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Here’s An Impressive GameCube To Nintendo 3DS Controller Mod

Loopy from the 3DS Capture forums has created a rather impressive Gamecube to Nintendo 3DS controller modification. As you can see from the video Nintendo 3DS titles are playable with the beloved GameCube controller. Loopy says that the GameCube analog stick is mapped to the Nintendo 3DS d-pad. C-stick also goes to Y/X/B/A.

Thanks, Barry D

76 thoughts on “Here’s An Impressive GameCube To Nintendo 3DS Controller Mod”

  1. Great… Another person doing something that should’ve already been done by Nintendo. Take notes, Nintendo. XD

    1. Well, they did it for the more comptitive definitive wii u version. Also, using a controller on a handheld looks uncomfortable as hell.

      1. It isn’t uncomfortable. I’ve played my Wii games using a Classic Controller Pro while looking at the Gamepad before. And I’m pretty sure this is more or less the same thing but with a smaller screen.

          1. Pointless maybe. But comfort? That depends. Sorry, but I will need you to send footage of yourself actually playing it with a GC controller and then you may tell me if it is uncomfortable. :P

          2. 1. You most likely never held one so cut the crap. 2. Kinect is what’s uncomfortable and pointless. The POS never works, never needed and NSA has been using that shit to watch & listen to you.

    2. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

      Actually, that’s something no one would probably ever think of until mentioned, because something like this is pretty near useless, but it’s damn cool.

        1. People get bluetooth/USB controllers for games on their phones all the time, I don’t see how it’s any different. Obviously, you could only really use it on games where touch controls weren’t used, or at least used as frequently.

                  1. That’s nice. But in all seriousness, think about what you did. You commented with the sole purpose of shooting down what I thought about this idea and then you called me a fanboy. Which I am far from because I like to play all systems. And then when I (jokingly) responded back to you with an insult, you start to have a fit and act like I just hurt your feelings or something. Did you even have anything relevant to say about the article in the first place or did you literally only comment because you wanted to insult me? I don’t know what your problem is. :/

  2. the only problem nitpick I have with this is when you would have to use the touch screen and stylus for something, you would have to put the controller down just to use the stylus.

      1. Reborn for one game. More like giving a frog electric pulsing so it hops a few times instead of a rebirth.

      1. The only thing I like more is the a/b/x/y buttons layout and the way your fingers fit into the triggers. I prefer the Wii U pro controller’s stick placement and the way it’s more rounded on the outsides.

        1. And the Wii U’s Dpad off, the GameCube’s is way to stiff, small and not clicky enough if you ask me.

  3. t.yoshisaurus munchagomba

    After playing smash on 3ds at hyper Japan game I’ve mod like this will make the game so much easier to control.

  4. Nintendo, hire this guy or pay loads of money for his mod! He just made an innovation for the 3DS and just in time for the Super Smash Bros. game. :D

  5. What kind of a dumbass wants to use a NGC controller for their 3DS

    And the fact that the Analog stick is mapped to the D-Pad makes is even more of an idiotic idea.

    1. The Super Smash Bros. fans if they want since the 3DS layout isnt as familiar. So you’re the dumbass in this picture not giving people the right to choose whatever controller layout they feel comfortable with.

      And do you wanna know a stupid control design? Xbox 1’s huge ass controller size. One of the shitty Atari’s controller with the dozen buttons on it. Those are stupid controllers.

      1. This game shouldn’t even be on a handheld in the first place *facepalm*

        The Xbox One’s controller is one of the bext ones out there… waayyy better than that wack ass, huge ass, clunky ass, useless ass Wii U gamepad.

          1. Haha. True (I’m just saying that to piss him off)

            I really like the touch pad! Reallly adds to the gameplay :)

  6. My only problem would be comfort. I can’t stand being too far from the screen on a handheld and then having to look for somewhere to place the 3ds while I hunch forward onto the ledge….no thanks. I’ll stick to using controllers on my wide screen.

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  8. You can expect a system update from Nintendo pretty soon; crushing this mod and many peoples’ Smash dreams. Smh X(

  9. wow the d pad is the worst on the gamecube. might as well get a pro controller wii u now that controller i use for 3ds.

  10. I think a mod for the 3DS XL to use the Gamecube controller is a great idea. but there needs to be an addon feature to hold the 3DS and Gamecube controller together to minimize any issues.

    I like the fact I can get Smash Bros on the 3DS, but Gamecube peripherals for the 3DS like this big mod, can be slimmed down by an addon. Something like using the X, B, Y, A from the Gamecube and position it so it hits the corresponding button.

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