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New Characters Announced For Tales Of The World: Reve Unitia


The latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu has revealed four more characters for Tales of the World: Reve Unitia. The magazine says that Senel Coolidge from Tales of Legendia, Annie Barrs from Tales of Rebirth, Amber Hearts from Tales of Hearts, and Ruca Milda from Tales of Innocence, will all be featured in the game. The Japanese only game is for the 3DS and launches October 23rd.

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23 thoughts on “New Characters Announced For Tales Of The World: Reve Unitia”

    1. It’ll especially hurt if they don’t since Namco is localizing almost every other Tales game at this point.

      1. It would hurt but it wouldn’t be surprising. They have stated many times that their Western audience is on the PS platforms.

        1. Didn’t stop Tales of the Abyss from being successful on the 3DS. Tales has a strong following in western territories, especially with Symphonia long ago.

          1. I really wouldnt unless you really care about the series. The best Tales of game to come out in the last generation (PS3/360/Wii) was Tales of Vesperia and that was on the 360. Tales of Xillia was an ok games and Graces was decent at best. as for Tales of Symphonia Dawn of a new world, lets just not talk about that disappointment.

        2. That would also be a lie since, at least in America, Tales games actually sell better on Nintendo systems. It’s in Japan where they’re obsessed with the PS.

          1. Nah. Aren’t these games made in Japan? Well, then it makes more sense to put it on PS if it is popular there.

            1. I was more challenging how he said that the audience is primarily on PS in western territories, which it really isn’t.

              1. You can challenge me all you want, it still wont change what baba said about his series. If you dont believe me then go and challenge him and ask him why PS is set to receive 3 Tales of titles this year alone.

                Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (which already came out)
                Tales of Xillia 2
                Tales of Hearts R

                and this is all in the west mind you.

  1. sasorideidara obi the puppet master clown destroyer

    none of the tales games has been epic after phantaisa. phantaisa was pretty much the best tales game in general and Dhaos was a great villian.

    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Yeah, which is a game you never played. You just only take what you hear from other people. So therefore, you have no valid opinion, exposed once again.

        1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

          Why should I lay off a sexist man pig who had multiple records of stupidity. Respect from me is not easily earned, especially for hypocrites. He’s done the same thing in the past, so he will get the same treatment back until I feel all is justified.

          1. I guess that makes me awesome then because I’ve earned your respect. :D But then again, I was always good at getting ladies’ respect. ;) Jk. XD

    2. Just finished playing Tales of the Abyss for tue 3ds and it was probably one of the best jrpgs for its time (original came out in 2005)

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