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Nintendo Of America Declares August As The Month Of Princess Peach

In case you missed it, Nintendo of America took to Twitter to declare August as the month of Princess Peach. Nintendo wouldn’t say what they’re planning to do to celebrate the occasion, but hopefully it’s something nice. Maybe we will get the month of Rosalina next time.

Thanks, Trixie

223 thoughts on “Nintendo Of America Declares August As The Month Of Princess Peach”

      1. Yes, definitely Daisy. As much as I like her, she hadn’t really been relevant for quite a long time now. XD

                      1. Oh, right. :P It’s too bad you won’t be able to destroy my precious Daisy though since she isn’t in Smash. XP

                              1. Curse you. Lol. I wish Amiibo could compete in friendly matches online. Then I could defeat you. Sort of…

                          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                            I wonder who would get the most dislikes…

                            It would be down to me, Stranga, Sasori, Nostalgia or Shuhei Yoshida I think…

                              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                                Let me see…

                                -Subject: HollowGrapeJ…
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                                Calculating the number of dislike the subject would receive…

                                Subject HollowGrapeJ has a 10.65% chance of getting a dislike…-

                          1. Why am I not surprised your fellow loser *cough*Nostalgia*cough* would like your posts? lol That worthless nazi scum bitch would probably give you a bj if she, or he, could.

                1. Its not a Nintendo thing.. It literally is peach (the fruit ) month… Hence the “Princess ” being in (brackets. )

                2. Luigi gets a Whole year and peach only gets one month how sad. 2015 should be the year of Peach #2015 Year of Peach Lets get it done people!

                1. Because she keeps running around with the Koopa King. She wants the royal treatment. Poor plumber boy, always chasing his love who always goes for the king. Mario is just a metaphor for a nerd trying to win the heart of a beautiful girl and seeing the guy who has her as a monster enemy who he must defeat in order to win the girl

              1. MyNintendoNews.. I just want to let you all know something.. I really really want to do this. I have this dream of Megan Fox with her legs wide open and she is letting me perform an amateur abortion on her on a child she conceived after having a drunken Molly filled party night with some Cambodian men. Anyways she lets me pull the bloody pulp of a waste or life out of her swollen cavity and place it in front of me. First I smell it, taste it oh so gently as my sophisticated pallet likes to savor since works of art. And then I make her watch me chew it up with my mouth as I fell it pop in my mouth and fell all the crunchy little bones between my teeth..


              2. I highly doubt anything will come of this. Its an excuse to send out a tweet. There are no princess peach games to put on the eshop, shes already a character in smash and mariokart 8… what can they do to celebrate her? What a bunch of hippie mumbo jumbo bologna.

              3. Is there going to be something new related to her? Like um, idk, a controller? A game? Or is it just “All hail Peach”? Lol.

              4. It may be teh month of peach but its already the year of rosalina !

                ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ ROSALINA IS OUR UNHOLY GODDESS ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

              5. To be honest, the one thing that I like about Peach is her appearance. The earrings, the dress, the blonde hair, the gloves, etc. I’m a sucker for that kind of look. XD Other than that, there isn’t really anything else special about her.

              6. Lame, I’d rather have a month of Bowser. Or even, a year of Bowser. Or actually, 3 decades of Bowser because if Mario can have that, Bowser should too. He deserves it more, tbh. Mario would be just an ordinary plumber if it wasn’t for Bowser. Bowser could kidnap any princess he wants, Mario was just lucky Bowser chose Peach, the princess Mario is a sick fanboy of. Bowser doesn’t need Mario to be famous, but Mario needs Bowser to get recognition.
                Think about it.

                  1. Even though I was just being silly in my original comment, I really do wish Bowser would get some more appreciation, because he most definitely deserves it. He’s pretty much my favorite character from the entire Mushroom Kingdom and anything related to its world, and I’ve been wanting Bowser to get the love he deserves. In a full-fledged Bowser game maybe, for instance, and not some pseudo-Bowser-is-the-main-character thing like we got with Bowser’s Inside Story (even though that game was great).

                    1. My favorite character is probably Daisy. But if you hadn’t noticed already, a lot of people seem to hate her. :( I hope Nintendo gives her a game or put her in a main Mario game so people can stop whining about her being irrelevant.

              7. Why make this month about Peach when there’s nothing relevant about her? Unlike Luigi who has a few games starring himself, Peach has nothing but another dated schedule of her typical kidnapping. XP

              8. It’s national peach month. As in Georgia peaches. Fruit that grows on trees. It matters as much/little as any other national month. It was an excuse for NoA to tweet something with a trendy #hashtag. It is not actually the month of Princess Peach.

                If it was her month however, it would be an annual event and therefore even more effective than luigi’s year.

                    1. I guess she is. But Marlon could just rescue different princesses instead and still get some cake *wink wink*. I spelled it like that on purpose btw.

                1. So? Nobody gives a shit about Daisy and Peach is already well known to be given any more crap. Rosalina is the new shining star that should be more recognized now. :3 Rosalina > Peach/Daisy together.

                        1. A crybaby? That’s an overstatement & just not true. She’s still pretty much the usual badass except for a measly 3-5 minutes of weakness. She does do a lot of monologue, though. And she is a little out of herself because of the Baby Metroid’s death. And she did do a lot of speed running through hot ass areas without her Varia Suit, making her even more badass in my opinion. lol No matter. Let’s just drop the subject as some people still act like she was being a weakling the entire game.

              9. They announce this an entire week into August already. Wow. Anyways I hope they do something good with this. Like put Super Princess Peach up on DS virtual console for Wii U. That would be awesome!

                  1. Yeah, it is. I think I might actually get it for Wii U now! Nuketown 2025. It’s about time. Lol. And I might get Advanced Warfare too if it comes to Wii U. :D

                      1. Got the update. I still can’t believe they finally added Nuketown and never thought it would happen. And now look at the total online player count. It peaked pass 2400-2600 which has never happened before and now it spiked thanks to having DLC as it should’ve been.

                        If Activison would’ve just kept their Nuketown on Wii U promise, we would’ve had DLC already and more sales would’ve been possible. This proves my point that equal support on 3rd party Wii U games has always been demanded and appreciated. Now I hope this means more DLCs are coming and that AW, if it comes, will finally support DLC on time but I’m not buying that game for obvious reasons.

                        1. Exactly my friend. I’m definitely getting this now. I hope they add apocalypse because that’s the one I really want. Although it’s unlikely AW will get DLC at the beginning, I’m glad they did this. Lol. They have to actually give us DLC on time to make us Nintendo fans feel happy. :) I appreciate this, but next time, I want it on time. :D

                          1. Something isn’t right. The Nuketown map isn’t appearing for random online matches and its only visible for private matches and there’s no. Nuketown map for Zombies. Don’t tell me they just shoved the map in there for local play and not worldwide multiplay and no zombies counterpart?

                            What a waste of my fucking time…

                            1. BS. Well, got my hopes up for nothing I suppose… Looks like it’s back to focusing on Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros then. Sigh. What did Nintendo fans really do to deserve this type of treatment? Man…

                              1. …….I’m about to snap that fucking BO2 disc in half if I don’t get any straight answers right now….

                                At least Free Fall DLC is there and works.

                                1. So, the guy who insulted people who play CoD as “brainless” and many other things actually owns a copy of Black Ops 2 himself… Now, isn’t that interesting. (:

                              2. This is what I’ve been telling idiots all this time. Its the fucking 3rd party deliberately mistreating Nintendo fans and we gave them a chance.

                                1. Yeah man… I was actually gonna give CoD a chance again. Sigh… I guess I’ll wait till I get a PC. It’s almost as if they are forcing you to buy another platform just to buy their stupid games. -_-

                        1. Gotta wait longer. Not sure if the update messed up the Nuketown map from appearing in random matches or did they just shove that map in only for local/private matches which will be BS if it is.

                          1. the msj was… “2xp weekend, and nuketown on playlist 24/7 starting tomorrow”…so, tomorrow we’ll see

                            1. I’m expecting to play the map now. I don’t give a fuck about double XP of anything. Why update the new map now if I can’t fucking play it now? Doesn’t make any damn sense.

                              1. ok…how old r u??? because my 11yrs old sister is more mature than that… U waited 2 f#king years for the dlc!!! can’t u wait a few hrs to play it online???

                                1. No asshat. Your “imaginary” sister for a sex doll is not mature than me, not even if that “sister” sex doll is alive and knows basic math.

                                  And no I didn’t wait my 2 years of this game waiting for a DLC and thought it would never come so I stopped caring after the first 5 months of having BO2 since I got the Wii U. Althought after Freefall came into Wii U Ghosts momths later, I hoped Nuketown would arrive also.

                                  So take that anonymous ass of yours elsewhere that someone can actually recognize you and believe you have balls to show yourself in real life places instead of sitting in the dark mumbling BS under your vile breathe like a punk child.

                                2. don’t know why my last 2 post were anonymous xD anyway…grow up kid!! that response from you confirms my theory. BTW I’m 28 yrs old ;) And I’m pretty sure I don’t need to hide from some kid who cries because he can’t play online

              10. Knowing Nintendo, it’s probably going to be some sort of stupid eShop/Virtual Console game. That’s all they know how to do lately it seems. Any time there’s hints or speculation of something special possibly in the works, I never look forward to it because it’s almost always digital crap or something similar.

                1. Scratch that Sickr. The update was a huge waste of time. The map is only available for local/private matches not online and there’s no Nuketown Zombie map either.


                    “Small lips/small mouth: These women will have a small, innie vagina. The type of vagina you imagine is part of a porn star. Does this make her vagina better? If you have a really big dick, you won’t be able to fit it all in. This chick will jump when you enter her and hold you back from properly fucking.”

                    I guess it is many times and my own experience confirms this :D

                    So the question is… does Mario’s “mushroom” really fit in that tiny hole?

                    1. Wow. Lmao. That’s hilarious. “This chick will jump”. XD That’s got to be the most craziest thing ever. Really? Lip/mouth size determines it? Wtf? I swear I will never be able to understand women. Lol.

                      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                        The female humans that are concerned over these primitive things are likely to be infected by diseases…

                        Aswell as the male apes they engage with…

                            1. Of course I do. Lol boobs are amazing. Who wouldn’t love them? :P Don’t mind me though. I’m still a teen that is controlling my hormones. Just about ANYTHING that has something to do with women, even their own lipstick or color of their eyes, is going to turn me on. XD

                  1. try free4all it looks like nuketown is working for that mode right now ( I’ve already played a couple of matches at nuketown

              11. Well that’s fucking stupid. Why not for all modes? They better fix that shit because I see people getting upset that in TDM players can’t play on Nuketown, get frustrated and leave the game.

                Who ported this map this way is a major fucking idiot and once again, we get the BS shafting. Fuck this…

                  1. Well, for CoD, it is already 60fps. The only other difference on PC is resolution (and anti aliasing :p). As for Battlefield, you probably need a pretty good PC to max it out.

                    1. Well I have BF3 from that BS Origin’s “On the house” thing. Once I get the Surface Pro 3 or Dell Venue Pro 11, I will play on it and of course I’ll get a mouse and keyboard for it.

                          1. It is not too expensive. You can build a PC for like $400-800 easily. Look it up on Youtube, there are several cheap PC’s. I might build me a PC instead of buying it because you get so much more power out of it! :O

                              1. I understand. I was against the idea of building a PC too because I was afraid that I might screw up with the cords or something and cost myself literally hundreds of dollars. :( But I’ve been into the idea of PC gaming since 2010 and I’ve been looking up information about things like graphics cards, motherboards, RAM, etc, for years now and I still have a lot to learn. But I think I am ready at this point. If you are afraid you might mess up, then I suppose buying something prebuilt would be the safest bet. If you plan on getting a high end PC, then you only have 2 choices. Fork over a ton of cash or sit down and educate yourself on how to build. Lol, I wish it would just be as easy as walking into the store and asking for a console. XD

                                    1. I game what I like and can access easily. :) I’m not into PC gaming at all or much until Steam. I’ll try to download a game and test it on Surface to see how it runs.

                                      1. Well, you’re gonna need SOMETHING to back you up with 3rd parties. Are you really gonna go this entire gen with only Wii U? No way am I ever doing that. I live off third party games. And right now I’m dying BADLY. I can only hope Wii U exclusives heal me before it’s too late. :(

                                        1. I’m not supporting any greedy jackass like Microsoft, EA and especially Ubidick. Its not just Wii U I’m sticking with. I will get PS4 later but until actual new games come like the GTA5 port and Destiny.

                                          1. No, trust me. You should definitely get Ubidick’s games. They don’t support the Wii U very much, but in terms of games they have, it is definitely not worth skipping out on. I used to hate Ubisoft for the way they treated Nintendo fans, but after I played Assassin’s Creed, I cannot stop playing their games. I love AC and I don’t care who the hell makes the games or whatever platform it comes to. I will take my ass and fucking migrate to that console if it means more AC. XD Now I know you might consider me as one of those blind ass sheep fanboys, but that’s not entirely true. I would buy these games regardless of who made them. I really would. And plus, I really love Assassin’s Creed. Ugh! I just want to get married to this fucking franchise! XD

                                            1. Assassin’s Creed is another boring ass byproduct of Splinter Cell meeting COD’s rehash release plans. Not only that, there’s Metal Gear Solid 5 coming so AC is pointless.

                                              1. MGSV ain’t coming to Wii U and you swore hatred towards any Ubisoft products so you can’t get Splintercell or else you would be going against your plans. And Assassin’s Creed is my wife. You calling my wife boring? Huh? D: XD

                                                1. Like I said, I’m getting PS4 soon when the time is right. You’re damn right I won’t touch another one of Ubidork’s trash for any reason.

                                                  And yes, I’m calling your inanimate wife boring. XD Unless you give “it” an amazing sex life, don’t expect this relationship to last a week. XD

                                                  1. I wanted to play Assassin’s Creed since it came out. Trust me, this relationship has lasted far longer than you think. Lol. Oh, and I’m not trying to be funny or anything, but I want you to name 6 games that aren’t coming to the Wii U that you are excited for. XD

                                                    1. *cough* Fanboy *cough* XD JK.

                                                      The only game not coming to Wii U I would love to buy is Destiny. GTA I can live without and everything else this year is trash. XP Nintendo has big guns coming this holiday season and I’m sure as he’ll not missing out over some idiots telling me “PS4 is better because graphics, Wii U sucks because graphics”. Graphics my ass.

                                                      1. Lol! I knew it! I knew you couldn’t do it! XD I can easily name six games I want. Ahem. Destiny, GTA V (next gen), Battlefield Hardline, The Crew, Evolve, and Assassin’s Creed Unity. :) I can explain to you why I want these… Destiny: It looks like Halo’s brother and I fucking love Halo so I’m already sold on that. GTA V: I already played the PS3 version but this game is so much fun. Better than anything I’ve played in YEARS. Battlefield Hardline: Never played one of these games before. Was gonna get 4 but it didn’t come to Wii U. The Crew: I just like racing games. Lol. Evolve: I haven’t played a FPS outside of Call of Duty for awhile now and this is a new IP and I want to try it. And I don’t think I really need to explain Assassin’s Creed Unity… XP

                                                        1. Like I already said, I’m waiting for Destiny and GTA5 before I decide to get a PS4 also. Battlefield Hardline? No thanks. After what went down with BF4 because of EA’s stupid greedy ass, I’m not taking chances and besides, I also hate EA.

                                                          The Crew? If its a Ubidork game, kiss my ass and the same goes for boring ass Call of Asssassin’s Greed 5..straight years of spam.

                                                          Not sure about Evolve so I have no comment about that one.

                                                          Listen, no EA game is ever coming to Wii U because of their pissy ass that can’t take a rejection. Origin is absolute SHIT and Nintendo was smart to kick it to the curb and not implement that DRM Spyware crap. Nintendo didn’t implement Uplay into their system but offer an app and do you see Ubisoft bitching? No. Because they have or at this case, hallucinate another dumb reason to ditch Nintendo and mistreat their beloved fans.

                                                          I know Disney/Nintendo are great partners and I’m unsure if Battlefront 3 is coming to Wii U which if its part of their contract with EA to port their games to Nintendo, EA will have no choice but to abide to the contract and make a Wii U version or face a lawsuit for breaching it.

                                                          1. Sigh… Ok, honestly, Stranga. I am going to need a serious explanation as to why you hate Assassin’s Creed. It was funny the first few times when you insulted it, but now it’s actually starting to get to me. >_>

                                                            1. Knowing that somebody else is gonna jump in and talk nonsense (which I can name a few), I’m gonna keep this short. I tried Assassin’s Creed 1 before Ubisucks turned jackass on Nintendo and I didn’t find absolutely anything appealing nor the game exciting in any point of the first 15-30 minutes I wasted playing. It got as quickly boring as GTA4 did when I tried it. Its just something that wasn’t there that made me click to like it and knowing that Wii U versions of any of their games is gonna get delayed, abandoned and/or gimped at full price, I’m not taking chances to support them just to do it again.

                                                              1. Thanks for explaining. But there are some things wrong with that. 1: Assassins Creed is a long game. I didn’t even like it until the first few HOURS. You can’t just play it for a few minutes. And yes, Assassin’s Creed is yearly, but the games are not the same thing. I have played AC1 and I am playing AC3 as we speak and I can confirm that they sure as hell do not play the same. Lol. They LOOK the same and that’s why a lot of people mistake it for a rehash. It just really gets on my nerves. This isn’t Call of Duty. The games’ main focus is the single player mode and people deliberately ignore this. Unlike CoD every game takes place in a different country and a different time period and include some pretty lengthy story lines. I beat CoD MW3 in 6 hours. I am not kidding. Anyways, the game being boring to you does not mean you hate it. You THINK that you hate it because it is from Ubisoft. Which I really don’t see why. If you like to play some games (like Splintercell) then get them. Don’t pay attention to the developers. I have literally never let the developer of a game affect my decision on buying it. I don’t care if Assassins Creed was from Nintendo. I would still buy it. You are confusing hate with boredom. I used to think that I hated PlayStation and Xbox back when I had a Wii because I thought most of the games were boring. But when we actually got an Xbox 360 and I played the games, I definitely did not hate them. I was just looking at the wrong games. Anyways, you can say that you find Assassin’s Creed boring, but just don’t say it’s trash. Because that is an opinion. One that I strongly disagree with. So yeah… :|

                                                                1. Are you kidding? AC is now another COD in 3rd person without guns just as all EA Sports game is a edit, copy, paste and repeated cash grab scheme. I have tried the game long enough to know its not gonna be for me. I don’t think to “hate” anything. I hate the fact that Ubisoft is becoming another greedy face of gaming and people are side tracked like fool to keep supporting them to get worse and its true, they are EA 2.0. AC being annual and FarCry also plus Uplay being their DRM Origin garbage making online play like Blacklist and AC3 on Wii U run like shit.

                                                                  Straight to the point: I don’t support crap. :|

                                                                  1. I haven’t used Uplay enough, but I agree. Pointless and it needs to go. And as much as I like Assassin’s Creed, I guess you are right about them becoming EA because AC rogue already has pre-order DLC and the game hasn’t even launched yet. Basically all of their games coming out will have either a season pass or DLC and that is kind of annoying. But for me, I like the games so much that I don’t pay attention to all the other crap. I’ m gonna enjoy Assassin’s Creed Unity and Watch Dogs, along with a few others like Far Cry 4 and The Crew. The policies and stuff that these gaming companies have can be annoying sometimes, but I simply cannot miss out on my favorite games just because of it.

                                                                          1. No, you are clearly mad bro. Don’t make me have to call the Brotherhood from Assassin’s Creed to come after you. XD

                                                                              1. Oh really? Well, um… Don’t make me have to call Shuhei Yoshida on you. XD (the mnn version)

                                                              2. Neat, it was my mom’s bday earlier this month and got her a Princess Peach plush. Now we need a Rosalina month, that would be awesome.

                                                              3. I was just wandering what will be a conversation between Peach,Daisy, Rosalina and Zelda…. hum let’s me guess it would be either girl stuffs i.e shoe, the last bargain, clothes, make up or little gossip or it would be slagging the boys off.. yeah i think mario is too fat, luigi is not manly enough, bowser is a bad boy and a cheater, he has 7 kids and look at the way they turn out…

                                                              4. Actually people, August is really just National Peach Month in the United States. Congress made the declaration in 1982! They are just trying to make a clever connection – it won’t be tied to any special content

                                                              5. I think the idea is really… okay, but I rather there be a national Princess Daisy month, cuz, Daisy kind of needs a lot more attention!

                                                                1. But then again, I know that is supposed to be national peach month in terms of the fruit so I know where they’re going with this.

                                                              6. Yo, who the hell said Samus was a crybaby in Other M? If a giant space dragon which killed my parents when I was 3 that I already killed came back from the dead, I would freak out too.

                                                                  1. She didn’t cry. The game did a flashback type thing of Samus as a little girl crying as a way to make the scene more dramatic while Samus herself was just in shock & disbelief. Not a single tear was shed. And after her friend was killed by Ridley, she went all “Super Saiyan” on his ass. lol

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