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Here’s The First Japanese TV Commercial For Super Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS

The first commercial for the eagerly awaited Super Smash Bros on Nintendo 3DS has found its way online. The Japanese advert includes plenty of gorgeous CGI with a splattering of in-game footage. Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS launches September 13th in Japan.

Thanks, Aqua Team and WhiteEagle

31 thoughts on “Here’s The First Japanese TV Commercial For Super Smash Bros On Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Hopefully the US trailer will look a lot better. That was probably the worst trailer for a fighting game I have ever seen. It doesn’t even come close to any of the reveal trailers. Doesn’t get me pumped at all. Wtf was that? It’s like “Oh gee, hey look… another Smash Bros. Wow…” NOA and NOU and the rest of the world better not make it look lame! XD

      1. True. But 3DS is going to destroy Wii U sales regardless. Sad that some of those 3DS owners who don’t own a Wii U can now sit back and chillax and play Smash without even needing to pay $300+. Makes me angry, but whatever. I’ll be getting both. Lol.

          1. You already have both consoles so people like you aren’t the issue. It’s the damage controlling 3DS owners like my friend at school that are. Lol. Defending Nintendo with their lives supporting 3DS but then ignoring the Wii U. XD

        1. I thought the same, but surprisingly everyone I talk to want the wiiu version not the 3ds version, and they don’t even own wiius just 3dss

    1. The reveal trailers are for gamers who know what’s coming and who the characters are. This is advert to get non gamers interested. It shows the main characters, the game and release information. It does exactly what it needs to. You don’t like it? Boohoo. Wasn’t meant for you and your opinion isn’t gospel.

      1. Your logic is still flawed though because what would a non gamer be doing with a 3DS? Let alone this game? Lol, moms don’t play Smash Bros. And I don’t care if this trailer want meant for me. I’m buying the game regardless. I can say whatever I want about it. XD

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  4. Definitely too short in my opinion, but this is just an advert. With that said I can’t wait to get spoiled in September, though I sort of want to be surprised. *Sigh* such complications. :p

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