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Sakurai Shows Off Dr Wily Trophy And Trophy Shop For Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS


Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed via Miiverse that Mega Man’s Dr Wily will be making an appearance in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS as a Trophy. Sakurai also mentioned that there will be a trophy shop in the game where you can purchase certain trophies for those not patient enough.

Here’s the trophy gallery for the 3DS version. You can rotate the trophies by drawing circles on the bottom screen. Super Smash Bros. Brawl had tons of trophies, but rumor has it that the 3DS version alone may have more than Brawl. Looks like the Dr. Wily that we made from scratch for the 3DS version is on his knees in disbelief.

Here’s something new–the trophy shop. If you’re having a hard time getting certain trophies, why not just buy them? They sometimes go on sale, too.


Thanks, gamertimeus

17 thoughts on “Sakurai Shows Off Dr Wily Trophy And Trophy Shop For Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS”

    1. yup… and this time it will actually utilize the smash coins instead of them just stacking up to 9999 for nothing.

  1. I believe this may be the second time we seen Dr.Wily in 3D, the first one being Mega Man Power Up. But this time, designed better and not chibi size. Overall, very nice model,

  2. Trophy shop sounds fun, but I wonder how you earn coins? Do you earn them automatically by smashing or do you play a specific mode?

    1. If you are following the information, it says “Play Coins”. Since it referencing the 3DS – you earn play coins by walking 1000 steps a day to get 10 a day.

      However, typically Smash has awarded a currency of ‘coins’ by just playing matches. 300 seems a bit high for play coins as that is the max you can have at once. So it might be the in game currency.

      1. Actually it looks like you can use playcoins and ingame coins. The price they are showing is ingame coins, but if you press Y it will show you the price in playcoins.

  3. Aww… would have been a cool assist trophy. I can imagine when you picked up the assist item he pops out and build a random boss to cause havok to the other players. Would have been sweet…

  4. yknow thinking about it, why hasnt Nintendo created a main antagonist who is a mad scientist? I would think it to be so much win…

    1. If Nintendo buys most of Capcom’s stock & gains Mega Man, they won’t need to make a mad scientist villain as they can just revive Mega Man for that. xD Sadly, it’s a big if…

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