know if it was true. From what i’ve heard bayonetta has online don’t know too much about it but sounds interesting, but its its just coop i probably won’t care.

                  1. This is the exact reason I’m not too upset about the lack of online: it most likely would just be 2 players, anyway. If they can’t manage to find a second person to play this game with in their area, maybe they should question why that is instead of just sitting at home in front of their computer or TV and simply complaining. Do something to fix the problem. As I tell parents that don’t like the stuff that’s out there, quit expecting others to take care of things for them. Other people won’t always be there to hold their hand & help them.

            1. Dude, calm the fuck down. He only asked a question that only requires “yes” or “no as an answer. Now look who’s “not” acting like a fanboy.

              1. Because he was comparing two completely different games with different genres. It made no sense.

                Meh, maybe one day you’ll grow up, look back at the comments you wrote, and realize how much of a hardcore fanboy you are. Until then continue being stuck in your delusional nintendomination world

                1. …seems like you don’t read shit. All he said was “Does Knack have offline Co-Op?” Does that in any fucking sense sounds like a “comparison” to you?

                  Talking about me growing up and stop being delusional? XD Bro, check yourself for the love of god because hypocrites seriously can’t tell from their own hypocrisy and stupidity which equals “delusion” so, check mate. Better luck next time kid. But next time, learn how to play the game before facing your superiors.

                  1. You’re actually a really helpful example of a fanboy, ya know. I might need you more often! If that wasn’t a comparison I don’t know WHAT is. In fact he JUST admitted it was a comparison in a comment right above you

                    “hypocrites seriously can’t tell from their own hypocrisy and stupidity which equals “delusion””
                    My point exactly. This is why you contnue to live in that little Nintendo bubble of yours,

                    ” learn how to play the game before facing your superiors.”
                    LMAO, that has to be the most pathetically narcissistic thing I’ve heard someone say on the Internet. Way to go. But wait, oh shit! I should be showing respect to my “superior”, who limits himself to only one company and can never understand the thing called variety

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      “LMAO, that has to be the most pathetically narcissistic thing I’ve heard someone say on the Internet. ”

                      I thought I was the Supreme Narcissistic Lord of the Web, oh well, I guess I have to upgrade myself even further…

      5. And that’s why we all know Nintendo’s so fucking behind the goddamn time. They need to man up and be less of a bitch, listen to the fans for once. Oh wait, the only thing they can hear is the stupid decisions running in their own head

      6. Nintendo dammit. Keep up the good work, however, to create a Nintendo network and not use it…well, that is called hoopla. Its all for nothing for some people and frankly its 2014! Online play is not difficult to put into a game.

      7. the wiiu will be replaced soon and the fusion terminal will replace the wiiu soon the fusion terminal is a true next generation console release date holiday 2015

        1. Hopfully the next console isn’t just more powerful than the PS4. Hopfully they learned from their stupidity that power sells consoles. That is why the 8gig Wii U was a flop.

          1. Power don’t sell shit and never usually the case in sales performance when it comes to gaming consoles. Haven’t you morons even studied the past gens before 2006? PS1, weakest of the 5th gen, sold 110 million, because of its disc format that made development and storage seemingly easy. PS2, weakest of the 6th gen, sold 156 million because of its rich variety of gaming library that sparked such interest in all gamers. PS3, powerful console of the 7th gen, won 2nd place, got outclassed by Wii because of its high manufacturing and launch sale costs that drove consumers away and cost Sony BILLIONS, same amount of money that Nintendo made in their lifetime. All Nintendo handhelds, competing against more powerful handhelds like PS portables and Vita, all sold well and obliterated the market for 25 years running. DS beat PSP and it wasn’t even powerful and 3DS destroyed Vita as well.

            So explain to us again, how does power alone even sell itself well without anything to show its capabilities? The only exception..excuse me, excuse you have is PS4 because for some reason, people these days have gone retarded in general and just lost a dozen brain cells to think things through first and just blindly support anything they wanna believe to be good in their now wrapped minds. PS4 is only selling itself through hype which won’t last long. Look at it in Japan. Guess its not doing so well over there after all huh?

        2. Lol who cares about Nintendos next console. I have been a good customer of theirs since the nes. I will never buy another Nintendo console after the WiiU.

          1. You know, sadly I might do the same, I am getting real tired of Nintendo having all this money but they make the cheapest and weakest systems every single time around now. This goes for the Wii, the Wii U and the 3DS, yea I enjoyed the systems and power isn’t everything to me but it is getting kind of ridiculous how cheap they are being all the time,

            Makes no god damn sense you have a company like Sony that is losing money left and right but they can manage to give their fans a better system with far superior hardware. When you look at the Wii U that way, it is almost insulting.

            I honestly think Nintendo does need new leadership all around, they need to fire Reggie cause he is the greediest ass clown I’ve ever seen, I am surprised he doesn’t work for Microsoft and possibly consider someone to replace Iwata as much as I hate to say it. At this rate Nintendo is digging their own grave if they continue making systems that are constantly trounced by the competition.

            Now Iwata is on this crazy QOL trip, which I have no idea why they are trying to create a new product when they can’t even sell their newest one.

            It just doesn’t work like that anymore and the only reason the Wii was so successful is because smartphones and tablets weren’t really that big then, so it was perfect for casuals at the time. Every casual has now moved onto the next fad though, that is why you never rely on casuals but instead try to appeal to your core audience instead.

            I have a feeling if they try to pull this with their next handheld, making it cheap and still somehow weaker than the PS Vita, just like with the Wii to Wii U, it isn’t going to sell anymore. People want systems that are actually up to date or at least on par with their competitors. People are still just a dumb but they do know a little more about what is actually in what they are buying now, so it makes a difference.

      8. I’m buying it regardless, the game looks fucking great from what I seen, and I’ll wait for Nintendo themselves to clear all this online talk up, everyone’s just confused

      9. Would’ve cared if this was yet another game that forces you to play online to get trophies or something, but as it is…

        Care at 0%

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Some of us have far more important things to do than hanging out with lower lifeforms, like you as a prime example…

      10. Of course. People listen to representatives that say information that could have been misinterpreted and automatically believe it. I knew they weren’t going to have online co-op because their dynasty games usually don’t. So while you people be turning sides and wondering if you should get the game, i’ll be enjoying it the day or day before (since i pre-ordered it).

      11. This pisses me off so much, previous Dynasty Warrior games had online… why not Hyrule Warriors.. people like me who have no friends to play with can’t use the local co-op it’s pretty much useless. When 3D world came out I once again had to play alone same with NSMBU. When you beat those games alone you realized there’s so many people who had friends and they had so much more fun than you, then you start feeling so lonely in the inside.I as many was looking forward to playing Dynasty Warriors online. But that won’t happen now, all the hype I had is gone. No one cares but I also will be skipping this game. I’m just too disappointed and sad

        1. Online always adds replay value, which is an excellent thing when you’re trying to sell a game or like you said just completely bored of playing alone all the time. So I can’t understand it for the life of me either, I said the exact same thing as you.

          It just makes no sense as usual, Nintendo just baffles me sometimes with the dumb decisions they make.

      12. never fails huh! whiny little pissants crying over something that should not matter at all! i seriously think we should take a few steps back and force these buggers back to when there was only 8 bit games. let them see how it was back then. you can still have fun even without friggin online for god’s sake. can’t even belive i wasted my breath on telling you all this that you should know anyways!

        1. Buggers? Seriously, where are you from, the International Federation? Oh wait, official term for buggers in IF Common is “Formics”, my mistake.

          But seriously, you sound like someone stuck in the 80’s, preaching about the NES. Maybe I should tell everyone to go play Hanafuda card games and experience the REAL retro fun, eh? We want online because it not only adds more replay value to the game, it’s STANDARD FOR THE PAST TWO GENERATIONS. Wake the fuck up Yamauchi-San

          1. online can add replay depending on game, but online isn’t needed unless the game has focus on multiplayer(like 3D should have had it, pikmin 3, rayman ( tropical freeze didn’t need it due to it not being a focus))

              1. plus DK is game i never touch 2player mode even with friends , I take that game seriously lol…fucking water levels

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I guess that’s arguable…

                While you think he is the worst regular, some think I’m the worst in this entire stupid world hahahahahahahah…

        2. Yea online doesn’t matter. OKAY.

          You completely fail to see the point, people had no problem playing games back then that had no online because it wasn’t a widely known feature on consoles or at all used well until 1998. So why would they even mention it, when it didn’t even exist yet? On top of the fact that the internet was no where near as capable as it is now.

          Your logic is super retarded. So I guess to you we should all just live like we did in the 80’s, never allowing gaming to evolve and just let it stay the same forever? Sounds great.

          Whether you enjoy online yourself, has nothing to do with the fact that it is a widely used feature in many games today and just widely used in general. So there is no reason why so many Nintendo games lack simple things like this when you have independent developers who can implement it just fine with way smaller budgets, but as usual let us just give Nintendo a free pass right? As if they are perfect and should never adapt to the changes that actually do happen in the rest of the world instead of living in Nintendo’s own little world where online isn’t important.

          You are online right now, so it seems pretty damn important to me.

          1. @michelle all i said was that online should not matter. crying over it will also not fix anything. don’t get me wrong online is good when done well but it is not something that is needed for something to be fun! i hear kids screaming over it all the time and that is why i spoke of them as pissants and buggers! i have that right. yes i am online right now BUT AM I PLAYING RIGHT NOW!?? i went to this site expecting real conversations about games. not screaming and hating just because it does not have that certain thing. i don’t allways play nintendo games, i have had all the consoles including the handheld since the last ever atari console! i think i can teach you a thing or two but apparantly that is not an option for you, like i give a shit anymore what people think because in the end they will allways resort to screaming like a little kid! good luck with that.

            1. I have been gaming before consoles and handhelds even existed. Including the Atari, Magnavox Odyssey and Mattel handhelds. So, no, I don’t think there is much you can teach me if the furthest you can go back is to the Atari Lynx. I am no spring chicken, I’ve owned just about every single console and handheld known to man besides the Xbox One.

              I was playing prehistoric games on PC way before any of those systems were around anyway.

              Point still stands, online matters, no one ever said it was needed for a game to be fun, the point was it should be a feature in most multiplayer games by now. I guess by your standards you don’t even need multiplayer for a game to be fun which is also true but multiplayer adds to that fun which online multiplayer does also.

              Of course in games it is completely out of place, sure it doesn’t need it but Dynasty Warrior games have had online co-op for a while now, which is why so many people are upset about this news.

              There is nothing wrong with people wanting common features in games that have existed for many years now, especially common features that were in previous titles but are lacking in newer ones.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                “Point still stands”

                Who are you? Donko’s wife? You think you are the only one with any logic in the entire internet whenever someone states their own opinion?Like this poor guy above who’s comment you called was:

                “Your logic is super retarded”…

                How about you stop taking games so seriously when you make even the most rabbid fanboys look like saints with your overwhelming seriousness about gaming?…

                What about you try to have fun instead of bashing everything you don’t like or atleast have fun bashing things you don’t like in a funny way?…

                And stop writting a whole book with every damn comment you make, nobody cares to read everything and it only makes you look desperate to have your opinions confirmed by someone else to be valid you that you can feel happy for once in that overly serious life you have…

      13. WTF! N right next nintendo it is 2014 Give me more games with online if they have a multiplayer function. Most people don’t live next to each other and play local. Get you shit together Nintendo.

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        1. Oh they better reverse this or clarify as a mistake by the time the next Direct comes on Monday because this is gonna suck badly for the game.

      15. This is a a major bummer.
        But I’m more than satisfied that it has Co-op play nonetheless.
        The biggest plus IMO is the 2- player dual screen support it’ll have which was missing from the Co-op in Pikmin 3.
        I’m not too huge of a fan in games that only support split screen multiplayer.

      16. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

        Okay this is confusing, because on another site, it says Hyrule Warriors has online co-op, but when I go here, it says it has no online co-op? Which the fuck is it!?!

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      18. Tallon Ridley XIII: Kalas

        If we end up in a post apocalyptic world with internet decimated, half the survivors will kill themselves because they’ll say “this is 2015, damn it! Where is the online co-op!? I can’t live like this!” Joking aside, I like online as much as the next gamer who have many friends living abroad instead of next door, but I don’t need it to enjoy a good game if it has a good story for the offline mode. Games like Monster Hunter definitely need online multiplayer, though, or it will be a shell of it’s former self. The ones that are bitching about the lack of online co-op & won’t buy the game because of it are idiots. The game is still going to have a good story, it’s still going to have fun gameplay, & it’s still going to have tons of characters to use that will boost it’s replayability if someone like me wants to experience every inch of the story with every single character. Say there are 100 characters in the game & you want to play through the whole story with each of them: that’s going to be 100 times through the story. The repetitiveness for the story won’t matter as long as you are having fun simply using a new character. And if this game plays the way previous Warrior games I’ve played played, going back to a previous level & playing it with a character that wasn’t in that level originally will tweak the conversations a bit to add a bit of freshness to the level. And if people won’t buy this game because there is a lack of online, then this game obviously isn’t for them. In fact, when I was able to play online on Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, the people I was with rushed right through the damn level instead of trying to enjoy the story & complete all the side missions. So it was ultimately boring. If I’m going to play online with people, I want to have some fun while working with or against them, not rush through the damn level to beat it in the quickest time possible. Speed runs are not fun when you are playing with others. Anyway, agree or disagree with me, this is my opinion. If anyone wants to come at me with an attitude when I wasn’t being rude or mean, you are obviously one of those losers that think everyone should agree with YOUR opinion.

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