Nintendo France Reveals Day One Stock For Smash Bros 3DS And Fantasy Life


French Nintendo publication Nintendo Town have managed to get their hands on a document from Nintendo France to French retailer GamesWave. The publication says that the day one stock for the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros will be 300,000 copies. The document also says that Fantasy Life will have 50,000 copies available at launch. However, the document reveals that French retail won’t be getting any new stock of The Wonderful 101
and New Super Luigi U.

Thanks, Connor


    1. Since I live in Xbot territory I’m sure there will be a copy for me somewhere…

      Anyway, I got my Wii U back…

            1. And Smash Brothers later this year…

              Still thinking whetherI will buy Hyrule Warriors now or later…

  1. You’d better pre-order Smash NOW if you live in France. ._. They’ll probably have more copies where I live, but I’ll pre-order just to be safe. D:

  2. Pretty solid amount.

    By the way, is anyone else hear thrilled about the liking comments part? It’s an intriguing feature, I never really use it, but I find that it’s perfect for this site with all of the #exposing and #burns. I’ll definitely be using it. This should be interesting.

      1. I think it should definitely be pretty fun =) I’m sure that it’ll be forgotten pretty soon, but it will stay exciting for a while

  3. I’m gonna be buying both games. :3 And FYI, both version are not exactly the same games. The ONLY similarity is the roster so both versions will have their own exclusive contents, stages and connectivity of a sort.

    1. It’s obvious Wii U is gonna be superior though. You just can’t beat those HD graphics.

  4. as well the number of unit the retailer will received on day one that paper states the price this shop will pay nintendo for those games it’s a shame they did not show the price the retailer paid for it. I also notice there is a download code which come with it.

  5. Maybe I will return to the competitive tournament seen of smash when I get this game. I was the best one in my town, but that was 3 years ago, I guess soon I’ll earn it back, but no way hell can I compete nationally, not yet anyways, besides, I’m obvious going to be rusty as well, been a while since I touched a Smash game.

  6. I’m too hyped for this game, I literally can’t wait much longer!!! :D

    Definitely will have to pre- order though with such limited copies.

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