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Lone Survivor Hits Wii U In November

Curve Digital has confirmed that Lone Survivor is set to hit the Nintendo eShop for Wii U in November. Additionally, the studio revealed that The Swapper and Stealth Inc. 2 will make their Wii U debut a month after Lone Survivor arrives. Although it won’t feature any new content, the Wii U version of Lone Survivor will make “full use” of the Wii U GamePad controller.

“We’re not adding any new content to Lone Survivor, as we added such a huge amount when we originally made the Director’s Cut edition for PlayStation last year,” Curve Studios marketing manager Rob Clarke said. “But we’ll have all the content in from the start and we’re making full use of the GamePad.”

32 thoughts on “Lone Survivor Hits Wii U In November”

      1. I really don’t care either. The Gamepad’s connection to the Wii U is shit. It barely makes it to my couch.

        1. I can play it in my bathroom, through two walls. I’m pretty sure somethings wrong with your Wii U if it can’t conect 3-5 meters away…

  1. Great game, and despite its art style, this game for whatever reason has made me jump more times than the modern Resident Evil games have. This game (along with two other games from this developer) were free on PlayStation Plus a few months ago, so I probably won’t be buying it again… :/

    1. xD Not likely. As much as Microsoft pisses me off sometimes, they can definitely sustain at least two more consoles if they drop support for other stuff. As for Nintendo, well I won’t bother telling you why they’ll still be around because you’re one of the fools dissing the Wii U whenever you get the chance.

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  3. So it’s a port of an old game?
    I’m not sure I can give it my support, at this point….I mean, why didn’t they bring it out on Wii U at the same time as the PS4, if they had the time to do it?

    I’ll look into it a bit more and make my decision afterwards. I do appreciate that they’re adding in all the content and making use of the gamepad, so it might be worth it if the delay can be justified.

    1. “I’ll look into it a bit more” Detective Eric Sellers is on the case!

      “My name is Eric Sellers. It is my business to know what other people don’t know”

    2. Comments like this annoy me. Why does it matter that it’s released later than the other consoles? If it is a good game it’s still a good game. And especially when it’s about Indi Feb l developers, maybe they just needed more budget to get it on other platforms and then it only makes sense to go for the most successful one because you are guaranteed to get more sales.

      You are the thing that makes Nintendo lose support. You keep refusing to buy games that are brought to your platform of choice for stupid reasons like this.

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