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Jakks Pacific Reveals These Official World Of Nintendo Figures


Jakks Pacific have recently acquired the license to produce some top of the range Nintendo figures. The articulated toys are part of the company’s new World of Nintendo series. Pre-orders for the lovely figures have begun on multiple websites and there’s also rumours that they have begun popping up at Target stores. The figures are either 4″ and 6″ and include Mystery Accessories.


Thanks, Retrogaminglord

42 thoughts on “Jakks Pacific Reveals These Official World Of Nintendo Figures”

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Sometimes I wonder how these people even gets a job, even more how they even pass their education when I can make better things than this…

  1. Wow, these look super cheap. XD Lmao I knew it was a good idea to wait for Amiibo. Amiibo wipes the floor with these in terms of design. But at least they don’t look as bad as the McDonald’s Mario Kart 8 toys. X(

  2. You guys could shit talk all you want but they have my money for bowser and maybe dk. Because they look awesome amd are poseable.

    I already have the bioshock figure big daddy
    thats right they should make an epic rap battles for these two.

  3. OMG! I WANT ALL OF THESE! Screw the fact that I haven’t been to sleep all night. I think I’m gonna head over to Target just for curiosity and see if they possibly have any of these yet. When you’re a collector, you’re never too old to buy toys.

    1. Nintendo Knight Equilibrium

      I’m a collector too I think this toys looks great idk what rthey talking about
      I’m going to target to check it out

      1. I’m talking about by Jakks. The place I work at had 8 plushes of Nintendo characters and I only saw one pikmin while the rest was Mario characters with the exception of Link which I bought for myself ^_^

  4. Well, I just got back from Target. They ARE there ($8.99 each). I saw Mario and Yoshi (unfortunately, no Link). But all of the packages were a bit crinkled, so I didn’t get any yet.

    They also had World Of Nintendo plushies (Mario, Yoshi, Toon Link and more than onetype of Pikmin), plus they had World Of Nintendo mini figures. I hope these will all be in stores for a long time, because it’s going to take a while to afford ALL of them.

      1. One thing is for sure. I’m definitely getting the Link figure if Target ever gets more in stock. I’ve been wishing for some Zelda figures for years. I missed out on nearly all of those cool Zelda figures that released back when Ocarina Of Time was first released. Now the prices on eBay are astronomical for those.

  5. these are indeed at target. i work at target so when i read this article i went to see if it was true (dont tell my boss i was on my phone while working) the plush toys were okay. i was kind of more of a fan of the minis toys cause wario and diddy kong looked cool. however the mario and yoshi action figs were the best and i might get them. links was decent. i’ll still probably get it. but dk looked terrible! his head is freakishly big!!!! i know he’s a big brute but daaaam it looks like head, arms and feet…..if they continue this line with pit, samus, fox, toad captain falcon etc; then i might have to get them all because im a sucker. always wanted nintendo toys :(

  6. They look decent at best. If it wasn’t for the amiibos I would get these just to have more Nintendo in my room.

  7. The Master Sword looks better than Link himself. I think I’ll get that one for the Master Sword & it’s sheathe alone. xD

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