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Here’s The Club Nintendo Rewards For August

Nintendo of America has revealed precisely which games you’ll be able to download from Club Nintendo this month. Leading the charge this month is Star Fox 64 for the Wii Virtual Console along with Super Mario Bros 2 for the Wii U Virtual Console. Here’s the games.

  • Super Mario Bros. 2 – 200 coins (Wii U VC)
  • Excitebike – 200 coins (Wii U VC)
  • Mario Golf – 200 coins (3DS VC)
  • Dr. Mario Express – 200 coins (3DS eShop)
  • Star Fox 64 – 250 coins (Wii VC)
  • Vegas Stakes – 250 coins (Wii VC)
  • Baseball – 150 coins (3DS eShop)
  • Puzzle League Express – 200 coins (3DS eShop)

Thanks, FloatingMew

95 thoughts on “Here’s The Club Nintendo Rewards For August”

  1. Star Fox 3D/64? Not bad! I know that it’s not the same as buying the 3DS version, but it’s the same game if you think about it so…not bad! That’s what I’m talking about. These rewards are pretty solid.

    1. Nintendo Commander Mar-Vell

      Notice how Nintendo offers 8 game choices when they used to offer only 4? They have doubled the game count, therefore doubling your chance of getting a game you will like. Well done Nintendo. No one does it better. ;) Especially not the brain dead Xbots. I spoke to one today. Wow, they are awful and disgusting trolls.

      1. That is pretty cool. It’s a solid move on Nintendo’s part and it makes sense since they have a bunch of games on their side anyway. Trolls definitely aren’t cool. That being said, The Xbox One is still a good console. I don’t want to #expose myself by saying this, but it isn’t half bad. I’m more of a Sony guy so I tend to go for their consoles, but the Xbox is fairly similar. Nintendo will always have the best games in my opinion while Sony has the best consoles. (Post Gamecube) Xbox…is kind of in the middle and I believe that this has always been their problem. There’s nothing to really differentiate them from the competition.

        Now, all we need are some physical games on Club Nintendo like the good ole days and we’re set!

          1. Starfox 64 is one of the greatest games ever made. All games now just have you hold the button for repeated fire. Having to hit the A button nonstop while also swerving is a good challenge. One of those games that used to make me sweat when I was a kid. The branching paths, and discovering how to go to these branching paths was always fun. It’s too bad assault was shit, starfox adventures was shit, and the wiiU version will probably be shit. We really need a 64 like sequel. We also need a mario 64 like sequel, sunshine and galaxy don’t do it justice.

                1. Google these words:


                  I would like you to research them very thoroughly. Then come back here and complete this assignment.

                  Using only the words FACT or OPINION. Choose the word that best describes the following statements. Good luck!

                  1. I think Zelda is pretty.
                  2. I think Starfox 64 is one of the greatest games ever made.
                  3. The sun is very hot!
                  4. Everybody poops!
                  5. I think Iwata should find a new career.
                  6. I Tea-Bagged your mom.

                    1. Nope he didn’t. I didn’t find his comment funny or insulting, pretty much the two things required for a roast

                  1. What part of “You either agree with me or you’re wrong.” didn’t you understand. I don’t use google cause they support gay marriage, so you can go google all you want. I also want to mention that I really doubt someone who finds a videogame character pretty has ever tea-bagged anybody in real life. Go jack-off to zelda and ganondorf.

                  2. Do you really need someone to preface their opinion with “in my opinion?” Someone saying “one of the greatest ever” IS their opinion. If you’re going to pick an argument, at least complain about something valid.

            1. I guess I’m one of the few who actually enjoyed Adventures. I know it didn’t exactly follow the Starfox formula, but I liked the story and exploration. I hated Tricky though. Annoying as fuck.

                1. I liked adventure, it was something new, and fucking loved assault, I played it way more than I did sf64 and I really liked the 64 version, I don’t bitch about what was better, it’s just a game. ..

                1. As much as I enjoyed Adventures, that comment made me fucking laugh because you’re actually right. XD

                  1. i know right? I never said the game is bad. It’s just not really a starfox game. Just like mario kart isn’t exactly a mario game.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      It “sucks” as a traditional Starfox game but as a game overall and on its own, it was just an epic wonderful experience…

                      Once of my favorite games on the GCN and top 20 overall…

                      1. Maybe he meant it was THE shit. He probably meant that the game was so fucking good that it was bad at the same time. Lol.

                  2. True, but that’s because it wasn’t supposed to be a Starfox game to begin with. Miyamoto just decided to take over Rare’s project, Dinosaur Planet, and add some Starfox elements to it. The only Arwing segments were when you had to travel from one planet to the next, and the final battle against Andross which was a pretty good boss fight.

          1. No they don’t. Just because you may have lost a couple of your games or whatever doesn’t mean you should just outright hate digital. It’s another option for people to have and I appreciate it. Like Steam, for example. I downloaded a few games from there about a year ago and then I couldn’t couldn’t play them anymore because the PC I used had broke. I don’t have another PC yet, but if I check online, all my games are still right there in my account. Waiting to be played. And I think that’s freaking awesome. I think it’s cool that you are a collector, but I don’t really like your hatred of digital gaming. I think physical and digital is equal imo. With digital, your games aren’t going anywhere. Without digital, there’d be much less indie games. Digital is good for gaming. And I’m glad it exists. I completely disagree with your comment and I don’t know what ever happened to you to make you think like that. ._.

            1. IMO, I like being able to have a physical boxed collection of games… It feels so satisfying when you get a new boxed game for a system… (For me at least) Digital can be nice as well, but I prefer PC for digital… Exclusives on consoles that are digital only, are my one exception…

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          I’m sorry to hear that, I know that experience since I’m surrounded all over the place with Xbots…

          They even admit that the only reasons they buy Xboxes for is because of the media gimmics, cinematic trailers, Halo and Electron garbage…

          1. God damn it… Who told you that? Sigh… Ok, I’ll admit it. The only reason I’m still interested in Xbox One is because of Halo. XD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Since I’ve been around like twice as longer as the total existence of the Xbots, I know their essence…

              1. Xbox would be dead without Halo. XD Mastercheif is the only thing keeping X1 selling at this point. When Halo 5 comes though, that will ultimately be the deciding factor of whether most gamers decide to completely jump ship.

                  1. Yeah, Halo almost brainwashed me into selling my Wii U and 3DS! Phew, good thing I dodged it quick! I love Halo, but I just had to push it aside and move on… Maybe someday we can be together again… Possibly when it isn’t in the hands of Microsoft anymore. XD

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Underwhelming as always, but at least Star Fox 64 makes it look slightly less well…yeah, boring.

    3. Star Fox is my favorite on rail shooter. I hope they make it just as insane in the upcoming game. Hugs!

      1. I doubt they will. If they make it play with motion controls then you can forget about it being as good StarFox 64

          1. I think it’ll be on rail still, just motion control for a certain level, which I’m sure will be optional. .

    4. Yeah, because the NES baseball game was an absolute masterpiece which has aged SO well. I’m definitely going to save up my points and buy a game where the most fun I will have is on the title screen.

    5. 200 coins or $5…I’d rather shell out the cash and keep the coins.
      How much did you have to spend to make 200 coins?

      1. You didn’t “have” to buy anything. You buy games when you actually want them, and the coins for club nintendo are just a bonus. You end up buying 4 games within a year: cool, you can now get a free N64 game, instead of paying $10 + tax.

        1. to be fair, people also have to fill out several somewhat lengthy surveys to get coins. Some people, myself included, spend a good 30-60 minutes filling out these surveys, and that’s per survey. I don’t see the coins as a bonus, but rather as a form of payment for filling out surveys and giving Nintendo valuable marketing information; information that would otherwise be gathered by a 3rd party that Nintendo would have to hire if they wanted the information.

          1. It’s your own fault for taking 30 minutes to fill out a survey that could be competently completed in 5 minutes.

    6. virtual console Wii…
      com on nintendo… the wii is dead and the is almost a zombie.
      bring the shit on the u and forgett the wii!!!!

    7. BOOOOORING. Everyone has already played Star Fox 64 or it’s remake on the 3DS. All the rest of the games are “meh.”

      Super Mario Bros 2.-could be interesting, but I have no interest in old Mario games.

      Excitebike.- is exciting for 2 seconds until you realize the game is severely outdated.

      Mario Golf.- the most boring and least fun Mario sports franchise.

      Dr. Mario Express.- basically Tetris with a twist…. Tetris is just as boring as any iphone game.

      Vegas Stakes, Baseball, and Puzzle League Express.- these games speak for themselves. They are games I have never heard of and and completely uninteresting to me. One sounds like a poker simulator, the other some random baseball minigame and the last one is a stupid puzzle game….

      None of the options are worth wasting my coins on. Wish they would offer newer games or games with both MORE content and interesting content.

      1. Ok, bite your tongue. Mario Golf is the BEST Mario sports franchise. Everything else (except baseball) sucks!

      2. I’ve never played Star Fox 64. Didn’t bother emulating it. Didn’t bother buying it for the 3DS. But I decided to use some coins on that- cause it’s a classic. Nintendo made one person happy today. But I can’t really speak for everyone, I suppose.

          1. Perhaps. But to be fair, I did get Electroplankton a few months back for 150 coins. It was just plain awful… Really should have looked into that one before getting it…

    8. My GOD! What’s wrong with Club Nintendo these days? Where are their physical rewards? They have next to nothing to choose from. And when they finally get more rewards, it’s just more stupid digital games. I have around 1,500 coins, and nothing to use them on. I’m getting tempted to not support Club Nintendo anymore. I wish I lived in Japan, where Club Nintendo is actually COOL.

      1. Nintendo can’t afford physical rewards….well, they CAN, but it looks bad with all the money they are losing.

        Sorry, I’m really not a troll, and “Jaded” IS in my avatar name…

        1. If Club Nintendo of Japan and Europe can still have cool rewards, there’s no reason why the North American Club Nintendo can’t. It’s as if they don’t know how to do ANYTHING but make games now.

    9. The free games are nice…but only if you don’t already have them. The 2014 Elite Status Rewards had the same problem. It was all downloadable games, & no physical rewards. People such as myself got screwed cause I already had all the games on their list. It’s pretty infuriating when you save up coins for nothing worthwhile. Yet Japan’s Club Nintendo gets things like Mario 3D World & Kirby Triple Deluxe soundtracks, Yoshi plushies & other cool physical stuff.

    10. Like many older gamers, it’s hard to get excited about these games when I already own all the originals. All I’m looking for is that nintendo swag and all I see is junk.

    11. What a fucking pile of shit. It’s getting on a year with no VC console purchases for me and 2 years out and no original titles for the rewards yet and still Wii VC? Pathetic.

      1. That’s because Nintendo is stupid. They didn’t think of the wii U VC getting N64 games in 2008 let alone not smart enough to think that in 2008 if they decided not to make the Wii U play Game Cube games, they were too dumb to think of this project café needing a VC for both Gamecube and N64. Nintendo was stupid in 2008. That’s why it’s taking forever for Wii U to get what we want. That’s why dumbtendo thought 32gigs in 2008 was a great idea yet too dumb to think, “by the time project café launches” graphics will use up more storage etc etc. Yet thought giving their project café 3 cores. Thinking that would be a great idea 4 years from 2008. Just dumb. They didn’t think futuristic they thought of PS3, 360 rivals during the process of the Wii U in their R&D. That was stupid.

        Toyota has a 2017 Camry in their R&D right now, why would they make that Camry just one horsepower more than the current Fusion, Accord or Altima? Why give the 2017 Camry just 2 extra features more than the current Fusion or Accord doesn’t have? That type of dumb strategy is why Wii U sales sucks now. Dumbtendo should think like Toyota that’s why the Rav-4, Camry and Corolla don’t sell like dumbtendo’s Wii U.

      1. … Holy shit. Did you just criticise Nintendo? Yes! Fuck. Yes! I want to see more criticism from you! Keep going! I love it! XD

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          This is what I’m talking about, most are so focused on all the “religiously” arguments we make for Nintendo but when we criticise it no one sees it or ignores it…

          1. You gotta balance it out NCQ… People don’t usually call me a fanboy because I personally say bad things about all 3 consoles. I’m not on any one of their sides and I’ll make fun of Nintendo all day if I want to. LOL! But I like Nintendo games and since this is supposed to be a Nintendo fan site, I usually try to avoid talking about other consoles. You on the other hand… Yeah… You’re going to have to work on that. XD You start alot of flame wars on these articles when you mention Xbox. I’ll try to defend you whenever I can, but you’d better be prepared for battle whenever you say the words “Playstation and Xbox”. But I usually come late to these flame wars soo.. Not much I can due to help you there. XD

            1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

              Doesn’t matter, I’m called NCQ for a reason and my point is, only the blind looks for the blind…

              1. Good. I think I’m getting mine back too… From my mother. Lol. She took it and said she was keeping it until I got a job. XD

                  1. Oh dear, indeed… But that means I’ll be able to get more Wii U games than ever before with this job. And in about less than a year from now, I’m buying a powerful PC and joining the glorious Master Race.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      So you got a job, nice…

                      I see…

                      Once you join the most Ancient race in the gaming universe, you’ll experience real hardcore gaming online…

                      1. Yes. But with this new generation of gamers hyping up PS4’s and X1’s and stuff, I worry that devs might switch their focus only on consoles to get the most money. I’m disappointed games like Destiny, MGSV, and FFXV haven’t had any release date or details regarding a PC version. They better not completely abandon PC or I’m going to be extremely frustrated. On another note, one thing I like about PC is mods. That alone is worth it. I’ve played Sonic Generations and man that game is short. Like really short and I feel sorry for early adopters shelling out $50. Lmao. But the amount of mods on PC extends it’s replayability through the roof that it’s not even funny. PC gaming RULES.

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          If the Electrons, Ubisians and others decides to abandon the PC Master Race, they are as good as doomed…

      2. Don’t I already have Star Fox 64 for Wii Virtual Console..? *comes back from checking 3-5 minutes later* Yep, I do. Damn. In fact, I got it back when it was being offered for coins in Club Nintendo months ago. Thank God I didn’t miss getting Paper Mario for N64 VC on the Wii portion of my Wii U from last week.

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